Celtic Centenary Exhibition Until 30June. Next door to 369 Gallery, this private FOO‘ba" is Creeping in") the gallery is attached to a framingshop. unaccustomed areas 0‘ gallericsand ! I EDINBURGH COLLEGE ornnr Lauriston theatresto mark. asthe whole ofGlasgow w place. 32993] i _ MumThurS

must know by now. the centenary yearof N l . I . iiium_8.3iipm. l: ri iiiam_5pm_ Sm

('eltic Football Club. lt‘s story. told here . , . r. iiimn_4pm_

with affectionate memorabilia. is rich in The Tat? or: mellNonh’ “Vanna? s m schools oi scuipime and Fine Ari Degree drama and ofcourse. oodles ofnostalgia. seven 3 93 9W opehe as m0" . Show 114} June. Annuaidcgwc Shuw

Scottish Labour Party Centenary making it the second City lor Ant Schooi of Archiieciure and Landscape

Until 1 July. Documentary and according to the publicity (this may Archiieciure 1L3] Junc_ This Show wmbc memorabilia exhibition to celebrate the surprise Scots _ as may describing hcid at me Old iicrharium at thc R0)“ ccnlcnitrl' .Wi‘r"“h'~' Sl-P- LiVprOOl as ‘the North‘). Botanic Garden and is open from Stained Glass Gallery A “CW gallery "i The Merseyside Developmeni Mon—Sat lllam—Spm and Sun 2-5pm.

The Fashion Show will be held in the (‘ollege on 23 June. Contact School of

secular and religious stained glass.

. . .,. _, ._ Corporation saw the new art collection celebratmghlasgow s impressive history

as crucial in their attempts to make

in the field. . . . . l (‘raft and Design for details.

I POLLOK HOUSE zooo Pollokshaws Rotttl. “1"”me 3" '“lemal'ona' 10""5' i I romantic” umvsnstry LIBRARY 6320274. Mon—Sat loam-5pm. Sun ahraChOh- The lmmerwarehouse has a George Square. 667 1011. Mon—Fri 1-5pm. prime waterfront location. alongside a i canespm.

Neighbour to the Burrell Collection. this maritime museum, prestige shops and ' Starlit Waters is the title work in an Piecing Togetherthe Past Until 3(1June. 18th century house contains the Stirling restauranis_ihough some people have i exhibition chroniciing British sculpture Marks61) years of Edinburgh University Maxwell (‘ollection of Spanish paintings voiced worries thai ii mighi become a between 1968 and 1988. it begins wiih archaeological digs. The exhibition has

“"d Wm" "““"‘h"‘g“ warehouse now for surplus stock from . the rejection 01 conventional teachino NC“ “Md” by popular “mm and“

I PHOVAND'S LORDSHIP 3 (‘astlc Street. . . . . tie-in book. Pieces rum the Pth edited by 552 881‘). .‘vlon-—.‘Sat 10am—5pm; Sun the “who? gallery' whl'e swallowmg l by Sindems at St Mamns’ Proceedmg Trevor Watkins is afvailable from the Main 2-5pm. the reglon s 3.“ lundmg' As the gallery lhrough the use 0' prelabncalea Library Publications Dept. or from the Images 0t Glasgow L'ntil 3i July. Small openedi (ii-"Side I heard mumblings Objects to a new seaTCh tor organic Dept, of Archaeology, 1‘)—2()(}ct)rgc exhibition ofprints ofGlasgow. about ‘bits of rubber and mouldy torms in the tinal room. For me, the snttttro, £3.

Living History Week t;ntil lllJune. The bread'. ‘Bloody rubbish‘, said one man most interesting were Richard Long's I FILMHOUSE Lothittn Road. 228 6382. history of the house brought to life I _ but he and several thousand others sculptures made by walking and Mon—Sat 12.3llpm—1 1pm; Sun 630—] 1pm. through re-cnactments of scenes relatfiing were stiii queueing to see ii. sione_coiieciing. Amony Gormieyts Licensed rest.

it) it. ontttct 1 topic s Palace. 5540-..}. The original dockside fittings and human shapes. inciuding .Bed.’ eaien Institute of Fashion and advertising

or details. stonemason (“Jesse Hame createa i i t brk d in d d Photographer sAwards ThroughoutJune. ITHE SCOTTISH orsron owns 72 st '11 V 0". 0 a 0'" f ‘3 "10"" ,0 "’3 1 a", I FINE ART socrm 12 Great King Street. Vincent Street. 221 6121. Mon—Sat 9&3.“th SCU'Dled hademp- James Ah'Sh Kapoor 3 Mountain Blooming v 5560305. Mon—Sat [Dam—6pm. ‘).3(lam-—5pm. Stirling has managed to preserve the delicacy of which is accentuated by Next exhibition will ot- recent tt-ortttot-

