nuclear powered aircraft carrier transported back in time to Pearl Harbour by a freak electrical storm.

I The Montreux Rock Festival ( BBC] ) ISO—2.40pm. Hazell Dean. Pepsi and Shirley. Bananarama. Wet Wet Wet.The FLurythmics. Kim Wilde. Steve Winwood. Boz Scaggs and many other top names in the pop business at the most prestigious rock festival in the world. Reports on

B BCI during the afternoons this week and late night from 2-(yJune.

I People ( BBCI ) 7—7.3(lpm. Derek James (a thin man's Monty Modlin)with real-life. human interest stories.

I Eurovision Young Musician oi the Year (BBCZ) 7.30-9.45pm. The final. live from Amsterdam. ITumbledowntBBc‘l)9.3tt—l1.25pm. Charles Wood has based this drama on the experiences of Lieutenant Robert Lawrence who was shot in the back by a sniper after successfully leading the assauly on Mount Tumbledown in the Falklands War. Directed by National Theatre director designate. Richard Iiyre. it stars Colin Firth as Robert.

I Newsnight ( B BCB) Ill.5(L- I 1 .35pm. Superpower Summit reports from Moscow on Tuesday. Wednesday and Thursday nights. with Peter Snow in Russia with reaction from a panel which includes Michael Ilescltine. ,

I The Scottish Picture Show ( Scottish) l.35-- l .SSpm. A painting by Scottish colourist. David McLure. is the subject of this edition ofTV’s art collection. 'l'omorrow: Sir Robin Philipson.


I FSd (BBC2) 7--7.3tlpm. The Silencers and Lowlife in the Glasgow based pop programme.

I Whitehall: An Inquiry into the Civil Service (C4) 9—- ltlpm. Concluding part of Peter llenncssy‘s examination of the civil service.

I The Singing Detective ( BBC‘B) 9.25—ltl.35pm. Dennis Potter's marvellous semi autobiagraphic drama series with one of television's most memorable performances from Michael (iambon. begins a repeat run tonight.

P. E. Marlow writes pulp detective novels and suffers from the chronic skin disease. psoriasis. As he slowly recovers in hospital from another crippling bout. reality and the fantasies of his subconscious become inexorably fused together. Potter's creation explores many important themes - the nature of writing. the potency of popular culture. our complicated sexual make up but perhaps ultimately it's about what makes Us want to carry on with life despite its frequent cruelties. A triumph for artistic optimism.

IAn Ocean Apart(BB(‘l )9.3()-1t).3t)pm. The final instalment of David Dimbleby's examination of the Special Relationship

Peter Hall - Work In Progress. Thurs 2June. C4. 9.30pm.

between America and the LR asks how vulnerable it is to changes in military policy.

I Echoes (C4) Ill—l lpm. Barbara Rennie's adaptation of Maevc Binchy‘s best selling Irish loy e story. starring Geraldine James as the influential teacher Angela. continues with her pupil preparing for the hard grind of earning a university scholarship.

I Craig Goes Mad in Melbourne ((4)

I l—l 1.35pm. Craig Charles presents highlights of the Melbourne Festival of Comedy. ()nc plan for the International Comedy Festival started at May fest this year is that it should dcy clop into asimilar event. making it the third angle ina Melbourne. Montreal. (ilasgow triangle. So this should be an interesting source programme for future festiy al planners and for Scottish television producers looking at the possibilities ofgiving the Glasgow festival a television boost.


I The First Test: England v West Indies (BBCI) lll.5()am Midday (and

:Noon—l ltlpm. 1.35- (1.10pm: Ilighlights ll.2tL-I I.Sllpm. all on BBC2 ). Coverage of the first day ofplay.

I Operation Raleigh ( BBCZ ) s-s.3tipm. Amongst the young people whowere included on the ()peration Raleigh voyage were some given the task of recording the events on film. This new series isthe result.

I Peter Hall - Work in Progress ( ( ‘4)

‘).3(I—-l lpm. Ilall. the outgoing National Theatre director. seems to get good and bad publicity in just about equal measure. Certainly lie gets a hell of a lot ofpublicity which should prove pretty useful since he's about to set up his own commercial company whatever he says about not minding ifhc's ever written about again. (iuardian theatre critic. Michael Billington. I lot on the heels of 'l‘lit'Sotu/i Bunk Show condttcts this mammoth interview . which is followed by a repeat of his 1975 pastoral homage. Aki’fl/Tt’ld.


I Omnibus: The Cinema oi Satyaiit Ray (BBCl) ltl.25- l I .35pm. Profile ofand interview with the venerated Indian filmmaker.

I Newsnight Special ( BB( ‘1)

l 1.55 rl2.35pm. Live. President Reagan's address at the (iuildhall in London on the future of East-West Relations.

I FamilyLite((‘4) 12.15pm—3. 15am. llarrowing and polemical Ken Loach film portrayinga l‘)yearoltlgirl's slideinto schizophrenia: made in If)? I.


I The Faith of Marxism ((11) (1.3U—8ptti. ls Marxism a religion‘.’ David McLellan

begins a three-part investigation.

I Parkinson. One-To-One (Scottish) l().2()—l I .tl5pm. Adam Faith is the guest tonight.

I Craig Goes Mad In Melbourne (C4) Itl.55—I 1.25pm. Second programme from the Down Under comedy festival with. amongst others. Craig Ferguson (Bing Ilitler).

I The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas (Scottish) 12.()5-2.2t)pm. Burt Reynolds as the sheriff whose gal runs the local brothel.


I Althletics (Scottish) 2.30—4.3(Ipm. The IIFC Bank UK Championships from Derby. Fatima Whitbread makes her first appearance in a major contest of the year. I The Animals Roadshow ( BBC 1 )

5.4(1—(3. 15pm. Sarah Kennedy goes to the Isle ()f Man to meet Rik Wakeman together with his two dogs and five rabbits. (She also bumps into Nigel Mansell and his labrador!)

