(’larinct (’oncerto with Michael ( 'ollins and Dvorak's Symphony .\'o ‘7.


I Lunch and Listen (‘hurch of St Andrew and St ( ieorgc. (ieorgc Street.

l2.3llpm lpm. :\tlltllsslt)li at door. Icon (‘oatcs gives today ‘s recital in this tcgtllat 'I‘hurs lunchtime summer series. light lunch available in the l'ndcrcrolt. ISchooI Concert l 'shct' llall.l othiatt Road. 22K 1 I55 ".5IIpm ('oncctt by pupilsol St Margaret's School

I Operatic Double Bill Main I Iall. Napier Polytechnic. \lct‘cliistonSite. l'icketsat door. 7.30pm £3 I £2). Sec Wed 2" for lull description.

FRIDAY 1 Glasgow

ICandide lllc‘illtc‘ Royal. llopc Street. 33] I234 " 15pm £5 £21 See in 21.. ltdmburgh. tor lull description.

I 3ND Proms Kc'lyiri I lall. Rely inbrtdgc 'l-lc’kclsi 227 5.5l l l ltclscl ( ‘c‘llltcl 7.3Ilpm £2 “It I” 5!) Second last rughlot the proms should be as popular as the last night. Sir .'\lL’\.|llthl (iibson conducts BCTlltil Rommi( uni/r ul( )\ cr'tur c. the Piano('oncerto .\'o .‘i by Iieclhm cn w ill: Michael Roll as soloist and. to linislt. 'l‘chaikossky's Symphony .\'o5


I Lamp oi Lothian Concert SI Ma: y ‘s l’ar ish Church. lladdington. INC M2 3‘35 .s‘pm £4t£2 5“ £1) Steven ( )sbornc and [land Ilorneplay music by (icolttey King. Debussy . lutoslawski and Stray msky Sec

SATURDAY 2 Glasgow

I Harpsichord Recital l’ollok l louse. l’ollok Park. Free at door 3pm ~ipm Informal afternoon concert.

I La Boheme l'licatre Royal. llope Street. 331 I234. 7.15pm £3 £21.SeeSal25. Iidinburgh. for lull description

I 8ND Proms Kely Ill llall. Rely inbtidge 'l-ickets: 227 55l l I I tckcl ( ~critic l. 7.30pm. £2.70 £lI|.5II. After a Ior'tniglitol merry music making the S\'( )'s lI.ltlIllv -n..l summer proms come to an ctid with .I traditional last night. Shoslaki is ich. Rossini and. of course. ltlgar . w ith l lt‘lll \ Wood's I‘unlusiu rm [frills/r Sm Songs rain" traditional Storm/i rec/i um/ \IillL’y In



I Edinburgh Academy Summer Concert Queen's I lall. (‘lcr'k Street. (ioS2IIl‘l 7.30pm. £l .5II(£l ). Moreendol term mtlsic with senior. tumor andstring orchestras and chamber choir.


I St George's School Concert ()ttcen's Iiall. ('lcrk Street. hos 2UP). TSHpm lice at door. (‘onccrt by the three school orchestras with soloists. Programme to include works by Schubert. Weber. Boccherini and Moszkow sky.


I Lunch and Listen ('hurch of St Andrew and St (ieorge. George Street.

l2.3(lpm- liltlpm. Admission at door. Recital by lindsay Sinclair. director of music at St A and St (i.

I Edinburgh Quartet St Ber nar d‘s ( ‘Ilurcli. Saxe ('oburg Street. ‘l'ickets; (iris jtllli (Queen‘s l lalllor 22S I 155 ( l ‘slict l lalll or 332 869](IiU).7.45pm.£(s(1.tl Second of lidinburgh ()uartct‘ssummer series features Beethoy en's 2nd Rusumur'skv ()uartet. along w ith ( )p .13 l\\ Haydn and ()p l l in I) by l'chaikmsks

i | .




I Boys Of The Lough l lenry \Vootl l lall.

(‘laremont Street. Spm lickcts in . ads anee from the l ieket( entr'e.

