2201708.‘)pm. Free. Long-standing hard rock band.

I The Honest Johns ()ddfellows. Forrest Road. 220 1816. Free.

I Last Orders Preservation Hall. Victoria Street. 226 3816. 9.30pm. Free.

I The Volunteers (‘anny Man's. Morningside Road. 447 1484. 9pm. Free.

TUESDAY 7 Glasgow

I The Indian Givers Bar I.uxembourg;197 Pitt Street. 10pm. Free. See Sat4.

I Bobby Wishart Halt Bar. Woodlands Road. 9pm. Free. Residency.

I Live band Fisx. 86 Miller Street. 10pm. Free. Not yet confirmed.


I Steel Chain \‘enue. (‘alton Road. 557 3073. Show ease gig for band composed of accomplished local musicians with record company interest.

I Soul Kitchen Negociants. Lothian Street. 225 6313. 9pm. Free. See Tue 31. I Paparazzi Music Box. Victoria Street. 220 1708.9.30pm. Free. SeeTue3l

I The Rootsie Tootsie Blues Trio Preservation Hall. Victoria Street. 226 3816. 9.30pm. Free.

I Blaclt Jacques Shellac ()ddfellows. Forrest Road. 220 1816. Free. See Mon 30.

I Willy Logan ('anny Man's. Morningside Road. 447 I484. Upm. Free. Residency.



I Nailan I Ialt Bar. Woodlands Road. 9pm. Free. Long-running residency.

I First Dew l.a 'l‘anierc. Fox Street. 221 48-1-1. 9pm. Free.

I Live band I-‘isx. 86 Miller Street. 10pm. Free. .\'ot yet confirmed.

Many punters who turned up to Sonic Youth’s shows last year lound themselves ecstatically surprised by the support group on the tour. Now, Firehose have come back tor a headlining tour in their own right. The sweetness ol the group’s success, though, is tempered by the bittertinge of tragedy for all its members: bassist Mike Watt, drummer George Hurley and singer/guitarist EdlromOhio.

Two days belore Christmas 1985, a car crash robbed Watt and Hurley of their old partner 0. Boon, the guitarist whose onstage demeanour was described in an obituary in Spin magazine as being like ‘a lresh- scrubbed rhinoceros with a brand new pogo stick'. As The Minutemen the threesome achieved an almost unparalleled reputation in the Calilornia hardcore scene for an output ol inventive and challenging music, impossible to pigeonhole. Their album they had just released, ‘Three Way Tie (For Last)‘, appropriately wrapped up The Minutemen’s career.

Spurious rumours that Watt and Hurley were auditioning tor a new guitarist, though completely lalse, reached the ears ol Minutemen lan Ed Crawlord in Columbus, Ohio, and he raced to Calitornia, intent on joining the band lrom whose records he had learned to play guitar in the lirst place. Tales tell at him pestering the mourning Watt with iorty phone calls belore the bassist gave in and agreed to give the ltid a try. Firehose was born,


I Firehose Venue. Calton Road. 557 3073. See panel.

I Tam White Negociants. Lothian Street. 225 6313. 9pm. Free. See Wed 1.

I Just Add Water Music Box. Victoria Street. 220 1708. 9.30pm. Free.

I The Bootsie Tootsie Blues Trio Canny Man’s. Morningside Road. 447 1484. 9pm. Free.

THURSDAY 9 Glasgow

I Firehose Fury Murry's. 96 Maxwell Street. 221 651 1. 10.30pm. See panel.

I The Radium Cats (TBC) Venue. 490 Sauchiehall Street. 10.30pm. Really good psychohilly group. with a guitar tone that. on the occasion I saw them. could have come from a Sun studiosession. Enormous brightly-coloured quiffs. and fun to match.


I Lyle Lovett Venue. Calton Road. 557 3073. Only Scottish date for the American New Country star. and sure to he well-populated. Not the typical image of the country star. his eponymous first LP led to comparisons with Faulkner. Erskine Caldwell and Tom Waits. Rosanne Cash even called hint ‘too hip for vinyl'. Miss this at your peril.

I The River Detectives Music Box. Victoria Street. 220 1708. 9.30pm. Free. See Sat4. I Swing Shilt Cavern. (.‘owgate. 226 5641. See Fri 3.

I The Dan Bloclter Experience Negociants. Lothian Street. 9pm. Free. See Sun 29.

I The Brothers Preservation Hall. Victoria Street. 226 3816. 9.30pm. Free. Formerly Block Brothers. Residency.

I Los Supremos Canny Man‘s. Morningside Road. 447 1484. 9pm. Free.


but not without dilliculty. Watt particularly waxes paternal about the ltid he lound hanging around on his doorstep. The lact that EdiromOhio, a rudimentary guitar player at best, was prepared to learn in lront oi audiences was what convinced the remaining Minutemen that it was worth taking him on board and carrying on.

It the Firehose sound gravitated a bit closer to the rock mainstream with the release at their second LP, ‘ll’n’, (paradoxically less immediate than its predecessor, ‘Ragin’ Full On‘) it is still instantly recognisable; taut and economical, embracing the jazz and lunlt inlluences that creep into Milte Wall’s bass-playing and the tension they set up with EdlromOhio’s vocals, clearly shaped by his beloved REM. Although the group remains on SST, the home ol hardcore, they’re light years lrom meathead punk/metal. Make a point of seeing them at Edinburgh’s Venue on Wed 8 and Glasgow Fury Murry's on Thurs 9. (Mab)

Omen-unbounded": mushroom, mogul, pallbealanuthermntctbatdonot tall totem Ust’utltcrllstlm nuance. "multicultural laterthantddmbctorepablleatlon date.


