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Cassis Wine Bar, Abercromby Place, Edinburgh: Saturday afternoons.

The story so far. A communique arrives atThe List offices, telling ofthe disappearance of the visionary hotel impressarios, the Family Bollockson. lnstigators of the flared trousers resurgence and ‘weak cyril’ disco accompaniment relinquish their entertainments stranglehold. To replace the Gassedallweekendo mega-club, formerly on Thursday night, an entirely new Family Daksi bring from there home planet the new crack. ‘Health, Beauty, Relaxation and Heavy Drinking’ concern the Daksis and, with the backing of Edinburgh‘s most widely-read publication ‘Shavers Weekly‘ , new fads are already sweeping the streets. Hardened Drinkers are opening accounts with Stockbridge's Toytub to purchase Subbuteo grandstand editions, Scalectrix sets, etc.

On offer at the health club are games, cash prize competitions and cheap drinks. The atmosphere generated by the alien lamin can only be described as a wholesome sense of abandonment. When the music fades, a nervous hilarity grips the assembly as Lord John, Sarah-Boll and Noaksey Daksi put selected punters through their rigorous health regime. Possibly Sumo wrestling, maybe on hand fondling, even simulation of the sex act. Generosity, another alien trait, is in abundance as free skull juice is handed out and the more than ample barbecue sizzles outside.

Taking into account the acclaim of the previous Hotel, their popular outings to Amsterdam, the Shavers publication and now the new Helaxedallweekendo afternoon gag, Ithink ilthere’s any justice in the world these people will be very famous one day, and it you miss out on it you're going to feel rather stupid. Ideal for tourists and residents alike not torthe weak-hearted - it's a must. (Stuart Haiker)


1. Giving Rim across a pool table.

2. Accepting Rim across a pool table.

3. Getting completely naked near a pool table.

4. Bacardi Rangers.

5. Lesbianism (irrespective of a pool

table). 6. Topless darts. 7. Bottomless snooker. 8. Naked origami. 10. Professional heavy drinking.

I Dillingers 10pm—4am. £2 before 1 1pm; £3 after. Wicked 1: special night 60p on selected drinks good contemporary dance music. [ND] [NT] [A]

I Edgars 10pm—4am. £1 before 1 1pm; £2 before midnight; £3 after. ()uirky interior with plenty ofdark corners. Also ngars has probably the tttost expensive air conditioning. very cool. [A]

I Fire Island 1 1pm—3am. £2.70(£l before 11.15pm). Popttlar gay disco iii the centre oftown. Tonight it's ‘(‘lub Dow ntown' featuring 70s' music.

I Goombay Beat at Barbados Suite (Coasters). l0pm—3am. £2. Well established club but has a Sham (1‘) reggae pick up atmosphere and a blattd music selection.

I Madisons 10pm-—4am. £1 .50belore

1 1pm. £2.50 after. Madisons' DJ escorts the crowds through art enjoyable Friday night scene. It's worth a visit to see the laser.

I Nicaragua Benefit Disco at Liberty's. Fri 17 only. 9pm—3am. £3 (£1 .50 unwaged). A night organised by the Scottish AC'l'l' Nicaragua Support Group witlt all proceeds going to support Community Radio in Nicaragua.

I Outer Limits at Coasters. 10.30pm -4ant. £2 till 11.30pm. £3 after. Fri 3 only: fills' Mix ll Beach Party. Free entry forthose dressed up in (ills‘ gear. All the ftttt ofa beach party without the beach- music supplied front the new (ills‘ mix 1.1’. [A] INTI

I Potterrow 8pm-- 1 ant ( l lappy l lour 8.30—9.30pm). Students free; guests 50p. More alternative night at the liveliest of the student unions.

I Reggae Club at Shady Ladies. 10.30pm—3am. £2. Best conventiottal reggae selection irt town complements a good skank atmosphere.

I Bokko's Rpm—3am ( I lappy I lours

8—1 lpnt). Free before 1 1pm; £3 after. See Mon.

I Shake at The Mission. 10.30pm—3am. £2. Spans a wide selection ofchart successes. easy dance. little imagination. I Spanish Harlem at Wilkie House. 10pm—3am. £2. Well worth a visit containing 2 discos varyittg in tempo —- Latin. Hip I lop. Soul. Also there's acafe hidden somewhere iii the ventte.

I Strangeways at the (iilded Balloon. 10pm—3am. £1 .50 (£1 ). Indie and fun musak borrowing frottt the Blue Monday record collection.

I Teviot Bow 8pm—2am (Happy Hour 940me All student venues have a slight ‘fleshmarket‘ atmosphere. but this ltas to be seen to be believed. So mttclt forthe new celibates.

