I Theatre is listed by city first. then by venue. running in alphabetical order. Cabaret and touring shows are listed separately under the relevant heading. KEY: [D] facilities lorthe disabled. [Elfacilities for the hard of hearing. usually an induction loop system. For prices. price in brackets eg (£1 .50) is the concessionary price.

I The Glasgow Garden Festival will also be hosting theatre events. Please see Garden Festival Diary for details otthese.


I CITIZENS' THEATRE ( iorbals Street. 47.” (Hill. Box Office Mon Sat Illam Spm IIar. II)]_

DoctorAngelusl‘ri Ifllurie Sat 35.Iunc.

T il'l‘m. £3. (lines Ll ll‘. aduaritc. lreeoti the door. I'thI' l’reyieyy on lhurs‘Huue In this. Itridre'scentenary year. the (‘ili/eris"I'heatre paystribute tolheman w ho founded it. Robert Day id Macdorlald plays the dirplieitous I)r Angelus. the role first created by .'\I;l\l.tll Sim Se: I'calure ICRAWFURDTHEATRE.lordanhilH'ollcge ol Itducation. “(i Soulhb'ae l)' rye. ll-ll “51

This Island's Mine Iuc l 1.\ \\ ed 1* lune

" Illpm £1.5fl(£.‘.5fll (Ito\()llicell-ll ‘l5‘1‘l-1Ib‘l ( iay Sweatshop m a play set during the Second \\ or Id \\ ar about .1 meeting between two people. both refugees If] different ways. See I’aricl ICUMBERNAULD THEATRE(‘umbcrnauld “lib "WINS". Ifos ( )llice \lon I ll

Illam opm;Sat lllam 3pm.!» Spruperl cy gs liar (unc-

Funeral Games and The Good and Faithful

Servant l'hur‘s 2o Sat ZS May. ".45pm. £3.5ll ( f. l .35). .\'o Mean (‘ompany in a double bill of black comedy by Joe ()rton. Shakers Iue " Sat llJunc. 7.4.5pm.

'l ue I hurs £3.5ll(£l .25); In ck Sat £3.25 (Ll '75) ( ocktail lheatie(‘ompany in a new production of the highly popular comedy Slur/sen. first toured by l full

I ruck llieatre ( 'ompany . about life in a trendy cocktail bar. See alsoI ron lhcalle.

Men Should Weep 'l hurs If» Sat lSlunc. ‘.J5prii £2 5lllfl 35). (‘umlwrnauld ('ommumly I heatre ( iroup in Iina lamout Stewart‘s moving and funny play about life If] a l‘)_‘slls ( ilasgoyy tenement. I DRAMA CENTRE lib Ingram Street. 5.53 58.”.

Blood Wedding lue II Sun Stylune 'l'his show has been cancelled. No Iurther pcrlormauccsuntil mid-.Iuly.

I DRAMA STUDIO \Vest ()uad. ( iIasgow l'myersity,

AMessagetolhe People Who Live inthe Stars \Vcd l5 Sat ISIunc. Spin. I’ree.

l healre I uriarrc in a new comedy by

I la! l y ( ilI‘sUll which follows .tstr‘angc trail from Dr acula‘s castle to a flat in ( ilasgow

\ ia a slow boat to('hm.i


()lticc Mon Salnoon bpm Jbars.|I)| II'I I’honc Itooklllgs. I icket ( ‘L‘I‘nIlL'.

( andlcriggs. \lon Sat lll..‘~flam (v.3flprii. fl-1123755ll

Touch and Go Mon .‘yllMay Sat ISIune.

7 .‘llpm Sat mat. 3pm. £4. £5. to. Jimmy logari stars in this farce by Derek Benlield about marital infidelity . See Review

I MITCHELL THEATRE(iranyilIeStreet. Ill ‘I‘M Hos ( )tlicc Mon Sat noon (spin. Bar (Kile, |I)| licketsalsoayailable from

the Ticket Centre. ('andleriggs. 327 55” Mon» Sat lll.3(lam-«(v3flpm.

Daule 'l‘hurs‘) Sat ll.lunc. 2.3ll& 7.3llpm. £3 ( £l .50) ( ilasgoyy' Schools Youth 'l heatre in a musical.

Bye Bye Birdie Wed 15 Sat lSJune. 7.30pm. Sat. mat. 2.30pm. £.‘~(£2).

I lillhead I ligh School in the musical. Annie Get Your Gun 'l‘ue ll Sa135.luue. 7.30pm. £3.5ll(£3.5lll. 'l'he(‘apricoru Players in the musical.

