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Nelson Mandela


courtesy ot Red Stripe. on their Scottish tour(see listings). with turther dates already pencilled in lorthe Glasgow (including a Radio 2 recording). Dundee and Edinburgh Jazz Festivals. Checkthem out.

(Kenny Mathieson)


Nelson Mandela. imprisoned leader ol the ANC. will be 70 on 18July this year. and June seesthe beginning ola renewed campaign to secure his release. Between 12June

and 17July. twenty-live marchers (each representing a year at imprisonment lorMandela) will walklrom Glasgowto London (calling at Edinburgh on 14June). ln Glasgow the marchers will be sent oil as part ot an Anti-Apartheid demonstration on 12 June. The demonstration assembles at 12 noon at Kelvinway and will then move to Glasgow Greentor a rally beginning at2pmto be addressed by speakers including Reverend Allan Boesak. Archbishop Trevor Huddleston. ANC President OliverTambo and Andimba Toivo Ja Toivo. There will also be music lrom Angolan band Os Jovens Do Prenda and Somo Somo. amongst others. and Jim Kerr. Chrissie Hynd and Robbie Coltrane will also be there.

, Therallywill'tinishwitha send-otttotheFreedom

Anne Lacey and Alison Peebles

Marchers at4.30pm. Coaches will golrom Edinburgh to attend events -tordetails please call 031 337 5397/ 031 554 4109. Fordetails ol the Rally call the Scottish Anti-Apartheid Movementon 041221 1276. More details inthe next issue at The List.


Anne Lacey and Alison Peebles actually geton ratherbetterthanthe photograph suggests. which is just as well. becausethey are aboutto re-embark on several weeks at the stage enmitythat brought them enormous success atlast year's Festival - playing Elizabeth and Mary in Liz Lochhead's Mary Queen at Scots.

Lochhead's abrasive. witty retelling ot the tale. in a vibrant. occasionally acrobatic production by Communicado. won a Fringe First and went on to tourlhe country. Nowthe company have reconvened tor a new challenge- that 01 reproducing the studio play on the large proscenium arch stage at Edinburgh's Lyceum.

Forthe two queens. there are extra hoopstojump through. however. Throughout rehearsalsthe two have been heavily involved in other perlormances—Alison

Peebles (Elizabeth) playing live roles every night in The White Bird Passes atthe Glasgow Tron; Anne Lacey (Mary) giving an acclaimed perlormance as the central role in the Traverse Theatre's touring production at The Straw Chair. ‘We were just talking aboutthe vitamins we‘re taking. . .' says Peebles. when we meet.

Both have tound the commuting every evening- Peebles to Glasgow. Lacey to venues scattered all round Scotland—the toughest part olthe exercise. Working on one playthrough the day and pertorming another at night seems. on the other hand. to have presented them with a welcome challenge. ‘The one leeds oil the other.’ says Anne Lacey. She has had to switch betweenthe

two large roles 01 Mary and . LadyRachel.analmost f deranged exile in The Straw

Chair. ‘lt's nice to be doing Mary again. because it'sa tragic part but it‘s a lighter play in many ways. There are moments when you can

5 come on just enjoying it-

whereas Lady Rachel doesn't get a lot at light moments!‘

Rehearsal and perlormance have proved complementary lor Alison Peebles too. but ina completely ditterent way: ‘Atter playing live roles. coming backto 'Mary‘ isa great reliel in some ways. There‘s more concentration in lollowing the role through. You leel you can really tly with it. whereas it you are playing a lot 01 characters you can only go so iar because you‘ve got to make an impactvery quickly.‘

The large-scale production will inevitably dilter slightly lrom the play‘s previous incarnation. There will be a slightly ditterent atmosphere. though. because belore it was very much like playing it in a sort ot bear-pit.‘ says Alison Peebles, 'This will be much more looking at pictures.‘

