presents more of London‘s new comedy acts. Tonight The Wise Monkeys and The Chttffinels.

I The Bad News BearS(BBCl)

11.50pm ~l.3llam. Walter Matthau asa baseball coach given a hopeless team of children to train. Willi Tatum ()‘Neal as the girl pitcher who helps save the day. A touch sentimental btit often very funny. Made iii 1976. ITheTempler((‘4)12.15—2.)5am.

Anglo-Italian drama with (ilenda .lacksoti as the head ofa Rome Convent thrown itito disorder by the arrival of a writer assigned to help a Polish Priest write his memoirs. Made in W74. it boasts one of Jackson's fittest performances and a list of w riters which includes lidna ()‘Brien.

I Lipstick(Scottish) 13.3ll—2.2(lam. Mercifully otily a TV version of the sorded little filtn abottt a rape victim (Mariel llemmingway) who takes revenge into her own hands. (1976)


I Mon Oncle((‘4) lll.3llam—-13.30pm. JacquesTati as M. lltilot in the classic comedy where he attentpts to get togrips with the modern world.

I Athletics (C4) 9— 10.30pm. l.iv e from Oslo. the Dream Mile. with Steve Cram and Peter lilliott. There will also be coverage on Scottish Television.

I Parkinson One-To-One (Scottish) l().2(l--l l .llSpm. Cliff Richard talksto Parky who seems to be showing how he can do interview shows iii his sleep.

I Monsignor (Scottish) 11.35pm - 1 .45am. Christopher Reeve in a laughable melodrama about a felandering priest. Made iti 1982.


I Stephen Roach (C4) (y-7pm. Profile of the cycling champion on the eve ofthe start of the Tour De France. The programme is followed by a preview ofthe this year's race.

I The Waugh Trilogy ( BBCZ) 7.45—8.45pm. Welcome repeat ofthe series on Evelyn Waugh w hich contained those tnctnorable contributions from Graham Greene who wouldn't allow hitnself to be filmed. with the result that his Contributions were accompanied by still photography.

I The Vicious Circle (Scottish)

l(l.3()—l l .3(lpni. Yorkshire TV documentary on the topical subject of child abuse.

IThe Comancheros (C4)

10.55pm ~13. 15am. John Wayne goesafter a gang supplying guns to the Comanchcs. Made in I961 with Lee Marvin sharingthc


I Captain Eddie (Scottish) 1.55—3.55am. Fred MacMurray in forties avaition drama about Eddie Rickenbacker. Made in 1949.


I Scottish Action (Scottish) o.3o—7pm. Last programme in the series which examins the links between violent crime arid alcohol; a discussion of the issues raised.

I The Tour De France ((4) (v.3ti—7pm. First in three weeks of daily reporting ofthe great cycle race.

I Rough Guide to Europe ( BBCZ) (1.30-7.25pm. Inspired by the travel books series. The Rough Guides this is a young persons guide to city life in Europe. Starting with Amsterdam.

I The lndomitable Teddy Roosevelt ( (‘4) 8.30— 10.20pm. American dratna documentary on the life and titnc ofthe

American President narrated by (ieorge C


IAids Update (Scottish) 10.35— 10.45pm. Muriel Gray presents ati update on the killer disease following last year'smedia saturation coverage. There will be two further updates on Wednesday and Thursday.

Iln Verse (Scottish) l.l(L-4. lllpni. 0); so you stayed up for all those programtncson Scots poets. Now the ultimate challenge. (iaelic poetry for three hours with poets lain Crichton Smith and Derick Tomson.


I Room For Change (Scottish) 2.3(l—3pm. The interior design programme visits the bathroom.

I Up and Coming ((4) (s-rthtpm. Repeat of the series of readings recorded before a live audience of tip and coming poets. kicks of with Liz Lochhead. who I think we could safely say has tip and come.

I Time Bomb (Scottish) S—lilpm. Bomb is the appropraitc word for this though its also true to say no one had time for thisTV movie pilot for an abandoned series. Stars Billy Dee Williams and Joseph Bottomsas cops foiling an attempt to hijack a consignment of nuclear weapons grade plutonium.

