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FRIDA 27 9


I Julia Please (‘artha Rughy ('luh. Dumhreck Road. (lpm. ('redihle lusion of pop and soul. 'I‘heir demo. currentl_v spinning round on the Walkman. is mightih impresshe Well he keeping an eveon thislot.

I Big George and The Business La 'l'anicre. I‘ox Street. 221 4844. 0pm. I~ree. (ilasgow'slong-standing kingol'rhvthm 'n' hlues.


I The Rocky Horror Show l’luylioiise 'I‘hcalre. (irecnside Place. 557 25‘)ll. 7.3(lpm. £0511. £o. £4. Let's do the'I’ime Warp again . . . and again . . and again. Not lor vet's much longer. though. This is reputed to he the last tour olthis

compans 's version ol the only rock musical that‘s es en worth a firsllistcn.

I Head and Baby's Got a Gun Venue. (‘alton Road. 557 31173. I lound I Icad’s dchut I.P an enjovahle. if rope} and Iaddish. collection. as hel'its a group which hoasts es-memhers ol 'I‘he Pop(iroup. 'I'he (‘lash and Rip Rig and Panic. hut their new Virgin 'Sin Bin' single seemsto have lound popularity even among the most cloth-cared. ie record company csecs. New I.l’. "I‘alesolOrdinarv Madness' out now. Support on this occasion is from Iidinhurgh‘s answer to the Pistols and (‘Iash rolch intoonc.

I Group Osteoporosis Benefit Concert Assemth Rooms. George Street. 225 .‘sol4.‘)pm~llpm.£3.5(l(£31.'I‘hishenel‘it takes over the whole Assemhh Rooms tonight. hetw'een "Sllpm and lam. The middle hit. with alternative comics Malcolm Stew art and the woman known only as Alex. also has hands The Wenst (in the sort ot Wedding Present indie vein) and Alto ( 'irrtts. who are a little harderto descrihe. though they do seem to have strong links with progt‘cssiV e t} pes ol the earl} 7lls. Interesting enough contrastol hands to make it worth goingalong.

I Friends OI Carlotta Negociants. l.othian Street. 225 0313. ()pm. I‘ree. (ioodtime hand. Negociants can he quite a good place to get drunk some weekends. And that goes tor the customers as well astlie hand. Iixpcct a lew surprise guests.

I Lothian I.ord I)arnlc_\ . West Port.22‘) 4341. Itlpm. I‘ree. Regularly-gigginglocal hard rock hand.

I Tonight At Noon Preservation I lall. Victoria Street. 2263810. £1 al‘ter‘)..‘~llpm. I'olk-rock. with interesting use olelectric \iolin.

I Catch The Pigeon (‘alion Studios. (‘alton Road. 55o 711M). 9pm.

‘We‘re basically talking about getting into all sorts of mystical stuff, and trying to portray that in the


or whatever, the whole band thing. It's not a big hype it's not as it we turned round and went, Here‘s a hook to hang

music: in the lyrics

the band on it's something we're into.

And the songs we‘ve done recently we leel have captured that kind at mysticism, whereas when we first started out we were trying to leel our way. Now we leel we‘ve got the sound we’ve been looking tor for the past three years.‘

The speaker is the man known as

Hawk, lead singerand guitarist lorthe Glasgow-based three-piece Origin

Sins, playinganumberolgigsthis . lortnight(Monday30 at Edinburgh‘s f Music Box, Saturday4atGlasgow‘s

Custom House Quay and the lollowing day atGlasgow Queen‘s Park).

Hawk admits to being in something he calls the ‘alternative punk scene‘ a lew years ago, but lound himsell unableto progress musically inthose

conlines. In what seemed a logical

; move, he started to look backto the music olthe Sixties and Seventies, ‘to getthe basics of rock ‘n‘ roll. To get

into that I put mysell in that position, where l was looking and dressing like it. lwas a mild Goth betore. I‘d never heard any Sixties or Seventies music. And I liked it.‘

I Yeah 8085 Music Box. Victoria Street. 2211 17(18. £1 alter 0pm.



I Andy White and his Classmen Muck) Duck. Shotts. "I‘he Iloh Dylan ol'llell'ast' returns. with a hacking hand that literally is made up from his old school friends. Andv sometimes gis es the impression that he‘s heing a little too clever for hisow‘n good. hut that's just carping. Worth seeing.

