London. There they will be sited in the

grounds outside the Iz‘t‘miomi'sl magazine '

building. ten stories of Sixties' block. This space is often Used for sculpture by young Royal College students but it is the first time. thanks to the Scottish Sculpture Trust initiative. that it will host Scottish work. Interestingly. the six exhibitors are all women. not by design. but because the selectors found their work among the most inventive iii the hatch ofslides on their hooks. Women were in fact in the minority before selection.

I STEP GALLERY Howe Street. 556 1613. Travels Home and Abroad Until 31 May. Step mount their first solo show with the work of Ian Cook in gouache.

I STILLS GALLERY 105 I ligh Street. 557

I 140. Tues— Sat Noon-(mm.

Behold the Man 7 May—end June. The male nude comes under historic and social survey here as well as tapping into someof its more aesthetic aspects. Examples of the male body in photography go back to the IS-Ills and bring tis tip todate with work from the Eighties. The exhibition will be shown in two parts (first beginning 7 May . second beginning-I June). It has been researched by Edinburgh photographer Alasdair Foster who has also written the text for the accompanying catalogue.

Illustrated Talk Thurs 26 May. 7.3(1pm.

£1 .5(1(non-members) £1 (members) 75p (unw aged). Alasdair Foster. curator of the exhibition. will talk about the genesis and ideas behind ‘Behold the Man'.

Open Forum Sun 12 June 2pm. Free. Speakers w ill set the ball rollingon the subject of ‘Behold the Man'. Andrew Brown (369(iallery) Alasdair Foster (Curator) Roberta McGrath (Critic) and Halla BelofflCritic) will take the floor. Film A number of films relating tothcmes raised by the exhibition will be shown at the Filmshoiise dtiririg May and June. Films include .S'eliusriane by Derek .Iarnian. Fellini's .S'ruy'ri'emi and Muscle Berle/l.

I TALBOT RICE GALLERY ()Id College. Iftiiversity of Edinburgh. (167 101 1 ext 4308. Mon—Sat. lllam—Spm: Sun 2pm--5pm. Closed 23. 24 May.

Next exhibition will be One For The Road

( lSJunc1a major showing ofScottish tapestries which. after opening at the Talbot Rice will tour to Toronto. New York. litirope. finishing at the V & A London.

I THEATRE WORKSHOP 3-1 Hamilton Place. Visual Poetry 14—3l11une. A poetry poster exhibition featuring the works ofAlex Neilson. The pop-art posters were designed by Annie O‘Temro. Sponsored by Jolly Cards of London. and Pace Print. South Clerk Street. Edinburgh.

I TORRANCE GALLERY 29b Dundas Street. 556(1366. Mon-- Fri 1 lam—(1pm; Sat 111.3(1am-4pm.

Haswell Smith 16—28 May. Landscapes and seascapes by an Edinburgh artist.

I 369 GALLERY 2(19 Cowgate. 225 3013. Mon—Sat Noon—5.30pm.

Education Exhibition see City Library.

The Pier Arts Centre. Orkney: The First Ten Years Until 28 May. Nine artists. including photographer Richard Welsby. sculptor Ian Scott and painters Sylvia Wishart. Fiona Maclnnes and the director of Pier Erland Brown. celebrate ten years otexhibition making at the Pier Arts Centre in lovely Orkney.

I WARE ON EARTH 15 Howe Street. 558 1226. Mon—Fri lllam-(ipm; Sat ll1am—-4pm: Sundays by appointment. Sicilian Colours l 'ntil llllune. An exhibition of contemporary Sicilian ceramics and paintings featuring the work of lilio Corrao and .‘vlingari Rosario.

I W.A.S.P.S. GALLERY Patriothall. Hamilton Place (near Theatre Workshop) Tue—Sun 12.3(1—5.3l1pm.

No exhibitions this month as the gallery at wASPS is being used as a workshop overthe nexttew weeks.

ommllstbatrutlcum acute-ton" cultural, cutie-flout, political and Mounts that do not tell infliction entrusting:

.le send details not Whatombetonpobllcatton “I.


I Nuclear Energy. New Clear Energy: Three Day Event The Salisbury Cent re. 2 Salisbury Road. Ifdinburgli. (131 (to? 5438. (i.3(lptn. £35(£2ll). laii 'I'urnbiill leadsan exploration of the concept of nuclear energy . seeking tocxamine how energy at atomic level separates into masculine force and feminine power when the atom is split. and how this can be related to creative inner energies. The group will engage in meditation and visit 'l‘orness nuclear power station, See also Sat Hand Sun 15.

I Quest Forthe Nine Wells of Edinburgh Salisbury Centre. Salisbury Road. Edinburgh. 8pm. £3 ( £21. A panel discussion with three women. led by Marianna lines. about "The l loly \Vellsof Lothian and the l Iealiiig \Vellsol Celtic Scotland'. See Iixpeditton Sat H.


I Scottish Cottee Brigade to Nicaragua: Meeting Trades Council. 12 l’icardy Place. Edinburgh. 2pm. The third Nicaragua Solidarity Campaign Coltec Brigade will go to Nicaragua from 27 December 1088 to 14 February 198‘). to help with the work of picking coffee and to find out w hat life is like in Nicaragua now. For more details czilll131557l1213t141423 53-15.

