- I JUST BACK FROM LA are latest Virgin signings, Yeah! Boss (who can be seen about overthe next lew weeks), where they have been recording with producer Paul Fox. The results are expected on vinyl towards the end oi the year- but sound distinctly promising.

I THE NEW SOUND OF YOUNG SHETLAND proclaims the sleeve oi the latest release, Shetland Calling, oi Scotland’s most northerly record label, Hjaltland Phonographlc industries. Shetland Calling is at the moment a cassette only (due on record in July) compilation oi local talent, including Mary White, Scrape The Barrel and Morton And Nicholson. AGR men take note: Shetland is now oliiclally declared ‘a happening scene’ and bookings are being taken iorthe Lerwick Holiday Inn . . .

I THE TABLOIDS ARE INTENT on telling us about ‘Jock Rock' explosion, and the tartan top twenty, thanks to the success oi Fairground Attraction, Danny Wilson, Wet Wet Wet, and Aztec Camera repsectlvely. The Jock Rock myth should have been buried with the Bay City Rollers, or at the very least, B.A. Robertson. And as ior tartan rock, i thought that went out with the Rollers too, at least until i saw the Beat Poets’ suits on FSD.

I UNSUSPECTING LISTEN! was just lying back grooving along to C4's Friday night ‘youth-market’ scheduling when the new McEwans’ ad burst on to the screen in its extravagant 90-second glory, looking every penny oi the cool million it’s said to have cost. Stunned looks abounded as the realisation dawned that this was still the commercial break, and that ‘Wired’ hd still to re-commence - a tribute to Paul Barry’s soundtrack, we would hazard. State oi the art clay animation tailored to a very ott-the-wall concept, the ad throws down a gauntlet it will take a courageous advertiser to pick up. Listen! suspects, though, that they have the release oi the iollow-up, with music by Edinburgh’s Alice House, well-planned indeed.

I CND HOPE to make up iorthe non-appearance oi the Glastonbury Festival this year with a ‘Concert tor a Nuclear-Free Scotland’ at Edinburgh’s Meadowbank stadium on August 6. Acts solar coniirmed include Danny Wilson, The Bhundu Boys, Clannad and

be added. Meanwhile, dairyiarmer and Glastonbury organiser Michael Eavis, is being stung tor a £213,000 rates bill (agricultural land is normally

'zero-rated) ior using his land iorthe regular Festival. He is even expected to pay £70,000 tor years, such as this one, when the Festival isn't on. A most eliectlve way at draining the dissenters’ cotters, what? -I PROLE ART THREAT continues . . . a welcome inclusion in the

The Mighty Lemon Drops, with more to .

recently-unveiled Edinburgh Festival line-up is the new show by bareobuttocked Aberdonian avant-garde dancer Michael Clark, entitled ‘l Am Curious, Orange’. For some years now Clark’s presentations have been perlormed to backing tapes oi his lavourite groups, such as Laibach and The Fall, and this time around, The Fall will be playing the specially-commissioned music in person behind the entant terrible oi dance tor the toll six nights at the King's Theatre. Along with the appearance at Japanese group Ryudogumi, the oiiicial Festival’s sole concession to rock.


Despite the annual threat to its continuation, the Radio Clyde-organised Kelvingrove Free Music Festival has now surivied into its eleventh year, with one oi the most promising line-ups tor sometime.

Alter last year, when entertainment was provided by a series at third-rate amateur dramatic heavy metal bands, it is good to see this year’s event, which takes place at the Keivingrove Park bandstand on Sun 29 May, shifting the emphasis back towards quality (eg previous iestivals have included Strangers And Brothers, Hue And Cry, and The Painted Word).

Only two oi the band have played the lestival beiore: La Paz- probably the only decent hard rock-ish band around since the demise oi Zero Zero, and Trident, oi whom the less said the better. Oelinltely worth seeing are The River Detectives, with the lirst gig tor a while, lollowing a stint in the studio, and Julia Please, who might be the ideal music tor a sunny (well, you can always hope) day in the park.

The Thieves and Filming In Alrica are straightiorward pop, Conduct 0t Pigeons are eccentric pop, Drunken State are thrash metal, and Jewel Scheme are as yet unheard (at least by me). Each band has only twenty minutes to impress, and the event starts around 1pm.


