Step Gallery, Edinburgh

The sun was shining on the first solo exhibition at the new Step Gallery in Howe Street. Ian Cook‘s gouaches have kicked the venture off to a colourful start.

Trained at Glasgow School of Art in the early seventies, Cook is now a well-known exhibitor in Edinburgh. This selection spans two years and though initially have a homogenous appearance, settle into two distinct styles. There are those which describe scenes from the outside world and those which train on inner images.

The worldy paintings lean into the light with colour. Outlines are never harsh. People blend chameleon-like with their surroundings. In some, he over-dapples but several, like the Flautist, make sensual pattern. In the interior pictures Cook leans into his own character as an artist collaging busts. palms, harlequins and churches into easel-shaped compositions controlled by dark outline. It is pattern again, which gives these paintings their lasting qualify. (Alice Bain)

l‘iitil 2| May (rlasgoys paiittei'saittl tlcsigiicis lalsc a peek at llte city .-\lll\l\

. include Alasdair ( iray . ( 'atole ( ribbons. Keri Paliiici and Maitiri Baillie. Modelsol

(ilasgoyy buildings and Mackintosh-sly lc laiiipsalso included I OLD MUSEUM OF TRANSPORT :\lt‘cll l)ii\e Mahabharata Exhibition Maliabliai ala liclscl holders only . open dtii iiig pciloi iiianccslsec theatre for times) l’liotogiaphsby Peggy .laii‘ell ktiplaiiol \L'“ \ltizls sltiiyy lllc‘ ctlsl HI lllls Peter Brook L'l‘ly III at llUll. ls'aplaii is a lieelaiice pliotogiapltei ll\ mg in \cyy \ t)l‘l\ andys ell Liioyy ll toi tIL'l' portraits of the ay ant-gaide \\ arhol. Mcice ( ‘iinniiigham. Pitta liatiseli.iittlloscph Betiys.

I PEOPLE'S PALACE MUSEUM (ilasgoys Green. 5540223. Mon—Sat Illam-‘Spm. Sun l-—5pm. Glasgoyy 's museum of yyorking life.

Now in its 90th year. the museum is currently undergoing essential repairsand refurbishment yvhich \s ill last throughout the year.

Celtic Centenary Exhibition t'nni ,‘siiiune. The famous football team recapped. An exhibition of unashamed nostalgia to celebrate the (‘entenary ofGlasgoyy ('eltic. its story told in club memorabilia irtcluding trophies. photos. medals. ierseysetc.

Scottish Labour Party Centenary Exhibition I'ntil2l May. The Party celebrates lllll years in 1988. This exhibition commemorates the birthday with a display of documents. pictures and memorabilia. Stained Glass This permanent display of Britain's largest collection of stained glass will be launched on Mayday. The People‘s Palace is a treasure trove alyy ay‘s coming up vs ith the most fascinating finds most of them rescues as here. This collection has been built tip from rescues front churches. civic buildings and private houses throughout Glasgoyy.

I POLLOK HOUSE 20b“ Pollokshayy s Road. 6320274. MoneSat 10am-5pm. Sun l-r-Spm.

Neighbour to the Burrell ('ollection. this 18th century house contains the Stirling Maxys ell (‘ollection of Spanish paintings and period furnishings,

I PROVAND'S LDRDSHIP 3 (’astle Street. 552 881‘). Mon— Sat Illant- 5pm; Sun

2 5pm.

Images of Glasgow 23 May -.‘~l July.

I RUTHERGLEN MUSEUM King Street (147 “837.

Costumestrom Rutherglen t 'ntil 22 May. l-‘ashion from Rtithcrglen oy er the past llitl years a bustle front the 1880s toa IUSI rationed yyedding dress.

I THE SCOTTISH DESIGN CENTRE 72 St Vincent Street. 22] bl2l. Mon Sat ‘)_3llam 5pm.

GIA Awards and Architectural Models t ‘ntil 2l May.

Architect as Enabler t ‘nnl 14 May ,

I SECC Finnieston. Open all hours. Conservation of Historic Buildings t not Sat 14 May.

