Workshop‘s week of Women's Theatre. Visual Poetry 13-20 June. Poetry as posters. See also Adult Learning Project above. I TORRANCE GALLERY 29b Dundas Street. 5566366. Mon—Fri 11am-6pm; Sat 10.30am—4pm. Frank White Until 18 June. Watercolours and drawings. I 369 GALLERY 209 Cowgate, 225 3013. Mon—Sat 10.30-5.30pm. Artists irom Peacock/An Space, Aberdeen Until 251une. Joyce Cairns, Bob McCarthy, Alan Watson Until 25 June. Three east coast artists chosen to show together for their shared interest in the sea and sea-inspired themes. Both shows are part ofa three-way tour between the Pier Arts Centre in Stromness. Peacock/Artspace in Aberdeen and the 369. I WARE ON EARTH 15 Howe Street. 558 1276. Mon—Fri 10am—6pm; Sat 10am—4pm; Sundays by appointment. Sicilian Colours Until 10June. An exhibition ofcontemporary Sicilian ceramics and paintings featuring the work of Elio Corrao and Mingari Rosario. Ceramics 14 June—9 July. First solo show by Julian Dingle. a young potter who uses Spanish-style Majolica glazes. I W.A.S.P.S. GALLERY Patriothall. Hamilton Place (near Theatre Workshop) Tue—Sun 12.30—5.3()pm. No exhibitions this month as the gallery at WASPS is being used as a workshop over the next few weeks.


I ABERDEEN ART GALLERY AND MUSEUM Schoolhill. ()224 642121. Mon—Sat 10am—5pm (Thurs until 8pm). Sun 2—5pm. Danish Graphic Art Until 25 June. Danish


A Garden in the Desert, lnverleith House, Royal Botanic Garden, Edinburgh This exhibition conironts the problem oi how to make an academic and highly specialised project generally . accessible and interesting to the non-specialist visitor, and by and large achieves its aim pretty well.

The Botanics are engaged on the vast and daunting project oi describing all the plant species lound in the Arabian peninsula - an area equivalent in size to Europe. This show, presented in association with the government oi Oman, looks at one small part at the peninsula, the so-called Island oi Green or Dhoiar in Southern Oman.

It's a tropical area on the edge oi the desert which gets more than its ialr

draughtsmanship is represented by 21 artists in this first major exhibition to Britain by the Association of Danish Graphic Artists. Tour continues to lnvcrness in July/Aug.

June Bediem New work by this powerful painter. born in Fife.

I CRAWFORD CENTRE FOR THE ARTS 93 North Street. University of St Andrews, 0334 76161 ext 591. Mon—Sat 10am-5pm. Sun 2—5pm.

Matthew Inglis Until 26 June. Artist in Residence. First residency for this Dalkeith born artist who trained in the tapestry dept. at Edinburgh University. His work now roams freely between painting. sculpture and installations. Sicilia Perduta Until 26 June. Images ofa Sicily which is now lost by photographer Giacomo Pozzi-Bellini.

I DUNDEE REP Tay Square. 0382 23530. Behind Closed Doors Until 25 June. An exhibition of prisoner‘s art. Derek Gunn and Bill Provis are serving the final partof their sentences at Noranside. an open prison near Forfar. Both took up painting or modelling ‘to pass the time‘ and both are self-taught.

I SMITH ART GALLERY AND MUSEUM Dumbarton Road, Stirling. 0382 71917. Artstravaganza Last chance for any artist living or working in Central Region to submit work for selection into this open show. Entry forms and work must be submitted by 25 or 26 June. Contact venue for entry form and full details. Successful entries will be exhibited during July and Au ust.

I STROMNESS LIBRARY Stromness. Orkney.

Soulisquoy Printmakers: St Magnus Festival Exhibition Throughout June. A touring exhibition of prints from the UK‘s most northerly printmakers workshop. which celebrates its fifth anniversary this year.

share oi climatic extremes, being alternately wrapped in mist (lor lour months oi the year) and drowned in the Monsoon. But so perlect and unique are these conditions ior some plants, that 50 species thrive here and nowhere else in the world.

