Greenside Place. 557 2590. 7.15pm. I Larry and Friends Southern Bar. South Guitarist singers. Jim Knight. Graham Society ()1' Musicians. Berkeley Street. £3—£l5. Second new production front (‘lerk Street. 667 2289. Evening. Guitar McGirk. Sheila McWhirter and Alan 8pm. 5150. Scottish ( )pc ra this week. Light-hearted based folksy blues and swing. Johnston. I Dexter Slim And The Pickups Blackfriars. comedy of manners. which opened to I Royal Oak Infirmary Street. 557 2976. I Kenny Grier Royal Oak. Infirmary BC" 30001. Merchant City. 552 5924. generally favourable reviews in Glasgow. Eveningtill 1.30am. Late bar. folk Street. 557 2976. Guitarist singer. Late Evening basement. bar. - I Kevin Tait Burke And llare. West Port. I Colin Ramage and Wally Allen Coppers. EVCnlng- PUP {Mk- . I Smkbum‘ Slr'CCL 225 1441- EVcnlng- I Green Tree (‘owgate. Evening. Folk I Denny Swanson Kitty () Sheas. 50 Singerv'gunarists. scene session. Late bar ISND Proms Kelvin Hall. Tickets: 337 George [V Bridge.225 1681. Evening. IKevin Tait KittyO‘Sheas.50GeorgelV Inf” and Friends Antiquary‘ststcphcn

55] ] (-I‘ickcl (mum). 730p,” Bridge. 225 1681. Evening. Street. Evening. Guitar based folksvblucs £2.70—»£9.50(series discountsavailable). ' and swing i '

An evening ol music from Vienna by the I Jim Knight/Colin Ramage/Robin Laing Strauss family. Ensign Ewart. Lawnmarket. Evening.

. PaiSleY F0WCllllJ'Brabli‘iehHotel. Three singer guitarists entertain. Renfrew Road. Paisley. 8pm. I Nailan llalt Bar. Woodlands Road. 332 I Graham McGIrk Rmu] ()uk‘ Infirmary I Lunchtime Concert ('hurch of St Andrew . sessm" With Pal MCNU'W RiWTSidL‘ (‘th‘ 1310' EVCnlnfl- Instrllmt‘mal mU—SiC 0" Street. 557 2976. [iveiiiiig till 1.30am. ' and St (Emu. (gorge sin-Cr Admiggjun Fox Street. 248 314-1. From 1pm. Free. fiddle and accordion. atdoor. lpiii. l'siialorgan recitalgives lnformalsongsandtunes. Patplaysthc h way to a concert by Scottish ()pera lrlSh PTPCS- g ()rclicsti'a w hile they 're in rim-n. led by I Park Bar Argyle Strcct. nr Kelvin Park- I The House Band Edinburgh Fant- Club. Angus Anderson. [awning 3651"” Osbourne Hotel. York Place. 5565577. I The "0059 Band RiVCfSidC Club. Fox ICandide PlayhouseTheatre.Greenside .Bumlles Wlmmglm- OWE" WCSlCm 8pm. £2.30(£1.50). Third album soon swarms-2144- 7'3li‘lllpnl- ’3. place. 557 3591;. '7_ 15pm. {3.115 Road. Evening. Old time American songs from the band that string plawmnd Sec wed 15. Fabulously entertaining new production and liddlt‘ “Inc‘s WEIU'E” W95" End cm‘Vd- smallpipcr God Foley got together after I Rowantree Folk Club Rowantree Inn. By and new version ot'Bernstein'soperetta. .scmehal'lon SCOT” (“men “Why Battlefield, Now-a lh'récsomc wiihChris llddingston Cross. L'ddingston. Based on \‘oltaire's hero who believes Street. Evening. 334 4891- Parkinson on keyboards and squeeze 9—1 1.45pm. £1 . See Fri 10. that everything can only possibly happen bums; and pawcrfulcxponcm Unhc .3183,“ Jenny Scmfscumcr‘ Derby l‘” "‘9 319ml 5LT FL“ JCW- traditional flute. John Skclton. Street. 334 4891. Evening. I Glenelg Sessions Youngs I iotel. I Lothian Reel and Strathspey Society I Johnny Scabies 26 London Road. Leaiiiington Terrace. 9pm-midnight. Queen's llall. (‘lerk Street. 668 2019. Glasgow (‘ross. 552 6863. Evening. Live Free. No information. 7.30pm. £2 (£1 ). Tickets from Queen‘s music. I Seannachie Green Tree. (‘owgate Hall Box Office. I Ceilidh Dance Riverside ('1ub.Fox Evening. Scottish songs andinstrumcntals IROU Paterson StJames Oyster Bar. Street.2483l~14. 10pm. £3. Bartill late. from resident band. (‘alton Road. opposite St James Centre. h I Jim Knight/Colin Ramage/Robin Laing Evening. Residency for the Easy Clubs 9 Ensign Ewart. Lawnmarket. Evening. singer. . Adzido 'coming Homer ROSS-rhcmrc‘

TD Thrcc “in?” gunfirlsm I Happy 0828 Malt Shovel. (‘ockburn Princes Street Gardens. 7.30pm. £3 (£2).

I and Antiquary. St Stephen STTCCI. Evening. PUh guitar {Olk [{ugc vigual/duncc [nugic cxtnn'agunsz

Street. Evening. Guitar based folksy blues duo. 28 musicianszmddzmcm wwrthc world imd wring. . The c'ansme" ThC Enginc RUOm. of African traditional dances.

