appointments it required llelptul adv ice given. ('rofts Durilop Solicitors. «14 l‘redetick Street. 21M"?

I Autogenic training sleep relavatiori. stress management. bv evperteiieed teacher. Prevent lteali disease. get lid 01 tension. sleep problems. panic. headache l'rivs ind? L5 t L3 ) ati liour RiiigliJl V5‘Hil“.T

a” 3:: is“...;.:'t - Ans—1:. “Um. [/


Fa’ ‘c'tae' “‘c'n‘at o" 19 «fire

031-667 9588

I Illustrations. cartoons. cards lellei‘lleads. posters. etc By experienced artist tgt adiiate) Very reasonable and last l’lione .ltlliaoii tI-ll 05Wle

I Russell O'Brien Textile Printing Company line all lal‘t'lcs for interior lasliioiidesigners Special protects. theatrical. contract printing. personally designed labrie. 'I -sliti is for information samplesplioriell31 (i5‘)(i5~\

I Counselling. Reicnran therapy voicevvork. visualisation loi aiiorevia buliiiita l‘t‘i brochure and more ttiloi matron contact .-\niierike l)v kliuis. 3 Salisbury Road. l'diiibiirgli

1' I I In 5A1). ()31 rm“ 5-1.1.srvrvs :30:

I Decorating \evvingtoii l)ecoiatoisl id l’iotessiorial tradesmen and specialists in hanging line papers. stripping and \v aviiig doors etc Rtrigllil J-Illtlll‘M

IJoiner.) 1'. l)uggati Reliable tiadesrnari .-\lltypesol roinei'vvork undertaken in (‘entiaIScotlaiid l’lione I’eriictiik ~(i5ti5





I Women's Sailing Holidays on 35ft yacht. Learn. improv e, enioy sailing on sunny South Coast. Channel Islands. Brittany. Long and short breaks. Please phone for brochure: 11711336741).

I Karakoram Himalaya t 'nique trekking expedition exploring remote v alley s and glaciers in the vvorld's greatest mountain range Four vveeks (25 June 24 July) £1385 inclusive. Phone ()41 954 (187-1 (eves).

I Monsters of Rock ( ‘astle Donington. Coach departs: Edinburgh Waverley Bridge. midnight on 1‘) is‘ 88; Bonnyrigg Health Centre. tit) .‘stllirs on 2118 88. £15 return Phone ((131) no“ 1608 (eveningsonly ).


I Experienced guy west coast (38). seeks similar lady . riiay be Bi. for interesting tinies.oiitings for movies. eats. theatre. art. country vvalks. etc. (‘ould be permanent. could be tun. Box Nob5 l.

I Male (38) professional. requires mature masseur to v isit Edinburgh West find flat to help ease the strainsol a highly stressful rob. Full details please 10 Box No (15 3.

I Sincere. single man (34) seeks honest. humorous. alfectionate vsoman (21 31 ) to share hills. rnov ies. (all and conversation. Ari Tinglislinian in life. but I travelvvell Photoappreciated. Box Nob5 l5.

Somebody outthere \vaiitsto ls‘litivv you Write totlic l’l-RSUNALcoluiiinot Hie/.13! and lirid out vvliol

I Quiet male (22) tall. slrni build, lrito music. reading. photography . theatre. cinema and eating out. Seeks sincere


.DNLY £2



SERVICES/TRAVEL 25 words maximum


30 words maximum.

Rate inc Box No which must be used.


£2 per col cm. Min 3cm (£6). (Phone 031 5581191 for details)

female ( 18—25) for relationship Photo appreciated. Phone number if possible. Please reply to Box Nob5‘16.

I Female (208) seeks tall. reasonably attractive. respectable male friends for cinema. clubs. gigs. sport etc. Interests: karate. fitness. socialising etc. Edinburgh area Photo description please.

Box .\'o 66 l.

I Caring. shy male (28) minimalist in outlook and stature. Interests in Philip Glass. Moto Guzzis and Italy. seeks female vs ith heart and spontaneity for nice meals and conversation. Box Noon 2. IAny young ladyvvilling to go for a vvee drink and a bit ofidle banter vvith Glasgovv male (2311’ Box No (if) 3.

