C»; u . g. t. a is; ; ‘s saris???

I Tickets available from the (ilasgow Ticket Certtre. Candleriggs. 227 551 l or front the venue box office.

I Standby tickets will be available 30 minutes before tlte start ofeach perforrttance. on the production ofStudent. ()APor U840 identification for performances only at the

Pavilion Theatre: Mitchell

Theatre artd The Mayfair. I Travel Information from the Travel information Certtre. St tinoch Square. 2264820

I All events on the Circuit

are free witlt the exception

of tltose at tlte Riverside Cltib. The Circuit is sponsored by Tcnnent Caledortiatt Breweries and Mcliwan‘s 80-.

I The Heineken Late Night Jazz Club operates withirt the Hospitality lnti.

Cantbridge Street. Tickets

on the door. subject to availability. £2.50. l'sually three sets including l louse Bartd. (itiests and impromptu jam sessiorts. Starts 1 lpitt. I Free Programme front (ilasgow lntetnational Jazz. Festival. 4‘) Royal lixchange Square. 226 5105.

I Jazz at the (ilasgow Filrtt Theatre. See Filnt Listirtgs.


I Martin Taylorand Friends Theatre Royal.

l lope Street. 331 1234. 8pm. £12. £10. £8.£5. Martin travels the world lrortt his Ayr base. spendirtg quite a lot of tiitte oit stage with his first guest. violinist Stepltarte (irappelli. Also appearing are singer Carol Kidd and youtltlul but establislted tenor star'l‘ontiny Smith. I Riverboat Shuttle t’s Waverley. Anderstori ()tiay . 227 5511.7.30pnt. £8. Young Tuxedo Brass Bartd front New Orleans: dancers the Jiviit' Lindy Hoppers; and local bartds led by Kit Carey. Alex Dalgleislt artd Dave Batcltelor.

I Sololeuos/Trio'l‘hird liye Centre. 350 Sauchiehall Street. 332 7521.8pm. £4 (£3). Season ticket £b(£4.50). Pianist Keith Tippett. saxophoitistsTrevor Watts and lilton Dean. bassist Marcio Mattos and drummer Louis Moholo in two consecutive evening

. . .M g . -.

r five” ‘D-‘Th‘ m ¥A[;.'I:Mw..1‘,



concerts of improvised music in most numerical combinations. Londort based players of long pedigree in the ‘free' jazz

I Heineken Late NightJazz Club Hospitality lrtn. Cambridge Street. llprtt. Tickets. subject to availability. £2.50. Tonight. house bartd Kenny Stewart Quartet and guests Bill Kyle's Atlantic Bridge. Drummer Kyle brings his New York Jazz to Edinburgh's Festival every year. The Bridge follows the same format of Londort. New York and Seottislt personnel. this year featuring the rerttarkable American vibrapltortist Joe Locke. I Itchy Fingers/Jimmy Feighan Quartet. Riverside Club. Fox Street. off Clyde Street. 8pm. £2.50. ltchy' Fingers are the award w inning London based saxophone quartet. on their first Seottislt trip. Feighan a fitte local saxman. (The Circuit)

I Fionna Duncan’s Hot Five Carnegies. 1‘) Waterloo Street. 9prn—midnight. Free. Scottish jazz revivalist songstress. (The Circuit)

I Mike Hart's Scottish Society Syncopators Woody's Bar. Holiday lnrt. Argyle Street. 9pm~midnight. Free. Banjo. guitar artd Edinburgh Jazz Fest director's 9 piece trad and swing outfit. (The Circuit) I Jeanette Burns and Andy Alston The Maltntart . 61 Rertfield Street. 9pnt~rttidnight. Free. Vocals piano. (The Circuit)

I Bruce Adams Quintet Curlers. Byres Road. ‘me-lttitlnigltt. Free. Top Scottish trumpeter. (The Circuit)

I Saxmobile Abbotsford lntt. 13 Nitltsdale Crescen. Bearsden. ()pnt—midnight. Free. (The Circuit)

I George Penman's Jazzmen Masonic A rrtts. Main Street. Cortdorrat. Cumbernauld. ()pnt—midnight. Free. West coast traddies. (The Circuit)

IJohn StreetJamJohn Street. 552 3801. 9pm. Phone for details.

