Artif—Arti. Sauchiehall Centre (opp Boots). Sauchiehall Street. Glasgow.

I Be original We do decorative paintwork for walls and furniture. Stencilling. marbling. spongcing etc. We would be pleased to discuss your ideas. For consultation. samples. free estimate. phone (I31 331 4094.” ()31331 1789.

I Aromatherapy in Glasgow Massage. the ancient art. with aromatic oils. brings rejuvenation and relaxation. For appointment. phone Natural Body Care on (I41 357 I604

soy-eme ms 5. exam wz-x : s7: 5:..." cs FOR ALL POSTER AND LEAFLET DISTRIBUTION REQUIREMENTS

For further 'n‘ovmatmn telephone

031-667 9588

S::"s:'e;2:. . 4-3"'&§ .: sir-1.554

I Decorating Newington Decorators I.td. Professional tradesmen and specialists in hanging fine papers. stripping and waxing doors etc. Ring 031 4400094.

IJoinerJIfi. Duggan. Reliable tradesman. All types of joinerwork undertaken in Central Scotland. Phone Penicuik 76565.


I Women's Sailing Holidays on 35ft yacht. Learn. improve. enjoy sailingon sunny South

You wouldn‘t believe halfofwhat‘s happened this week. Neither do I and I was there. I finally got a minute to myselfat a quarter to three last

Friday morning on the Waverley

Bridge. when for once one ofour Nightlifers wasn‘t on patrol. Dawn

was already on its way up over Salisbury Crags and the Castle

frowned on the city like an anxious father waiting for a sixteen year-old to come home. It was warm. But not warm enough to go barechested as was the boy standing next to me swigging from a bottle of Bulmer‘s.

A madman tried to sell me a secondhand copy of the Daily

Record. In Princes Street a fleet of street-cleaning vehicles crept along like a depleted herd of elephants.

Coast. Channel Islands. Brittany. Long and short breaks. Please phone for brochure: 0703 3674‘).


I Fed up with your social life? Informal mixed group invite others. single. aged 20—35. for fun nights out at clubs. concerts. theatre. etc. Glasgow and I.anarkshire area. Box No67 7. I Charming student from the Himalayas in Glasgow (35) seeks cross-cultural friendship from attractive ladies for fun. conversation. movies. hill- walking and exploringother mutual interests. Reply assured. Box No ()8 I.

I Male (30) postgraduate research marketing. Glasgow. seeks affectionate female (20—35) for interesting and honest relationship. ALA. Contact Box .\'o6h’ 2.

I Professional male (25) recently moved to Glasgow- from London. Iinjoys theatre. cinema. arts and talking. Would like to meet intelligent and fun girl ( 18—27) to share these interests. Photo appreciated. Box No 683.

I Male (27) seeks caring. unattached female (22—28) to share interest in sports. walking. trips to countryside. and alternative lifestyles. Glasgow- area. Box No 68 4.

I Post-graduate male student (27) seeks a compatible attractive girl to divulge secrets in Scottish culture. language. arts. amusement. Letterand photo please. Box N068 5.

I Off-beat. cat-loving company director (2‘)) seeks bubbly young lady for some sparkle in his life. Iidinburgh area. All replies answered. Box Noob‘ 6.

I Lonely gay (28)seeks

non-intellectual. easy -going guy

to spend those long summer evenings ahead. Interests include cinema. theatre. hi-fi. and lazy fun times with you. I’idinburgh area. Box .\'o68 7. I Sincere. unattached male 37 btit not over hill. Interests: cinema. theatre. music. restaurants. cooking. sport. Looking for compatible lady with young outlook. (ilasgow area. for socialising. weekend jaunts and generally having fun. Box N008 S.

THE LIST PERSONAL ADS are designed for individuals to meet other individuals for l : I relationships. We reserve the

right to reftise any advertisement without explanation. Circulars. promotional literature and offensiy e material are not forwarded where discovered. If you recciy e such material with your Box replies please let its knoyy. Write. enclosingthe material. to: Classified Ads Dept at The 1.151.

I Father (28) and son (2V2) seek famin company of parent or parents. and child or children. for Sunday afternoons in the park. in Glasgow area. Reply to Box No ()8 f).

I Professional female (28) re-cntering social sphere. enjoys cinema. theatre. music etc. but

Streetlife; nightlife; good life; dog‘s life; lowlife; highlife; life in the fast lane: life in the gutter; the meaning of lif after dark in



hour to kill before the next bus I strolled round the station. I could have sung ‘Ain't Misbehavin‘ and no one would have heard me. In Market Street the Doric was closed but

with a dead cow on a stretcher and Cherry heekling a speaker who‘d promised two minutes and then had

open to suggestions. seeks male (26—35) young at heart. for evenings out in Glasgow. Box Noth III.

