I NEW GLASGOW SOCIETY 1307 Argyle Street. 33-10202. Tue—Sat ltlam—Spm. l.ate opening 'l‘hurs until 7pm.

Out olthe Blackness L'ntil end May. An exhibition of drawings and watereolours by Kenneth Burns.

ltl‘)tls(iz\l.l.liRY I2 ()tago Street. 33‘) RISS‘. Mon—Sat ltlam-bpm.

Flora 2S May—29 July. This month tlte 90s (iallcry has invited artists to submit work on the flora and fauna of(ilasgow to

coincide with the (iarden Festival.


(irecn. 554 ()223. Mon—Sat ltlam~5pm.

1 Sun 15an (ilasgow's ntuseurn of

working life.

Now in its 90th year. the museum is currently undergoing essential repairs attd ' refurbishment which will last throughout thcycat'.

Celtic Centenary Exhibition L'ntil 3(lJune. The famous football team recapped. An exhibition of ttnashatned nostalgia to celebrate the (‘entenary of(ilasgow ('cltic. its story told in club memorabilia including trophies. photos. medals. jerseys etc.

Scottish Labour Party Centenary Exhibition L'ntil 1 July. The Party celebrates 100 years in I‘LS‘S. This exhibition commemorates the birthday with a display of documents. pictures and memorabilia. Stained Glass This permanent display is Britain‘s largest collection ofstained glass. The People's Palace is a treasure trov c always coming tip with the most fascinating linds most of them rescues as here. This collection has been built up


Fruitmarket Gallery, Edinburgh

For the first time the Fruitmarket Gallery has mounted an open show, that breed of exhibition which over the past lew years has become more and more popularwith galleries. The recipe goes something like this—take a panel which usually consists of a respresentative lrom each corner at the art world administrative, curatorial. artistic and honorary. Invite all artists to submitwork ottheir choice. Collect them all together and then choose. The selection which hangs in the exhibition constitutes the Open Show, a risky, unpredictable and potentially surprising exhibition.

The Fruitmarket had nearly 1000 entries lrom nearly 600 artists and a ; prestigious group olselectors- ' Richard Calvocoressi, Director of the Gallery of Modern Art, Joanna Drew, Director at the Hayward Gallery, Thomas Lawson, artist and critic, Sandy Motiat, artist and lecturer, and George Kerevan, Edinburgh District Council. Sounds like the right ingredients.

Out of the 1000, the panel chose just over 50 works and it is there that this open Show begins to tam” Since the from rescues from churches. civic inViIation to exmbil is a Iree'lor'allt the buildings and private houses throughout resulting show should in some way I (ilasgow'. reilect that. Here, the Fruitmarket have ! see a list at those who were not I PDLLDK HOUSE 2mm l’tilltiksliztyy's Road. hung with space to spare. There is iincluded. {It}; (313174. Mon-Sat 10am-5pm. Sun little leeling ofthe spontaneity and Downstairs several Pieces Stand ,', ) . s .. - -. Vitamy (albeit With inevname clasnes) “8.2": Bab. MCLaurin,s moumain littllltISgUtljtiUtIHISIIthgliI'IIIIIZL man open submissmn' palmmgs lncomplememawgreen and .\laxwell(‘olleetion ofSPanish Paintings

This control may be due to the fact orange gently mix "88h air With and period furnishings. there wasjustnotenough quality work dreams, Jacki Parry‘s long-tailed IPRDVAND'S LDRDSHIP3(‘astle Street. to choose from, Certainty, eventne rainmakerilows onthelloor and Beth 55: saw. .\lon~Sat lilam~ SpritzSun final selection includes work surprising FiShef’S iarge monopfinlmakesa 3' 51"" v , toritslack olinventiveness. domestic scene monumental. David ""3995 0'5'3590WLW31M)"

It would be interesting to lHosie’s ‘Gulliver’ figures in strangely

David Hosie

coloured lands are oddly attractive riddles, Robert Callender‘s huge paper structure ‘Shut Dut' is disguised as Scottish metal. grey and rusting and Ian Hughes takes a violent attack of Gothic razor blades. Upstairs, Dladele IDamgboye’s photographed mirror and gGraeme Murray's dark charcoal allegory are among the more interesting works.


with a show by

Adrian Wiszniewski t'ntil 2s .\lay . Their first

exhibition show s an artist who has been working at the studio on and off for sortie time now and w hose work enhances the sophistication of its surroundings. .-\ thrilling start for the new studio.

Memory and lmagination4 :s.lt1ne.'t'he satellite exhibition which accompanied the Scottiin Arts ( ‘ouncil's ‘lrtliribttrgh lnternational'.

AvantGarden Ball Sat lS’lune. Roll upfor tickets to the best ball in town. I lcldthis year in the Briggait the [ox liest Night of the Year turns tip again w ith potted plants and picturesque peculiarities. Bands to dance to all night. 'I'ickets £12.5(l(light snacks). (iold tickets to the first l3” applicants {20 for 3 course meal and champagne. This year money will be used to get the new Print Studio operating onall L'ylllitlc‘i'S

I GLASGOW SCHOOL OF ART Rentield Street. .\lon I’ril)am 5pm. Sat

- 9am noon.

Recent Work by Statt ol the School of Fine Art lintil 27 May.

I HAGGS CASTLE lllll St Andrew s Drive. .‘ylon— Sat lilam—Spm; Sun 2—5pm. (ilasgovv's museum for children.

I HAHBINGERS 417 (it‘eat \Vestcrn Road. 339909‘) Mon ‘Sat 10am bpm; Sun noonfipnt; (‘losed 'I‘ueday s.

