The Selchie Wed l~-Sat J .lunc. See Spring Fling Diarv.

Women‘s Theatre Week'l‘ue "-7 Stilt lllunc.

See Spring Fling l)iar_\.

ITHAVERSE THEATRE 1 l2 \Vest Bow. (irassmarket. 32(1 2MB. Bo\ ( )ltice 'l'ue— Sat lltam Spm. Sun lllpm. Bar. Rest. 'l‘ickets also as ail lrotn the ltcket ('enlre. 32 Market Street. Seals lront L2.

Sundays all seats LI (non-members (2.5“).

Scottish Accents '88 tire I" .\la_\ Sun 5 June. 7'..‘~llpm. A mini-testival ol new writing by voting Scottish pla} w rights part ol the inn eises 35th hirthdas season ’l here are tour new pla_\ s lull) produced in all. running consccutn cl). with an opportunity iti .lunc toscc allon one da} as part ol a Festival \Vcekcndthat includes cabaret and discussions as w cll. ()therextras include readings and discussion ol' scripts still being dcv eloped. l’la} s this issue are: Sheila'l'ue 34 Sun 2‘) Ma}. ",.‘~llpiii. H.5ll (£3.50) A new play h} .-\nne-.\larie l)i .‘vlamhro. w ho w rote lhc wonderliil comic monologue lloe'. about student Sheila and the unexpected w at her decorators altcct her life. The Way We Were 'l ue 31 Ma} Sun 5.liine. 7.30pm. {-1.5llt £15“) A new black comedv by John .\lert s held. a Radio 'l'imes Award Winner. in which the arm al in their house ol Kenn} creates complications tor Rolnn and Martin. Early Work Wed l & lhurs 2 .ltiiic.(i.5(lptii. {I (5llp). Readingsol three short plzlb written t'or ‘Scottish Accents SS" lw )ttllltgl writers w ho created w a\ es at the l‘lSS Scottish Student Drama l'cslt\ til. ’l'hc session last about ~45 minutes each dav: Wednesda) Stephen ( ircenhorn and ( ~liris Ballanee;'l'hursda} l.isa(iornick_ Plays In Development Sat 4 tv Sun S .lunc. (rpm. £1 (5(lpl A pcrlormance w ith scripts ot pla_vs currently being worked on: loin iii the discussion alterw aids and help influence a work in progress. Saturday .S'pt'rlcr'x ll'urhs And} Readman.detailing four young Scots' experience ol the Falklands War. Sunda): ()Il Your [ft/wits Angela B. l.eslie. a solo-show h} awoman on an exercise bike. ScriptSurgery Sat llune. lllam (rpm. Free. An opportuntl} lor writers in the tnaking to have their scripts read h) the Traverse l’lav Reading Panel. Scripts should he submitted h} 3" \la}. Writers on the Spot Stilt 5 June. 5pm. Free. A chance to meet and chat with w riters l’aula .\lac(iee. Anne-Marie l)i Mamhro. .lohn McKay and John Merr} lield. Cabaret Sat 4 ck Sun 5 June. lllpm, Bl L3 ). Return of the popular cabaret slot lorthc weekend with rising talent in Scotland: a cappella group The Hat Sharps (Saturda} ); duos \Vliacklieadl and l.ihand Rene ( Sunda_v ). Festival Weekend Sat «1 ck Sun 5 June. A chance to really get into the spirit ol the occasion. see all lour plats. attend readings. talks and workshops and get behind the scenes of new w riting in Scotland. A £12 dav-pass w ill get son in tree to all events for that da} (not transferrahle); a concessionar} one £8 w ill get you in tree to all but ‘liarl_\ \Vork' ‘l’lavs in Development' sessions, Times are: Saturday: Script Surgery ( lllam. See Above); Dt’url Dad Dog lint/t Hands 'I’ogcthcrl lpm. See Review ); .S'thqum. See Ahove)‘. I’luv m [)t’l't’/()/’Nl¢’lll((Tplll. See Above); Tht’ H'uv We Were ( 7.30pm. See Above): ('uhim'u lllpm. See Above ). Sunday: Dead [)tlt1/)()_Q Both Hands 'l’ugvthcrl 1pm); ll'rt'tcrs ()It t/ii'S/mt (3pm ): Sher/ii (4pm ): Play in I)(’l‘t’/U[)Hlt’lll (6pm): The ll'uv ll'e H'vr‘cl7.3llpriil; ('uhurt'tl lllpm ).


This section lists shows that are touring Scotland. We give detailed listings onlytor periods when they are in the Central Belt area. There is a phone number tor each

company. however. should you require more intormation. Unless otherwise specilied. the number after each venue listed isthe telephone numbertorticket enquirieslor that particular evening (please note. thisis not always the venue number).

I Flock of Ages Anncse ’l‘heatre (‘ompanv ma ncw plas h) Robin Lindsas Wilson. l.tlslllg‘ .t ll'c‘sll tools (It llte \Vild \VL‘SI. See Review. Iron Ihi'itlri'. (i/itvgmi 'l‘ue 3| Ma} Sun 5 June. Spin. ll-ll 552 ~12t»".lind ot 'l our.

