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The virtuoso Brazilian percussionist, last here with Jan Garbarek and Don Cherry, now with his own group.


Edinburgh - Friday June 10th 9.30pm ° Queen’s Hall Glasgow ' Saturday June | lth 8.00pm ° Henry Wood Hall

Direct from Chicago's South side. Muddy Waters’ harmonica player now leads the hottest

band in blues.


Edinburgh ° Friday June 24th 9.30pm - Queen’s Hall

For the t

hird year, Jamey Aebersold's

from August 7-12.

Places on the course are still available. ' Contact Pam Baker. Platform (031-226 4179) for details.


, ‘Combo Improvisation Clinic' ‘the best jazz faculty in , the world' will visit Edinburgh for one week

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Programmes for the East Coast's two big jazz festivals will be available on June lOth. Call Platform (031—226 4179) to get on the






glasgow pavilion wcdncsday 6th July

telephone: 041-332-1846 aberdeen capital thursday 7th July


edinburgh playhouse friday 8th July telephonczO31 -557-2590


CONCERT \getXI/ngiet avr an Judas Priest Inxs Status Quo 83,0 boil.“ 5 e Pink Floyd Monster of Rock


14 + 15/6/88 15/6/88 17/6/88 22/6/88

27 + 28/6/88 27 28/6/88 23/7/88 1/8/88

. 20/8/88 Iron Maiden, Dave Lee Roth Kiss. Guns'N'Roses, Poison 29/8/88

Michael Jackson


Glasgow : Just the Ticket, Virgin Records Basement. 041 226 4679 Edinburgh: ngn Records, Princes Street 031 225 4583 Showtravel - the original and Best - Luxury Coaches, Video, Washroom, Personal Courier ~ Comfortable Return Travel .....Who Needs a Car!



Glasgow S.E.C.C Edinburgh Playhouse Edinburgh Playhouse Glasgow S.E.C.C. Edinburgh Playhouse Edinburgh Playhouse Glasgow Barrowlands Manchester Donington




I Blues Night Riverside (‘1ub. Fox Street. 2483144. Evening. 1.2. Live bands. Tonight BoWeeviI.


I Bill Kyle's Jazz P0011.':\ttache. basement of Rutland Hotel. West lind. Princes Street. 9pm. Free. (’avern with tables. good crowd. See 'i‘hurs lo.

I Edinburgh Jazz Quartet (‘oppe rs. Cockbum Street. 225 1441. livening. I Graham Blamyre Jazz Masters Basin Street. 1 laYmarket Terrace. 337 Ititiii. Evening.

I Waverley Jazz Band Raeburn Bar. Raeburn Place. 332 (i345. liv ening.

I Jazz Machine Minto i lotel. to Minlo Street. (m7 1534. 1 1pm. ITemplehaIl Stompers‘I‘t-mpie i lotel. 13splanade.1oppa.(io‘)42(i4. livening. Trad and Dixie residents.

I Jimmy Gilmour Group Bandwagon. Morrison Street. livening.

I Cale Biarritz Frederick Street. 225 5244. Evening. Live bands.

RIDAY 10 Glasgow

I Big George and The Business [.21 Taniere. Fox Street. 221 4844. 9pm. Free. (ilasgow‘s long-standing king of rhythm 'n' blues.


I Clause 28 Benefit ( 'aiton Studios. (altoii Road. 55671106. Scottish l lomoseuml Action (iroup.

I Helen Watson and The Indian Givers Venue. (‘alton Road. 55" 31173. Doors open 8.3IIpm. FMl’s ‘toi'cii-siiiger‘-sty1e signing has raised a fair bit of interest Stateside. where her single ‘Yoti‘re .\'ot the Rtile. You‘re the Fxception' charted. not least because the music on hcrdebut LP was provided by the skillltil handsol halfof little Feat and iormer Faglesand Fairport (‘onvcntion guitarists. Raye reviewsof her support slots on .Ioe (‘ocker’s last liuropean tour augur \s ell lor British dates.

I Mud Music Box. Victoria Street . 22” 17118. Our luck's really in. isn't ii‘.’l eo Sayer last week. Mud this. like Punk Never 1 lappened. or \\ hat'.’ Now it someone would only get ( iilbe rt ()‘Sullivan touring again we could pretend the last ten years has all been an .id-iiian's dream.

I Yes Yes Juliette Sitideiit l‘nion. '1 cs iot Row. 067 21W]. Students and guestsoniy. Pop. exhibiting traces of Blondie and B-52s. Don't gag. they do it quite well.