I SPRINGBURN MUSEUM Ayr Street continuity with the rest 01 Albert Dock an enlarged ‘Do Not Touch' sign. The Geottery Roperttn Edinburgh-based artist. (adjacent to Sprinsbum Railway Station). while creating a flexible modern important role played by titles and from 9 July to o August. :5:/14t)5.!yton~Fri ll).3l)am—5pm. Sun inierior. Next to the enirance are Mark background in the perception oi 35 “"illiitlii @213)“ Young Yins rm“ emime Rothko‘s large red and black murals. exhibited art is highlighted here by ‘Art T:)f°°‘_tl33~‘ 677“ I “‘4‘” 11am-6pm: Sat I; i __ , , , V f j which seem sombre yet sympathetic. and Language‘,which evenlabels .‘"" pm; , .i ._ , .,

ocuscson an uncommon tirca oran Next dam is surrea'ism "om the Taiys f d . - (H. . ( ontemporary Scottish .irtiststhroughout exhibition—contemporaryteenagers.and , , , rames 3" a" 89" I 'omngj June. The nextexhibitionwillbeJulv. tries to do so as realistically as possible. Wheellon - 'hcmd'hg the Obscure The StrangeSt hue though is on a I FRENCH INSTITUTE 13 Randolph ' Donations for the museum‘s permanent imagery of Dali and Magritte and the glass of water, which Michael Crescent, 225 5366 Mon—Fri 9.3tlttm— 1 pm collection have be made by Chelsea girl dreamlike colours of Miro and amidst Craig~Martin claims to have changed and lino-5.30pm.

anti ('oncept Man. them, a COllBCtiOI'l Ol intriguing into ‘An Oak Tree', Asked how difficult L8 Nu All Masculin L'ntil lllJunc. Work by A Place to Slay L'mh N‘“’*""- 011001th primitive and scientific nhiecis, ihis was, he said 'No eiion ai 3”. am it six contemporary French~speaking t:.2%.:~*:.t:2::f::::::::::::::::.:::':,“ii:;"‘“° compiledbvnerrmshsurrealsr tookmevearsberore'realised'wuw straining:as::‘.::::t:::i:":“T? '_ i .b. . I ;\ ~l .‘ I _f g . . Penrose.lnthrsrnstance, more do it.‘ln3piration, perhaps,tor i . L 5“ ex 11 itlon traccst ic trans ormationin . . . . . . . listing below).

Springburn from a small village and “Planal'on I'nk'ng sucn d'll9'enl pmem'al local amSlS! “Mind I FRDITMARKET GALLERY 39 Market industrial suburb where property was amSls as Henry M0079 and Picasso Hemmihgi- Street. 225 2383. Tue—Sat Want-5.30pm: privately owned. to today's town WOUid have been helhiUl t0 the ViSilUI’. Sun l.3()pm—-5.3l)pm, Licensed cafe. dominated by council tower blocks. home Lucien Freud 18June—24July. Follows the hit-2”"? “fth Whidcn15~ majorshowingofFreud's work atthe

I THIRD EYE CENTRE 351) Sauchiehall Hayward (iallery. London. The

Slrccl‘ 332 7521' Twas"! mum—5’3“an The Fish Supper l 'ntil 11 June I ’l\l cotlhlc swedehborg hm" 31 hm“ 1””‘9 l‘irllhm‘tfl‘c‘ Will Sh‘m' “"“l‘50” Pi‘PCr‘md 5"” 3‘ 5~3hl’m- Urdu“ of miS “hibimmiiw [in L conlcrcnce room gallery early paintings and the (iallery ofModern Pavel Buchler l l June—lllJuly. ('rowd Thon'mwn \élhwum lgdi‘nhumiymwd I an ART CENTRE 3 Market Stu-c1335 Art will show a selection of-il)paintings portraits enlarged from ltcwspapcrstill umw i i 3134 ext (tom. .\lon- Sat loom. (titm, from 1947 to 1987. all btit five ofwhich they look grainy and almost ghostly. First I BLUE PARROT 4,) 8.1 “Cphcn Sm“ «7 licence-t] mic, [1)] were shown at the Hayward. See also substantial exhibition by this Prague-born UM“ ' i " school or Design and Craft 1t}- 18Junc_ The Gallery of Modern Art.

artist since he left (‘zechezlovakiain 1‘)8l. wéie'rcoioursby Kaihryn WilliamsonL-m” annual Edinburgh (‘tillegetit‘.»\rtdeurcc Neville Brody 24June—24Julytopening A” is Palasihc 11 Junc—l‘UulySwttish cnd “Hum. [)0 ml.” gmckimtiuc “mic show. \ date subject toconfirmation). Brodyhas artist Jayne Taylor raises questionsabout Shuwmu Wu'tcrcloln‘m; by um fieceni Aquisiiions 33 “[1033 Jul-V. arguahiy done morc than any other

the nature of creativity in her installations. bulkcn‘himwd 2mm. ' ' I COLERIDGE GALLERY 47h (tern-go street, graphic designer to change the face of specially commissioned for the Third I BOURNE "NE ART inundm guru «7 221113115. Mon» Sat lllam- 5.3(me. magazine design in Britain over the last Izye'sfoyerarea. 4m“ “(NFL-n “minim!” i i ' Wide selection of contemporary British ten years. A major exhibition on tourfrom 'mams “nets 1 ] Junc-mJUIy' Scottish palntin ' from the 19th and ‘(ith gli‘ss' Original Prim“ h} C‘mlcml‘mit” the v & A‘

