shapes and sizes. 2pm. The High Street. I WASPS Alison Harper and Lesley Burr - painters in residence at the Craft Centre (until June 15); Hazel Walker displays batik techniquestlo—BZ .

I Scottish Potters Translucent lamps by Alistair Weir and thrown stoneware by (iaynor (.‘righton.(until June 13).Craft Centre.

I Woodcarving Rocking horses. marquetry and upholstery demos at the (‘raft Centre.

I Brass Bands ()v ertoun Bandstand. ll)..‘~(lani. 12.3llpni. 3.30pm. 5.30pm.

I Pipe Band Displays Map ofScotland ll.15ain. 3.45pm.

I Fashion Shows

I Sports Demonstrations with spectator participation. Want. 1 .3Upm.5pm. Sports Arena.

I Sheepdog Trials (The and Thu only) noon and 4pm. Sports Arena.

I Jazz Sunday s 2pm~5pm iii the Rotunda. Kit ( ‘arey.

and fireworks.

I Fashion Shows June 21 ~24. l 1.3(lam and 3pm. A specially-traiiied group of models (funded by the MSC) perform a fifties‘ style fashion show round the tablesol .\'ardini's Restaurant in the Rotunda. The show includes designer garb - Arabella Pollen. Stephen King and Vivienne Wcsiwood and kilts and woolly jumpers. Some of the clothes may be botight at the (iarden Festival and a complete list of clothes and stockists is available at the \IIU“.

I Cacti and Succulents June ll) to. All day Festival Pavilion.

An indoor show illustrating the variety of plant forms w hich exists in parts ofthe world hotter and dryer than ( ilasgow.


I Cranachan 'l'raditional Scottish music. Baronial llall llam. Banksol the I.ochan lpni and 2pm. Roman Amphitheatre 5pm.

I Ranga Dance Ensemble. Folk and Clog dancing. Baronial llall noon and 3.45pm. Way es Food Court b.3flpni.

I RollerCycling Sports Arena? 15pm.


I A Scots Gospel A one-man dramatic performance by .lamie Stuart. 1 lam Church ( iarden.

IScherzo Classical ensembleplaying. Rotunda l lain.

I Cranachan see Fri If).

I Priesthill Marionette PuppetGroup Roittaii Amphitheatre 11.45am.

I Inflatable Raft Race The RiverClyde. 2pm.

I Cappella Nova in Cabaret Rotunda (‘oiirtyardti.31lpiii.


I Clyde Ride Bike ride to I.oeh I.omond along the new cycleway. from the Festival site. See Bike Listings for details.

I Water Skiing 2pm»-1pm on the River Clyde.

I Scottish Country Dancing The Mound 3.30pm.

I Shadow Puppets Spin. Food and Farm Barn.

Horticultural horrors: Forkbeard Fantasy come to the Garden Festival. 13-19 June.


I Cookery Anthony Baker of Stakis l lotels demonstrates his art. 11.30am Cookery Demo Theatre.

I Gymnastics for beginners Sports Arena 1.30pm

I Wrestling An introduction. Sports Arena 2.30pm


I Historical Glasgow The Department of History of Strathclyde l'niversity give a guide to the city 's history. Strathclyde Pavilion. lflamand3pm.

I Tea Dance With Donald McKenzie. Stakis Showbar. 3pm.

I Cycling Roller racing and obstacle course. Sports Arena 4.3flpm.

I Glasgow Light Opera Roman Amphitheatre 7pm.


I Action Sports Wrestling for Beginners and Short Tennis. Sports Arena lflam


I Learning in Later Life A gtiide to information technology. Strathclyde Pavilion. Illamandlpm.

I Sinfonia Popular and classical lyre soloist. Rotunda Courtyard 12.30pm. 1.30pm

I Glasgow Cathedral Choir Rotnan Amphitheatre. Spin.


I Action Sports ( ‘ricket batting practice and an introduction to handball. Sports Arena lllam.

I Advertising Research Unit ‘Adverts tell tis what you think'.

Strathclyde Pavilion Want and 2pm.

I Cool But Classy linseinble playing. Rotunda. Noon. 2pm and 5pm.


I Song Machine Broom Milk Bar. Throughout the day.

I Circular High Bar Display Boys Brigade acrobatics. Sports Arena 5pm

I Assault Course Races Sports Arena. 7.30pm


I China Day (see Special livents)

I Falkirk Youth Theatre 11.3(iam'l‘helligh Street.

I Croquet Come and Try. 2.30pm Sports Arena.


I Puppets l landyworks Puppet Company.

Waves Food Court. 11.45am amd

throughout the day.

I Theraputic Aspects of Gardening Scottish Occupational Therapists advise on the gentle art. 1.30pm.


I Kevrenn-Alre Folk music in the Rotunda Courtyard throughout the day.

I From Concept to Product A demonstration ofcomputer~aided design and manufacture. Strathclyde Pavilion. lllam and 3pm.


I Action Sports Mini llockey coaching and games. Illam

I Glasgow District Council Parks Orchestra ()vertoun Bandstand. 12.30pm.

I Soccer S-a-side mixed teams. Sports Arena. 8pm.


I Capalle Edelweiss Music in the Roman Amphitheatre 10.30am. then throughout the day.

I Tennis Improve your stroke play. Sports Arena 2pm.


I The TV Listings offer a selected diary only. Because of late changes in scheduling. details are subjectto alteration. and only limited information is available for the second week of coverage. in particular see daily press forlull information on the final days ofthe European Cup.