I The Ghost Train and Crocodiles In Cream Moray House Student l'nion. l lolyrood Road. 55o 8455.9pm-2am.£2tt15“). Kirkcaldy rockers supported by female-fronted lidinburgh band vs hose taste shows itself in their choice of cover versions. i.e. a rather good Magazine song they once performed.

I The Healers Lord Darnley. West Port. 22‘) 4341. llipm. Free. 'I'welve-bar blues-rock.

I The Fishermen and Uncertain Trumpets Auld Chase. Bonnyrigg. Benefit put on by lisk Valley Red Wedge in aid of Victimised Miners’ Relief Fund.

I Avalon Preservation Hall. Victoria Street. 226 3816.11after‘).3lipin. Folk-rock.

I Blaque Jacques Shellac Negociants. Lothian Street. 225 6313. 9pm. Free.

SATURDAY 11 Glasgow I The Styng-Rites Mucky Duck. Shotts.


Proving there's still lite in the idea orthc beat combo. l heard a long time agothere was going to be some new vinyl from the band. but haven’t seen it yet.

I Billy Forbes La Taniere. Fox Street. 221 4844. Afternoon. Free. Former Dolphin continues his perennial residency. with acoustic numbers ranging from Simon and (iarfunkel to Tom Robinson and requests.

I Rough and Ready La Taniere. Fox Street. 221 4844. 9pm. Free.

I Dexter Slim and The Pickups llalt Bar. Woodlands Road. 332 1210. 9pm. Free. l'ncontirtned.


I Swamp Trash and The Critter Hill Varrnlnts Ross Bandstand. Princes Street Gardens. Billed as a show of‘Ragin' cajun' . Which may offend the purists. but it doesn‘t stop the rest of us having a good time. Enjoy.

I Deal Heights Cajun Aces and The Rogues Moray i louse Student Union. llolyrood Road. 55h 8455. ‘)pin—2am. £3 (£2). Back after a lengthy abscence. Scotland's most authentic-sounding caiun band. Check their I in French) LP. ‘ Flammes d'linfer‘.

I Big Blue World Preservation Hall. Victoria Street. 2263810. £1 after‘).3()pm. I Makossa Mtisic Box. Victoria Street. 2211 1708. 1.1 atter9pm. Reggae.

SUNDAY 12 Glasgow

I Ry Cooder. SECC, Finnieston. £9.50. On stage 8pm sharp. with his band, the MouIa-Banda Rhythm Aces. See panel.

I Burden Bluesbreakers La 'I'aniere. Fox Street. 221 4844. ()pm. Free.


I Zed and Arizona Soundcheck Rock Club. Venue. ( 'alton Road. 557 31173. 7.30pm. £15”. Popular weekly hard rock club.

I The Dan Blocker Experience Preservation Hall. Victoria Street. 226 38in. £1 after ‘Ipm. Country. with a fair bit of tongue-in-cheek. from familiar Iidinburgh

I Texas BreaIdasl Music Box. Victoria Street. ZJII 1‘118. Atternoon. Free.

I Bluelinger Music Box. Victoria Street. 221117-118. 2.1 alterUpm. Rock andblues.

I The Last Detail Lord Darnley. West

Port. 22‘) 434 I. ltIpni. Free.

MONDAY 13 Edinburgh

I Don Williams Playhouse Theatre. (ireenside Place. 557 2590. 7.3(1pm. £9.51). £8.50. £7.51). "The most laid-back singer in country music'. as he‘s come to be known. has had covers of his songs recorded by Pete 'l'owshend and Eric ('lapton. amongst others. so don‘t turn your noses tip like that. Doubtlessthe trademark denim stiit and cowboy hat will be in evidence.

I The Macc Lads Venue. Calton Road. (’..\.\’(‘lil.l.IiD.

I Lothian Preservation Hall. Victoria Street. 226 3816. 9pm. Free. ()nc ofthe area's hardest-gigging heavy rock bands. I Panic No More Music Box. Victoria Street. 2211 1708. 9.30pm. Free.

I The Volunteers ('anny Man's. Morningside Road. 447 1484. 8.3tipm. Free. Residency.

I Live band [.ord Darnley. West Port,229 4341. ilipm. Free. Unconfirmed.

TUESDAY 14 Glasgow

I Wet Wet Wet SF.(‘(‘. Finnieston. A triumphant hometown return spread over two nights. with a HP] award and Number One single under their belts, along with who knows how many gold discs? Not bad for a band who were virtually complete unknowns a while ago. Laying aside the obligatory sniping. it's good to see them

irritating}; 23 June 1988