FRIDAY 10 Tom The Man 8: The Angry Reactions; Alex Dalgleish;

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SATURDAY 11 Billie Ibidun; Black Diamond; Tam White

Don't miss Scotland's SUNDAY” International Dance Festival “mmsmmsm‘cmmpam

Breakfast); Bill Fanning Dance

Band (Tea Dance) The Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama, ESNEAY 13 Renfr w St, Glos ow 59 e g TUESDAY 14

Third Eye Centre, 350 Sauchleholl St, Glasgow Billie Ibidum; Rod Paterson (jazz);

Venues throughout Strdtholyde Dave Batchelo, (jazz) WEDNESDAY 15 200 events in just eight days for dance i331?)me l:Dbtswphemim(1m): . . . . . o y 18 at enthusrasts of all ages abilities and Interests. THURSD AY16 Country Pride; 0 Shoot-out (a real performances live gunfight!!); Texas Moon; Cbsses Just Another Year FRIDAY 17 qukShOPS Ian Bruce; Swamptrash; Zoot ReSIdenCIes La Shoot Specral Needs Events SATURDAY 18 Community Events Eona Craig Vaudeville Band; Black Diamond SUNDAY 19

, _ George Forrest (Champagne 70 leading companies and teachers from Breakfast);Bill Murdoch (Tea

France, the Netherlands, Denmark, Ger— 51:3“) many. 1 he Soviet Union, Africa, India and CIOSZJEAYZO Britain. TUESDAY 21

Jacqueline Gilbride; Tom The Man

. . . & The Angry Reactions; Spike H'ghhgms 'nClUde (blues/jazz); Kit Carey

Compagnie Preljoca j (France) WEDNESDAY 22 Dansgroep Krisztina de Chatel (Holland) Honest 5am & The Dealers; AfiiSTS from the KirOV Ballet Company Georgia Cotton Pickers; Nebraska and the Soviet State of Todzhikiston. THURSDAY 23. Jali Musa Jawari (N. B. more to be arranged)

Tickets available from the Royal Scottish FRIDAY 24

Michael Ventisei (jazz guitar); Academy, Renfrew Street, Glasgow. Banjo Cocktail; AfterEightMince SATURDAY 25 0 4 'l _ 3 3 2 _ 5 0 5 7 Eona Craig;Dick Broad&The Fallen Goats Free brochure from Assemny Theatre, From 6pm—1am Assembly Rooms, 54 George Street, Tuesday—Saturday Edmburgh Sundays: bring the family to Champagne Breakfasts 11am—2pm


(.‘\ and Tea Dances 2.30—5.30pm HERA”)

i. ,_../ hm,“ wage {3W 3:23;; 72 Clyde Street, Gl