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162nd ANNUAL EXHIBITION of Painting, Sculpture & Architecture

23rd APRIL 13th JULY Weekdays 10am 7pm Sundays 2pm 5pm

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Contemporary Art Class by leading British and International Class Artists

Landscape Bowls and Sculptures , by Charles Bray

June 11 —]une 25

Monday Saturday 10am—5 .30pm 478 George Street, Edinburgh EH2 2HT Tel: 031 2201305

| i 46 The List to- 23 June 1988

‘» .‘3 : s Exp >‘ I‘M

§ .2: <5\\

Francis Bacon, Gallery of Modern Art, Edinburgh

Contronted by a roomlul oi paintings by Francis Bacon (currently on loan to the GMA) it’s impossible not to be struck by the persistency and almost the formality ot the way in which he distorts his painted ligures.

Dominating the room is one at his lamous studies tor the Portrait of Pope Innocent X. The image of the seated Pope in lull regalia is lifted direct lrom Velasquez who in turn followed a style established by Titian and Raphael.

The head otthe Pope in Bacon‘s


picture looks as though the Matia ha been at it and done theirworst. It‘s beaten to an anonymous and gut-churning pulp but the rest at the picture, though it looks pretty ghostly, remains recognisany within the traditional style of the Old Masters.

Forall its distortion, the painting retains a strange integrity. The violence is not so much directed at an individual, as at the very potent tradition ot portraiture. And Bacon has challenged this tradition in the most powertul way possible by attacking the head. (Sally Kinnes)

Street. 55o (685. Mon Fri ‘Iam 4.3llpm. The Scots in Australia 1 'nttl end ( )cl See also National Library.

I ITALIAN INSTITUTE 3a .\IL‘I\ ille ( 'rescent 2263173 .‘VltithI'TI Iliam 5pm (closed 1—2pm).

Pasquale Santoro Probably until end or June. but check with venue. Iitchingsand drawings inspired by TS. liliot's l-our Quartets

I KINGFISHER GALLERY 5 Northumberland Street Lane.

Royal Academy Artists L'ntil 2 July. Artists from the Roy al Academy. I.ondou. and their President. Roger dc ( trey Includes work by Sonia Lawson and Victor I’assmore.

I MALCOLM INNES GALLERY o” ( ieorgc Street. 2264151. Mon» Fri 9am (rpm: Sat It)am-— 1 pm.

General display until next exhibition Thorburn's Scotland which opens leJuIy. I NATIONAL GALLERY OF SCOTLAND 'l'he Mound. 556 8‘)21..\Ion--Sat Want-75pm; Sun 2—5pm.

Robert Herdman BSA (1829—1888) Until 20 June. Ilerdman's pictures ofdewy-eyed little girls look a little too sugary tor contemporary taste. btit he w as an accomplished Victorian painter and illustrator and this exhibition marksthe centenary ot his death.

100 Master Drawings from the Permanent Collection I 'nul 23 ( )ct, Inaugural eshibition ot. the new gallery devotedto Prints and Drawings is one hundred drawings from the permanent collection. show it in two groups MS”. The first selection (on \‘ICW until the end ot‘JuIy) includes work by Rembrandt. (‘laude and I’iratiest and represents a style ol‘and attentiott to draughtsmanship which sadly seems no longer fashionable. Redecorations and Restrictions tintil the end oi .Iune. the redecoration programme. begun with the red room last year. will cotttmue in the main groundlloor galleries. The idea is It) recall the SPITIIOI the pet iod iii w Itich the gallery wasbuilt and its architect Sir William I’Iayfair.

I NATIONAL LIBRARY OF SCOTLAND (ieorgc IV Bridge. 326453 I. Mon~Frl ‘),3tlam--5pm; Sat 9.30am— lpm; Sun 2pm— 5pm.

Scotland and Australia limit 15 Oct. The Library‘s major summer exhibition. See also I {M Register I louse. See panel.

I NETHEROOW 43 l Iigh Street. 5569579. Mons-Sat Want—4.30pm and evenings

w hen performances. (are.

Crescent Weavers t not 2n June. Small tapestries.

Landscape Photography by Roger Lee Until

2 July.