I PAISLEY ARTS CENTRE New Street . SH“ llllll. Box ( )lfice opcn'l uc Sun

noon S.3llprri. Bar (Open noon llpm 'Iuc Sat: l3.3fl 2.3llpmckfi.3fl llpm Sun. Meals sery ed), (unc- (( )pen

noon llpm). ID].

The Causeyside Story Wed I5 Sun I‘llurie. 7,_‘sllpm. £3 l £I.5fll. I’aisley Youth Theatre in a play set in Paisley dur inglhc I‘Blls Depression. charting the on e bctysccn the son and daughter of two feuding Mill-owning families.

MisterJock 'I ue 21 Sat 35 .lurte. 7.3llpm. £4 ( £3). Russell Hunter in the follow —upto the popularjoek. See Review

I PALACE THEATRE‘) ( ireeu Street. Kilrnarriock.fl5b321590. BosUtfice Mon Sat lllam .5pm. (are Bar Mon Sat Illam 5pm. |l)|

\o theatre performances until end of August.

I PAVILION THEATRE Ill Renficld Street. 5331S~lo Bo\()l'fice Mon-Sat Illam—Spm. Bar.

The Celtic Story Mon 3 May Sat 35 .quc ".Rflpm. £5. £4 ( £15“). Wildcat in their musical celebration ol(‘elticl ootball (’lub's centenary: a hundred yearsof (ilasgoyy and ( ‘cltic seen through the eyes of one family of firm fans.

I ROYAL SCOTTISH ACADEMY OF MUSIC AND DRAMA lflfl chfrew Slreet.l|»1l 3 ‘3 5ll5"

Lark Rise ‘1 ue 21 Hi 24 .lune. 7. I 5pm. £2 (LI ). I'itial Year Students of the Schoolof Drama in a promenade production of Keith I)e\yhurst's stage adaptation of the first part of the classic trilogy Lurk Rlyr‘ Ir) ('umllefonf by Nora 'I‘horttpson.


Simon Donald is feeling nervous and ' his newly-dyed black hair doesn't suit

him much. He is nervous, he explains. not only because he's never been

interviewed before but because his

new play. Prickly Heat. opens at the Traverse on June to.

Donald‘s first play (or at leastthe first one he owns up to). A Tenant For Edgar Mortez. won him two awards as writer and performer. It was time. he felt. for a career choice. Five years later he has a string of acting successes at the Traverse to his credit and has written one other play. Prickly Heat makes his

; indecisiontinal. as hejoinsthe

‘. venerableranks ofactor-ptaywrights

and appears in the production (the

reason. by the way. lorthe slightly

disarming hair-style). Emphasis on actor involvement in the

'; developmentofthe scriptduring

rehearsals is strong at the Traverse and is. believes Donald. 3 natural learning environment lorwriters. ‘The more you understand about what works in a theatre the better qualified you are to

write plays. And what better way is

there to understand theatre than to rehearse plays and learn lines and try things out? The lines I forget in rehearsal are often the ones that should be cut.‘

Deeply influenced by plays he has

20 The List io; 23 June iqSH

worked on at the Traverse, Donald emphasises the importance to him of the precision of writer. Chris Hannan: ‘I played a character in his play Elizabeth Gordon Quinn. He had four lines but he was a great big character. There's no dead wood in his writing. I can't write like that. we‘re not similarwriters. but we have similar concerns.’

Simon Donald likes liars. Edgar

Mortez. his first creation, built his life on unrealised aspirations and the characters in Prickly Heat have a similarambivalent attitude to reality. ‘I wanted to write a play about sex,‘ says Donald. ‘We are denied passion. desire, lust in our literature. It’s almost a political denial.‘ The characters in Prickly Heat have, he suggests, the imaginative licence to escape that repression; they don‘t allow the banality of their circumstances to be all there is.

Writing Prickly Heat has been quite a leap across untested ground for Simon Donald: ‘lt‘s really high risk this one. I‘ve no idea if its going to be laughed out of the theatre or taken seriously. In rehearsal. l‘m embarrassed by it and then thrilled by it.‘ He found the transition from writing the play to rehearsing it very difficult: ‘Giving the play its legs is very different from organising it syntactically.‘ Nevertheless, the dual role has some advantages, it seems: ‘Acting is social. I find writing claustrophobic and internal. I'm not temperamentally suited to do it all the time.‘ And presumably writing the next one will allow him to hide while his hair returns to normal. (Julie Morrice).

Prickly Heat is at the Traverse, Edinburgh. See Listings.

