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"WWW,,,..,,,C,,w,.,,,,m. ; ltalyFrance.1‘)73) 122mins.l-‘ellini's

joyous. autobiographical look back at life i in Rimini in the 1930s isthemaster in his Planes Trains and Automobnes (15)

most outgoing mood. aconstant . procession of remarkable imagesand (Jenn “Ughes' 93'19805‘9” Mamn’ ~ John Candy, Lalla Flobblns. 92 mins.

memorable moments. despite the looming , , o l we“

shadow of Italian l-‘acism. (ilasgow: (il’l‘. Steve mam" '3 the mos‘ genu'nely :

IAmerican Graffiti(15)((3eorgel.ucas. tunny Dim-"rem American comediansv i t a v "

us. 1973) Richard Dreyfuss. Candy despite the occasional ill-judged j '

Clark, 1 larrison Ford. 110 mins. Where project (Three Amigos springs instantly i j i were you in ‘62? Superior nostalgia in mind), and inhis John Hughes 3 to i 1 following a day and night in the livesof directed romp is not up to me standards

50m." “"1"” li'gh'_’°i‘""'.gr.“d"“3°” . of Martin‘s own Roxanne, it remains a l i comingot age in asmall( allfornlatown. . . . ;

Ingratiating andentertaining with a cast of vewtunny "ans't'on'mmieen "10""?3 i futureluminariesdisplay'ingearly‘ to adu" coomedy by "he d'recmr' mam" ' i promise. Edinburgh: Cameo plays Ne" Pager a Chtcago‘based

I Angel Heart ( 18) (Alan Parker. L's. executive who finds himself in New

1987) Mickey Rourke. Robert De Niro. York on business on the eve of the '

Charlotte Rampling. 113 mins. Scruffy. Thanksgiving ho|iday, and desperate to

unshaven private eye llarry Angel is hired get back to the waning ce'ebration at

by the mysterious Louis Cyphre to track home down a missing Forties crooner who has ° . . . i reneged on a life-or-death deal. His From "‘8 '"Stam he simms 3‘ 'as' . . . . i inwgtigmmm lead him to a gem New from a seemingly interminable : '"ltatlhgr but he QIVBS the best . t the strain, the disaster-prone Griffith 5 Orleans dominated by mom“, Chile and meeting in a frenzied attempt to catch i DertOfmahCe t have Vet seen In thls ‘; all bluff and affected street-wise savvy, f extremely dead bodies in this the last flight home, Page undergoes a 3 fate, and even manages to cross over 3 with a remarkable penchant for saying I uncomfortable mating of visceral gore and series at increasingly fraught— and ""0 gem-tine emOtion toward the ettd- exactly the wrong thing at the wrong moodyfilm noir..EdinburghLOdeon. increasingly ludicrous _ Hughes makes great comic play on t moment, The humour is basically misadventures, usually through the theetaShlhg personalities at these two contemporary slapstick much of the I Ustmm‘ Lumen mm“. W WS- agency of one Del Griffith (Candy), an : unhkelvtravelllng companions as they r time, but the horrors which befall the g Michael Winner has “88ml;ch an “Mm accident prone shower curtain l blunder arOUhd SHOWhound alfports. é stricken travellers are the stuff at . cast (although one other, or them are salesman of exasperatingly bluff good ' detective trams, and spectacularly l everyday experience taken to ; there for their former glories ratherrhan humour amid the chaos he spins. I l dete‘tt'Ve care. the dapper Page suave extremes, and can hardly fail to strike a 3 current high profile) led by Peter Ustinov usually find John Candy profoundly and sophisticated but crashing under | chord. (Kenny Mathieson) '

and Lauren Bacall for this latest

“““"“"“’“"“‘"W““"‘*“°m>'*‘“>= i

J The List 27 May 9 June 198811