I GALLERY OF MODERN ART Belford Road. 55IIS‘12I .\forI Sat IliarII-Spm;Sun 3 5pm Restaurant |l)|

The Eardley Archive I‘rom '7 \lay Last

year , Mrs P .\1 Black. .loan liardley's sister. gau the gallery rtearly 25Ilsketches by the artist who captured the spirit ofthe (‘aller IIIIe lauds. ape as per Iectly asthe LdtNIRLLIHIHL'LILLSIII(IUIhIdS.ULChIn§. :\il esltrl~rlrorr of some ol this work \y'illbe displayedrrr Iorrtrrternoratronoithe

artist 's \l\ alII 35 years ago .-\ book (Joan l'artllex t3 ‘1‘ I Is to be published aspartof Illc Settlllsli \laslctssCllcs

Per mane lll .olleelron also on show . Some IooIIIs may be closed due toredecoration. but Rn iaard I orig s "Stone I Inc" lined tip “Hit the Illcllldcc‘s III the large central gaIL l y Is w ell wot III a y N! If is the first time that tlIIs ‘5 tool rectangleofcutslate has been slit my II at Bellord Road.

I GALERIE MIRAGES I'IIel ane.-Ioa Raebtrrtr Place . Stockbrrdge. 3L5 3603. .\loI1 Sal Iltam 5pm. Sun: 5prn.(‘losed \\ ed

Shibur Decorative Arts of Japan 20 Stay—2r» lune I- \IIIbitIorI and sale of prints. pottery . Iaeqtierware. baskets. costumes and lc\Illcs

I GATEWAY GALLERY 3 4 Abbey mount. obi INS: .‘ylon Sat Iixhrbrtions Mon-«Sat ItIatII 5pm Restaurant

Richard Colverson, 23 ~ ll‘rttilendMay. v\n elerbrtIorI ol photography

I GLADSTONE'S LAND law nmarket. 22ft 5b5l‘ or _‘_‘o W3. \fon Sat Illam- 4.30pm; SIII‘. _‘ -I ‘liprrt

I GRAEME MURRAY GALLERY I5 Scotland Street 55rtorllll ltre l'il I lam-5pszat llIarII IprII

Sculpture and Works on Paper I 'ritil 28

.\Iay \Vor'k by artists I most hay eshown \\lIll the ( ‘rSH I belorel Including Ian llaIIIIltotI I-Irtlay . IInda ‘l'aylor'. 'I'racy' \Iaekertna. I 'IrIcII Ruckrrem and Robert Marigold.

I HANOVER FINE ART Ill-l I laron er Street.

1353-15“. .\loII l’l'l Illam ~55lipm;Sat



/ \’. /'5 Sgt



4. I (IIASOOW SCHOOL OF ART : - IS nit: rrnsr TO ONE


THIS sincrtrt.AR MAN &’ I iilS r‘ur‘urtrs‘rlc VISION I

I L3 515 .Iutirmrtu nut-II PUBLISHING



Richard Demarco Gallery, Edinburgh

The mirror in the title refers to the real

thing a two-way mirror which both disguises and reveals (depending on

the lighting) a full size model print

workshop. This exhibition, complete with

theatrical lighting, mirrors, music and the more conventional elements of

prints, drawings and sculpture, has

come out of a project for homeless

people in Aberdeen.

The organisers, the founder of the

Cyrenians Print Workshop and his

assistant, were at pains that this

should not be seen as a charitable

exercise. A professional show they aimed for and a professional show is what they have got. For, despite the

added attractions, the work on

exhibition here displays dignity, a joy

of life and buoyant energy.

Guided by professionals in the art of


The Group of Lothian Artists t nut 34 May

Paintings by Bob Anderson. \Villiarr

Ferguson andotlters. Pottery by IoIIII Faithfull and Wood Sculpture by (‘alltrrn


I HART STREET GALLERY 31‘) I Iar t Street.