The most iamous, it not the most rare plant oi the region is the Frankincense tree. Its knobbly, rather stunted-looking appearance does nothing to suggest its sacred associations, but its solidliied resin the large and most valuable drops are known as Frankincense ‘pearls’ are still much sought-after ior its pungent aroma when burned as incense.

The Frankincense tree is part oi the extensive photographic display which illustrates plants, theirtradltlonal uses and the people oi Southern Oman. Small re-constructions oi Nomadic dwellings and thoroughly catalogued items at everday lite are also well laid out and clearly labelled. Little details like the prepared Abalone, an edible shelllish much iavoured as an aphrodisiac, and a boy's circumcision shield made irom palm and goatskin all help to bring the exhibition to tile.

The last room is devoted to the beautiful botanical illustrations oi plants oi the area by Susanna Stuart-Smith. These are taken irom a very attractively produced book, ‘The Plants oi Ohoiar', recently published by the government oi Oman, co-authored by Tony Miller, botanist at the Botanics in Edinburgh and Miranda Morris. (On sale at Inverlelth House, price £35). (Sally Klnnes)

I Kids aims to provide into about events in and around Edinburgh and Glasgow for children and young people. Please send details not later than 10 days beiore publication.


Activities and Fun

I GROSVENOR CINEMA Ashton Lane. 339 4298.

Saturday Afternoon Picture Show Saturday until 19June. 2—4.3()pm. 50p. (‘hildren Film Foundation feature film. plus a serial. games and competitions. For-i—l-i ycarolds.

11 June Feature will be 'I'roublesome Double plus a Bugs Bunny cartoon.

18 June Deep Waters plus a cartoon. and a short. Peter and the Magic Liquid. This will be the last of the Saturday afternoon activities until September. but features suitable for children will play throughout the summer. First will be Police Academy 5 (PG). 8— 15 July. followed by the Jungle Book (U).

I GLASGOW GARDEN FESTIVAL Princes Dock. 429 8855 Until 26 September. ()pen every day. 10am—one hour before dusk. £5 adults. £4 students. ()APs. UB40s, £2.50 kids aged 5-16 years. free for the under 5s. Once inside. all events are free. Masses to do for children ofall ages. from the funfair style loop-the-loop roller-coaster to the giant badger set which reduces the humans who enter to the size of rabbits!

Captain Scurvy and the Sea-Sprite 13 June 11.25am.1.15pm and 3.15pmz'l‘ue 14 11.30am. 3.45pm. Wed 15 1 1.30am. 1.15pm and 3.45pm; Thurs 16 1 1 . 15am. 3pm and 4.30pm. Fri 171.15pm.3pm and 4.45pm; Mon 2011.30am. 1.15pmand 3.15pm;Tue 2111.45am.1.3()pm. 4.15pm; Wed 22 1pm. 3.30pm. 5pm. Thurs 23 11.45am. 3pm and 4pm. High jinks on the high seas in this robust and lively show for children (5-— 12 years) and parents. in which audience participation is fundamental to the action. By the Fly on the Wall Theatre Company who produce theatre for both adults and kids.

Also for details ofday-by-day activities. see Glasgow Garden Festival Diary.

I HAGGS CASTLE 100 St Andrews Drive. Pollokshields.-127 2725.

Free afternoon activities every Saturday. 2.15pm. No booking just turn up. Suitable age range given in brackets.

Sat 11 June Candle Making (8—12)

Sat18 Sugar Mice(4—7)

Sat25 Shortbread (6—9)

Booking opens 18 June, 10am for l laggs programme ofspecial daily summer activities (not Sundays). Full details. from 1 July to 16 Aug are listed below asthe activities are extremely popular and booking ahead is essential. Only two activities per child. Suitable age range given in brackets.

Fri 1 July 10.15am Nature Trail (4—7). Gingerbread (6—9); 2. 15pm Wheaten Scones (5—8). Archery (8—12).

Sat2 10.15am Dressing Up (7—12). Masks (5—8);2.1Spm Storytime Drawing (4—7). Shortbread (6-9).