Sydney-born artist lmantsTillers Ponders Lemurim 2‘ i a artistsantl jewellery. ' IGALLERY 0F MODERN ART Belford

the problems of Anstralian isolation in Garden Gr’am smith st (18604913Hunc I COLLECTIVE GALLERY the } {inn gin-ct. Road. 556 8921. Mon-Sat 1(1am—5pm; Sun paint. His first exhibition in Scotland. “July , “.,ltcru;l()ur\ “M 0m 22H 1261). Tue- l-‘ri 12.3()—5.3l)pin; Sat 2—5pm. Rest. [D]

IWASPS 26 King Street. 5520564. .Bunbghm‘scmc" HO‘USEmi'rd HUM itmtlnm 5.30an The Eardley Archive Until 3Sept. Sketches Mon—Fri 1(1am-5pm.A new exhibition. m 4] Princes Strum Hunks,” Chris McGlone‘ Pete Quinn and Alistair and archive material relating toJoan

shop and resource centre with information Lhmi m nifThur" {Hm _ (gm Keddie [jnhi 13mm, liardley. one ofthe dominant figuresof about all wASPS artists work. Slide T‘he sédhisph c‘rafls chilgc'ionil.lim Jun I cnnmono SCULPTURE CENTRE Murm- 2()th century Scottish painting, whodied library anti info on commissioning work. 1988 (nontcmpumn. Scottish “ii-N6“ 1 louse College. (‘ramond Road North: 25 1'01"" 2‘21" this )"'i”- A book 0“ Eardlcy I WOODSIDE LIBRARY 303 St Georges including jcmnm 'C‘Cmmi‘cs Bits. 312 60111 int :72. will be PUthhC‘l as Part Of the Scottish Road. 332 1808. textiles mmd “night“maid”;i ' Opening Exhibition Sept-[)cc 1939i Arims Masters series. price £2.95. (See also

WOW by TUlOIS at MaryhillArts Centre L'ntil Organig‘cd by IhC 51.0mm Duck‘q‘jmcm resident in Scotland are inivited tosubmit SCOIUSh (iithcryhdowl

12June. Artists exhibitinginclude Sam Agcnd ' i i proposalsfor selection. Any media. any Portraits ot Painters 15June—7 Oct. Many McVeigh (sculpture). Roy Mclnnes and . GALLERY ii) Rum] Tum“. «a format and any subject. The lllacre "fth .V‘mng hl‘mdS "i lhc wmcmp‘"ary Graham Johnstone (painting) and Sandy mi”. Mumpri “mmuhpni. out w outdoor site has grassland. woodland. 5“"‘l15himsccncarc Painted by KiChlmann (cmbf‘)idCF,V')~ Illam— 1 pm. H pond. historic walled gardens and ruins. AICXim‘lCr M‘fial- Mom" has had ample

spring Exhibmon Um“ cud Jung iiuimmb Send a maximum of 1() slides or photos "PP"”Uhh}' l" Slu‘ly hi5 §UhiCC15§ihCC he from 17()()to 1‘)4l)plus watercoloursand With “‘mmcm “"‘l SAE‘ [surthcrmm “Ugh! same onhcm at Glasgow SChOOIOf bronzes by Kate Cameron. - {mm 'mmh” 1mm“ Art'

I ADUU LEARNING pRoJECT 184 Dairy I CARLYL’E GALLERY North Briduc 557 I DAMSH CULTURAL ms‘n‘rurE 3 [)mmc Permanent collection also on show. some Road 5068. Moms-at Ilium—1mm. 1‘)th\antl 2(lth Terrace. 225 718‘). Mon-"Fri lllamr-5pm. moms may be Clmc‘j due m redecorm“m‘ Visual Poetry Until 10 June. A poetry century Scottish dcwmtiyc paintings. Artist and sculptor Per Kirkeby represents but Richard Long's Stone Line. 8135“ poster competition featuring the work of I CENTRAL LIBRARY (iconic |\' Bridge, Denmark at the (ilasgow (iarden Festival rectangle ofcut slate on view for the first Alex Neilson and pop art by Annie 235 5584_ M(,n_Fri gunpobm‘ Sui with ti sculpture built from bricks. time is well worth a visit.

O‘Temro. See also Theatre WorkshOp. yam—1pm I THE DESIGNER GALLERY 11 llasties Lucian Freud: Paintings 1947-1987 2

I BACKROOM GALLERY 4?. London Street. Sedan Chairs Until 131mm. staircgtcc (‘lose (round corner from 36‘) (iallery) July—16 Oct. Complementary exhibition 556 832‘). Mon—Sat 9am—5pm. exhibition. (‘rnyggitc‘ 335 3774. to the show at the Fruitmarket. following

“The List io—23June 1988