5567069. Mon l’ri Illarn oprrt.Sat lflam- Ipnr.

('reneral display of oils. \s are reolorrrs and

prints. The gallery also operates a training


Street. 55ho5b’5, .‘ylon l'Il‘Ltill 4 .ilipm

The Scots in Australia that end ( )ct.

I ITALIAN INSTITUTE 2a .\Ier the ( ‘r eseent

22(I3I73.\1on lirr Iliam 5pmlclosed

I 2pm).

Pasquale Santorol'ntrl 31 May l'tclrtrtgs and drawings by an artist Inspired by "fire

I-‘ourOuartets'by I S Him I KINGFISHER GALLERY 5

Northtrmber'land Street I arIe

GordonBrycet'mIIZssray Recelttworks (mostly landscape and still life i by the Head of (Ira) ‘s School of -\r‘t. .-\berdeen.

I LAURISTON HALL ( ‘aslle l)otrglasllo~I-15


Drawing From Within 1‘) In May L7oartd £1 H A residential course(\egetar‘ran food. sauna. gardens etc ) to work w Ith art

as a process of discoy er'y The course w III

be led by Rose l’rarn. art artist cur rerrlly working at the new 3N) studios and Mo:

womert only


Street. 336 4151. Mon l‘rr Vain oprn. Sat

10am lpnt

Charles H. Woolford 1880-19101 Hill .‘4

May. A retrospectiy e of works III oil and

watercolour irtcluding work by other

56th. list It 26kt}? ruse

screenprinting, Sadie Main makes images with as much insight as they have simplicity. ‘Dracula gave us a bad name‘ refers to her flying purple bats and her little dog Benjie cavorts around his sleeping portrait. James Mcnobb's steam ship sailing past a camel has also has verve and a lack of self-consciousness.

Willie Ewen, a man who has seen the world as a sailor, pinpoints memory in small strange sculptures made of bits and pieces he has collected or found around him. ‘A Chinese—Toast Rack’ frames his portrait and holds the symbol of a boiled egg and toast, while the Tipsy Elephant stands firm. They are little jewels of honest philosophy. There are photographs too. Meg Maitland makes a lighthouse study while Graeme Smith finds mystery in woodland. A delightful exhibition full of surprises and life. (Alice Baln)

Scottish artists painting during the same period.

I MARTINS 70 Rose Street North Lane. 23531llh.

Lynn Comb I 'ntil end May Anexhibition of paintings and textile design by ayoung artist Martins keeps restaurant hotrrsand the paintings are on show to patronsat lunch and dinner times.

I NATIONAL GALLERY OF SCOTLAND 'I'he Mound. 550 8‘)21.Mon Sat 10am-5pm; Sun 2 5pm

Turner's ltlustrations to the Poetical Works of Thomas Campbell t ‘anI 31 May. A set of

hi IllIarItly coloured watercolours add to the gallery's already rich collectionof watercolours by this Iinglish master. They w ill be exhibited this year irt April. but will loin the Vaughan Bequest paintings in January for future annual showings. Robert Herdman RSA1829—188817ntiI2o .lune An exhibition to mark the centenary of a 19th eertttrry Scottish artist prey intisly' oy ershadow ed by his contemporaries.

100 Master Drawings from the Permanent Collection I'ntil 23 Oct. The new gallery Ior works on paper is opened with a splash of the best In the collection. The first 50 will be shown until July . the second 50 from August.

Redecorations and Restrictions Until the

end of .lune. the redecoration programme.

begun with the red room last year. will continue III the main ground-floor galleries. The idea is to recall the spirit of the period In which the gallery was built and its architect Sir William Play'fair.

I NATIONAL LIBRARY OF SCOTLAND (ieot'ge IV Bridge. 226-1531. Mon—Fri 9.30am - 5pm: Sat 9.3(iam—lpm; Sun anI—‘Spm.

Scotland at Play I 'rItIl [5 .\la\ SportgetsT—l the documentary treatment as the library looks at its history in Scotland from the Middle Ages to today

I NETHERDOW 43 I ltgh Street. 55rI‘)5 7‘) Mon-Sat Iliam 4.30pmandewnings when performances (ate

Artists and the Bible I hid 2s .\III\ sax Shaw . .lohn Muaiangero. Ronald Rae and LOIIIL‘ (‘heyet ton.

