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£2.50(£1.50).Brink TU EDAY 7 Theatre Coin a show


Dne of the most important events in this year's Spring Fling is the ‘Lark In The Park' (28 May). organised by the Scottish Homosexual Action Group as part of the campaign against the infamous Clause 28. The Local Government Bill became an Act of Parliament on 24 March, which means that Clause 28 is now called Section 28, and will come into effect on 24 May. The speed with which the clause was introduced has been heavily criticised: usually it takes around 18 months from a bill’s first proposal to its enactment; Clause 28 was first introduced just before Christmas, and received the Royal Assent by Easter. There was little time to organise a counter-campaign, and underthe circumstances the protests have been remarkably well organised and attended. 10,000 people turned out for

the protest march in London on 9 January. Celebrities have been particularly influential, with Lord Falkland and the actor lan McKellen co-ordinating the ‘Stop Clause 28’ - campaign. Tom Stoppard and Peter Maxwell have also protested against the legislation. It is chiefly through the media attention given to such well-known names that one of the three original paragraphs was cut- the one forbidding Local Councils to give grants to organisations which ‘promote homosexuality'. This could have directly threatened the existence of the many arts groups or Local Council-funded venues who put on shows or films which might be interpreted as promoting homosexuality. The two remaining paragraphs bring little comfort: the first bans ‘promotion of homosexuality' by councils themselves, and the second forbids the teaching in schools of the ‘acceptabillty of homosexuality as a pretended family relationship.’ Paragraph 1 may mean the end oi grants to lesbian and gay community centres and switchboards; paragraph 2 may threaten the jobs of lesbian and

gay teachers. Paragraph 2 in particular aiiects lesbian mothers involved in child custody cases, with its reference to ‘pretended lamin relationships'. This is the first time in British legal history that lesbians have been legislated against.

The vagueness of the Bill’s wording may well lead to unwelcome legal precedents being set. No matter how the Government dismisses as alarmist fears that works by artists such as David Hockney will be banned, once a Bill becomes law, the Government has no control over how it is implemented. The courts will have to define precisely what constitutes the elusive term ‘promoting homosexuality’.

Ian McKellen will be appearing at the Lark in the Park, which is taking place at the Floss Theatre in Princes Street Gardens, 12304.3me. Other speakers incloude Paolo Vestri, the Chairman of the recreation committee

, of Edinburgh District Counci, Eric

Robertson from Salvo (the Scottish arts lobby), and speakers from the lesbian and gay movement. Theatre groups such as Witch Theatre Co and Claws Out Theatre Co will be performing excerpts from their shows, and largely Edinburgh-based and all-women bands such as Mouth Almighty, Go Buggy Babies (all woman 8&8) and Tabloid Conspiracy (all men) will be appearing. Fay Presto, a woman coniurer will be comparing the event. (Margaret Malion)

popular Wester Hailes Writers Co-Operative

2 7.30pm. See Mon 30.

Fay Presto, compere of Lark in thii Park

involving use of theatre Theatfe fighT'smuee‘m 0' mad.“ I Captain Scurvy and the I Women's Theatre Week Memories Netherbow Arts “"8".” Mcad°ws Them” workshop Festival. 2.30pm. See Sat 10am—9pm. One day only Centre 8 m See Wed 1 - P - ° 23. £2 (50p); Whole week Mus|c £10/£6/£2.5(). The start of b h Evan‘s a week of women‘s theatre - The “2" i I Edinburgh Womens involving workshops. Emma" o" . '3: I'm": Conference Wester Hailes performances and 0"“ Mus'c ' “ry' Opportunity Trust Shop. discussions. designed to 7'30pm' Sec Mon 30' lOam—4pm. Free. A day introduce women to all K|ds of discussions and aspects of theatre. workshop by women for Workshops will cover a Library women; subjects include wide range of skills from and Muirhousc Library. stress relief, mental health Juggling to lighting. No

4—5pm. See Mon 30. I Soccer Sevens St Mark‘s Park. 4.30pm. See Tue 31.


I Poetry Beading Netherbow Arts Centre. 7.30pm. Free. Graffiti Magazine present a poetry reading by some of the publication‘s contributors.

I First Friday, Poems and Pints West End Hotel. 8pm. 50p. The popular regular meeting of local poets, musicians and convivial drinkers— all welcome to join in the readings and discussions.



I The Little and Large Show King's Theatre. 7.30pm. See Thurs 2.

I The Selkie Theatre Workshop. 7.30pm. Sec Wed 1.

I Walk Don't Walk Dance Springwell House. 8pm. See Fri 3.