TWO Artists l ‘ntil end May. Madelaine lland w atercolours and Irene Bell ceramics. Next special exhibition .luly‘. otherwise open w ith Scottish giltsand crafts.

I HILLHEAD LIBRARY 348 By res Road. 3.“) 7223. Mon-- Fri 9.3(lam- lpm. 2 Spm; Sat 9.3(lam— I pm and 2— 5pm. (‘Iosed \Ved.

Growth l 'ntil .‘ylay . A (iarden l-‘estival inspired exhibition. .-\n open submission from artists.

I HUNTERIAN ART GALLERY [Jniversity of (ilasgow . llillhead Street. 3305-131.

.\lon i-‘rii).3tlant--5pm; Sat9.3(lam--lpm. (‘losetl l 4 April.

The Mackintosh House Gallery: 0ch as abos e bttt closed for lunch 12.3” 1 .30pm.

Sltpadniission on weekday atterrioonsand

Saturdays. .-\ reconstruction ofthe architect‘s home fitted with original furniture. L'ritil June the gallery is showing a special display of Mackintosh Chair Designs w hich illustrates the artist’s range. covering the years from the experimental lS")(l'sto hismore retstrained style of 1914 when he left (ilasgow.

The Birth oi Modernism .‘ylaylcst lixlubition. l'ntil 25 .lune. Prom Post-Impressionism to Surrealism. this exhibition picks the cream ofthe

unis erstiy 's collect ion of 19th and 20th century pt'llils. Bonnard. l.autrec. Picasso and Matisse included.

I HUNTERIAN MUSEUM 'l‘he Ifniversity ol (ilasgow . 33‘) 8855. Mon -I"r‘i

‘IStlam— 5pm; Sat 9.30am» lptn. 'l‘y'vice named Museum of the Year. the

I lunterian (‘ollection includes objects ranging from (‘aptain ('ook‘s Pacific treasures to the Beat'sden Shark.

Coracle. Kayak and Canoe t 'ntil 22 Sept. .-\n

exhibition ofearly watercraft includinga model boat. once worshipped by the people ol the New Hebrides and a large dugout canoe Ielt unfinished by Scots in .-\yrshireabout IFINIyearsago.


('laremont (iardens ( ( 'haring ( 't'oss) Mon—Fri 9am 5pm.

Eric Mendelsohn Centenary Exhibition t 'ntil 27 May.

I IMAGES GALLERY 74 l ly ntlland Road. 334 531]. .‘ylon--I-'ri 9.30am 5.30pm. Mixed Exhibition and Japanese Woodblocks L'ntilend .‘ylay.

IJ.O. KELLY GALLERY I IS Douglas Street.

More In lil.3ilam -2 )m and 2.30-5.30 win; I l

Sat Warn—2.30pm.

Three Artists 28 .‘vlay'ul l .lunc. .Iohn Boyd. Norman lidgar. Norman Kirkham.

I JOHN GREEN FINE ART 203 Bath Street. 22] tttl25. Mon-Hi lilam-Spszat ll)am-- I pm.

Flowerslorthe Festival t‘ntil .lune. An

exhibition of 19th and 20th century flower


I LILLIE ART GALLERY Station Road. Milngavie.‘)5(i2351.'I‘ue—l-‘ri l lam-~5pm and 7~ 9pm; Sat and Sun 2 5pm. Milngavie Art Club Annual Exhibition 4-25 .Iune.

I MAIN FINE ART'l‘he Studio ( iallery. It» (iibson Street. 334 SSSS. 'l‘uc Sat [Darn-5pm: Sun 2 ~5pm.

The Painted Flower Flowers for Mayl'est and the (ilasgow (iarden l'estiyal. Main has invited a number of artists to contribute work on this theme.

I MUSEUM OF TRANSPORT Kelvin I {all (lintrance from Bunhouse Road with parking facilities) .\lon —Sat Ill-5pm;Sun 2 5pm.

Dpening'i‘he new 'l‘ransport Museum is now open for business. The collection of cars. trams. trains and other vehicles so much part of(ilasgow‘s history asan industrial city are back on show.

46 The List 27TVlay— 9June 1988

Vincent Street. 221 6121. Mon—Sat 0.30am -5pm.

I SPRINGBURN MUSEUM Ayr Street (adjacent to Springburn Railway Station). 557 I405. Mon I‘ri ltl.3tlam—5pm. Sun

2 5pm.

See They Young Yins tintil end June. 'l‘eenagers' in Springburn get the exhibition treatment. reflecting their borne life. school life. fun and games. fashion and problems. Photographs and writing by the young people themselves included to give their own perspective.

A Place l0 Slay L'ntil Nov 88. One ofthe largest exhibitions ever mounted on the subject of housing in Scotland. The exhibition traces the transformation in Springburn from a small village and industrial suburb where property was privately owned. to today‘stown dominated by the council-owned tower blocks where 50‘} of the residents now live.

The Cowlairs Railway Works tintil June. llistorical exhibition of life and timesof Scotland‘s one time largest railway works. I THIRD EYE CENTRE 350 Sauchiehall Street. 332 752i . 'l'ue —Sat “lam-5.30pm. Stilt 2 5.30pm. (are. ID]

David Finn (USA) lintil 5 June. A magical exhibitionof newspaper children. Intheir darkly lit gallery these little souls play out a mysterious game half-holy. half-theatre in sfill silence. They should not be passed bv. 'l‘hough Finn exhibits regularly in li'urope. mainly Milan. this is his first visit to Britain.

Peter Fischli and David Weiss (Switzerland) l'ntil 5 .Iune. This duo who have been working together since 1979 do amazing things with carrotsand shoes. building them into crazy self-propellingobjects. ’I‘heir film The Way Things (in isa