I Omnibus: A Poisoned Chalice (BBC!) l(l.20—l l .20pm. Profile ofCovent Garden as Jeremy lsaacs takes over. looking at the problems for both that opera house and ()pera as an institution.

I Conference Report (Scottish) 10.35—l105pm. Report from Perth on the Scottish Conservative conference.

I Maylest '88 (Scottish) I l .(iS—l 1 .35pm. Susie Maguire and Anthony Wilson with their review of Mayfest so far. (See Guest List).

I Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Sex . . . But Were Afraid to Aslt(C4) 12.15—l.55pm. Woody Allen‘s 1972 sequence of sketches on Sex. most memorable for Gene Wilder's sheep


I Scottish Cup Final (Scottish) 2.15—5.15pm. Celtic v Dundee United. live.

I Another Time. Another Place (C4) 9—10.55pm. One of the most imaginative and moving of the early Film on Fours (it was directed by Michael Radford in 1983) was also for many the first introduction to the work of Jessie Kesson. Based on her writings. and set during the Second World War. the film tells the story ofJanic (Phyllis Logan) entrapped in a passionless marriage and by the dour. inward-looking. community of Scottish crofters. But her life is changed when Italian prisoners of war are located in a nearby camp.

I Give My Regards To Broad Street (Scottish) 12.05—2. 10pm. Paul McCartney‘s 1984 musical embarrasment. shown for the first time on TV.


I The Storyteller (C4) 7. 15—7.45pm. New portmanteau series for classin-made fantasy stories with Muppet man.Jim IIenson. as Executive Producer and provider ofspecial effects. John Ilurt. heavily disguised by make-up. is the storyteller who introduces the programmes which have been made by top directors of the likes ofCharles Sturridge (Brideshead Revisited) and Jon Amiel (The Singing Detective). The first story. based on a Russian folk-tale. stars Bob Peck.

I Dance on Four: Dancellnes (C4)

7.45—8. 15pm. New season of Dance on Four begins with one of three programmes to be shown under the Duncelines title. The first is ‘Strong Language‘ by the Rambert Dance Company.


I Horizon: The Hope of Progress (BBCZ) 8.10—9pm. Horizon tells the story ofthe late Sir Peter Medawar. the Nobel Prize-winning scientist who identified the human body‘s immune system a discovery which was to make transplants possible.

I The Lowdown (BBC1)5.10-5.35pm.



This new series hopes to repeat the highly successful formula ofgrown tip T\"s4() 1 Minutes with quirky documentaries aimed at children. The first programme gives a

13 year-old pupil the chance to be headmaster of his school.

I Brass Tacks (1313(‘2)s.3o4)pm. Investigation into an accident prone

British Army. Brass Tacks asks if enough 1 attentiontosafetyispaidontraining I ' exercises and outlines the background to four fatal accidents. I

I Talking Heads: Her Big Chance ( 1313(‘1 ) 9.30— l().05pm. The latest Alan Bennett monologue has Julie Walters as a bit-part actress seemingly given the acting break of a lifetime.

I Bollerball (Scottish) Midnight —2. 15am. Violent but also intelligent metaphor about the American way of Iife.centred on murderously dangerous 2 l st century sport. Made in 1985. starring.lamesCaan ; and directed by Norman Jewison. i


I What Price Your Festivals? (Scottish)

12. 15—1 . 15am. Sheena McDonald chairsa

topical late night discussion on how much i

Edinburgh and Glasgow really value their festivals.

I Antenna in the USSR ( 13m ‘2 ) 8 9pm. Special edition from the L'SSR with two , films about Soviet science.


I40 Minutes (BBCZ) 9.31)-11). 10pm. the story of two babies accidently swapped at birth in 1936 and how mothersand daughters came to face up to the realityof the situation. Described as a tale 'of heartache. humour and above all. the , power of maternal lov c‘. I I Film on Four: A Gathering of Old Men(C4) 9.30-1 l . lipm. I’inal film in the current i season: Volker Schlondorff's drama set in

Cajun Country in the backwoodsof Louisiana.

