I Sport is listed as diary: by sport. then by day. then by event.


I West District Women's Championships Meatlotsl‘ank Stadium. London Road. lidrnburgh Illam.

BEEN- Monday 16

I Whitbread Sporting Club llosprtalit) Inn. Cambridge Street. (ilasgtm _ IIJI 33-

331 I. Prolessional Rosing. Members Only Membershipenquiriestollelen Smith at llosprtalit_\ Inn (dirch line-(HI

333 SUN)

CRICKET Saturday 14


I West Lothian v Strathmore Boghall. Lilllllllgo“. 1.30pm.

I Fiteshire V Ayrshire McKane Park. l)unlerrnlrne l 3Ilprn.


I Ferguslie vAyr Meiklct’iggs. l’aisle_\. 3pm

I Drumpellierv Kilmarnock l.angloan. Coatbrrdge 3pm.

I Clydesdale v Uddingston I'timmd. Beaton Rd. ( ilasgtm . 2pm

I West of Scotland v Kelburne I larnilton Crescent. Peel Street. (ilasgtm 2pm.

I Greenock v Poloc ( ilenpar‘k. Brisbane St. (ir‘eenoek 3pm.


I Stenhousemuir v Carlton ’lhe Tryst. Larhert 2pm.

I Grange v Heriots FP Raeburn Place. Stockbrrdge. Iidinburgh. 2pm.

I Dunnilterv Royal High Dunnik‘er Park. Krrkcalds 2pm.

I Kirkcaldy v Edinburgh Acads Bcnnoeh}. Kirk'eald}. 2pm.

I Watsonians v Cupar .\l_\ reside. (‘olinlon Road. Iidinburgh 2pm

Saturday 21


I Ayrshire v West Lothian The ()\ al. Prestssrck. 1.3tlpm


I Kelburne V Ayr \‘s'hrtelraugh. Paisley. 2pm

I Kilmarnoclr v Ferguslie Kirksryle. Is'rlmarnoek. 2pm.

I Drumpellierv West of Scotland Langloan (asahoxel 2pm.

I Greenock v Clydesdale ( ilenpark (as abme) 2pm.

I Poloc v Uddingston Shavs holm. l’ollokshaxss. (ilasgoxs. 2pm


I Heriots FP v Stenhousemuir( ioldenacrc. lmerlerth Ross. Itdrnburgh. 3pm.

I Carlton v Cupar I he Pa\ ilion. (irangc loan. Iidrnburgh 2pm.

I Watsonians v Kirkcaldy .\l_\ reside. Colrrrton Road. Itdrnburglr 2pm

I Edinburgh Acads v Dunniker Raeburn Place. Stockbr rdge. Izdmburgh. 2pm.


I Race Days I tresda} . 'I'hursday and Saturda} . Shantield Stadium. Rutherglen Road. (ilasgovs. Race meetings are for l()


Ediiili’ii'i‘g'li ' "m" "

I Race Days 'l'uesda} . Thursday and Saturda) . Prmderhall Stadium.

BcaVerhall Road. I-Zdinburgh. Race meetings are for Ill races. startingal 7.3llpm. £3.3lIStzrricl; £1.3ll(iround.

FOOTBALL Saturday 14

I Scottish Cup Final: Celtic v Dundee United Ilarnpderr Park. (ilasgots (5 mins from Mount Florida and Kings Park Stations). 3pm. .-\ repeat ol the Centenar} lirralol PISS. \\ hen Cnited all Iool}pic‘;lll} relinquished a eomlor table lead to a late Celtieehallerrge. It is Celtre \\ hoare celebrating the cerrteirar‘) this time. and \s ill be desperate to mark the occasion \srth a League and Cup double. hunt. and Cnited‘s inlamous I larnpderr jitters. “ill make them lir'm lax ourites. but the} \s ill be ass are that the Dundee side ha\ e a lot to prm e alter a stringoltailuresat this stage.

l.i\ e tele\ rsron coverage on both sides.

Football programme collectors should note that the Iidrnburglr Programme I'arr takes place on Sunday IF. at the I’la_\ liotise 'l‘heatre. l.eith Walk. Irorn I lam 4pm Admission is JIIp (20p). and the esent includes an exhibition or rare programmes.

Tuesday 17

I Scotland 1! Columbia I lampden Park (as above). 8pm. Rous Cup. Unlikelyto arouse quite the same interest as Brazil last year. but the South Americans have some talented players. Scotland‘s other match in the Rous Cup is against England at Wemhley on Saturday.


BUDWEISER LEAGUE PREMIER DIVISION I Clydesdale Colts v Musselburgh Magnums Loch Park Stadium. Shieldhill Road. Carluke. 2pm.

I Lanarkshire Pirates v Edinburgh Eagles Kelvin Bo“ l. Keh in Industrial Iistate. Iiast Krlbride. 2pm.

I Glasgow Diamonds v Granite City Dilers Burnbrae. Milngm ie. 2pm.


I Lothian Chieftains v Dundee Whalers Craigsvsood Sports Centre. [is ingston. 2pm.

Sunday 22


I Clydesdale Colts v Glasgow Diamonds Loch Park Stadium. Sliieldhill Road. Carluke. 2pm.

I Musselburgh Magnums v Edinburgh Eagles Meadtm mill Sports Complex. Prestonpans. 2pm.


I K.L. Burners v lnverclyde Crusaders Dam Park Stadium. «\yr. 2pm.

GYMNASTICS Saturday 21

I Scotland v North West England Meadowbank Sports Centre. London Road. Iidinhurgh. 2pm. Junior Men.