I And Now The World Blacklriars. 36 Bell Street. 552 5924. 9pm. I’rec. Promising. hut still incomplete. jazz-orientated hand with a good lemale vocalist.

I Madelyn McDonald IIaIt Bar. Woodlands Road, 9pm. tree.

I Billy Forbes I.a 'I‘anierc. I5os‘ Street. 221 4844. Free. Afternoon residency.

I Beyond The Edge I.a 'l‘aniere. I-‘ox Street.

2214S44.‘)pm.l"ree. Also known in the


Iidrets on Sale by Post. toe. to Regular Musk, PO.- Box 77, Head Post Office. Edinburgh. By Credit Card on 02” 2‘26 2295, and from usual outlets. Price £9.50 plus 50p Booking Fee per lkliet.

‘In the Sixties and Seventies,‘ he continues, ‘the whole atmosphere of live shows was much stronger than it is these days.‘ But hold on a minute. Hawk must only be in his early twenties. How can he speak with that authority?

‘lt’s true I haven‘t actually experienced that, but I suppose in a sense I must have, to have come to that conclusion. I’ve not made it up. I‘ve watched lots at videos from that time, I‘ve listened to the music and listened to the powerthat‘s in the music— apart from punk there‘s just not been anything like it since.’

ls Hawk, who tells me ‘Even though I might look like a hippy I‘m not an out-and-out‘, talking about transporting listeners to a place where ghosts on the highway crush childrens'

not-too-distant past as ()utsidc Iidgc.


I The Rocky Horror Show Pia} house 'I‘heatre. (ireenside Place. 557 25%. lllpm. £7.50. £7. £5.50. See 1"ri2S.

I Eat The Peach ('alton Studios. (‘alton Road. 55o 7am. Still haven't lound time to see them set . hut their hrand ol' pop has been w ell-rccommended.

I The Heaters Music Box. Victoria Street. 221) 1708. £1 alter 9pm. 'I'hos‘e twelxe hars keepon a-rollin' . . .hlues-rock.

I One Fine Weekend Negociants. I.otIlian Street. 225 0313. 9pm. I‘ree.

I Bulb Cormorant Lord I)arnIc_v, \Vest Port. 22‘) 4341. Afternoon. Free. Iiasv—going jam atmosphere.

I Fools Gold Lord Darnlev. West Port. 2294341. lllpm. Ir'ree. IIard rock.

I Little Wolves Preservation 1 tall. Victoria Street. 226 3816. £1 alter‘lpm.



eggshell minds? ‘Not as heavy as that. Not people lreaking out. lt‘sjusttrying to create a certain atmosphere within the gigs. All sorts of bands through time have been able to create atmosphere, and we leel we can create the same kind of thing, but with our own

atmosphere. It‘s not as it everyone's sitting toll of acid orwhatever.‘

Though it’s hard to see Origin Sins‘ use of Tarot symbols as anything more than shallow and confused, and the hard-to-deline ‘mysticism' Hawk sees as being an essential part ol any live perlormance is impossibleto putone‘s linger on, Origin Sins are a group that mean to give audiences more than they anticipated lrom a live gig, and that in itself mustbe worth encouraging. (Mab)

SUNDAY 29 Glasgow

I Kelvingrove Free Music Festival Kelvingrme Park. lpm. I‘iee. Presented hs Radio ( ~lsde. ()uick rundown olthc heaps ol hands on display . Starting with Drunken State. lollow ed h} (‘onduct ol' Pigeons. then I‘ilming In All iea. Jewel Scheme. 'l'hird Parts . 'l'he Riv er I)etccti\es. I.a Pa/. The 'I'hicses..lulia Please and headlined h} heavx rockers 'I‘ridcnl. Phewl Rock 'n' roll!

I Secession Madisons. 4n \Vcst ( ieorgc Street. 9pm. Alter ten _\cat's ol var} ing line-ups. and hall a dozen singles totheir name. Secession sliotild he a lot hcttcr-know it than the} are. One ol'their 45s made the American Rockpool 'I'op [Viv e. so [herds an incentis c to go and see them.

I Burden Bluesbreakers l... ‘l aritcrc. l-‘ox Street. 2:] 4344. 9pm. I'IL'L‘.

Aberdeen Music Hall I2iJune lnverness Eden Court Theatre 13 June Edinburgh Playhouse 14 June

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32 The List 27 May- 9 June 1988