I Male (25) Tall. good-looking. many extras. seeks exclusiv e romance vv ith tall. attractive blonde redhead. blue green eyes. Intelligent. lively. interesting female (Edinburgh) long letter please. Box Noon 4.

THE LIST PERSONAL ADS are designed for individuals to meet other individuals for 1.1 relationships. We reserve the

right to refuse any advertisement vv ithout explanation. (’irculars. promotional literature and offensive material are not forvv arded vvhere discovered. 11' you receive such material vs ith your Box replies please let its knovv. Write. enclosing the material. to: (‘lassitied Ads Dept at The 1.1.11.

I Hello youngish ladies! (’an y ott befriend a male (33) single. vv ith various interests. including


l theatre. Edinburgh Zoo. (ilasgovv (iarden Festival. \vlio lacks company '.’ Please vv rite

.»\l .A. Box Nomi 5.

Name Address

I Are you a slim arrraeiiv e. intelligent female of 25-41) .’ Do you like excitement. hiin ltv trig. travel'.’ So does this uninhibited giiy . Send photo please to Box _ NU (iii ii

I Tall. professional (ilasgovv male 1 33). bit of aciilttire vulture. seeks smart and Iiv ely leriiale vv ttli vs lioni to share the delightsot’tliecity Reply toBos No (vb 7

I Positive. interesting. caring male. 5ft Sin (2‘)). seeks affectionate attractive young vsonian for (iarden Festival visit and conipanioiiship‘.’ Reply to Box No (if) b’.

I Professional male (30) ovv n house. seeks attractive

transvestite gay guy. tvsertties.

tor discreet friendship. (ilasgtivv l'Llilll‘tii‘gli areas Photo and phone number appreciated Box .\'o or» s) I Reportedly attractive piolessioiial tiiale (35). graduate seekssiriiilar intelligent. talkative. riiiage-conscioiis teiiiale tor

lighthearted Iuri riiglitsout iii

(‘rlasgovv Interests inspirations: romance. music ( NIH: ). cinema. tlieatte. politics ((iruu'rlrtui) Box \otva it)

I Sociable SOClallSltlertiale. forties). seeks similar (male. middle aged). to share interests in lilm. theatre. music. good food and vs ine. travel.

(ilasgovv lidinbiirgh areas. Box No (if) I l

I Jazz and ECM music lover male (3”) appreciates scenery . sense of humour. likes travelling. meeting people. seeks vs arm. cheerful. compatible lady (niiisreian'.’1 tor companionship l’lease reply It) BU\ \tififi l:

I Informal mixed group inv llL' others single and aged 31) 4t) tor evening social scene. '1 lieatre. eats. sports. leisure puisiiitsand clavsout (ilasgovs and possibly l'diriburgli areas Box Noni» 13

I Girl (23) tired of hearing a good time' means drunk seeks friendsofeithei se\ interested in arts. cinema. travelling. “at iii relationships and late night conversations .-\11 replies ansvvered Bov Notvti lJ

IGay guy (24) tall.atti'activ e. successful professional .-\ii easy-going. average kind ot guy. seeks similar for friendship relationship N no harm in meetingfora drink l’lioto appreciated. ALA. Reply to Box No 66/15.

I Glasgow girl (25) en (at s theatre. tilnis. music. interesting chat. laughing. travel. the occasionalglassofvvitie .\l.i|e friend to share these actrv ities vvould be fun l’lioto appreciated liov \orm In

I Glasgow lesbian (40) 5lt Km. blonde. evtiov ei‘t. some say

attractive. but should 1 1 my es sunny nioriiingsalsoliic lit evenings ()tliei interests

Tel No Message category

No of issues


Messa e-note: tel nos count as 1 word

Payment encl.

Classified deadline for Issue 67 is Fri 20 May.


galleries theatre.ctiieiiia. niealsout non-smoking. protessioiial type _vvoiiiati(4() 511-)loitiieridsiiip

vs islies it i meet

possible relationship \\ li‘v .li’ltl adv ci'iistrig‘.’ Because lllc :. .i. .

many younger vvoiiieii about but tcvv lIllL‘lL'\lIIl}_‘v'lvlvl vvoriien lake .1 eliai.ce iepl'. to Him Ntitifi I“

)— 1


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