I East of Scotland Under9 & Senior

Championships Lasswade Centre. Bonnyrigg. Midlothian. 2pm.

Monday 16

I Edinburgh Musselburgh Racecourse. Musselburgh (8 mls south of Edinburgh on the A l ). Club £7. Paddock £3.50. First Race 2.30pm. Flat meeting.

Saturday 21/Monday 23

I Hamilton Hamilton Park Racecourse. Hamilton (access via M74). Club £9. Paddock £4.50 (Couples £7). First race Sat (r3llprn; Mon 2pm approx. Flat meetings.

MOTOR SPORT Saturday 14

I Knockhill Knockhill. near Dunlermline (Circuit ()ttice (I383 723337 ). 1.3Ilpm.


Celtic take on Dundee United at Hampden in a Scottish Cup Final which takes on special significance for both clubs. The League Championship already rests in the trophy room at Celtic Park, the result of their incredible consistency over the long 44-game season. Under Billy McNeilI. Celtic were a more determined, and more delensively sound side, and the new striking partnership did enough to dispel fears that the loss of Johnston and McClairwould prove terminal, even it Celtic's goals tally was a half-dozen lower than the supposedly defence-orientated Rangers. It would set the seal on their Centenary year it they could complete a League and Cup double which would equal Rangers record.

Dundee United, meanwhile, took a long time to shrug off last season‘s disappointments and a crippling succession 01 early injuries, but are the season's only victors at Celtic Park, and have enjoyed a sustained run since the turn of the year. The major question mark remains overtheir abililyto win at Hampden, and, more generally. of their genuine appetite for success when the final barrier must be surmounted, and a victory here would do much to dispel that doubt. It should be an open Final if nerves don‘t take bold, but Celtic's awesome will to win must make them favourites. Celtic‘s Centenary celebrations continue. meanwhile, with the publication at One Afternoon In Lisbon (Mainstream), in which Kevin McCarra and Pat Woods recall the club's most familiar match, with photographs by Oscar Marzaroli. (Kenny Mathieson)


I Ingliston Ingliston Racetrack. Ro\al Highland Slims ground. Izdinbur'gh. l'ull programme ol SI lolltl and 301)“. sports and saloon ex ents. Practice at 9am. racing at I.3lll‘m. Adults £35“. children tree; transler' tostands £1.51). I’reepar'krng.


I East Fortune Izast I-or'tunc . near Iladdington. I~ast lothian. I .‘sllpm Motor Cycles, 'I'om l)iekre Classic.



IEdinburghMonarchvaiddlesborough 5 Tigers Posuler‘hall Stadium. Benn er lrall Road.lidinburgh " 15pm 1311] 5“). £3 Fllrncprograrrrrne l-rtlrer a( liallcrrgc match or a league listare . depending r -r‘. how the \rsitors' illllll} ptol‘lettlsll.t\c cleared up.

IGlasgow TigerszerwickBandils Shaul'ield Stadium. Rutlzerglen Road. ".3llpn‘. L3 I l.l.5"l IU )( up Return Iegol'tltislrxtar;

Friday 20

I Steve Lawson Testimonial Slta a lreld Stadium (asaboxe). " 3llpm 13H! 5") .\ special benefit tor lrgers' captain Slex e [no son. \\ ho has no“ ctlflij‘iclc‘tl ten seasons \\ rth the club.


I Edinburgh Monarchstlasgow Tigers Possderhall Stadium (as abmel (r 3Hprrr t3(Ll.5lll. L3 Fllrncpr’ograrrrrrre \atrortai league. (ilasgoxs Itcgar‘, their sc.tsorr\\ltl‘.


achallcnge double ox er \lonarelrs. .r:;.l the home side \s ill be out lor rewnge torrrglrt

STOCK CARS Saturday 14/Saturday 21

INewtongrange Victoria Park. .\'e\stongrangc. nr‘ dernburglr "pm L3 5" (LI (Ill). Regular action includes races tr ~r I‘orrnula l\\o. saloons. rrrrrristo\. hot rods. and bangers around the sxseeping track at .\'c\s‘tongrange Star l~.(' ‘sstadrurn.

ammunit- Saturday 14—Sunday 15

I West District AmateurAge Group Championships l'ryst Surnirnrrrg l’nol. Cumber rrauld. ‘larn 5pm both da\ s

TENNIS Monday 16—Sunday 29

IWest ofScotland Championships Ne“ lands l.;t\\ n 'l ennis ( 'lub. \'c\\ lands. (ilasgms Senror and Veteran

WATER SPORT ¥ Saturday 21-Sunday 22

I Strathclyde International Regatta Strathclyde Park. Mother“ ell. Major occasion iii the Scottish roxs rng calandcr. \s’ithewntsgorngon allda}

Thursday 26-Tuesday 31

I McEwan's Scottish Series ( nun" wk and 'l‘arher't. loch l-_\ ne Sesetal litrdnred _\achts is ill set off Itorri ( in vtrrock at "gun on 'l‘hursda} In for 'l arbert. at the start ol the ('l}de's major sailing series \ .‘rtiotls races “in beheld at ’l arbert ox er the \\ eekend. in \s hat has become one ol the lorenrosl events in the Brrtisli _\achting calendar Further details of races and apr‘cs-sail entertainment in next issue


I Scottish National Under23 Championships Meant)“ batik Spot Is Centre. I ontlon Road. I dinburgh 3pm J

N The rm 13 -756 {i3} rUs—s 51