I The Waldheim Enquiry ( (‘4)

7.45pm— 1 2. 15am. Using the trial format (‘4 have so successfully established. this programme seeks to ascertain whether there is a case to answer by the Austrian Chhanccllor accused of war crimes. Witnesses appear as themselves to give evidence for and against Waldheim.

I Mastermind (BBCI ) 8.354). ISpm. The final. from Stirling.

I Scottish Books (Scottish) Midnight—12.30am. Sheena McDonald and Alastair Moffat ask ‘What turnsa book into a classic'.".


I Young Krypton (Scottish) 4.2()--4.45pm. Start ofa new contest for children along the lines of the long running adult brawns and brains competition.

I Scottish Action (Scottish) (1.2(L-7pm. BODTUITTNITSOH reports on the alarming rise in the rate of violent crime. muchof which is drink-related.

I Open to Question (813(2) 7. Iii—7.40pm. Gary Hart. the democratic candidate for the Presidential nomination forced to quit after details of his sex life were made the headlines. faces the often none tooeasy questioning of Britain's youngsters.

I Don't Wait Up ( BBCZ) 8—8.3(lpm. New series of the successful ifunadventurous comedy starring Tony Britton and Nigel

I lavers as father and son doctors.

I Bitter Harvest ((‘4) 8.30— 10.20pm. TV movie from America about a dairy farmer whose cattle and his child are endangered by a deadly chemical . . .


I First Tuesday (Scottish) I(I.35—l I .3Spm. Yorkshire‘s admirable current affairs flagship presents a programme entitled ‘The Silent Scream' which looks at the psychological pressures on people suffering from cancer.


I FSd (BBCZ) 7.3(I—8pm. The Primaeval Scream and the BMX Band on the Scottish rock show tonight together with a look round the offices of (UT. Scotland‘s only nationally distributed rock magazine.

I Next Time. Always Next Time (C4)

9- ltlpm. Documentary from Yorkshire Television about Hungary.

I Midweek Sports Special (Scottish) 10.35— I 2.05pm. Nick Owen introduces an edition which includes World Championship boxing from Los Angeles and the final of the European Football Championships.


I All Our Yesterdays (Scottish) 2.30—3pm. Bernard Braden with another edition of the film archives nostalgia programme. Today he looks at the Profumo affair and

the other events of that year.

I Tomorrow‘s World (BBCI ) 8—8.50pm. HRH Prince Charles presents the I988 Prince of Wales awards for Industry. Innovation and Production.

IThe Strike (C4) 9.30-12. 15pm. Another chance to see the Comic Strip production. starring Robbie Coltrane. for which C4 won the light entertainment section ofthe Montreax TV awards this year.


Since Time Out trail-blazed the concept of listings magazines 20 years ago. our appetite for where-to-go and what-to-do information seems to have grown and grown. Radio Scotland has until now. lagged behnd the press and TV in highlighting this. but now a new programme. Nightlife is redressing the balance. Broadcast every Friday at

5 .30pm. as part of Good Evening Scotland. it is a fast format. newsbeat style slot. previewing a selection ofwhat‘s on accross Scotland. Five or six items. packaged in 2 minute bulletins make up the programme each week and the last 5 minutes are presented live in order totake in any last minute changesand keepit bang up to date. Presented by 22 yearold Eddie Mair and produced by Quentin Cooper. it's well pitched for anyone driving home home from work on a Friday evening wondering how to plan their weekend.

Also keeping a sharp eye on what‘s on are Radio Clyde. Information about liker traffic congestion en route to the Garden Festival is broadcast twice daily at 9.45am and I2.-15pm. and their regular Garden Festival programme is Friday afternoons at 2pm. Presenter on Friday 27 will be Mike Holloway. Also on Radio Clyde this fortnight is an exclusive interview with Bill Forsyth by Mike Riddoch. on Thurs 26. 10.05pm.

'l‘lw Lisr‘s classical music editor. Carol Main. is the presenter ofThe Musician in Scotland R Scotland. Mon 30 May. and soprano Fiona Cameron will be singing Latin-American songs by Villa-Lobos and Fernandez. and pieces by Faure and Rosenthal.

()n Sat 4 June the subject is not so much the musician as the record company. They can. it seems. shape a musician‘s career as effectively as the Hollywood studio giants used to mould actors careers. Atlantic apparently re-packaged soul singer Aretha Franklin who they signed up in I967 after she had spent several unsuccessful years with CBS. and with a new team of arrangers and session musicians she went on to make a seriesof much-acclaimed albums. Andy Peebles tells the story in Respect. the sixth part of The Story of Atlantic. R1 . Sat 4 June. 2pm.

Superman has now been zapping his over-muscled way through aggro and hostility for 50 years. and the BBC (who else?) are celebrating the fact with a couple of programmes this week. First isa seldom-heard radio serial ofour hero's adventures made in the I940s on R4. Sat-i June. 10.15pm.

There are more birthday celebrations on June 6 when Dame Ninette de Valois. founder of the Sadlers Wells Opera Ballet (later the Royal Ballet). and a pupilof Diaghilev. celebrates her 90th birthday. On Tues 7 June. 2.30pm R3 paystributc with an afternoon of records of ballets with which she was most closely associated.

Closer to home. photographer Colin Baxter is the subject of R Scotland‘s portrait on Sunday 5 June. 2pm and on Sun 29 May R2 pays tribute to Kenneth

Williams in a pick of some of his best

comedy sketches for radio. JustWilliams. R2. Sun 29. lpm.

44 The List 27 May - 9 June 1988