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Glasgow Print Studio A dark narrow stair in unassuming King Street does not prepare you for the new Print Studio Gallery opened in time for Maytest. Arch and pillar, gauzy blinds printed with the gallery eagle, pale wooden floors and open space give it the air of Manhattan, no punches pulled. In the old gallery, the Studio was made comfy by a set of unusual wooden chairs. Here, it’s plush window seat

First exhibition on the books is a solo Adrian Wiszniewski, an artist otthe first New Image Glasgow batch and

artists and jewellery.

Spring Exhibition 3] May 4 June. A selection of contemporary British glass design.

I COLLECTIVE GALLERY Ian I ligh Street. 330 I3htl. 'I‘uc In 13.3“ 5.3llpszat 10.30am 5.3llpni. Julian Le Bas I 'ntil Sat 31 .May. Paintings and drawings by this artist from Brighton. I DANISH CULTURAL INSTITUTE 3 Doune Terrace. 335 718‘). Mon l’ri lOamr-5pm. Contemporary Faroese Art I 'ntiI 35 May. In the far north Atlantic. the climate as well as the scenery is not surprisingly cool and watery. The IS l"aroe Islaridsofler away of lite dominated by the sea. one most Iand-lubbers would tire and terrify of. This exhibition looks at the work of fourteen artists representing three generations w ho hay e been inspired by their w indswept home. I-aroese painting has had a mode rn tradition since the beginning ofthe century and today it play s a central role in the cultural life of these northern people. All the work in this exhibition hasbeeri done in the past year and giy es an opportunity to compare the many styles. from abstract to woodcut. which exist in this small community.

I THE DESIGNER GALLERY I I I lasties (‘lose (round corner from 30‘) ( ialler'y) (‘owgate. 335 377-1.

Next door to 360 Gallery. thispriyate gallery is attached to a framing shop.

I EDINBURGH COLLEGE OFARTlauriston I’Iace. 339931 I. Mon Sat Illarn~5.3llpm. New Student Work I 'ntil 3” May. In the Andrew (irant (iallery. The degree shows will be held at the (‘in Art Centre. Iidinburgh (’ollege. and the Royal Botanic (iarden in .lune. Detailsnext issue.

I EDINBURGH UNIVERSITY DEPARTMENT OF ARCHITECTURE 3t I ( 'hambers Street. Mon-~ Fri 9. 15am S.3llpm: Sat.Sun

Ill. l5am~3.3llpm.

New Work by Sculptor and Architect Adam Zyw Until 13 May. One day left. Wor'knot exhibited before which represents a new stylistic departure.

I EDINBURGH UNIVERSITY LIBRARY (ieorge Square. (in? [III I. Mon~l:ri 9am—5pm.

Piecing Togetherthe Past L‘nril 3n .lune. A celebration of I)“ years of archaeology in

now, atiust overall, a veteran ot eighties’ tigurative style. Wiszniewski was a regularvisitorto the ‘old’ Ingram Street Studio, where he truittully began to divert his painting skills into print. This exhibition is a canny mix of small etchings, large painted drawings, monoprints and oils, with a giant 4-piece woodcut at the door extending that diversity lurther.

Energy and confidence charge Wiszniewski's work. In two large paintings heavily worked sections contrast with parts not touched -the young artist seems impatient to move on and boldly leaves gaps. But his subjects are more reluctant. His boys and girls are still ‘Peter Pan' grown-ups. One such couple has a

child a small version at them. The boy

in ‘Arcadian Landscape' passes through a bright paradise and becomes a thinker. ln ‘Silent Mutations' the adolescents struggle with their changing surroundings. Wiszniewski attempts to underline his work with meaning. But tor rne, permanence ol meaning is lost in his sophisticated mannerism. The small less-worked etchings and monoprints combat that studied approach and illuminate a less-selt-conscious side to the artist. (Alice Bain)

the I'niyersity of Iidinburgli. This exhibition ties in neatly with Aphrodite‘s Island at the Royal Museum as mucltof the material there was ‘dug up' by the Iidinburgh teams. .

I FILMHOUSE I.othian Road. 3380383. Mon-Sat l3.3llprn— lem: Sun p.30 -1 lprn. licensed rest.

Pride and Prejudice The Male Body inthe Movies I'ntil mid-June. Photographs selected by Stills (iallery as part ofthc Male Nude exhibition. Related Iilms w ill also be shown during this time. See Stills. I FINE ART SOCIETY I3 ( ireat King Street. 5560305. Mon-«Sat Illzim» (rpm.

Spring '88 New aquisitionsthroughout May.

I FLYING COLOURS GALLERY 35 William Street. 335 (i776. ’I‘uesv-l-"ri llam-bpm; Sat ltlam-Ipm. .

Mixed Show I'ntil end May. Scottish artists in this friendly gallery.

I FRENCH INSTITUTE I3 Randolph ('res‘cent. 335 5300 Mon- l-‘ri t).3liam -lpm and 3pm~ 5.30pm. ('Iosed 35 Mar I l Apr. Le Nu Au Masculin ‘) .May Ill.lune. In conjunction with 'llehold the Man’ an exhibition of the male nude in photography at Stills(iallery. the I‘reneh Institute is presenting an exhibition of photographs by six contemporary Hench-speaking photographers all ot whom haye a print in ‘Behold the Man'. Talk Wed IS May. (1.30pm. l.‘lipreuye dc I.'()bject. Social moyements in art ofthe 50s and (dis by Duncan Macmillan.

Talk Wed 35 May. n.3(lpm. IfArt en Question. A talk about happenings. painting and sculpture in the (IIIS by Richard Demarco.

I FRUITMARKET GALLERY 3‘) Market Street. 335 3383. Tue—Sat lOam»~5.3llpm: Sun I.3(Ipm~5.3(lpm. Licensed cafe. Open Exhibition 14 May -5 June. 'I he first open exhibition originated by the Fruitmarket's new director l‘iona Macleod. ltlllOentries are expected and the filial selection will be made by Richard (‘alyocoressi ( Keeper. ( iallery of Modern Art. Joanna Drew (Director of the Hayward (iallery). (ieorge Kereyan (Edin Dist (‘ouncrllorL l’homas Lawson (Artist and writer from New York ) and Alexander Moffat (Artist and lecturcrat Glasgow School of Art I.


Drawings and Watercolours


Recent Paintings

SHAPE & SURFACE 40 Leading British Craftsmen

3 May- I June

94 George Street Edinburgh O3] 225 5955

Ceramics, metal, fibre

Gallery closed 23 May




Oueen St - Edinburgh - 7 May - 11 September - Free

Ap rodite’s



14th Aprll to 4th September

Royal Museum of Scotland Chambers Street, Edlnburgh



The List 13 36 May was 55

Mon Fri 7 ' 9am - 5.30pm