Mon 4 10.15am Fans (8—12);2. 15pm Potato Prints (4—7)

Tue 510.15am Finger Puppets (5—8).

lleraldry(7-12);2.15pm Summer Sweets (4—7). llerb Bags (6—9).

Wed 6 Painting and Printing(-i—7). Archery (8—12); 2. 15pm Lavender Bags (6—9). Pancakes (5—8). Thurs 7 10.15am Street Games (7— l 2). 'l‘ussie Mussie (6—9); 2. 15pm Nature Trail (wellies and cagoules if wet) (4—7). Glove Puppets (6—9).

Fri 8 10. 15am Finger Puppets (5-8). lleraldry (7—- l2). 2. 15pm Gingerbread ((F‘i). Storytime Drawing (4—7)

Sat9‘1'he two shows (for ages 3—8 and 5—9) presented by puppeteer Phil Spellacy (at

l lam and 3pm) are part of the museum‘s special Summer livents programme. sponsored by the Festivals unit ofGlasgow District Council. (‘ontact venue for details.

Mon 11 10. 15am Pressed Flower Bookmarks (7-- I 2); 2. 15pm Marzipan Fruits (+7)

Tue 12 10. 15am Lavender Bags (6—9). Bannocks(5—S); 2.15pm('roquet(7—12). Buttermaking (4—7)

Wed 13 10. 15am llerb Bags (6—9). Weaving (7--12); 2. 15pm Masks(5—8). Nature Trail (wellies and cagoules ifwet) (4-7)

Thurs 14 10. 15am Archery (8-12). Shortbread (6—9); 2. 15pm Finger Puppets (5—8). Potato Prints (4-7)

Fri 15 10.15am Bannocks(5—8).Storytime Drawing (4—7); 2. 15pm llerb Bags (6—9), Fans (812)

Sat 15 10. 15am Boxes (#12). Wheaten Scones (5—8); Buttermaking (4-7). Glove Puppets ((+ 9)

Mon 18 (public holiday) 10. 15am Street Games(7—-12); 2.15pm Sweets(-1r—7) Tue191i).15amllerb Bags (6—9). Painting and Printing (4-7); 2. 15pm (‘roquet (7—12). Masks (5—8)

Wed 20 10.15am Pressed Flower Pictures (7—12). Nature Trail (4—7); 2. 15pm Archery (8—12). Pancakes (5»—8)

Thurs 21 10.15am Boxes (8—12). Storytime Drawing («L—7); 2. 15pm 'l‘ussie Mussie (6—9). lleraldry (7—12)

Fri 22 10. 15am Glove Puppets (6—9). ButtermakingH—7); 2.15pm Lavender Bags (6—9). Archery (8—12)

Sat 23 10.15am Victorian Entertainments (6—9). Marzipan Fruits (4—7); 2. 15pm Wheaten Scones (5—8). Dressing up (7--12)

Mon 25 10. 15am Fans (8—12);2. 15pm Potato Prints (4—7)

Tue 25 10.15am Finger Puppets(5—8). Abernethy Biscuits (#9); 2. 15pm (‘roquet (7—12). Sweets (4~7)

Wed 27 10.15amStreetGames(7—l2). Pancakes (5—8); 2. 15pm Shortbread (6—9). 'I’ile making(7—l2)

Thurs 28 10. 15am Painting and printing (4—7). Dressing up (7—12):2. 15pm Archery (8—12). ilerb Bags (6—9)

Fri 29 10. 15am Archery(8—12). ButtermakingH—7); 2.15pm Masks (5—8). Tussie Mussie (6—9)

Sat30 10.15am Boxes (8-12). Nature Trail (4—7); 2.15pm Gingerbread (6—9). Samplers (8—12) Mon 1 August 10.15am Bannocks (5—8). 2.15pm Pressed Flower Pictures (7—12) Tue 2 10.15am Victorian Entertainments (7-10), Archery (8—12); 2. 15pm Storytime Drawing (4—7), Tile making(7—12)

ABThe List 10- 23 June I988