I Scottish Rock Night: Govan Town Hall Oi the tour bands on otter, His Latest

' ‘r'ER

ENGRZI , Lemme; ,, I. :,‘ ' ‘3‘

Flame were probably the one oiwhlch least was expected, and most was . delivered. They have never had much

oi a reputation ior their live work, and are remembered tor some “cam-- outings around the time oi their 00! Discs record deal. Having said that, the

two singles released by Go! proved

conclusively that Tricia Reid can write tine pop songs.

Live, they have now reached a level oi competence not evident beiore. On the negative side, they seem to be caught between wanting to be a straight pop band, as shown on the the best song in their set, Big World, and being something more along the Throwing Muses/10000 Maniacs lines. in trying to be both, it could be argued that they tail to be either, but they are much more worthy oi a record deal now than when they were signed.

Next on Gun. imagine any heavy metal band you have ever seen. imagine all the cliches. imagine the record company attempts to make them marketable. Stop imagining. You are watching Gun.

Giant are on paper the best oi the tour bands on the bill, but this was a lairly disappointing pertormance. Frontman, Bobsle Mullen tried to generate some enthusiasm, even walking on his hands at one point, but the rest oi the band and audience seemed unable to match his enthusiasm, which was a shame given the quality oi the songs.

Finally- Shine. Probably the most commercial oi the tour, but on this occasion beset by sound problems and audience apathy. Songs like Walking On The Town and This Wail Oi Hate are too good ior this sort oi event though, and maybe in anothertime, another place, they will impress more.


I Fairground Attraction: The First oi a Million Kisses (RCA). Now they’ve been knocked oil the top oi the charts (by another Scottish group), maybe Fairground Attraction’s star will never burn so brightly again. ‘A Million Klsses’ may be the stuii oi which pop dreams are made, but swinging party music it ain't. What it is is sparse, light and jazzy, with melancholy stretches that recall the kind oi blackness Costello conjures up in his country moods. The LP should coniuse the chart pop-pickers who bought it after cavorting around the kitchen to the strains at ‘Perlect’ when they get to the song ‘Fairground Attraction’, it not beiore. Whether they still keep playing it will be the true test oi whether ‘Periect’ really was the lirst oi a million kisses, or a last gasp beiore student bedsit-land. (Mab) ru u .

VING mt;

I Swans: Love Will Tear Us Apart (Product Inc). Any intention to show the slushy romantic heart at Swans is, one would think, doomed to be a non-starter, because at course there isn’t one. This will do tor the moment, though. Michael Gira can’t sing, but neither could lan Curtis, and the glistening acoustic guitars seem like a case oi gliding the lily. Nevertheless, it attaches itsell, altering the memory oi the original without burying it. (Mab) I Lovely Eye: Don‘t Look Down The Road (Clarkesville). ‘Wings meets Steely Dan,’ quoth the passing iiatmate. Nothing to add to that, except that the syrupy Wings side predominates. Punk was supposed to ciearthis stull away, and i must be ill because i quite like it. (Mab)


As oi this issue Listen! writers Mab and John Williamson are lorced into separate cupboards and told not to come out without lists oi their current lavourite hot platters.

MAB’S 10

1.0ira Haza: im Nin’ Alu (WEA 12in).

2.8ugarcubes: Deus (One Little lndlan).

3.Jesus a Mary Chain: Sidewalking (WEA).

4.World Dom Ents: Message (Product lnc LP track)

5.Prlnce: When 2 R in Love (Paisley Park LP track)

6.indian Givers: Wonderlul Liie (demo)

7.Cateran: Surplus To Need (Sol-9))

B.Will Downing: A Love Supreme (4th 8: Broadway 12in)

9.Shamen: Jesus Loves Amerika (Ediesta) 10.Clash: London Calling (CBS re-lssue)


1.Mellssa Elheridge: Chrome Plated Heart (Island LP track)

2.Falrground Attraction: Station Street (RCA Lp track)

3.Nancl Griliith: There’s a Light (live tearjerker)

4.Roachiord: Cuddly Toy (CBS)

5.Hothouse Flowers: Don’t 00 (London)

6.Prlnce: When 2 R in Love (Paisley Park LP track)

7.Lavlne Hudson: intervention (Virgin 12ln)

0.52nd Street: Say You Will (10 Records 12in)

9.Voice Oi The Beehive: Don’t Call Me Daby(London) 10.Scrlttl Politti: Oh Patti (Virgin).

The List 27 May 9 June 1988 37