I Great Expectations 'l‘..\( i 'l'heatre (’ompans 's innov am e and li\ cl} new adaptation ol (‘harles Dickens classic. See Rev icw. Hum/cc Rep. [hurtlcc'l‘ue

34 Sat 2S Ma) . ll3S3 3353“. Slut/truer .-li'itt/i'm\. Utmilrti’v uni! (iii/lunar .‘iI'IS l't'xttvit/ Mon 5” \la}. .lliti‘Ro/wrtxl rtx (it'll/"1’..‘lll'll’l‘flilllk-sl .\la_\ ck Thurs: .lunc_ ll".\tt oltlS'l. l'hi'iitri' Rovttl. Hum/rim Fri 5 .liiiie. MST 53S”? Iii/en ('otirt. lttvi'rtti'u .\lon h ck 'l'ue 7_lune. (No.5 :2 l SIS. (’ti‘ti' lhi'iitrc. .‘i'\'l’.’il'l.\ l‘t’Hi't ti/lliiirs‘ltk l‘ri llllune. 'l‘our

I The Virtuous Burglar/ An Ordinary Day Borderline ‘l‘heatre (‘ompans in a double-lull ol l)ario l-‘o larces. both

revol\ ing around marital situations. the one written in W59. the other in WST l’im/i'i .~l rts (Mitre. l’titsli'v 'l hurs Io Ma}; "..‘\l|piti. ll~ll SS" llllll. l’tt/iti‘i' lillt’tlll't’. Kt/ntitrnoi'lt Hi 3‘ Ma} . iftllpm. “505 355‘)“. (irt'i'rim'lt .-lrtv (ittt/i/ I‘ht'utrr'. (iri’i’tmi'h. Sal :S Ma} . ".f‘llptti. 0—175 INNS. ltnd ot tour.

I Shanghaied Borderline tour 1 ix.

l ochlicad'spopularandsticccssl'ul children's plas about w ltat happens w hen some children trom dillerent backgrounds are e\ acuated together during the ('lsdcliank ltlitr.

[hurt/cc /\)t'/’. llttrii/i'i’lue 3—1- ihurs 30 Ma}. ltlam ck 3pm. H.182 2353i). l’iu's/ev .‘ll'h ('t'titri'. l’rtis/i'v Sat 3S Ma} . 7.3llpm. ll~1l SSS llllll. .llitt'Ru/u’t'! xl I'Iv ( ii'ntn'. Stu-lute Mon 3t! Ma} . 2pm. ll-7Sh5647‘). 'l'hi'ittri' lx’nvitl. [limitrti's 'l‘tie 5] .\la\, "Mpm, inst“ 5m“). Attrition-mtnk ('i'ntri'. Stir/mg Wed 1 June. 2pm. 0786 olllSl. ll'it/ki'rllull. Kit/unite'l‘hursZ June. 3pm. ll5ll5 us" I 3. slvrvhtrcxlrtx l-i’stiiul. loll/“trigwhim/v Mon (r Sat 11 June. lznd ol 'l'our.

I The Burgher‘s Tale

l/t’Ilt/t'l‘.\())l Thrall/12.8710!“ l-‘ri27 .\l£I_VL l’hi'tttri' Rovul. [hint/rim ‘l‘ue 3 June; 'I‘rmt Iht’illl't'. (i/itvg'uti inc 7 Sun l: .lune. [ind ot 'l'our.

I MisterJock A touringone-man pertormance lw \ irtuoso comic actor Russell l lunter ol the new sequel toJot'k l\_\ \V. (iordott Smith. See l’anel.

.Si'ttlltsh [fit/[cf Slut/to. (iltlsgurv Mon 33 .\la_\ Sat l 1 June. 'l‘oiir continues.

I No Mean City ":SJ Scotland tour their stlccesslttl production ot the infamous

lltH cl that put (ilasgow on the mapas gangland capital. See review.

Kurds l'ht'ittri'. Ifi/ttihttrg/i \Vcd l.lune. "Slipm. WI 32‘) ll”! ; I’u/uct' 'l'hi’utri’. Kilnittrnoi'A _\lon h and inc 7 June. "..‘~(lpm. H505 355‘)“. Adam Smith 'I‘hi’utrc. ls'trki‘u/ilv 'l'hiirs‘) Sat 1 1 June. 7.30pm. (Sat 5pm and Spm ). H592 2(Tl L193. 'I‘our continues.

I Guinea Pigs Muirhoiise Festival Association tour a new play h_v Bruce Naughton w hich takes a cynical look at the prospective l’oll 'lax arid its effects. The show w as conceived and will he performed by local volunteer members of the Festival Drama ( irottp.

lirtmtini I'hi'ittrt'. .lluvsi'lhurgh Monh .lune "..‘~llpiri. .llturhottsc l’urtsh (inn/ens. I’emrvivt’ll (run/cm. lidtrthttrg/i Tue 7 .llllle. "7.3llpm. Rovstmi H'unlt’chuni (‘uninitmttv ( ~i'htri'. I’tltmr Drive North. I’t/lirlt \Ved S .lune. Swillpm. I'trr! (itlnllllllllllt ll'mg. North l’ortStri'i'l. Leilh 'l‘hurs U .lune. ".Bllpm. 'I‘he Regu/l’mject. North Brtrlchtri’et. Ifuthgute Fri lllJune. 7.3llpm. (’lm-i'mtmic ('mnniunttv (’mtrt’. ll'i'sti'r Hut/cs. Iz’ilt'nhurgh Sat ll.lune. ’..“l|pm. [znd ot'l‘our.





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