The home of fine seafood

and traditional Scottish cuisine. McEwans 8()/- Ale and fine lagers.

Mon-Sat. I2 noon—II pm.

Sunday Brunches l2 noon—4 pm.

For reservations phone (03!) 555 0409 The Ship, 24/26 The Shore, Leith


0pm AT

E Edinburgh

21—25 JUNE _ mew PRODUCTIOIU The 9"?3‘ Operatic Sung in Italian LA %OHEME t‘gfifggéggung '0“? turned Tues 21, Sat 25 June uccmi ° '—ch PRODUCTIONJ BOOK FOR MORE M rt, h] - d THAN ONE OPERA COS] FNIIASNnTU I I E ofgzihu; rng:l?;rss(j9$§tey SAVE UP TO £11! . . 28 an ac ievement. CONCESSIONS Sung in English Wed 22 June FINANCIAL “MES. HALF PRICE TUESDAY TO @Ew PRODUCTIOM g%06nRt¢1€l$0mfi3fer of WEST SIDE a! THURSDAY, t ' t ' CANDE comes to [£13m afghreagfgtutsinrieuslscan


Sung in English Thurs 23, SPECIAL REDUCED

Fri 24 June

Opera house version!

Sponsored by


Perfs. - 7.15p.m. Pick up a leaflet for details BOOKING NOW!

The Playhouse Box Office, 18-22 Greenside Place, Edinburgh EH1 3AA Tel: 031-557-2590