I The Stream oi Hidden Memories Netherbow Arts Centre. 8pm. See Wed 1. Kids

I Spring Fling Dance Competition Ross Theatre. l—4pm. Free. Disco. rock ‘n‘ roll. body-popping for children and young people. Open to all, must register in advance. Ring Johnny Banks on 6613447 as soon as possible.

and the problems of young families.



I Sealed with a Loving Kiss Wester Hailes Education Centre. 7.30pm. £2 (£1). Witch Theatre Group present a new play devised by the company and scripted by Mary McCann. They look at the different views of love and romance offered to a young girl growing up in the Eighties: Marriage? Divorce? Independence? Avoidance? Witch are a feminist group formed in 1986.

Kids I Cartoon Capers Leith Library and Colinton

Library. 4—5pm. Free. See Mon 30.

. I Soccer Sevens Gylc

Park. 4.30pm. See Tue 31.


I Short Story Beading Christopher North House Hotel. 8pm. Free. Members of the Perseverance Writers Club present an evening of readings of short stories.

I l Spy with My Little Letter Mandela Theatre. 8pm. £1 (50p). Former Merry Mac Fun Company member, Stuart McDonald, in an evening of cabaret looking at the power of words.

experience necessary and you can come for one day or the whole week.

I Sealed with a Loving Kiss Mandela Theatre. 7.30pm. See Mon 6. Kids

I Cartoon Capers Portobcllo Library. 4—5pm. See Mon 30.

I Captain Scurvy and the

Sea-Sprite Pentland CC. 6pm. See Sat 28.


I Women's Theatre Week Theatre Workshop. 10am—9pm. See Tue 7.

I Invasions The Netherbow Arts Centre. 7pm. £1 (50p). Edinburgh Playwrights‘ Workshop in the third ofthcir workshopped productions of new drama this play is by Mairi Wallace and is followed by a discussion. I Woman In Mind The Netherbow Arts Centre. 7.30pm. £2 (£1 .80). Edinburgh Youth Theatre in Alan Ayckbourn‘s play about a lonely woman who creates her own world of fantasy to overcome the emptiness of her life.

I Sealed with a Loving Kiss Theatre Workshop. 7.30pm. £2 (£1). See

Mon 6.

Kids I Cartoon Capers Moredun Library. 4—5pm.

present an evening of Theatre Dance

readings of poetry, prose I The plume The I Khoros Dance Theatre St and Short Stories- Netherbow Arts Centre. Bride‘s CC. 8pm. £2.50 Events 7pm. £1 (50p). Edinburgh (£1.50). An evening of

I Union Canal: Past. Present and Future Phoenix Youth Club. 7.30pm. 30p (includes tea and biscuits). The Edinburgh Canal Society take you on a trip through the history ofthe Union Canal, using slides to illustrate the story.


I Writing for Yourself Scottish Poetry Library, Tweeddale Court. 14 High Street. Free but advance booking advised. Phone Maureen Sangster on 332 8050. Straight Line Publications offer a workshop for writers. which concentrates on spontaneity of expression.

Playwrights‘ Workshop in a workshopped production of a new play by Robert Silver. followed by a discussion.

I The Selkie Theatre Workshop. 7.30pm. See Wed 1.

I The Stream of Hidden Memories Netherbow Arts Centre. 8pm. See Wed 1. I The Little and Large Show King‘s Theatre. 7.30pm. £3.50—£6.6() (£2.5()-£4.50). Little and Large need little introduction: one ofTV‘s most popular comedy double acts. in the flesh.


I The Edinburgh Competition Prizewinners Concerts Music Library.

accessible dance which moves from Annabelle Meadmore‘s ‘Spanish Songs‘ to a jazz piece including the singer Melanie O‘Reilly.


I Union Canal: Past, Present and Future Phoenix Youth Club. 7.30pm. See Wed 1 .



I The Little and Large Show King‘s Theatre. 7.30pm. See Thurs 2.

I The Selkie Theatre Workshop. 7.30pm. See Wed 1.

I Walk Don't Walk Dance Springwell House. 8pm.


Stalls, a fun fair, a dog show and a marquee-full oi theatre events especially for children will be some of the highlights of this year’s 14th Meadows Festival, Sat 4 and Sun 5 June. There will be juggling, Spike the Balloon Man and Jiggerypuppetry and on Saturday morning, 11.30am, children can take part in a Fancy Dress Parade, with prizes given at noon. For the energetic there will be a two mile Fun Run on Sunday from 11am. Entrants are invited in five categories (under 10s, 10—13 years, women, men and families) with medals for the first and second in each section and juice, certificates and badges for all. The dog show will also be on Sunday, 3pm, and

amongst the categories are the dog with the waggiest tail, and the dog most like its owner.

The List 27 May - 9 June 1988 53