(attdleriggs. 22“- 55l l. See panel

I Dave Peabody Rn ctside ('lub. l'ox Street.24.\‘.‘~l-1-1 Spin £2 5" lopl'nglish blucsman on tour

I Gallivanlers Ceilidh liriggait ( ~entre. ('lydc Street “pm. I.5 late lint. Bolt Blair . the Band and guests including Brittany 's top pipe band liagad l)‘ .-\uray I Rowantree Folk Club Row antree Inn. By l‘ddlngslorfl toss. l'ddiligslon

. ‘l ll.15pm. I.l ()ld coaching lnn isthe

regular meet lot keen singers players :\ll welcome. money goes tow .utlsotcasronal lituilsc'tl pctltiltttt‘ts

I Johnny SCODIES 2(1 l orulotl Road

(ilasgowt loss. 55.‘hso‘ lycning liyc


Street 551 -1\"l Isl-mug\Hiieatidgllltrlt trio


I BOYS DlThe Lough Ross lltealrc. l’t‘ttlces

i Street ( i.lltlL‘lls.

‘. ‘illpm. t i l L‘l. 'I lie traditional music of lltc lillll\ll Isles. Sec panel.

I Larry and Friends sic-allows liar. Bucclcucli St . no" .Vio‘). l-ycnmg (iuttar based folks\ blues andswing.

I North Sea Gas l‘latlor m l.Rutland Street. I-scmng. Resident pub I'olk band I Simpson Perrie/Brian Mulligan Slime liar. 'l he Shore. l L‘llll. I'serung \ ioliti and guitar play any thing from l lungatran rliapsody to I ltgliland fling.

I Royal Oak lulu mary Street. 55‘ 2” 'fi l-yeiung till l.‘~Ilam late bat with informalsongsand music

I I Muckle Ado Scotch And Wry. SIIGeorge l\' Bridge. 225 lbxl. Iivening.


; Glasgow

I Clydesdale Cantrip Festival (.‘lydcs‘dale llotcl. l.anark. 8.304 1.30pm. £2.50

I .5“). (‘oncert then informal session with multi instrumental group Setanta and fiddler Judith Davidson.

I Naitan Blacklriars. Bell Street. .‘slerchant (’ity. 552 5924. Afternoon. Instrumental session.

I Johnny Scobies 26 London Road. (ilasgow Cross. 552 6803.1ivertirig.l.iy e music.

I KeIIs Scott's ( ’orncr. Derby Street. 33-1 4891. Iivcning. Saturday residency.

Irish Scots semi electricoutfit.


I Balkana Ross 'l'heatrc. Princes Street (iardens. lpm. £2I£l ). The best lunchtime musical value available.

5 ('crtainlythcfinesttraditionalsingingto

be heard in I2dinburgh. 'l‘he eight-piece costumed group of singers. pipers and instrumentalists from Bulgaria has asits core the sets close harmony of three superb women vocalists. lreincndously uplifting music



I Session with Pat McNuIty Riv crsitlc ('lub. loy Strch. 248 MM. I-rom lpm. l-ree. Informal songs and [titles Pat plays the Irish pipes.

I Buddies \Vittlct'sgills. (ireat Western Road. lzs cmng. ()ld titnc American songs and fiddle tunes. regular West [and crowd I Schiehallion Scott‘s ('ornet‘. Derby Street l-yc'iiiiig.33-l 4801. -


I Glenelg Sessions Yotlngs l lotcl.

l earnington l'crracc. 9pm midnight Inc

I Seannachie ( ircen lt‘cc . ( 'tmgaic.


; The uillean or union pipes were played and made all over Britain in the 18th

and 19th centuries. In Scotland, many

of the instruments have survived and

were known and even enjoyed a vogue

. as the ‘Pastoral Pipe'. A printed tutor

lorthe instrument was even

3 obtainable. They developed to their

present complexity of drones. keyed drones or regulators and keyed chanters sometimes double bored. in

; Ireland duringthelastcentury and have 5 since becometixedin public

conciousness as the Irish Pipes. Bellows blown, not loud and with a distinctive two octave sweet/sour lone

they have come slap bang into fashion again overthelastfifteen years.

Who in the early days of the folk revival. when Seamus Ennis, himsell a genius on the pipes. was pedalling round Ireland collecting the hidden riches of song and dance airs. could have conceived a heavily amplified rock band using the instrument as lead with guitar and sax. and playing to enthusiastically packed halls and universal acclaim. Moving Hearts did just that and were one of the greatest groups to come out of a nation Iull of musicians. as the Queens Hall audience of lastyearwould testify, when the band reassembled fora tour.