I First Tuesday (Scottish) 10.35-1 1 .45pm. Two films in the monthly documentary series. The first is documents an sadly everyday incident in Northern Ireland and the involvement ofthe Peace and Reconciliation service in bringing a family back together again. while the second'ts about the still closed-to-western-cyes country. Albania.

IAlterlmage ((4) 11.30—1 1.55pm. New series of ( ‘4's visual arts programme which includes jazz dancers lDJ. a Japanese (ihost story adapted by John Schofield and the Bulgarian folk group. Trio Btilgarka.

I Running Late (C4) 11.55pm—2am. New series of the sports discussion programme chaired by ()hsert'er Editor. Donald Trelford.

I Way Out West: Bandolero! (Scottish) 2.40—2.35pm. Western action withJames

Music, wine and savouries with

7.45 pm


Haydn; Tchaikovski, Beethoven Edinburgh Quartet 031 332 8691

contemporary Scottish paintings in Edinburgh’s Georgian New Town

The Edinburgh Quartet at St Bernard’s Church, Stockbridge

Tickets £6

(concessions available) from:

Queen’s Hall 031 668 2019 Usher Hall 031 228 1155

Stewart. Dean Martin and Raquel Welch. Made in l968.


I Bells Scottish Open (BBCZ) l lam—noon. 2—5.45pm. Coverage of the Scottish Golf Open. where Sandy Lyle will be hopingto repeat his success at the British and 17S Masters.

I The Games of 48 (Scottish ) 9— l llpm. With the Seottl ()lympics just a couple of months away. Brian Moore looks back at the London games of W48 and discovers how life and sporting ethics have changed. I Pride of Place (C4) 1 l . l5pm— l2.2()am. American architecture series looks tipat the skyscrapers.

I Elvis 56 (C4) 1 1.35pm— 12.50am. Documentary on the year that transformed lilvis Presley into a super star.

I The Wizard of Waukesha ( (‘4)

1250— 1 .55am. Featuring l.e'/. Paul. one of the earliest exponents of the electric guitar.


I Breaking the Habit ( Scottish)

lll.4S-~l 1.15pm. Thames Television series on the dangers of alcohol. The first programme. “The Drttg We Drink‘. explores the limits ofsafe drinking.

I Viv Richards in Conversation ((4)

l 1.20pm’ l2.2()am. The West Indian cricketer talks to l ltigh Mcllvanney.


You can tell that summer is here. because the schedules are fttll of roadshows and Festivals. While RZ's Festival olMusic. introduced by Richard Baker. comes to its popular if insipid end on Sat 25 Jtitic at 7.30pm. R3 is at the Aldeburgh Festival on the satne day with a live relay from the Stiape Maltitigs ( R3. 8.30pm). Festival Director. the pianist Murray Pcrahia. joins the Vermeer String Quartet for this live broadcast which includes works by Mendelssohn. Brahms and Schubert.

A festival of a different kind getsan airingon Radio Three on Zthine at9pm in a simulcast with BBCZ. l.ive frotn the Almeida Festival in London. lngrid Caven the (ierman singer atid actress. once married to Fassbinder. gives a performance of her celebrated. bitterly funny. cabaret which includes texts by her and her ex-husband. Coverage ofthe Almeida Festival continues on R3 on Sunday 3 July with a newly commissioned linglish translation by poet Christopher Logtie of ‘()ral Treason' by Mauricio Kagel.

lit the second halfofthe fortnight. attention is switched to the Cheltenham Festival and its celebration of the 200th anniversary of the visit of (ieorge III who made the place famous by taking the waters. with three live music relayson Radio’l‘hrcc. The first. ( R3. Sunday 3 July. I latn) features the [indellion String Quartet with pieces by l laydn and Mozart followed by more Mozart and Richard llickox conducting the City of London Sinfonia in the composer‘s 'Adagioand Fuge in C minor (R3. Monday 4Jtily. 8pm). and finally a concert given by the Academy of Ancient music. directed by Christopher llogwood in the presence of The Duchess of Gloucester. where again the music is by Mozart and llaydn ( R3. Thursday 7July. 8pm). During the intervals in the first two concerts. Angela Down will keep up the period mood with readings from Funny Barney 's (‘ltelrerihum I )iury.