I Glasgow male (23) tall. attractive Merchant City- dweller. seeks romantically- inclined female (18—30) for long-term lasting relationship. Likes rock music. theatre. cinema. alcohol and laughing. Box Noth I l .

I Night owl (33) seeks chirpy female wren to lure him away from ivory tower. Box No68/12. I Free holiday in Ireland till September? Then Morocco for winter'.’ Writer seeks woman to take on his travels. Intelligent. tin-neurotic maybe with own artistic commitments?

Photo phone number please. Box No 68’13.

I Bored. plain, romantic guy(22) likes music. films. partiesand fun. Looking for similar girl Iidinburgh anywhere to help me out of a rut. So why not try a reply"? Box No 68 1-1.

I Newly 'out' lesbian (30) living in Glasgow. wishes to meet new people to brighten up a quiet social life. Can you help me out of this rut'.’ Please reply to Box N068 15.

I Edinburgh female (21) fed up following the crowd. seeks warm. philosophical friends (male female. gay straight). Interests: art. literature. The Smiths. l low soon is now'.’ Box N068 If).

I Don't need a man-hater. dotible-dater. yella-bellied alligator. I need a woman. Slim. affectionate. non-ugly.

, letters. photos. Box .\'o6S‘ If)

Bonnie Prince who had put on a bit ofweight since Culloden. I le obviously thought he was tuned to my wavelength. I offered a smile which which meant I was saying nothing until my lawyer arrived. Ile misinterpreted. l-lis accent was part Leith. part intoxication. Ive been to the casino.‘ he said. and told me a long story about how it was daft to bet. how the casino was full of Chinese and how he didn‘t gamble himselfbut stuck to vodka at l; l .20 a shot. ‘Five star it is there.‘ he said. ‘And all the peanuts you can eat .‘ I admitted this was indeed wonderful and looked around for help. Everyone was otherwise engaged. Two buses had arrived. neither of them a 204. At the door ofone a pair

pro-feminist man (36) seeks similar woman (20-30) for equal caring relationship. Edinburgh. Box N068 I7.

I Male (25) graduate. humorous. intelligent. seeks female for conversation and laughter. Box .\'o6.\‘ IS.

Somebody out there wants to know you. Write to the PERSONALcolumnof l’lit'l H! and find out w ho'.

I Green Socialist male Edinburgh. Interested in country walks. books. music. theatre. social science. philosophy. seeks interesting lefty female. Non-smoker essential. vegetarian all the better. I'm mid—30s. Iixchange

I Morag It's my turn to apologise for not appearing. Thanks for the letter. but I didn‘t get it in time. What'syour new number? Please get in touch again. 'I'om. Contact Box No ()8 20.


their trunks sucking up the night‘s detritus. polystyrene Wimpeys. crushed cans of Carlsberg Special. copies of War Cry with the crossword completed. The night was scented with wallflowers. the stale smell of faded perfume and disco sweat. No one would have been surprised to see David Attenborough stagger out of the Gardens with a camera crew and interview stragglers as if they were Masai.

A quarter of an hour earlier I had tried for a nightcap in the Oxford Bar. No one wanted my money. There‘s a lot oftosh talked about our liberal drinking hours. With halfan

rambled on for twenty. ‘At least it will give you something to write about.‘ the boy said. When last seen he and the Angels were gathering up the complimentary miniatures which stuporous guests had left behind.

I made the mistake oflooking up and caught the eye of Bonnie Prince Charlie. ‘Grand night.‘ he said. before I could look away. ‘Aye.’ I mimed. not wanting to wake what I took to be a chapter ofthe National Front who were sleeping vertically only a whisper away. I prayed I had killed the conversation. IfI had. it rose from the dead. ‘Stick to your quota. that's what I say.‘ said the

ofpipe-cleaners. genetically indistinguishable. were saying farewell. They owed nothing to Ingrid and Humph in (limb/mica. There was the usual petition for cash. I gave a punk 20p to get to Pilton. Had he asked I would have bought him a ticket to Dubai. When the 204 arrived I jumped aboard and rolled myselfinto a ball like a hedgehog. BPC collapsed beside me. His breathing did not inspire confidence. [joked that my mouth-to-mouth technique was a little rusty. ‘Who the f‘ do you think I am'?‘ asked the Prince.

‘F‘ ‘ing Ron Brown'."

across the road the nightclub was still admitting. Two guys and four tattoed arms steered a giggly slit skirt towards the door. An Incredible Hulk in a dinnerjacket melted inside. like a penguin in a microwave.

I felt terribly lonely. I walked back on to the Bridge. Untidy parcels of people had accumulated. each face as pallid as a plate ofcreamed rice. I made myself invisible. reading the menu of the dinner I had been to eight hours too late. It sounded good. It was good. Then I remembered the pipers marching in

The List 10- 23 June 1988 67