I. waamree F0” cl"? le‘mtr“ Inn‘ B} I North Sea Gas Rtitland llotel. Rutland Ouccnsfcrry Street Lane. 225 2142. . Dunkem concen Rcid “all Brig“)

deingston( ross. deingston.

Street 2293042.9pm.Singalong. S . . 51- b hlv .‘ . 7 g (_ - - . . . - , -. . i . ~ quarc. tin urg ,nivcrsity. ..0pm. ) ll.45pm.£l.()ldcoachingInnisthc .ThemansmenThc EngincRm,m‘ 1 D - M L Sh w H' y regular meet for keensingerslplayers. All Quccnqcrrvgtrcctl m‘c 1K3”, ' “0:?” 3; eaontiIM “"3 :G'ngdonv welcome.moneygoestowardsoccasional Eveninfi ' i l W i ' Dav “Pm aim?” .99” “0' 0" ‘huukcd‘perfurmcrs. uncan.Singer guitarist am i 1 er

IJohnn Co n.‘iz I z; -. .. .. -. ~-, .-. .Johnnyscobies ZMAHMOHROML V We 5 ‘ri"lk(l"b-GI“EOW DOUgIL Machanlsbuildingupafme

Glasgow Cross. 5526863. Evening. Live music.

! scmehall'o‘n suing (,mn‘cr‘ “why . I Irish Session Stage Door Bar. Gorbals Street. 33-1 4891.1:vening Song and guitar

tri ) Street. 4290922. Evening. ICeilidh Dance Riverside Club. Fox S I I I E I

Street. 248 31-14. 10 m. £3. Bartill late. .

. p I Nobody's Business Bannermans Bar. (‘owgate Evening. Pagan blues. I Cornersmne B, y (a f, g J h g I Miro The Green Tree. Cowgate.

, , «diumm, “1‘ t 0 m Evening. Bartill 1am. Instrumental ( htirch. Vi est 11nd of Princes Street. 8pm , . . ... .. . . thrash.

The Sanctiiied Sinners doln a country music benefit. I Larry and Friends Meadows Bar.

I Happy Daze Malt Shovel. (‘oekburn Street. 225 6843. Evening. Pub guitar folk

. . . , . duo. .

Bucclcuch St. 667 3669. Evening. Guitar I Fiddlers Anus Grassmurkct Fvcmng . . -} :a;:%:)&;}g;l::71?!“"ng It d Scottish music session. Bar closesat 11pm. ‘5 ~ '1 St N I; H . y 1521".“ kg; “11:” I Gill Hewltt Royal Oak. lnfirmaryStreet. _‘ *i

“.Lt' ‘Hnmlt' L.“ “mp.” 0‘ ‘md' 557 2976. Evening. Song session with Gill g r E I Simpson Perrie/Brian Mulligan Shore on me banjo . y y (a Bar. The Shore. Leith. Evening. Violin I cum! and “comic” Coppm‘ (sockbum -‘ ' and guitar play anything fromllungarian Street Evening Folk threemmc ~ .3 rhapsody 1” I “Sh'i‘nd “J”? _ I Dougie McO Kittv O‘Sheas. 50George .v -‘ l Infirmary STTCCI. 557 IV; 17s Evenin , Eveningtill 1.30am. Late barwith ‘“‘ ' E“ - .... s. m

informalsongsandmusic. I Muckle Ado Kitty ()‘Sheas. 50 George [V Bridge. 225 1681. Evening. Glasgow SATURDAY 11 I Paisley Arts Folk Paisley ArtsCentrc. New Street. 887 1010. 8pm. (‘ountryblues

Glasgow from Red Neck Mother. I Naltan Blackfriars. BellStreet. Edinburgh

Merchant (‘itv. 552 5924. Afternoon. Instrumental gm...“ I laln Walker/Ian Bruce Pcnicuik Folk I Johnny Scobies 26 London Road. CIUP‘ NW3“ “09“- 8Pm- Self-Penncd Glasgow Cross. 552 6863. Evening. Live S‘QTEStmamly‘ from twopupumr g: * ...“

8- .‘ e r ainers. .y;\s“‘-'t=5’.‘-.. . v, . . ...? :léelhidh/Dance Rivcmdc Club. FOX IBarrle Band Bannermans H " ~‘ .g‘ .w I _ {:1}- My "’ ' Strcct‘ 3483144_ 10pm. £3 Bartilllmc' 556 3254. Evening. The Barrie Band. - a

- Key's Scott‘s (somcr‘ Derby Street. 334 Fiddle. flute. mandocello and vocals.

4891. Evening. Saturday residency. Mainly Irish- . y Carnegie . ll, DUNFERMLINE -. ~ . . . - . .. - - I Chris Thompson St James Ovster Bar. .. x * lrisli Scots semi electricoutfit. . ' _ (‘alton Road. opposnc St James Centre. I :24thjqne Henry Woo all, GLASGOW Evening. Rockabilly blues. i - ROSS ,rhcutrc‘ . Ensign Ew'art' Lawnmarkct‘ top i

Street Gardens 1pm ""1"? “‘8? S"°'~“~ Emng- ACOW‘C zotiuune ~Mariya“ Theatre PITLOCHRY Leaping Cajun banjo madness. Not to be cell“: mUS'C' .2" r -. a 5r , V‘ a». stood m" m. I Blue Blazer Bread Street. Evening. ,_ y y, w 4‘ ' . '

The List 10—23 June 1988 27