Brian Matthew is Radio Two‘s Festivals' man - over the years he's performed an underrated task in publicising the Edinburgh Festival with his regular. atmospheric broadcasts from the city.

He's at the Chichester Festival again this fortnight with Around Midnight (R2. ch 29Jtine. l 1.02pm). and Marian Montgomery. Robin Sarstedt and Instant Sunshine will be performing on the programme as Matthew talks to the personalities appearing in the Festival.

Radio Four has its own festival with Winners which celebrates the BBC wins in the Giles Cooper and Sony Radio Awards of last year. Included is The Village Fete. Peter Tinniswood‘s play for the Saturday Night Theatre slot (R4. Sat. 25 .lune. 7.45pm). which starred Maurice Denhatn and Shirley Dixon. Tomticltetatorn where musicians describe being sent tip the wall by the complicated. repetitive. rhythmsof Ravel's ‘Bolero' ( R4. Sunday. Zthine. 3pm). and Waiting for Mrs Forbes. Ray (iosling's account of the lifestyle ofthe Rev Kenneth Forrester. Anglican chaplain of Pati iii the foot ofthe Pyrenrtes.

Possible contenders for future Sony awards might be found among sotne ofthe other Radio Four offerings this week. In Peter White talks ( R4. Fri. 1 July I 1.45am) the presenter of R4's programme for the blind In ‘l'ntte/t. who himself has been blind since birth. begins a seriesof atitobiographical talks. I retnembcrhis moving description the challenge ofthe first time he collected the shoppitig for his mother by himself. so will be looking forward to the first programme and an account of life at a boarding school forthe blind.

Lord William Whitelavv is Robert Carvel's guest in Carvel in Conversation (R4. 3(lJtine. 11.25am). while Austin Mitchell and Julian Critchley are the team captains for a new series of Political Quiz (R4 2 July. lllam).

The Doctors ( R4. 5 July. lllam) sounds as ifit will be an irresistable series. Four Lichfield (iP's have been hooked tipto secret microphones for three weeks: this eight-part series is real life soapopera.

Another new series startingthis fortnight is America- The Movie ( R4. Sat 2 July lll.3(lam ). This seven parter reveals how America ltas used its film industry it) order to make sense of itself; it concentrates on the movies of the 30s. 40s and 50s. each programme following one theme as its crops up iii films across that period.

There‘s a new voice on Radio ()ne this issue. but I expect you‘ll recognise it. ifnot front his fifteen year stint on London‘s Capital Radio. then as the voice overon countless record promotions. lle‘s Roger Scott who takes over The Stereo Sequence (R 1 . Sat 3 July). Iixpert on American music. he'll also be introducing the rock highlight ofthe fortnight. the live Bruce Springsteen Concert from Stockholm ( R 1. Sun 3 July. 7pm). Scott‘s an ardent fanand has. incredibly. seen Spingsteen perform live 36 times.

Meanwhile. Ken Bruce shows admirable restraint on Friday. I July. 9.30am.when he takes his request programme back to his home ground of Scotland. Instead of going to the (iarden Festival (where every other radio star in the Radio Firmament has been iii recent weeks) R2’s slow burner * I expect him to become a game show ‘red giant' in the lWlls— is offupthe Clyde on the Waverley.

Radio Scotland have a new programme aimed at a young audience entitled enigmatically It’s No the Archie McPherson ShovI(RS. Wed (iJuly. 7.3(lpm)which features new broadcasters and a devil-may-care live format. Much more than that I don't know— but I think itwill be fun.

Finally. don't forget. if you can‘t get home to see it on the television. Wimbledon continues to be brodcast on Radio 2 (MW only). with Ladies Semi Finals on Thurs 2(lJtine. 2pm. the Men's Semis on Friday 1 July. 2pm. and the Finals themselves on Sat 2 July. l.3(lpm (Women‘s) arid Sun 3 July. 2pm (Men‘s).

The List 24 June 7 July 1988 27