I Zenatec 10pm—3.30am. £2 before 11.30pm: £3.50 after. Contfort with lasers. videos and the best in the current music scene. Every Fri cast your votes for your fave dance records; the results are aired on Sat on the Radio Forth Dance Chart Show in association with Zenatec the Discotheque attd voting gives you the chance of prizes.


I The Alhambra 31 Waterloo Street. 221 3260. llpm—midnight. Free. Resident DJ with the latest sounds.

I Bennets llpm—3.30am. £3. Mainly (iay with Hi-NRG music.

I Breakfast Club at Henry Afrika‘s. 10.30pm—4am. £4. (Follows Under 18 disco). With DJ Gary Marshall.

I Cleopatras 10.30am—2.30pm. £3. Disco sounds.

I Live at the Cotton Club at the Cotton Club. 1 1pm—3.30am. £5.

I Disco Viva lllpm—3am. £3.50. Two floors of solid dancing with personality DJs.

I Eden Club at Tin Pan Alley. llpm—3.30am. £2.50with ticket. £4 without. The highlight of many a hairdresscr‘s weekend! Cheap drink before lam.

I Feel the Rhythm at Henry Afrikas. 10.30pm—3.30am. £2.50. Preceded by under 18s‘ disco.

I Follies 10.30pm—3am. £4. [ND] [NT] I Fresh at Casada ltalia. Park Circus. 11.30pm—5am. £3.50 with ticket; £4 without. Colin Barr and Mark Woodhouse on the move again with their successful club. We think this is a one-off venue . for Sat llottly.

I Hard Rock Gaffe at the Vettue. 1 1pm till late. £3.50. With DJ George.

I Hollywood Studios ll)pm--3am. £3.50. House disco.

I Joe Paparazzi l 1pm—3.30am. £4. The busy. hip trendy night at Jl’s with DJ Nicky Koranskye often with a theme.

I Krack at Fury Murrys. l 1pm—3.30am. £3.50. ‘Setting the style for ‘88'. back at Furys and back to its best.

I Madisons 10.40pm—3am. £2.50 (£2 with ticket before midnight). A new club— looks like the Fun House didn't godown toowell. Front 1 1 June. the Bill Fartning ()rcltestra arid Singers will be performing every Saturday afternoon. l.3lL4.30pm. £1.

I Mardi Gras 1 1pm— 3.30am. £3. Hottsc Music Night.

I Mayfair l 1pm—3am. £3.50. ()ver21s disco with resident DJ. (icorge.

I Moonlighting at Pzazz. l0.30pm——3.30am. £3. Funky Soul with up-to-date LIS lntports.

I Palomino Club 9pm-3am. £4. Disco sounds.

I Panama Jax l 1pm—3.30am. £4. Soul attd mixed chart music with resident DJs. 'l‘ommy Arnold or Raymond Davren.

I Battles 10.30—3am. £3. Discosounds with DJ. Roddy Stewart.

I Rooftops 10pm--3am. £3. ('hart disco in the function suite.

I Saturday Live at Tin Pan Alley. £2.50 with ticket. ‘Club Liden‘. Personal appearances from some London fashion victims. no doubt.

I Sub Club 1 1pm—3.30am. £3.50. Another clttb with the possibility ofa PA from somebody tryirtg to plug their single.

I Viva and Vamps at Disco Viva. "l‘wo floors of solid dancing.‘ 10pm—3am. £3.50. I The Warehouse 1 1pm-3.30am. £3.5o.

The house disco. 1 1 June only: (iordon's (iin Promotion continues. See Fridays.

I Zico's 10pm—3am. £3. (‘hart based disco sounds.


I The Amphitheatre l0pm—4am. £4. Half price before 1 1pm. Entertain yourselfitt style itt Scotland's Ultimate Nightclub. [A] [ND]

I The Backroom at Shady Ladies. 10.30pm—3am. £2. Celebrates three years of success down in the depths ofShady Ladies. The best in independent dance and old punk favourites.

I Buster Browns 10.30pm—4am. £3.50. Half price admission and drinks before 11pm. Worthwhile night with steady youthful crowd. Buster Browns‘ Under-18s disco. 7—10pm. See Fri. [A]

I Cale St James See Fri for details. [ND] [NT]

I Chaplins at Finsbury Park's Night Club. 11.30pm—6am. See Fri.