I The Scottish Picture Show ( Scottish) 11.55pm—12. l0am. James Morrison talks I on \Vill Macl.ean‘s l’o/t’_lltrr'lu'r 'l‘ry-prit‘lr.


I Review(BBCZ)‘).3l)—l().ll5pm. Interviewing Wim Wenders ( director of 3 Paris Texas) about his latest film. Mines of Desire. ISecretServices(BBC2)10.1)5-1t).45pm. ; Latest unglamorous profession to be looked at in this series is that of a DI ISS officer. The making of the programme coincided with the recent changes in Social : Security regulations.

IOmnibus(BBC1) 10.31). 11.05pm. Rare interview with Lucien Freud subject ofa recent retrospective at London's l Iayward i Gallery. I Mayfest88 (Scottish) toss—1 1 input. i Rounding up the last ofMayfest. .


IJane Eyre (C4) 1—2.45pm. Film version of Charlotte Bronte's classic romance co-written by Aldous I quley. Robert Stevenson and John Houseman and with Orson Welles as Rochester and Joan Fontainc asJane.

I Giro City (C4) 9—1055an (ilenda Jackson and Jon Finch as investigative filmmakers wrestling with the trtith in hostile environments. Made as part ofthe

Film on Four series in I982.


I Dance on Four: Oancelines (C4)

7.45—8. 15pm. ‘Step in Time (iirls' by Yolanda Snaithe’s dance company.

I Theatre Night: The Importance of Being Ernest(BBC2) 9.1)5—1055pm. Joan Plowrite and Alec McGowan in Wilde's comic masterpiece. ' IAnimaI Traffic (C4) 9. 15—11). 15pm. Second programme looking at the threats to animals from human traders. ‘Skin' examines the plight ofcrocodiles.

I Adams in Eden (Scottish)

1030—] 1.30pm. The Music ofJohn Adams played by the Birmingham Symphony Orchestra.

I The Hollywood Movie: The Kid from Brooklyn (Scottish) 1.21L3.30am. Danny Kaye in the 1946 better than average comedy about a milkman who accidently becomes a boxing champion.


I General Assembly 198803130) 10.50am—Noon. Live coverage each morning till Thursday of the Church of Scotland‘s annual meeting of mindsand baring ofsouls.

I The Case of Libel (C4) b’.30—l().20pm. 1983 TV movie based on a true story ofa trial resulting from a newspaper libel. starring lid (Lou (irant) Asner.

I Eleventh Hour: Kentucky Fried Medicine ShOW(C4) l0.50pm—12. 10am. Timely three part examination of the American private health care system. Second and third parts on Thursday and next Monday.

I Opening of the Tate Gallery. Liverpool (BBCI) I2.30pm. 9pm and l0.25pm

(B BCZ). Coverage throughout the day of the opening of the Tate‘s new wing(all part of the BB("s Week of British Art)»— see (iucst List.

I New Scottish Art ( BB( ‘1 ) 7.30pm. Ken Currie is the first of four Scottish artiststo receive special attention as part of the Week of British Art. (iwcn l Iardie. Stephen Conroy and Calum Colvin follow over the next three days -- sec (iuest List. I 31 Elsewhere (C4) 10—] lpm. Returnof M'I‘M's wry but realistic medical soap.

I The Magic Lantern (C4) 9- 1opm. Pint of two documentaries on the work of Swedish film director. Ingmar Bergman. The second can be seen on Scottish at 10.35pm and on Thursday C4 shows Bergman's Frenzy.

I The Thing (Scottish) 12.3(k230pm. A nasty Antartic thing that is. A l‘hS’ZJohu Carpenter offering.


I Whitehall: An Enquiry ((‘4 ) i) lllpm. Peter I Icnessy's examination ofthe workings of the Civil Service.

IThe Equaliser(Seottish)9— lllpm. iidward Woodward returns in the violent American revenge thriller series.

I Echoes (C4) l0~l lpm (repeated on Thursday at 8.30pm). Maevc Binchy‘s Irish blockbuster adapted for a new'I‘V mini series starring (ieraldine James.


I Class oftheir Own (Scottish)

4.30—5. 15pm. Documentary about a group ofsixteen year-old girls from a secure home for problem youngsters given a taste of life at sea when they help crew the Sir Winston Churchill Schooner.

