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Brides For Sale? Human Trade in North Yemen [{ilcen MacDonald (Mainstream £5.05) Abused by father. manipulated by mother. frightened and threatened in a foreign land -- and that’s just the ()bserr'er journalist. 'l'his dispassionate account of the Yemeni brides‘ story has come out so hot on the heels of the cycnts it describes. one can only deduce that liileen MacDonald couldn't wait to get it out of her system. And who could blatne her'.’ An ayenging spirit and a compulsiye desire for a world exclusiyc took her on a foreign adventure. complete with ransomed young girls. pistol-toting baddies. and hot and cold running British diplomats. Adventure soon turned to nightmare and the tortuous story which draws to no particular conclusion makes compelling if not enjoyable reading. lts moral is. I think. stick towriting‘Sex Slaye Sisters Sold in Yemen’ stories for the San. (.lulie Morrice)


I Maya Angelou the 31 May. Queen‘s l lall. Spin. Singin' and Swingin‘ . . . well. it's really a poetry reading . . . with the inimitible American author of I KIth Why

The ( aged Bird Sings. Tickets £4 (£3.75) from the Queen‘s l Iall. (‘cntral Library and \Vatcrstonc‘s Bookshop. 1 1-1 (icorgc Street.

I Jenny Carter and Janet Rae Traditional Scottish Cratts Wed 1

June. (‘entral Library. Noon—1pm. Free. Illustrated talk on crafty Scots by the authors of a recent book on the subject.

I Anne Smith 'l‘hurs 2 June. Portobello Library. 7—8pm. Free. The .S'cutsman columnist and noyelist talks about and reads from her work. I Rosalind Marshall Mary Queen of Scots Fri 3 June. Leith Library. 7-8pm. Free. The beheaded queen debunked.

I Ruth Michaelis-Jena Growing up in Ruritania and the Grimm Brothers Wed SJune. (‘entral Library. Noon—1pm. Free. The winner of the Katherine Briggs Folklore Award and specialist on the Brothers (irimm tells of her

unusual upbringing. Free.

I Betty Kirkpatrick—Women‘s Words 'l'hurs ‘).lune. Central Library. Noon—1pm. Free. The former editor of ( ’liamhers' 201/1 ('enlury Dictionary. now a lexigraphieal guru. has the last word on l'emspeak. I Sheena Mackay Fri to June. Stockbridgc Library. 18pm. Free. Highly regarded l{dinburgh-born noyelist and short story writer reads from and talks about her work.


I Intercourse Andrea l)\sorkin (USU) 'l‘ocing 1ch ‘ttll coitus is punishment' hard line. the sex w ar's commander-in-chief does little justice to the cause for women's sexual autonomy in this fearsome assault. lake coyer.

I Israel: The Embattled Land Beata Lipman (Pandora Press £5.05) Lipman has recorded .lewish and Palestinian women talking about their part in the embittered conflict and has gathered their thoughts on militarism. religion. marriage. divorce. work. power and needs in Israel. A thoroughly depressing picture emerges. illustrating the painful frustration and hopelessness ofan apparently endless and inconclusiyc conflict.

I Marilyn/Norma Jeane text by (iloria Steinetn. photographs by (icorge Barris (Penguin £7.05) the one and only in her undies. woollies. on the beach. at the hairdressers. pouting. posing. phoning. glam and bruised with DiMaggio's abuse. the perfect accomplice for the came ra.

i The text. though more responsible

than most. leayes unansw cred the questions eyeryone asks.

I Firechitd Sally Fmerson (Sphere £3.99) Precocious yamp dt‘iycs men to distraction and elsewhere before abandoning them but looks to hayc met her match in a former arsonist and bright spark with a flaining future.

I Trust Mary Flanagan ( Penguin £3.95) (’onfident first noyel couched in rococo prose (impossible dialogue. names you wouldn‘t giye

: to a goldfile Pseud‘s(‘orner sex scenes: '( )therwise a dcceiycr. in bed

he held nothing backf) reminiscent

of lris Murdoch. A pas de quatre. guilcfully executed but perhaps too

llampsteady for northen taste buds.

I Loving WithoutTears .\t. .1. Little“ (Virago 9.5.05) Familial shenanigans among the Irish gentry in the dressed to kill proscofthc author now better-know it under her real name. Molly Keane.

I Plato Park ('arol Rumens (Flamingo £3.95) First noyel by the noted poet and human rights‘ actiyist telling of the loy'c between an [inglish girl and a Russian writer both of whotn prefer each other's country to theirown. Pcrceptiye. tender and honest.

I The Selected Letters of Anton Chekhov (Picador £4.95) Published originally in 1955 with an intelligent. imformatiye introduction by Lillian Hellman. the correspondence has lost none of its lustre.


by Marion Reid

(Polygon. £4.95)

The first book ( 1843) to be written by a woman

arguing that possession of the Vote is crucial in ending sexual discrimination in education and.employment.

Margaret‘D'Ambrosio reads from


(Polygon. £4.95) and answers questions 0n feminine mysticism.

Time: Date: Place:

8.00 pm

3 l st May

West and Wilde Bookshop Dundas Street


Booksellers since 1")"

Sunday 27 May: A talk by Reg Green. author ot'A Race Apart a history ot'the Grand National. 2pm.

AUTHOR EVENINGS 'l‘uesday 31 May: Norman Mac(‘aig I’()etr:i'Reading Wednesday 8 June: Yyonne Reese and Anthony Paul Illustrated talk on Garden Design

7pm for 7.30pm. Admission free. Wine will he seryed.

)7) Gordon Street. (flasgoa: Yew/Mame.- Glasgow 2.2] 026..)

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