Silver. 92 mins. A group ofmiddle-aged. middle-class businessmen have a regular date to play jazz together as a relaxation from the pressures of their lives. When they are hired for a professional engagement at a small resort the gigadds unexpected problems to what had once been just fun. A humorous and perceptive sleeper showing on this occasion with the accompanying added attraction of live jazz on stage with vocalguitar duo Melanie O‘Reilly and Francis Cowan. Glasgow: GFT I A Handful of Dust ( PG) sh» (Charles Sturridge. LIK. I987) James Wilby. Kristin Scott Thomas. Rupert Graves. Judi [)ench. ll8 mins. See Panel. Glasgow: Cannon Sauchiehall Street. Edinburgh: (‘ameo I Hellraiser ( l8) (Clive Barker. UK. I987) Andy Robinson. Claire Higgins. Ashley Laurence. 92 mins. A horror picture with a well-constructed plot. strong characters. haunting images and special effects that actually serve the storyline. Minor blemishes along the way. but an auspicious debut from writer Clive Barker. Edinburgh: Cameo. IThe Hitchert 18) (Robert Mandel. US. 1986) Rutger Hauer. (7. Thomas Howell. .lennifer Jason Leigh. 98 mins. Drowsy driver Howell gets more than he bargains for when he picks up psycho-hitcher llauer in this genuine edge-of-the-seat suspenser. Edinburgh: Filmhousc I Hope and Glory ( 15 1 (John Boorman. l'K. 1987) Sarah Miles. David llayman. lan Bannen. Susan Wooldridge. l 12 mins. A deceptively simple but perfectly crafted slice ofwartime nostalgia that paintsa warm and witty portrait ofthe adventurous childhood of the boy who would be John Boorman. Now a leading ()scar contender with 5 nominations. Edinburgh: Dominion. Filmhouse. Ilronweed(151(ilecior Babenco. L'S. I987) Jack Nicholson. Meryl Streep. (‘arroll Baker. l4} mins. Drunken hobo Nicholson returns to a hometown and family he had abandoned twenty years previously following the death of his infant son. lntimations ofhis own mortality and the need to make peace with the ghostsof his past have driven him back. Remarkably engrossing examination of blighted lives and the underside ofthe American dream known as failure set during the dying days ofthe inter-War depression. [Excellent performances all-round. moody camerawork and composition; a potentially dour drama of dereliction has been transformed into an American classic. Glasgow: Odeon. lidingurgh: Odeon. I Jagged Edge ( l8) (Richard Marquand. 115. I985) Glenn Close. JeffBridges. Robert Loggia. lli9mins. Bridges stands accused of the brutal slayingof his wealthy wife. Close is the defence lawyer whose involvement with her client dangerously mixes business with pleasure. Antiquated. unremarkable courtroom whodunnit. (ilasgow : (irosvenor. I The Jazz Singer (1? ) (Alan (‘ms-Iand. l’S. I927) Al Jolson. May McAvoy. Warner Oland. Myrna Loy. 89 mins. A cinematic landmark. widely acknowledged as the first all-talking picture although it contains a mere 291 (count‘em ) words. Jolson is a cantor‘s son caught between his devotion to family and tradition. and his need to express a (ind-given talent for jazz singing that his father feels is sacrilegious. (ilasgow: Cil‘T I Jungle Book ( U ) (Wolfgang Reithcrman. US. 1967) With the voicesof (ieorge Sanders. Louis Prima. 78 mins. (irowing up in the jungle. young Mowgli learns from the animals around him. Enjoyable Iatterday Disney. along way after Kipling. but the songs are wonderful. Glasgow: Odeon. I King of the Marvin Gardens ( 18H Bob Rafelson. US. 1972) Jack Nicholson. Bruce [)ern. Ellen Burstyn. 104 mins.

‘CROCODILE’ DUNDEE || "hi .‘ ._ 31"?!" “f '

placed to outwit any loolhardy opposition.

Dundee l had a few belly laughs. an unassumingly gallant hero and the culture clash of a canny backwoodsman showing up the absurdity of the urban dweller. The sequel has a paucity of litters, a perfunctory loose-fitting excuse of a plot and an awesome protagonist who has shed some of his appealing self-mockery. What was once possessed of a likeable easygoing spirit, now seems forced and slackly-paced by debutant director John Cornell. With the inspiration gone, all that remains is the perspiration ol the failed effort to make lightning strike twice, a process not assisted by Hogan‘s determination to underplay every moment, pushing the laconic towards the catatonic. It seems a shame that what will undoubtedly prove one of the year's most popular releases should also be its most tedious. (Allan Hunter)

'Crocodile' Dundee II (PC) (John Cornell, Australia, 1988) Paul Hogan, Linda Kozlowski, John Meillon. 111 mins. The mildly humorous and largely inoffensive ‘Crocodile' Dundee was, for reasons best known to the great unfathomable public, the biggest global attraction of 1986. Its dollar-drunk makers have followed the perfectly logical reasoning that there is an eager public for a further helping of the same. A sequel endowed with the more accessible (PG) certificate is little more than a critic-proof licence to print money. However, in this instance more is less.