I OPEN EYE GALLERY 75 ( 'urrtberlartd Street. 557 IIIIII. Mon l-tr IlIarII oprrt. Sat Illam --lpm.

The following exhibitions run until 2 .llllIL‘ William Crosbie Paintings and watercolours

Anna Lambert Recent c er'amtcs

Alexandra Coppen .leyy eller'y


A new museum for Edinburgh opening III the ('anongate towards the endot the year. is appealing for" additions to Its collection. Based on the life of the etty itself. its industry . political aetty Iliesand social character. the museum II III coy er .III aspectsof the history oI l'tlllll‘lll'g’ll through the stories arid belongrrrgsoi the inhabitants l'heorganiser'sar'elooking forallkindsolmemorabilia tools. clothes. trade union records. badge s. photographs. l’amily stories about the city 's past are also welcomed (‘onlact IIelen (’Iark or Iilaine l'llllllL' at the Social History Section. llttntly House Museum. I42 L‘anongate. 335 3434 est not") It you have anythingtoolter

I PORTRAIT GALLERY ()ueen Street 55o 8921. Mon Sat Illam 5pm;SrInZ 5pm. Masterpieces from the Edinburgh Photographic Society Collection l'rotri 7 May. A selection from the Ililitlrtems given recently to the national collection after lying 5” years unseen III a bank \ ault Work by Julia Margar’et ( ~amerort and colour photographs taken at the tin It oi the century by Alexander \\ ilsorr I IIII are some of the surprises that turned up

New Portrait From 24 May The Pot trait Gallery 's latest commission oi pot traitsr It eminent Scots by contemporary artrsrsrs the children's writer .‘slollre I IIIrIIeI by Edinburgh painter I‘ II/abetlr lilac kadder

I PRINTMAKERS WORKSHOP GALLERY 3 I I7nion Street. 557 247‘) Mon Sat

Illamr 5,3(lpm

Five Years on Soulisquoy Printmakerst 'rIlIl 4.lune. The Sotrlrsquay Prtntmakers ttrrneda war-time concrete bunker Intoa workshop fiy e years ago and hay e been busy ey'ery since. llilS e.\hibttiott shows the range of work (silkscreen. etching. relief)coming from Scotlarrd'srnost northerly print studio

I QUEEN'S HALL ( 'ler k Street Ho‘s ( )lllc e 668201‘). Mon Sat IIIanI 5pm ( ate. DUI DI the Blue I old 31! May New gouaches by .Ian \irrrmo best-know II to: her textile desing Sadie IIer' kitten and Fintry her goldfish feature III much I II III: colourful pattern.

I RIAS I5 Rtttland Square 33') "3'5 Mon Fri‘)..‘<liam 5pm

RIAS/Dunedin Award for Architecture 1988 16May=2 June. An exhrbitronol the second year of the ‘( )n the Drawing Board' entries.

I RICHARD DEMARCO GALLERY Blackfriars Church. Blacklt iars Sir. et Ill High Street). 557 li7tl7. I).II|y

10.30am 6pm BehindtheMirrorl'ntrlerrrlstar \yrilre‘s ‘Tipsy Ifilephant' will surprise and Sadre‘s pet dog ‘Beniie‘ is |llSI the it reridlrest thing eyen on paper. 'I'htsekhibrtiorr rnourtted by the (‘yrentan Print Workshop. focuses on work by the homeless arid Is thIte astonishly professional and itrll ofy ISII In I ROYAL BOTANIC GARDEN 552 7 I 7I Mon—Fri Iliam- I hour before SIIIisL'I Sat. Sun I lam-I hour before sunset lnyerleith House is open on weekends only

The Botanical Cabinet 1 'nIiI 31 .luly I lie Botanic Garden highlight theIt rich collection of books and manuscripts li‘. an exhibition based on their ow n collection IZélite tomes. beatifttlly illustrated. are