I Blacktriars Jazz Blackfriars Bar. 36 Bell Street. Merchant City. 552 5924. 9pm. Free. Tonight. George McGowan Trio with Linda Fletcher and Guests. Drummer's bartd.



You have to pick Cotton it you want the Blues. Morethan a


a decade with Muddy Waters has given James Cotton a mastery of the Chicago style. He‘s singing and blowing unbelievable harp with his electric band at the Maytair

on the 26th.

lady vocalist and plenty of friends tip for a blow. IJazzatthe147 Club3u Clteapeside Street. No entrance fee for riterttbers. Memberships available. 10pm. Licensed till 2am. Trad Swing venue ltas tonight Kit Carey‘s Jazz Band.


IJazz Day at the Garden Festival (ilasgow (iarden Festival. Princes Dock. 429 8855. 2pm onwards. Free to Garden Festival ticket holders. The Young Tuxedo Brass Ba rtd frortt New Orleans. dancing foursome the Jivirtg Lindy Hoppers. Colourful (ilasgow swing show Fat Sam’s Bartd. the Criterion Jazz Band and the winners of last year's nationwide SchlitzJazz Competition. the eyebrow raising sax and reed quartet ltclty' Fingers.

IA Night in New Orleans Theatre Royal. Hope Street. 331 1234. 8pm. £12. £10. £8.£5. The Young Tuxedo Brass Band. art authentic bartd flown over from New Orleans. the jazz dancing ofthe Jiving Lindy Hoppers. and the Young Men ()f.\'ew()rleans bring you the state oftlte original art.

I SoloNDuos/Trio‘t‘hird Eye Centre. 350 Saucltieltall Street. 332 7521 . 8pm. £4 (£3). Season ticket £6 (£4.50). See Friday 24.

I Heineken Late NightJazz

Club Hospitality lnn. Cambridge Street. llpnt. Tickets. subject to availability. £2.50. Tonight. house band is truntpeter Bruce Adams Quintet and guests Itchy Fingers. sax quartet.

I Dick Lee‘s Nonet/John Rae Collective Riverside Club. Fox Street. off Clyde Street. 8pm. £2. Edinburgh reedsmart is no rtonerttity since winning BBC Radio 2's Big Band competition. Here with a smaller line tip. And a stimulating young ltard bop collective. (The Circuit)

I John Street JamJohn Street. 552 3801. 9pm. Phone for details.

I Bobby Wishart Quartet Carnegies. 1‘) Waterloo Street. 9pm—midrtight. Free. (ireat Scottish sax/flute player. Modern.

energetic hop and beyond.

(The Circuit)

I Fat Sam's Band Woody‘s- Bar. Holiday Inn. Argyle Street. t)pm-midnight. Free. See above. (The Circuit)

I Duncan Finlay and Fraser Spiers The Maltman. 61 Renfield Street. 9pm—midnight. Free. Blues'jazz mouth organ'guitar. (The Circuit)

I Jimmy Feighan Quartet Curlers. Byres Road. t)pm—midnight. Free. Saxman. (The Circuit)

I Fionna Duncan's Hot Five The Rock. Hyndland Road. 9pm—midnight. Free. See 24th. (The

Free. Skilled eclectic jazz singer with guitarist. (The Circuit)

I George Penman’s Jazzmen Curlers. Byres Road. ‘thttv-midnight. Free. West Coast traddie favourites. (The Circuit) I Scottish Trombone , Ensemble Metropolis. Dinittont Road. Sltavylands. ‘thtt-tttidnigltt. Free. (The Circuit)

I Saxmobile The Village. 61 Kilntarnock Road. Shawlands.