I Cinderellas Bockerfellas 9pm—3am. £2.50. Saturdays at Cinderellas will be a bit special for the next month or so as birthday celebrations roll on. Free invites to be found around town. [A] [ND] [NT] I Coasters 6.30p—10pm. £1 .50. Linder18s alcohol-free disco. Live acts most weeks. I Dillingers 10pm—4am. £2 before 11pm; £3 after. Nicky's mega-mix. Popular DJ. hosts modern dance to a wide range of audience. [ND] [NT] [A]

I Edgars 10pm—4am. £2 before midnight; £3 after. Membership fornts for the suitably impressed available at the door. I Fire Island 1 1pm—3.30. £3 (£2 before 11.15pm). Hi-NRG and Euroheat sounds tosuit.

I Goombay Beat at the Barbados Suite

(Coasters). 10pm—3am. £2. See Fri.

I Hard Rock Cafe at the Venue. 9pm—2.30am. £1 . This rock club is proving very popular. pulling in a loyal crowd. Live bands appear approximately every second week. 18 June: Kerrangl's ‘sex kitten' Lisa Dominique (ouch!) live.

I Hit the Panic Button! at (‘ltamhers Street Ifnion. 7pm— 1 am (Happy I lour 8—9pm). Students free; guests 50p. Fairly typical student disco. Serves nice pizzas downstairs thought

I Hotel Belaxedallweekendo at Cassis. 1pm—(rpm. £2. Return of the truly legendary l lotel. Faultless generosity with ample barbecue. cheap drinks and riotous behaviour. A must. See panel.

I Kangaroo Club at The Mission. 10.30pm—3am. £2. Very popular soul hip hop funk venue where vattity takes on a sweaty exterior.

I The Hooch at Coasters. 10.30pm—4ant. £2. With Drinks Promotions tttost weeks. DJ's Yogi Naughton attd Warren Thomson as Jazz Funk greats hold sway over soul futtk punters.

I Madisons 10pm—4am. £1 .50before 10.30pm: £3 after. DJ Colitt playsatt excellent selection of old and new disco hits. a very groovy ttigltt to pay a visit.

I Mambo Club at (‘alton Studios. Starts 11 June. 9pm » 3am. New club specialisingin African tttusic and related forms. Should be worth a try. 18 June: Somo Somo live. I Outer Limits at Coasters. 10.30pm~4am. £2 before 1 1pm; £3.50 after. Popular full scale disco with reduction for studertt cards eaelt night. [NT]

I Bokko's Rpm—3am ( Happy Hours

3—1 1pm l. Free before 1 1pm; £3 after. ITwilightZone at Moray I louse. lSJune only. 9pm-2am. £2.50 (£2). Rubella Ballet. who ltave released sonic great stuff iii the riot-too distant past. play live. Recommended.

I Zenalec l0pm--4am. £2.50before

l 1 .30pm; £4 after. Very contfortable upmarket joint. ()ver 21 with fastcar accessories sitting outside. [A]


I The Alhambra 31 Waterloo Street. 221 32o0. 8—] 1pm. Free. Cheap drinks and free mixers!

I Bennets 1 1pm—3am. £2. Mainly Gay with Hi-NRG music. ‘The Sunday Club‘— which means spirits at 50p and pints at 75p.

I Club Recharge at Hollywood Studios. 9pm—3am. £2. Soul Night. Doubles for the price ofsingles.

I Disco Viva 10.30pm—3am. £2. Showin' out every Sunday. ‘The best music with DJ Brian.‘

I Fresh 88 at The Cotton Club.

1 1pm—3.30am. £3.50. New to the Cotton Club for '88. the club run by Colin Barr which used to he at Joe Paparazzi.

I Follies 1 1pm—3am. £3. Cheap drinks. I Fuddrukkers at Cleopatras.

l 1pm—2.30am. £1. A mixed sound (leaning to alternative) presented by Bennets' DJ. Craig Davis.

I Henry Alrika's 10.30pm—4am. £3. Follows under 18s disco with TigerTim. I Hollywood Studios 10pm—3am. £2. All beers including carts £1 . Double spirits for the price ofasingle.

I Joe Paparazzi 1 1pm—3.30am. £3. ‘Wag Club'. ‘Soul. Funk. Hip Hop. Cruest London DJs. drinks promotions. shows. videos and fashion‘ they extravagantly claim.

I The Kennel Club at Tin Pan Alley.

I 1pm—3am. Soul club night. Beer at 60pa pint. spirits. 40p.

I Night Shift at the Warehouse.

1 1pm—3.30am. £3.50. House music and the soul chart. All drinks under 70p; spirits 50p.

I Palomino Club 9pm—3am. £3. Disco sounds.

I Panama Jax 10.45pm—3.30am. £3. Sunday Splash with resident DJs.Tommy

38 The List I()— 23 June 1988