Mick Dundee now lives in Manhattan with his journalist girlfriend Sue. When an err-husband sends her incriminating photographs of unsavoury violence by Colombian drug barons, she is kidnapped. Mick ambles to the resuce but then they both become targets for the hoods. Deciding to take refuge in a quiet haven of peacable tranquillity they head for Mick's backyard in Walkabout Creek where he is ideally

Nicholson is the host of a controversial late-night radio show . obsessed with creating a tragic autobiography for his listeners. A phone call from his elder brother Dem summons him front Philadelphia to Atlantic City where a wild scheme is unveiled to buy a holiday island offthe Coast of Hawaii. l'nfortunately. Dern is also heavily involy ed with ruthless black marketeers.

L'nforgettably atmospheric. elliptical twilight drama of fading dreams. batter ed hopes and rueful remembrances of things past. An unarguably great film and part of a splendid double bill of Rafelsori's work Edinburgh: (‘ameo IThe Kitchen Toto( 15)(llarry Hook. t ‘K. 1987) Edwin Mahinda. Bob Peck. l’hy lis Logan. 95 mins. Kenya. I951). Mwangi. a young Kenyan boy witnesses the murder of his preacher father by the Man Man. Taken on by the local British police chief as a kitchen toto. he becomes caught in the crossfire between the vestiges ofcolonial rule and the iney itable struggle for freedom. (ilasgow: (irosyenor.

I A Lonely Human Voice (l5 ) ( Alexander Sokurov. l'SSR. 1978) In termsof cinema. one of the most heartening by-products of (ilasnost has been the release to the West of a number of previously suppressed films. including work by Ellem Klimov and Alexei German. Alexander Sokurov‘s film. an unorthodox rendering of the same short story from which Konchalovsky adapted

.llurru's [.01 en. w as once under such threat from the authorities that he kept the only copy under hisbcd \ow thethrcctor himself has been allowed out of the country to introduce this screening and take part in a discussion w rtli the audience on the thaw iii Soy iet altitudes tolilmrc freedom. l-dinburgh. I'ilmhouse I Mad Max ( 18) (( ieotgc .‘ylillei . Australia. W79) Mel ( iibson. 99mins Amidst the ruins of a society not toolar into the future. tough cop Ma\ liurilsdow n the thugs who killed his w ilc andchild. l‘llL'y‘lH e r‘ey enge tale with deathdetyirig stunt work It made ( irbson astar. (ilasgoyy (itosy error, I Maybe Babyt l5 l (John ( i, .-\y ildseii. LS. 1987) Molly Ringwald. Randall Hatiiikolf. 98 units A cotiplc of topnotc 11 students look set lot success. but toornuch carefree honking in the rain leads toa pregnancy that is initially unwanted Despite parental brouhaha. and the disruption of career prospects how ey cr. they go ahead and hay e the child

Well meaning attempt at substituting the Usual teen romance glrt/ w rtli a harder edge of domestic realism. w ith Molly Ringwald'sdominant presence steering the picture though the odd ruaw krsli rriisjudgernent (ilasgow. (‘ariiion SauchiehallSt l'.diiibtii'gli.('arinon I The Monstequuad ( 15) ( l-r-ed l)Cl\kCl . l “’37) Allsll'L' ( itiWe‘t l{l)l‘ll:y Kiger. Stephen Macht 83 ruins (‘haotic arid insultrrigly ludicrousbubble—gum


nu.) .

cinema in which Count Draculadescends on smalltow ii America to acquire possession of an ancient amulet that.once a century. can tip the balance between good and evil. (‘alling on the services ofa few close friends he also conjures upthe Mummy . Wolfman. creature from the Black I agoon and Frankenstein‘s Monster (a treacherously good-hearted softy in ( iary (ilitter hand me downs). No sign of the lriy isible Man though. Theorily opposition comes from a gangof

ady enture-loy ing riioppcts who decide to light the good light tosaye marikindfrom eternal darkness.

A joke-infested tray esty' that doesa major disservice to the glorious Universal fantasy tradition by turning the monsters into cardboard cut-out opponents for the (irmiiies generation. (iiy en the levelof juy eriile nonsense that prevails it secmsa shame about the certificate. Definitely a case oftoo many ghouls spoiling thebroth. (ilasgow : ()dcori. Salon. lidinburgh: ()dcori. ('eritral: ('annon. Strathcly'de: Cannon. Kelburrie. ()deoii Ayr.

I A Month in the Country ( l’( 1 ) 1 Pat ()'('oniior.l'K.1987)(‘oliril"irth. Kenneth liranagh. Natasha Richardson. 97 mins l‘horoughly decent iffarfront enthrallingadaptationoftlieJl .(‘arr noy cl in which two World War()ne

y elct‘atts try to come to terms with peacetime and the lingering traumasof their experiences in the trenches,

Sciisrtiyely handled. finely photographed and admirably performed. but lacking one iota of passion. (ilasgow; (il-"l'

I MODI‘ISITUCMH i) (Norman.lewisori.

[8. 198") ( 'her. Nicolas ( ‘age. ()lympia l)uk.rkis. ltltl nuns. 'l‘horoughly winning romantic comedy w rtli ( ‘heron

()scar' -w inning lorrii as a dowdy young

w rdow w ho accepts a proposal of marraige lr om a man she does not love in return for

a sale and secure future. Asked to clear up some had blood with liisyourig brother it is aiiéifzigiisaégasses?i . gimme - I. ‘~ fl! '

3‘. .1. .i’aibg “- sub


r7. . ', . J’ gag?) i;.’ -:"~i\:.‘." Sci“

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