9pm midnight. Free. (The Circuit)

I Bruce Adam's Quintet Abbotsford lttn. l3 Nithsdale Crescent. Bearsden. ‘)pitt--ntidnigltt. Free. See 24th. (The Circuit)

I Dave McLellan Quintet Masonic Arms. Main

I Bill Kyle's Atlantic Bridge Abbotsford lrtn. l3 Nithsdale Crescent. Bearsden. 9pm—rttidrtight. Free. See 24th. (The Circuit)

I George Ogilvie's Dixielanders Masonic Arms. Mairt Street. Cortdorrat. Cumbernauld. 9pm--midnight. Free. (The Circuit)

I Jazz at the 147 Club 30 Cheapeside Street. No entrance fee for members. Memberships available. 10pm. Licensed till 2am. Trad: Swing venue has tonight Alex Dalgleish All Stars. Swing.

I BlacktriarsJazz Blackfriars Bar. 36 Bell Street. Merchant City. 552 5924. 9pm. Free. Tonight. Scotbop.

Circuit) I 1


I Oscar Peterson Trio *)pnt--niidrtight. Free. Theatre Royal. Hope (TTIL‘ (‘ifs‘llltl

Street, 331 1334_ 3pm. IJazz at the147 Club 31) £20. £16. £12. £8. Cheapeside Street. No Internationally renowned L‘mrimfl‘ is“ it" "Embers. pianisr Soc (mes-um. Memberships available. I James Cotton Blues Band 10pm. Licensed till 2am. The Mavfair. 490 Trad Swrng venue has

Sauchiehall Street. 227 tonight Hot Club Oi 551 1 . £6.50. Seven piece Glasgow. I Blackiriars Jazz

Chicago electric blues bartd fronted by Muddy Waters' favoured harrttoniea player.

I Voice-Over Third liye Centre. 350 Sauchieltall

Blacktriars Bar. 36 Bell Street. Merchant City. 552 5924. 9pm. Free. Tonight. Duncan Finlay/Fraser Speirs. See

Street. 332 7521.14 (£3). 35111- Seasortticket£‘)(£6.75). Vocal irttprovisations

front two wortten. Maggie I Milton Nascimemo

Pavilion Theatre. 121 Renfield Street. 332 1846. 8pm. £8.50. £6.50. Fluid. imaginative Latin vocalist and guitarist. collaborator with Way rte Shorter on Native Darteer.‘ leads his own band.

I Jazz Band Ball Plaza Ballroom. 11 Victoria Road. 227 5511.8pm.£6. Bill Fanning. Mike Hart artd (ieorge Penman lead their bartds for your terpsicltorean delight.

I Voice~over Third Eye Centre. 350 Sauchiehall Street. 332 7521. £4(£3). Season ticket £9 (£6.75). Vocal improvisations. Basque singer Benat Acliiary. ('ierntan pianist L'lrieh Crumpcrt and [English saxophonist and drummer David Holmes in a wide ranging concert

Nicholsattd Julie Tipetts. augmertted by violinists Stie Ferrar and Sylvia Hallett. Contemporary landscapes for the voice. I Heineken Late NightJazz Clubllospitality lnit. Cambridge Street. llpitt. Tickets. subject to availability. £2.50. Tonight. house bartd Bob Stephenson Quartet and guests. the young talented ntodernists iii the John Bae Conecnve. I Fat Sam‘s Jive And Boogie Night Riv erside Club. l-ox Street. off Clyde Street. 9pm. £2. Swing and sing. (The Circuit)

I Bill Kyle's Atlantic Bridge \Noody's Bar. Holiday Inn. Argyle Street.

9pm —ntidnight. Free. See 24th. (The Circuit)

I John Street Jam John of up to the minute ster Street. 552 3801 . 9pm. built on solid post-bop Phone for details. repertoire arid Basque I Melanie 0 Reilly and sortgs. Cilasgow‘s Chick

Francis Cowan The Maltman. 61 Renfield Street. ()pm—midrtight.

Lyall performs another of his computer generated tape compositions over

32 The List 24 Jurte 7 July 1988