Princes Street. Mister Jock Mon 23 May until Sat 1 1 June. 7.3flpm. Sat mats 2.30pm. Ticket details from 'l'icket Centre. (‘andleriggs. (MI 227 55f l. Russell Hunter in the sequel toW. (iordon Smith's hugely successf’uIJoek. Sec Review. I THEATRE ROYAL I lope Street. 331 I 234. Box Office Mon-Sat Illam-bpm. ("7.3llpm on perfevgs). Bar. Buffet. Stepping OuIMon 13.531 lSJune. 7.3upm. Sat mat 2.30pm. £2.5ll-£ts‘.5ll. (‘oncs (apply Monilhurs & Sat mat l. £3of'f' prices over £5 5ft: £ l .5” off others. Stand-by £2.50. I’artiesol lllor more £ l .5llof‘f. Richard I Iarris‘saward-winning comic musical about a ladies' dance class \ preparing for a charity concert.directed by comedy actress .I ulia Mackenzie. Peter Pan Mon 20 I’rr 25 June. Mon 30. l.3llpm. 'l uc 31 Thurs 23 Ly Sat 25. lll..‘sllam ck 1.3(lprri. Hi 34. llt..‘\tlam. £2."5 (£1 .75 l. The famous large-scale l’ury cs Puppets in an adaptation of IM . Barrie's classic children's novel. for three years andoyer. . I THIRD EYE CENTRE 350 Sauchichall Street. 332 7521 . (are open I lam-2.3flpm 'I ue-I'ri and during cy ening performances. Falling Into The Light Hi l7 ck Sat ISJune. 7.3llpm. £3.5ll(£2.5ll). ('an an actot violence be justified’.’ glory what glory. an experimental theatre company working w ith I’ctc Brooks (of Impact 'I'heatrc ) and using an original soundtrack by ‘I'he (‘ommunards' .locelyn l’ook. explore this question through the strange tale of crime in the heat. I TRON THEATRE ()3 'I rongate. .553 43ft? H. Hos ( Mine '1 ue-Sat Noon-8pm; Sun 12,.‘yll-l Ipm. (‘losed Mondays. The Burgher's Tale 'l'ue 7 Sun 12 June. Spin. £4 non-members; £3 (£l ) members. l'hcatre ( ‘o-( )p in a new touring play by Allan Sharpe. See 'f‘ouring. S.S.P.Iementary Benefit I:'rr llllune. lflpm. £5 ( £11 toIrott and S.S.l’. members). A night of cabaret in aid of the now gr ant—less Scottish Society" of Play wrights. Sec ( ~abaret for details of acts. Shakers‘l ue 14 Sun I‘Uune. Rpm. £4 non-members; £3 (£1 ) members. Life in the Izighties as observed through the eyes of tour waitresses in a trendy cocktail bar. in the popular comedy by John (iodber and .lane 'l'hornton. here presented by a quartet of talented Scottish actresses: Blythe Duff. Hilary Lyon. Leigh Biagi and Annette Staines. Great Expectations 'I‘ue It Sun lo .I uric. ts’pm. £4 non-members; £3 l £1 )members. I A( } Theatre ( ‘ompany‘s excellent stage adaptation of Dickens' novel. See 'I ouring.


I OEDLAM THEATRE I’orest Road. 32.5 9893. Mon Sat IfIam—Iate. (are.

All Walks of Life and Kalulu and the Well l-‘ri HILL Sat I 1 June. 8pm. £2.5(l(£l.5fl). As part of Spring I’Iing the Edinburgh community based mime group. Mimage. present a double-bill .A l/ II’u/ks 0/1er looks at the act of walking. and exploresit from all possible angles; Ku/u/u rlltdlhr’ Il’e/ltells a traditional African story about how animals help people to find a well. Both are directed by mime-artist Mark Saunders. perhaps best known asone-half of the group "Tony and Derek'.

I BRUNTON THEATRE Musselburgh. 66.5 3711.

From France to Fotheringay I‘hurs tr» Sal lH June. 7.30pm. I.othian I’Iayers revive their I-‘ringe f‘irst award-winning show about Mary. Queen of Scots.

I CHURCHHILL THEATRE .‘y'forningside Road

The Girlfriend Wed H-Sat llJunc. 7.30pm. £3 (cones for block bookings). Tickets avail. in advance from A & J ('ruickshanks opp. theatre or Mrs Burnson (I31 22‘) 8443. Allegro 'I'heatre ('ompany in a production of the popular Rogersand Hammerstein musical.