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I This issue The List begins a new regular visitors

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Welcome to Scotland. There are few l the yast majority of Scots t‘eel that

practical differences for Visitors theirs is a quite separate country and

l between lowland Scotland. where I they expect visitors to respect that most of the 5 million or so Scots live. I view. There are different \J‘Jf/ 3 and the rest of the 11K. unless you newspapers sales of The Scotsman é / fall foul ol'the law. In the central I and the (ilusgmi' Hem/d at the . Z?" corridor stretching from the Firth of I quality end and the Daily Record in j R‘ ' Forth and Edinburgh in the east to l the tabloids far outstrip the London Glasgow and the Firth of(‘lyde in i papers ~- and use different banknotes j the west. people wear the same i athough with the exception ol‘ the £1 ' clothes. watch mostly the same 'IV i note which has been retained in Q l programmes. eat the same food. i Scotland they are interchangeable i enjoy (1’) the same climate and speak 3 with Bank of lingland notes. We also more or less the same language as the ‘- hay'e much more sensible licensing rest ofthe UK with just enough hours - with many bars ( they're Helios Fuumdin is Situath at the west end of the differences to make it feel worth the | rarely called pubs) open all day historic Umssmdrkm’ below the castle. H is a unique i trip. But Scotland is a big place and l (where beer is called Ml - and lleay'y . . . . : diffcrcnccs increase as you go i mun of hm”. and Spirits. enterprise, combining a wholefood vegetarian further north (its. as far {mm I especially Whisky. an. mm m a coffee house and a shop selling an intriguing 1 5 Edinburgh to Lerwick in the slightly larger measure) and in selection of gifts, toys, crafts and books.


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practical and constitutional realities. ' than in lzngland. “'H ( "toy our 309d hum" (OOk'nb' Whahu 't be a

full meal or just a tresh frmt scone or cake and coffee lTomis' '"m'ma‘ion mm “m” “"d “’m“ and if you really want to treat yourself, try some Scottish'I‘ourist Board special recommendations , y , , “cad 0m“. Ruwmm 1,“,thme luscious Sachertorte, or creamy fresh frUIt pudding. TCWCC- EdinhllrshU-‘l Gem" Around If you are looking for something really unusual we 33?. 2433. Localofficesall g

eyei‘yw here. The Scottish Bus ( iroupembraces many smaller local companies. Information (Bl 556 346-1.

‘2 3' .‘i‘tg; ‘;.i '” - ' Sm” md‘ 1‘ n " “m” [“i'nhurgh I” x L dml “11h “mm “PM W“ H "ml We know that even if you are not a vegetarian, you London). In anycase whatever the ; many more shopsopen on Sundays

. . .. , think you'll find it here. Whether it bejewellery, over Scotland. I Rail .seoirail s network I 333 r-Crr.L-cc,-l\c.L-,-mc . lThingsto do and seem which includes the most mama- waters is beads or crystal balls, wooden toys or alternative Edinburgh and (ilasgow. spectacualar routes lll ' SL'()[I;|[](1.\I]];H]'\'l\l;il](i books, We have Something to suit everyone. look no further than the . Britain proy ides regular . winniiiiiiiies. ()ii the west magazine you are l sery'iccstoallthemain E wast.(‘aledoman currently reading. , 3o ulationcentres.cxcept i \‘luCBruyncurc kings published every other iliciifarnorllHW-‘L i based attiotit'ock (inlhc- Open 1 Mon—Sat Thursday, which lists ' Edinburgh Waverley is (\dcc lnloimation H475 moremicsscwrythmg f m. huh -TInfnrmmnim : 34,,”7 hum.mmmm 7 CRASSMARKET, EDINBURGH, 031 229 7884 there is by wai‘of l 5562-151. ' wit-c in PM ). hast-rim entertainment. by city and ~ I Road (iood. tor the Aberdeen lnioriiiation

_ by day ofthe week. in the , most part uncrowded. 0224 53*) ll 1 ‘;" relevant sections. Basic i roads. many recently , 477‘“? ,—-/ w visitorinformation for l upgraded. Bus routes go I _______._..__- .. _ ,_ .- .- . ..

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