I Benelit Concert/Cabaret/Ceilidh Assembly Rooms. 54 George Street. Edinburgh. An evening of benefit events to raise money for Group Osteoporosis. The concert (7.30-- 10pm. ill/£3) features Andy Munro. Hamish Moore. (.‘athal McConnell and Ron Shaw amongothers: the cabaret (9--1 Ipm. £3.50/£3) includes The MsFits and local bands; the ceilidh (I Ipm--1am. £3/£2.50) is served by the Travel Agents Ceilidh Band. Bars and food available throughout the evening. Tickets available in advance from Virgin Records. Princes Street.

I Tony Benn: Public Meeting Assembly Rooms. 54 George Street. Edinburgh. 7.30pm. The Labour MP for Chesterfield and. of late. challenger to the leadership of the party. gives a public talk. Sec Backlist Feature.


I Glasgow Gathering tor a Nuclear-Free Scotland George Sqttarc. Glasgow. 1--4pm. An event organised by Glasgow District Council together with Scottish CND. inviting all who want a nuclear-free Scotland to gather in the Square and at 3pm read together a declaration ofintent to make Scotland a nuclear-free zone.

I Talk: Beg Green Hatchards Bookshop. Gordon Street. Glasgow. 2pm. Free. Reg Green. author ofA Race Apar! about the Grand National. gives a talk.

I Paisley Festival: Gala Day Barshaw Park. Paisley. 1pm onwards. As part ofthe Paisley Festival which comes to a close this weekend. a gala day in the park.with displays. pony rides. helicopter flights. barbecue and beer stand and loadsof activities for kids. In the evening (6pm onwards) there is an open air concert. featuring Showaddywaddy. For details of other Festival events please call the Sports and Leisure Dept. 041 889 5400: the Town Hall Box Office041 8871007;PaisleyArts Centre 041 887 1010.


I Glasgow Bisexual Group: Regular Meeting Committee Room. Friends‘ Meeting House. 16 Newton Terrace. Sauchiehall Street. Glasgow. 7.30pm. The subject for tonight's monthly meeting is "Coming Out'. The Bisexual Phoneline is open from 7. 30--9.30pm every Thursday: (131 557 3620.


I Reading: Norman MacCaig Hatchards Bookshop. Gordon Street. Glasgow. 7 for 7.30pm. Free. Norman MacCaig gives a poetry reading. Wine served.

I The Art Dt Meditation Assembly Rooms. 54 George Street. Edinburgh. 8pm. Free. A talk by Alan Spence. author oflrs Colours They Are Fine. Glasgow Zen and Sailmaker.


I llow To Be Assertive Well Woman Centre. St Brides Community Centre. OrwelITerrace. Edinburgh. (131 3375543. The final session of a mini-series of sessions on how to be more assertive.


I Writers Day at the Rep. Council 18 Hailcsland Place. Wester Hailes. Edinburgh. 10am--4pm & 7.30pm. Free. Two workshops about writing: one looks at getting work published (10.30am--12.30pm); the other at scritpwriting for radio and TV (2--4pm). In the evening the Wester Hailes Writers Co-Operative presents an evening of readings (7.30pm).

I Women's Magazines well Woman Centre. St Brides Community Centre. Orwell Terrace. Edinburgh. 031 3375543. A session on women‘s magazines -- bring along the one you like or hate most.


I Edinburgh Bisexual Group: Regular Meeting Lesbian and Gay Centre. 58a Broughton Street. Edinburgh. 8pm. The Bisexual Phoneline is open from 7.30--9.30pm every Thursday.

I Public Meeting with Marcelino Borias W. EA. . Riddcls Court. Lawnmarket. Edinburgh. 7.30pm. Marcelino Borjas. representative ofthe Honduran Teachers Guild. will talk about the problemsof organising teaching unions in Central America (hosted by Edinburgh Latin American Solidarity and Rank and File Teacher).


I Meadows Festival The Meadows. Edinburgh. Sat 4 and Sun 5 June. The annual Meadows Festival runs allday (11.30am—4.30pm) with stalls. events and performances.

I Charlotte Square Fair Charlotte Square. Edinburgh. 11am--4.30pm. 30p (children under 16. 10p). Games and entertainment. plus bar and restaurant. all in aid of The Trefoil Centre for the Handicapped.

I Particlt Fair Partick . Glasgow. The Partick Fair opens today and runs all week. Among today's events are the crowning of the Fair Queen (Dowanhill Primary. 10am): the Official Opening (Partick South Church. Merkland Street. 11.30am) and a dance (Partick Burgh Hall. 7.30pm).


I Particlt Fair: Sunday in the Park Dowanhill Park. Partick. Glasgow. 2--4pm. Part ofthe Partick Fair which runs all week. this event is sponsored by Four Acres Charitable Trust and includes a busking competition. games and a painting competition.


I Tallt and Slide Show I latchards Bookshop. Gordon Street. Glasgow. 7 for 7.30pm. Free. Wine served. A talk and slide show about garden design by Yvonne Reese and Anthony Paul.

I Folk Night Partick Tavern. Partick. 8pm. Free. Part of Partick Fair.

The List 27 May - 9 June 1988 39