Scotstyle I'ntil Sat 14 May.

I SPRINGBURN MUSEUM Ayr Street (adjacent to Springbtirn Railyyay Station). 5571-105. Mon—Fri Ill..‘sllam 5pm. Stiii

2 5pm.

Heritage Trail Mayfest lixhibition. L'ntil 21 May. An exhibition of photographs. prints and new ly commissioned dravy ings which focuses on (ilasgovv ’s architectural.

railys ay and social history.

A Place to Stay tintil .‘s'oy 88. One ofllte largest exhibitions ever mounted on the subject of housing in Scotland. The exhibition traces the transformation in Springburn from a small village and industrial suburb yvhere property yy as privately owned. to today'stoysn




l’ait Ont: / 28 May Part Two 4 --25 June Sat 12 6pmAdmi55ion 50p (30p)

0 St'llls The Scottish Photography Group Gallery, 105 High Street, Edinburgh

Finaboally Supported by the Scottish Arts Council and Edinburgh District Councrl

dominated by the council-my ned toss er blocks where 50"} of the residents now live.

The Cowlairs Railway Works t 'niii .ltine. Historical exhibition of life and times of Scotland's one time largest railsyay ysorks‘. I THEDSDPHICAL SOCIETY OF SCOTLAND 17 Queens ( ‘resceiit. 334 732". Thurs» Sat Illam 5pm. Other times by arrangement. Ken Palmer May lest lleitbttioit l'ntil 21 May. .-\ vistial language 'based on forms deriy ed front scrence and technology ‘.

ITHIRD EYE CENTRERillSauchiehall Street. 332 752 l . Ttie sSat lllam 5.30pm. Sun 2 r 5.3llpm; NB During May lest ( until 22 .May I Third liye (‘entre yy ill beopen until 7.30 every night (except Monday I. (ate [1)]

David Finn (USA) Mayfest Exhibition. L'ntil 5 .lune. A magical exhibition of newspaper children \s hich. along yy ith the film next door. makes Third Iiye an essential part of international Mayfest. In their darklylit gallery these little souls play otit a mysterious game half-holy . half-theatre in still silence. They should not be passed by. Though Finn exhibits regularly in liuropc. mainly Milan. thisis hist'irst yisitto Britain

Peter Fischli and David Weiss (Switzerland) Mayfest lixhibition. l‘ntil Slime. This duo yy ho hay e been yyorking together since 1979 do amazing things yvithcarrotsand shoes. btiildiiig them intocra/y self-propelling obiects. Their film ‘The Way Things (io' is a ti‘agi-coiitedy first shoyy n at Documertta S in (iermany last year. It ysill be shoys n eyery lioui'from Ill-15am ys ith a final shoys ing at o-lfipm until 22 May and at 4.45pm from 2-1 May- 5 .Itiitc. The film lasts 3” mins yy hich seems to yvhiu by as ty res. fire. ysater and other inanimate elements take an incredible

Scottish Gallery, Edinburgh Barbara Balmer's pictures inhabit a lyrical and gently untidy world of long-stemmed poppies, slightly disarranged writing tables and chairs carefully draped with colourful clothes. Somehow it vaguely recalls some of the covers of Virago books and her the figures in her pictures ‘Lay Person 2’ and ‘Lay Person 3’ certainly strike a discordant and unexplained note. She has a delicate, precise style which suits her mood well and just when you think there is nothing left to surprise you, she paints two Renaissance-ster portraits in profile against a blue background which are strong, striking and assured.

Downstairs there is an excellent touring exhibition of specially commissioned work by leading British craftsmen. It includes jewellery, textiles and ceramics though its title, ‘Shape and Surface', does little to suggest its wide scope and very high standard. Particularly worth a browse is the work by Julia Leavis, Katie Gayle, Maura Heslop, and Breon D'Casey, son of the Irish playwright, Sean D’Casey. (Sally Kinnes)

iourney. Free.

John Bonis .Mayfest Exhibition. l'ntil 5 June. Glasgoys photographer .lohn Bonis makes the ordinary seem extraordinary in a small cafe exhibition.