I Film on Four Extra: Praying Mantis (C4) 9.30—1 1pm. Early 1982 Film on Four directed by Jack (iold. ‘Classic French provincial murder plot‘.

I Off the Course (BBC!) 1 Ipm—l 1 .20pm New series of the programme that talksto golfing stars begins with the WM 2 British Open winner. and the first player ever to win over $1 .000.000 in prize money. Arnold Palmer.


Best men dread it. barristers do it fora living and now Melvyn Bragg is makinga series about it. It's the great patrician art of Oratory. and the first of five programmes begins on R4. Thurs 19 May. 9.30am. Amongst those Bragg talks to are Enoch Powell. Lord Jenkins of I Iillhead. Michael Foot. Neil Kinnock and Norman 'I‘ebbit. Scents a pity he couldn't include past masters like Tony Benn. but he wisely incorporates snippets from the world of theatre with pieces by Ian McKellanJudi Dench. Iloward Brenton and Peter Hall

()ratory may not be quite what Rl requires of its DJ‘s. but 30 year old Simon Mayo has developed a sufficiently valuable line )1) radio-speak to take him way beyond his first job as a car park attendant in Worthing. He won the Best Programme award at the International Radio Festival of New York in lUS7and from Monday 23 May. he'll be the new host on the Breakfast Show. R l . 7-~l).3()am.

Saturday I4. as ifeveryorie didn‘t know, is Cup Final day and RZ's coverage ofthe game between Liverpool and Wimbeldon from Wembley begins at 1.30pm: Sport on Two. R3. Sat 14. 1.30pm.

Ina much more philosophical mood’I‘ed IIonderich. (irote Professor of Philosophy at the University of London sets out to

argue that the theory of free will isillusory and that in fact our every thought and action is the necessary effect of physical causes in Life Hopes. R3. Mon lo.‘).5(lpm. Discussing his work. and his latest book A Theory of[)t'rerminism is Lady Warnock. Mistress of (iirton College. Cambridge and the wider political implications are alsoconsidered.

For the political side of4ll years ofthe State of Israel. tune in to 'I‘udor Parfitt's The Twice Promised Land programme on R4. Wed IS May. 1 lam. for the cultural side. turn over to R3 where presenter. writer and stage designer Sam Jacobs argues that theatre is one of the strongest political forces there anyway. In Walking the Tightrope. Sat May 14. 9. 10pm. he looks at the renowned Ilaifa theatre. which boasts a state-supported Arabic speaking stage. and an unw elcomc legacy from the British mandate. the Israeli theatre censor. Mr Justman. .lacobs' own play. After Every Dream is on R4: Mon lo. 8.15pm. The Hunt. a short story bythc distinguished Israeli novelist Aharon Applcficld. will be read by .lohn Bennett on R3. Sun 15. 9pm.

'I‘liere’s more foreign correspondence on Wed 35 May when I Iugh ()‘Shaughnessy . l.atiu-.-\merican correspondent for the I’I‘ and the ()bservcr. begins at) S part series on the region: Latin Americans R4. 9. l5pm. I Ic approaches the public face of its politics through portraits ofeight individuals. starting with the Argentine singer and actress Nacha (iucvara.

The great Iinglish detective. Sherlock Holmes. is featured as R4‘s Classic Serial on R4. I5r127.3pm. Roger Reesplays Holmes and Crawford Logan his long-suffering companion in The Hound of the Baskervilles. serialised in two parts

(ilasgow is not the only city northol Watford to be booming. Liverpool. which a few years ago was celebrating itsown. and the first. British (iardcn Festival. is the venue for the new Tale of the North (iallery. which opens on May 33 and will be marked by a month ofconcertsand eventsat and around the Albert Dock. Art critic Richard Cork will be talking tosome ofthe people involved in getting the

gallery tip and running in Kaleidoscope. R4. Mon 33. 4.30pm.

Dr Winifred Anderson. who worked ma mission hospital in India for many years will be talking to David Sillars in Portrait. Sun 32 May. R Scotland. 3pm.

50 The List 13 26 May 1988