Both actresses hope that itwill also be an even richer production. now that the cast has had the opportunity to rework it. taking into account all that was learnt on the road during thetour



A fif~§,§.ho“~- “~\&._. .

and the objectivity that a little distance allows. ‘It’s a luxury having rehearsal time again.‘ says Anne Lacey. Alison Peebles agrees: ‘lt’s great coming back to it because we’re

finding that we've got time

to do things in rehearsal that we didn't have last time. ltwould be a wondertul thing it you could do that with every new play -work it on the road. in lront at an audience tora certain amount ottime. then have a period away lrom it. and then come back to it. It is so exciting.‘ (Sarah Hemming).

Mary Queen at Scots. Royal Lyceum Theatre. Edinburgh lrom 3 June. See Theatre Listings.


Forsaking the Iolty resplendence ot Ropetoun House lorthe more central. yet coolly elegant St Bernard's Church in Edinburgh's Stockbrldge. the Edinburgh Quartet launch their1988 Summer Series ot three concerts on Thursday 9. The word concert may not actually give the lull picture here. as each evening also includes interval wine and savouries and an exhibition at paintings by contemporary Scottish artists. Part olthe Georgian New Town. St Bernard‘s otters a new venue which. says violist Michael Beeston ‘we're very interested in developing‘. describing it as ‘in a way very like the Queen's Hall. builtabout the same time and with a similarleel to it.’

Hoping to attractvisitors to Edinburgh as well as locals, music in the series leatures Beethoven's three Rasumovsky quartets. one in each concert, with other popular quartets such as Rorodin's Ho 2. Dvorak's

American. Haydn and Mozart and. to openthe series. Mendelssohn‘s Capriccio. ‘In a way’. says Beeston. ‘there's a sort ot Russian theme. as each Rasumovsky has a Russian tune. and there arethe Borodin and Tchaikovsky quartets (0p 11) as well.‘ At£6 a ticket (Edlor Young Scot cardholders). it's £2 cheaperthan last year's Hopetoun House series and gettingthere

should be somewhat easier.

Edinburgh Quartet. New Town SummerSeries atSt Bernard‘s Church. Saxe Coburg Street. Stockbridge. Thursdays9 June. 7July and 25 August at7.45pm. Full details and tickets: 031 668 2019 (Queen's Hall Box omcel- (Carol Main)


Work. . . Sleep. . .Work ...S|eep...Work... Sleep. . . 0r. . . The List.

This was one in the series 01 lourtelevision commercials

which were lirst screened last autumn and are now running again on Channel 4 and late night Scottish Television. The campaign was devised by Tim Robertson and Adrian Jallery (see photo) on a budget which would barely cover the expense account lunches built into some agencies' charges. But at the recent Roses awards lor advertising agencies

Tim Robertson and Adrian

. A .

outside London. presented in Manchester on 11th May. itwas widely acclaimed carrying oil the Gold Prize lorthe bestcampaign olthe year. The series also achieved the unique distinction otwinning gold. silver and bronze prizes in the category reservedlor smallerbudget campaigns. Sometelevision commercials costabout £100.000to puttogetherbut the £1000 budgetthatThe List scraped up was seen as achallenge by Adrian and Tim who then worked at Halls Advertising. ‘It was a chance to do some original work.‘ says Adrian. ‘lt you've got no money. you have to come up with a really good idea and makea good job putting it together. otherwise itjust looks silly.‘ Using simple captions on a blankbackground hadn‘t been tried belore otherthan lorthe classic Do NotAdjust YourSet. That message usedto sitonthe screentor some time. but to make sure attention was caughtduring the short 10 and 20 second commercialsthatThe List could altord. a simple but arresting sound-effect ola ticking clock was used. The commercials were made by Picardy Pictures in Edinburgh—‘The best production companyin Scotland.‘ says Adrian. Adrian Jallery now works lorthe Leith Agency; Tim Robertson lorMarr 'ates.

The List 27 M21923 Tull-GER a