Il‘m All RightJacktBBt‘i ) (So 3.40pm. Boulting Brothers comedy which takes a satirical swipe at the class system in a pre-‘l‘hatclierite Britain w here the middle way still seemed the best. Made in 1959i! stars lan Carmichael and Peter Sellers.

I European Championship (Scottish) (1.3IIFA).IISPIIT. live coverage ofthe Iiuropean Football championship froin Dtisseldorf begins with West (ierniany takingon Italy.

I 4 On The Floor ((‘4 ) 9-“).3flpm. Previously featured iii the series of reports from the Montreal Festival ofComedy. Just For Laughs. this foursome now reappear in their own comedy show. imported from Canada,

I The 1988 European Football Championship(BB(‘l) itizo. lfl.5(lpm. Highlights of the West (iermany v Italy match from Dusseldorf.

I It Came From Hollywood ((4)

12.15- 1.45am. American compilation of ludicrous clips (of the Attack oft/re Killer Tomatoes or :1 track oft/re Mushroom People variety) from B-movies.


IGrandstandtBB(‘l)12.15—545pm. More coverage of the liuropean Football Championships. Live: Denmark v Spain. I Reid About the USSR (C4) 8 -‘)pm. Final part of Reid's three part examination of the changes taking place in Russia. In this programme he visits (ieorgia.

I Colombo (1313(‘1 ) slit—9.55pm. Another sign of the paucity ofgood popular television series etnerging either side of the Atlantic. Switching channels.

Peter Falk turns tip once more as the shambling LA detective in a feature length episode of the old L'S series.

I The One Game (Scottish) 9— lflpm. Part two of the fantasy drama series centringon computers.

I Film on Four Extra: Runners(c‘4)

‘)~-l 1pm. The Film on Four that marked the return to the screen oflames Fox. Although written by Stephen Poliakoff. responsible for City Sugar and ( ‘attg/it on a Train and directed by Brides/read Revisited director. Charles Sturridge. the story of a middle class family whose daughter goes missing. is curiously aimless.

I Parkinson Dne-To-Dne (Scottish)

10.20—1 1.05pm. Robbie Coltrane. the ever more frequent chat show guest.gets the set to himself.

I Craig Goes Mad in Melbourne ((‘4)

1 1—] 1.30pm. Last programme reporting on the Melbourne Festival ofcomedy with Craig Charles as the guide. This programme features Steven Blackburn

’and Mary Kenneally. Ernie Dingo. and

Peter McCarthy.

I The Star Chamber(Scottish) 12.()5-2.()5pm. Michael Douglas starsin this 1983 movie about a judge. frustrated

with the system that allows too many criminals off the hook on legal technicalities. who sets tip his own judicial ahernahve.

I The Nelson Mandela 70th Birthday Concert (BBCZ) l3. lS—lfl.3flpm. Ten hours of musical tributes to the imprisoned South African civil rights activist and politician. The concert. broadcast live from Wentbley with a Radio One simulcast. features amongst a very strong line tip. (ieorge Michael. [KB-if). Chrissie l lynde. .loan Armatrading and the Bee (ices.


I Sunday Grandstand ( BBCZ)

1.3l l—(i.4flpm. Coverage of the pre Wimbledon grass court warm tip. The Stella Artois. with. traditionally. an entertaining standard ofplay.

I The Living Planet: A Portrait of the Earth (BBCI ) 4.45-5.4(lpm. Start ofa second showing of Attenborough’s three years in the making ecological survey.

I The 1988 European Football Championship ( BBC] ) 7.05-9. 15pm. llolland takes on the Soviet linion two teams in the same group as Iingland and Ireland.

I The Storyteller((‘4) 7. lS—7.-15pm. A woman wishes for a child ‘be he as tigly as a hedgehog‘. in this edition of theJohn llurt introduced collection of folk tales. In Hans my H edge/tog ’fate talc es the wish a little too literally and a Grove/hog is born. I Theatre Night: Strife (BBCZ) 8.1(l—lll.2()piit. Banish memories of Timothy West's portrayal of ‘trouble at t'mill' capitalist in the North Country send tip. Brass. ifyoti're not to get the gigglesin John (ialsworthy's 1908 play about a strike at a tin-plate works. Ilcre in fact. West plays the union leader and Peter Vaughan the boss. Strident stuff with lots of ironic echoes of more recent news stories.

IAnimal Traffic (C4) 9. 15—1t).2()pm. Final instalment of the pretty harrowing set of films about man's exploitation ofanimals. Amongst other cruelties the programme documents the live skinning of pythons- part of the process for making snakeskin cowboy boots.

I Babylon 2 (BBC?) 6-6.3(lpm. Clips from The Woodentops. Muffin the Male and Talesfrom the Riverbank. ,

I Horizon (BBCZ) 8. ill—9pm. The race to exploit the potential of‘supcrconductors' seems to have something of the same drama as the search for DNA. Not so much a ‘Who done it'." as a ‘Who will doit first'.".

I In Sickness and In Health (BBCI) 8.3(l—9pm. The comedy series that still manages to upset people and draw huge ratings returning for a summer repeat. I Reid about the USSR (Scottish)

10.35—1 1 .35pm. Repeat showing on Scottish ofthe first ofthe Jimmy Reid documentaries made for Channel Four

I Duran Duran - The Making ofArena (Scottish) 13.35—1 .35pm. The makingof the pop video.


I 1988 European Football Championship (BBCl ) 4—6pm. Live coverage astop seeds West Germany are put to the test as they face Denmark.

I European Football (Scottish) 6.50—9pm.

18 The List 10— 23 June 1988