I I l

, A I

I NowtheirpiperDavey Spillane. see I photo, having released a successful ; Irish/American album Atlantic Bridge i brings his touring band to the same venue in Edinburgh on the 7th. With guitar. keyboards. bass and drums behind him Spillane can be soft toned, plaintive and lyrical. especially on the flute-like whistles be occasionally plays but is always ready to unleash his Ierocious technique on his feral pipes. If you haven‘t seen the Boys Of The Lough tor a few years. you might be surprised at the distinct Irish flavour in their concert sets, helped along by comparative new boy. Christy D'Leary, who plays exceptionally well in the traditional style, on a beautiful set of pipes. made last century in America, and gifted to the group when they. . . Christy will tell you the story himsell

Evening. Scottish songs and instrumentals from resident band.

I Jim Knight/Colin homage/Robin Laing Ensign Ewart. Lawnmarket. Evening. Three singer guitarists.

I Larry and Friends Antiquary. St Stephen Street. Evening. Guitar based folksy blues and swing.

I North Sea Gas Rutland Hotel. Rutland Street. 229 3042. 9pm. Singalong.

I The Clansmen The Engine Room. Queensferry Street Lane. 225 21-12. Evening.

MONDAY 27 Glasgow

I Irish Session Stage Door Bar. (iorbals Street. 4290922. Evening.

I Mandela Benelit Blackfriars Bar. Bell Street. Merchant City. 8pm. £2. Ticketsin ads ance lrom Strathclydc Student Union. Music from Iiric (‘uthbertson and a number of others. Iivening to raise money for the two Southern African students currently studying in Glasgow under the Nelson Mandela Scholarship Fund. and help them complete the course. More info onllvll 552 “495.


I Nobody's Business Bannermans Bar. ('owgate. livening. Pagan blues.

I Miro The (ireen 'l‘rec. Cowgatc. Iivening. Bar till lam. Instrumental thrash.

I Happy Daze Malt Slim-cl. (‘ockburn Street. 225 (i843. Iivcning. Pub guilarlolk

TUESDAY 28 Glasgow

I Paisley Arts Folk Paisley Arts(‘entre. New Street. 887 Illltl. 8pm.


I Barrie Band Bannermans Bar. ('owgatc. 556 325-1. Iivening. 'l‘he Barrie Band. l‘iddle. flute. mandocello and vocals. Mainly Irish.

I Chris Thompson Sr Jatnes Oyster Bar. (‘alton Road. opposite St Jamcs(‘cntrc. Iivening. Rockabilly blues.

I Mirua Ensign liwart. Lawnmarket. top of the Iligh Street. Evening. Acoustic celtic music.

I Blue Blazer Bread Street. Evening. (iuitarist singers. Jim Knight. (iraham McUirk. Sheila McWhirter and Alan Johnston.

I Kenny Grier Royal Oak. Infirmary Street. 557 2976. (iuitarist singer. Late bar. I Colin Ramage and Wally Allen ( ‘uppers. (‘ockburn Street. 225 l-Hl. Evening. Singer guitarists.

I Kevin Tait Scotch And Wry. 5Il(ieorge IV Bridge. 225 that. Iivening.

WEDNESDAY 29 Glasgow

I Jali Musa Jawara (ieorge Square Theatre. (ieorge Square. 8pm. Tickets from Virgin Records. Princes Street; (‘anongatc Music. Blackfriars Street and l'shcr Hall Box ()fltcc. l.othian Road. One of the most prominent of" the African hands currently in vogue is led by this young singer and y irtuoso kora (harp-gourd ) player. with beautiful

\y lophonc. percussion. guitar and female backing vocalists.


I Dave Peabody Iidinburgh I‘olk ( ‘lub. ()sbourne Ilotel. York Place. 5565577. Spm. £2.30 (£1 .50). lop English

THURSDAY 30 Glasgow

I Jim Brown Star Folk Club. Glasgow Society Of Musicians. Berkeley Street. 8pm. £1 .50.

The List 24 June 7 July 1988 29