I TRANSMISSION GALLERY l3 ( 'hisholnt Street. 552 4Sl3. Mon Sat .\'oon bpm. Ivan Unwin Residue Septic Activity Mayfest Installation and Performance. 28 May. 7.30pm. A perloi‘iitance loi' monsters. myths and mutants made in Berlin NS? by London-based lyan

l'nyy in. He say s ‘The disastrous consequencesol my forced recognition. (iained by the selt-iiiiplantation of animal matter.‘ Installation and continual y ideo screenings by Flickering Shadoyys l-ilm Productions ( I ‘nys in‘s oys ii film company) throughout May.

I TRON THEATRE BAR (i3 Trongate. 552 42b7, Tues Sun .\'oon llpm

New Generation Glasgow Artists May test Exhibition. L'ntil 21 May. Paintiiigsand drawings by young ( ilasgoyy artists selected by the (‘ompass ( iallcry.

I WASHINGTON GALLERY 4-1 Washington Street. 22l (WSII. Mon- l'l‘l Illani lpm. Sat 2-5pnt

Festival of Flower Prints and Watercolours Mayfest lixhibition. l'ntil end May . An exhibition oforiginal arid reproduction fToyy er studies datirtg from IF‘)" to NS"

I WASPS 26 King Street. 552 l ISM. Daily Illam 5pm.

May isthe Cruellest Month t 'niil L'IILI May. \VASPS are taking tip neyy office premises yy ltich yy ill double as gallery

space resource centre for artists \y ho tise \VASPS studios. It's a \s elconie step taken by a much needed organisation for 'ai'tists workspace' In Scotland And yy ith the Print Studio next door it makes this a lively doyy iitoyy rt street to y isit.


I BLUE PARROT 4‘) St Stephen Street For info phone 557 nnsn This Stockbr'idge eaterie shims recent yyorlx by Penelope Anstice until 2‘) May.

I BOURNE FINE ART 4 l)uridas Street 557 4050. Mon l'l’l Illam bpni

Scottish painting from tltc 19th and 2t lth centuries.

I DURBERRYS SCOTCH HOUSE Third Floor. 3‘) 41 Princes Street Mon Sat 9am 5.30pm; Thurs 9am opiit

The Scottish Crafts Collection t ‘ntil .luly 1988. An exhibition ot contemporary craftyvork from Scotland including ieysellery. ceramics'. glass. textiles. yyood and sin ersmithing. organised by the Scottish Development Agency

I CALTON GALLERY Ill Royal 'Ier‘racc. 55b llllll. Mort l‘ri Illam opm; Sat

lilam- lpm.

Spring Exhibition l 'ittil end Tune. A spring mixof paintings front l7lillto Will. Alsoa selection of paintings. ysatercoloui‘s arid hrniIZL‘S by Kate ('amer'on.

I CENTRAL LIBRARY (ieorge I\' Bridge. 225 5584. Mon liri 9am- 9pm. Sat

9am lpm.

359 Classwork L'ntil 27 May . Students front the Classes held at Rh‘) ( iallery are being shown in the Fine Art Department of the (‘entral library. ('aroline Mc.\'aiin. one ofthe tutors says 'II is alyyaysexciting to see people getting liiglt on art 'Sttidents say. 'It inyolves the yvhole person.‘ lfyou are interested in taking classes contact 36‘) at the number given on these pages (tovvards the end of the listings)

Sedan Chairs 9 May-- 13 June

I CITY ART CENTRE 2 Marl-tel Street. 225 2424 ext 6650. Mon- Sat Illam opm. Licensed cafe. [1)]

(iallery closed to dismarttlc Pharaohs exhibition.

Next exhibitions yy ill be:

School of Design and Craft iii its’June. Edinburgh (‘ollege of Art degree slimy. Recent Acquisitions 25 June 33 .luly.

I COLERIDGE GALLERY 47b ( ieorge Street. 2201305. Mon—Sat Illam 5.30pm.

Wide selection ofcontemporary British glass. Original prints by contemporary

i. 54 The List 13 —- 26 May was