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until 26 June: Matthew Inglis artist in residence Sicilia perduta photographs by Giacomo Pozzi-Bellini

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rodite’s Island


14th Aprll to 4th September

Royal Museum of Scotland Chambers Street, Edlnburgh



50 The List 27 May— 9 June 1988


Open Eye Gallery, Edinburgh

it seems that William Crosbie had chartered accountancy in mind when he sat the Glasgow University entrance exams in 1931. But the desk job escaped him and he ended his studies alter a spell at Glasgow School of Art in the studio of the great French artist, Fernand Leger.

In this exhibition there is a light painting of his bed-sit in Paris in the Thirties. In it, a small drawing is propped against the wall. This, like all his others of the time would have been shown to and examined by his eminent teacher.

With a long and varied career behind him, this exhibition takes a peek at Crosbie‘s many styles and temperaments. The bed-sit ol the Thirties is moody and atmospheric, ‘In the Tea House' shows a girl with stylised curls as decorative as the still lite with Italian pink cup, and a little long landscape reveals a visionary’s heart. His later work is less inquiring and satisfying than the earlier pieces, as it he had gone backto first principles. The exhibition is a curious,

but none the less interesting mix. Sharing the billing are ceramics by

; Anna Lambert. They are irresistible.

Swans grace the necks oi candlesticks and minnows tread water on the rims of bowls. Every one grows from the base up, twisting and twining with natural growth. Lambert's objects smile with colour and charm but are no less functional because of it. From egg cup with chickens to giant mirror with trout each object has many years of usable lite built in. (Alice Bain)

(’hambcrs Street. 335 753-1. Mon-Sat lilam 5pm. Sun 3‘5pm. (ale.

Aphrodite‘s lsland I’ntil 4 Sept. The name of that goddess born out of the loamy Mediterranean may be a familiar one. but it is less likely that her island is more thana tourist destination for most people.

How ey er. excitingarcheological discoyerics are piecing together a past. perhaps not as glamorous as the Iigyptian Pharaohs. but certainly with much colour and my entiyeness and special character. This exhibition set against dazzling white and sky blue in reflection of the (‘ypriot climate and landscape. displays the island's culture from 71100 B('and onwards right up to modern interpretations of ancient marksand forms (not nearly as sure and clear-sighted as the originals). All that glitters isnot necessarily gold.

Talk .\Ion In May. 3pm. Prehistoric religion in (‘yprus by 1%.]. l’eltenberg. I'niyersity ol lidinburgh.

New Shop Keeping in line with the major museums of the world. the Royal Museum is opening a muclt enlarged and

professionally run shop. Books. jewellery.

pottery. toys and I-shirts are just sortie of the merchandise available.

I ROYAL MUSEUM OF SCOTLAND Queen Street. 556N131. .‘slon— Sat lllam 5pm; Sun 3 5pm.

Scotland's antiquities share premises with the Portrait (iallery.

I ROYAL SCOTTISH ACADEMY The Mound. 3350(171. .\lon~Sat lilain 7pm.Sun

3 5pm. Admission £1 .31) (Slip) Season Tickets £3

RSA Summer Show 88 Until 13 July. This is the show which has been mounted annually for 163 years running -- some old faces and some new.

New Shop The RSA are also openingup their business side (see Royal Museum of I Botanical Cabinet Unit 31 July. The

Botanic (iarden highlight their rich collection of books and manuscripts in an exhibition based on their own collection. 13 elite tomes. beautifully illustrated. are used to describe the history of the library. a subject recently published in book form by I l.‘\lS(). A small but very well displayed exhibition. A yidco next door giyes lull description. I ROYAL MUSEUM OF SCOTLAND Scotland). RSA Iinterprisestycry transatlantic) will sell all kindsof consumer goods related to the work of Academicians such as Sir Robin l’hilipson. Barbara Balmer and lilixabeth Blackadder. (ioblcls with RSA coatsof arms. prints. posters and cards are jtist some of the items on sale. I SCOTTISH ARTISTS S I loward Street. 556 (3337. Mon— Sat l(lam~—-lpm. Sun 3—4pm. Old Woman Frying Eggs [Intil end June. 37() years alter the famous painting of this title was completed by Diego \’elazquez(now in Scotland‘s National (iallery). a young Iidinburgh artist repeats the subject in his own style. It's a curious painting going against the trend. I SCOTTISH CRAFT CENTRE Mil (‘anongate. 55681.3(). Mon—Sat Ilium—5.30pm. A House and a Garden Limit 4 June. A summer selection of work by (‘raft (‘cntre membership. from furniture to knitwear. I THE SCOTTISH GALLERY 94 ( icorge Street. 335 5955. .‘ylonul'ri khim—«5.30pm: Sat 9. 3(lam— 1pm. Jim Dunbar [Intil 1 June. Super-realism and strange juxtapositions typify Dunbar‘s painting. Due to hismeticulous technique his output is small so that exhibitions must be rare. Barbara Balmer Until 1 June. Barbara Balmer paints fine and clear like an oriental. ller style simplifies shape without losing character. (ientle. loyer portraits and landscapes.