I A Scots Evening in Aid of the Scottish National Dictionary ()ucen's 1 tall . ( ‘lerk Street. Edinburgh. 7.3llpm. To raise funds to continue work on the Scots language. an informal evening illustrating how the Scots language affects l.ow land Scottiin culture. Contributions from Billy Ray. Hamish Henderson. singer [Jute Higgins. poet lidwin Morgan and the Festival City Fiddlers. For more details please call (131 (167 1(11 1 ext («181

I Nuclear Energy. New ClearEnergy Salisbury Centre. Salisbury Road. Edinburgh. 1131 (in? 5438. Want 5pm. See above. Friday 13th.

I The Quest Salisbury Centre. Salisbury Road. Edinburgh. Meet 12 noon (walk estimated to finish 5pm). t5l£~11..-\n expedition to look for the nine vv ellsol Edinburgh with Marianna Lines. following on yesterday 's discussion. See Fri 13.

I Edinburgh in Depth City ()bscrv atory. Calton Hill. Iidinburgh. Performances every half hour from Illam» 4.3t1pm. Daily. from today. £1 (Sl1p). Free totlie unwaged Mon- Fri. Further information and booking details on (131 Sin 43oF. The Observatory starts a new and exciting seriesof screenings. show ing the history of Edinburgh from its volcanic beginnings until the present day with images projected onto a huge screen using three-dimensional photography.


I Revolt on the Clyde (iovan

Neighbourhood Centre. Revolutionary Communist Party Dayschool. (iovan. (ilasgow. £2 (Ll unwaged). Sessions include Clause 28'. The Alton Bill: Fighting the Poll Tax; What's Special About Scotland and Strategy To Beat the Tories. Tickets avail. from Changes Bookshop or telephone (1-11 552680”.

I Hermitage ot Braid: Guided Walks Meet at Hermitage of Braid Information Centre. off Braid Road. Edinburgh (take car to Braid Road. or take LRT bus 5. ll. lSor In to South Morningside School). 2pm. One in the series ofguided walksfor spring and summer. 'l'oday's subject is Woodland Flowers.

I Edinburgh Football Programme Fair Playlioizse Theatre. Cireenside Place. lidinbargh. 11am—4pm. Adults4l1p. childr :n 2(1p. ()rie of the largest programme fairs in Britain. with twelve dealers in attendance and also an exhibition ofold and rare programmes. I Nuclear Energy. New Clear Energy Salisbury Centre. Salisbury Road. Edinburgh. (131 (167 5438. lllani—Spm. See above. Friday l3th.


I How To Be Assertive vv'ell Woman Centre. St Brides Community Centre. ()rvv ell Terrace. Edinburgh. (13] 337 5543. Second session in a mini series led by Fiona ()‘Kane on how to be assertive.


I Four Week Introductory Meditation Course (ilasgow Buddhist Centre. 32‘) Sauchiehall Street. Glasgow. Beginning today. a four week introductory meditation course. For further information and to book please call (1-11 333 (152-1.

I Women and Drink Well Woman Centre. St Brides Community Centre. ()rwell

Terrace. lidinbtirgli. (131 337' 5543. .-\ session on how to cope it alcohol is a problem for you or anyone in your tamilv


I Edinburgh Bisexual Group: Regular Meeting Lesbian and (iay Centre. in Broughton Street. lidinbnrgli. Sprii. Tonight's regular meeting is a social evening. (BYOB). 'I lie Biscsual Phonelineisopciieveiy lliuisday between 7.3l1ck 0.311piii. Ml 55 .itilt'


I Dream Workshop Salisbtn y t ‘t-nne. Salisbury Road. Itdinbuigli. 2 lvpni. L‘ (ielda .\Iac(ircgor leadsa workshop into understanding yotii dieanis.


I Talk by Charlie Ching and Joan Winglield Cornerstone Cale. St .Iolins ( 'litii cli. Princes Street. lzdinbtiigli. "pm .\s pail ofa British tour for the \iiclcai l ice and Independent I’acitic ( ‘anipaign. ( bar In Ching. President ol the I‘ly‘L' 'l .tliili l’a: tv. and Joan Wingtield. ol the lsokotlia People'sCommittee. South .\tistiali.i. give a talk. Subjects will be uranium mining and aboriginal land rights 111 Australia; French nuclear testing on Moruroa and sell-tletciinitiation lot the indigenous Tahitian people.


I Talk by Charlie Ching and Joan Wingiield Renfield St Stephens cciitrc. t (11‘1")\|lt' Kings 'l'lieatre) Bath Street . ( ilaszzt m 7.3llpm. See abov c‘. .\Itlll 3.1

I How to Be Assertive will or unan Centre. St Brides(‘ommunity ( 'enti .. ()rvvell'l‘errace. l€tliiibutglt See abov e Ttle l7.


I Benefit Concert Linc-en's l latrt'lci :. Street. Iidinburgh. “.3Hpni ti .‘tli L21 Tickets available iii adv ance ti‘oiii llie Queen‘s I [all and also lioni \ iigin Records. Survival ltitei national ta human rightsorganisation that protects the rights of threatened ti ibal peoplesl hold a benefit evening including aCliilean tolk band called Refilliiii PalIin. lilnis. speakers and a poster competition.

I Massage and Relaxation vv ell vv oman Centre. St BridesCommunity l 'entie. Orwell Terrace. litiinbiiigli. (131 33 5513 A session on massage and ielavattoii led by Toni McKen/ie.

For all your LPs, CDs, tapes and concert tickets

91 South Bridge Edinburgh 031 226 7010




i i 3 l i I

58 The List 13 26 May 1988