Please phone Jonathan on 041 339 1272 (eve).

I Semi average icinalc folk . singer with good sense of


I Glasgow West End single and

i h 0 g k. 3 humour seeks band to L on I 1c rooms. w ncoo mg rchcmscygig with. Reply to Box facilities. 1e104l 334 2977. V067,] l

I Female arts graduate (23) with good secretarial skills. WP and experience. seeks creative and


I 3-bedroomed tlat wanted from 19th Sept 1988. In .‘vIurrayfieId.

interesting position in Roseburn. llaymarket or 1 Edinburgh Box N063] .1. Central Area. Please contact

goloymin. 031 3345179. SITS VAC TYPIST/SECRETAHY

I Italian student (female) requires friendly accommmlation in Edinburgh from rnid-August to end of September. Would prefer to stay with a family. Reasonable rates paid. All letters answered. BOX No 68 AC 1.

I Excellent ital ('entral Edinburgh. single double room. For considerate pcrson(s) willing/able to pay rent and share ofbills. Phone 031 558 1846.

I New Town Attractive attic flat available during July and August. Sleeps 2--3.£110—£l30 per week inclusive. Phone 031 5564706.


I Male nursing student - read ‘hardworking' (21 ) diverse interests. seeks employment August/October. Glasgow area. Almost anything considered.

.ONLY £1


.ONLY 22


.ONLY £3



The List is looking tor a fast. accurate typist to help with keying and office administration. Some WP experience helpful but not essential. Please write enclosing (Win:

The List Ltd. 14 High Street. Edinburgh ER11TE.

I Pirate TV Glasgow Edinburgh enthusiastic cine-literate. Basic post-production experience. PO. Box 502. Leith I).().. Kirk Street. Edinburgh.

SERVICES/TRAVEL 25 words maximum

.ONLY £4

PERSONAL 30 words maximum. Rate inc Box No which must be used.


£2 per col cm. Min 3cm (£6). (Phone 031 5581191 tor details)

OL , s

actor. teacher. (ilas‘gow West I End.04l 3346608.

ANNOUNCEMENTS I Vocal coaching by professional

I Shopping Service Anything . . .

H singcrteacher. Allsinging vouwantsent fromI.ondon. ~ . . ~ '. - y . y styles. Advice on voice £3.50fee plus l ' h t. m n H hm l

item cost. Requests to Mr I H l L u q

Sneddon. 67 Aberdeen Road. | 11650": [(lmsgigw and London ss 2x13. "" ‘1'” “’“L

I Help! I need somewhere to .ffFrensl: W???” “Since. sellmyjewellery this Festival. 0 “L 3) mm“ Sp“ . Ln.“ (irassmarket Plavfair. etc. Anv “Changc for gcncml Izngllsh space to share'.’ l‘Il Pa)‘ half. 'l'el puma“ Plum“ “31 5563534

' 031 229 7884. Ask forJames.

I Otters please opera magazines 1967— 1987. Bound complete. (ilasgow. Kclyittdalc. 041 357 3048.

I Don‘t hide your lighI under a bushel. Advertise it in

the BL'Y é: SELLsection

I Emergency lighting system tor sale. Ideal for small to medium scale Edinburgh l-‘estival Fringe venue. Easily installed. Complies with licence requirements. Telephone 0315569771.

I Are you sell employed? Accountants' lees too much? I lave your accounts and tax returns prepared for a competitive fee by Mark Noonan. Tel 031 554 8262. I Therapeutic massage

I Acting mmon and coaching for A powerful treatment for aches and pains. stress and strains.

alltypesofauditionsand I _ I I f Swimwmk- meCSSmnal ! In t 1c privacy o yourown

Looking for a mate. a job. somewhere to stay. an audience. a market place. a soap-box? Get

in touch with thousands of people in (ilasgow and

Edinburgh by taking out a classified ad in The 1.151.


I Physics and Maths taught to Higher standard. Individual tuition by highly qualified. experienced teacher. £9.50 hour. 6-week maths course available over the summer vacation. 'I'elephone 0413339334. Use your loal! Make bread. Share your know-how through our PRIVATE TUITION column.

Name Address

Tel No Message category

(day) level

Messa e—note: tel nos count ast word

No of issues Payment encl. Classltled deadline for Issue 69 is Fri 17 June.


home. Phone Ray Majoron

0875 30376. I Contemporary Stained Glass

from Blue Sun Stained (ilass

Studio. Design. construction and installation. 'l’raditional styles and restoration work also carried out. Tel: 041 632 7178.

I FACTOTUM 0 We specialise in flat letting. factoring and property management.

We organise everything from inventories and leases. to cleaning and repairs. Quickly. efficiently andeconomically.

O FACTOTUM 0 We take care ofeverything. 0312201838

: I Van and driver for hire. Small

or light removals. Single items. Also bands and discos.

Anythingconsidered. Preferably (ilasgow area.

Phone Jason 041 6361048.

I Russell O'Brien Textile Printing Company Fine art fabrics for interior, fashion designers. Special projects. theatrical. contract printing. personally designed fabric. 'I'-shirts. For informationsamples phone 031 659 6578.

I Memories old photographs expertly copied 10in x8in£3.50; 7in x 5in £2.50; sepia tone 75p extra. Negative not required. Mail order 50p extra.


1. Print Name, Address and Message in BLOCK CAPITALS. 2. All ads must be prepaid - enclose cheque/PO with form. ' Cheques/POs to be made payable to The List Ltd. 3. Replies to Box Nos will be torwarded once per tortnight. 4. The List reserves the right to retuse any ad. 5. No liability can be accepted for mistakes or tortorwar'ding replies. 6. Replies to Box Nos must be clearly marked ‘BOX NO XXX' in top lett-hand corner at envelope. 7. All correspondence to: Classilied Ads The List Ltd 14 High Street Edinburgh EH1 1TE Tel: 031 5581191.

66 The List 10— 23 June 1988