I Kids aims to provide into about events in and around Edinburgh and Glasgow for children and young people. Please send details not later than 10 days before pubucanon.


Activities and Fun


Rainbow Four Reading Parade Mon 27 June—Sat 20 Aug. A hundred aitd forty stories ltav e beeit chosen for thisstintmer‘s Rainbow Reading Parade. All cltildrcn.ol all ages are welcontc to take part ; tlte emphasis is on tttn aitd tlte children get a Rainbow Parade \Vcatlter Diary to fill iii to keep a track oftlteir books. (‘ontactotte of tlte follow iitg libraries for details: Central Library. Alexandra Arcade; St Leonards. Neighbourhood ( ~eittrc; (it'ecnhills. District Centre: open Mon. Tues. Thurs aitd Fri 9.45am- 7.45pm. Wed aiid Sat ‘).~15ant--5pnt. ()r ( ‘alderwood. (‘alderwood Sq: Stratltav en. ( ilasgow Road: Westvvood. Westwood Square; open Mon. Tlturs and Fri 2~7.~i5piti.'l‘ttes. Wed artd Sat 0.45am- lpitt. 2 - 5pm.

I GLASGOW GARDEN FESTIVAL Princes [)ock. 42‘) 8855 l‘ittil 2o Sept. ()penevery day. l(lam one ltour before dttsk. £5 adults. £4 students. ()Al’s. I'll-ills. £2.5ll kids aged 5 loyears. free for the under 5s. ()nce iitside. all events are free. Masses to do for children of all ages. front the fuitfair style Iotip-tlte-Ioop roller-coaster ttltlle giaitt badger set w ltich reduces the humans who cttter to tltc size of rabbits!

Captain Scurvy and the Sea Sprite Fri 24.

1. 15pm. 3.30pm. 5. 15pm. Sat 25 Ill-15am. 2.45pm. 4. 15pm. lliglt jinkson the ltiglt seas iii tltis robust aitd lively sltow for childreii(5- lZyears) wlticlt audience participation is fundamental to tlte action. By the Flyon the Wall Theatre (‘ontpaity w lto produce theatre for botlt adults attd kids.

Also see details of day-by-day activities. tlte (ilasgow (iarden Festival diary.

I HAGGS CASTLE l(ltl St Andrew s Drive. I’olloksliieltls. 427 2725.

Free afternoon activities ev ery Saturday. 2.15pm. No hooking - just turn tip. Suitable age range giveit in brackets.

Sat 25 Shortbread (o 1))

Booking is now open for the Haggs programme of special daily summer activities ( itot Sundays) their activities are extremely popular aitd bookiitg ahead is essential. ()nly two activities percltild. Suitable age range giv en iit brackets.

Fri 1 July lll. I5aitt Nature Trail (4—7). (iingerbread (trill; 2. 15pm Wheaten Scones(5»-t\').Arcltery(S12).

Sat2 lll. 15am l)rcssiitglfp(7- l2).Masks (5-8); 2. 15pm Storytinte Drawing (4-7). Shortbread (ts-(l).

Mona ltl.l5antFansIS—l2);2.l5pitt Potato Prints (J, 7)

Tue 5 Ill. l5ant Finger Puppets(5 -ts'). Heraldry (7—12); 2. 15pm Summer Sweets (4-7). Ilerb Bagsm—U).

WedG Painting aitd I’riittiitg(-l»—7). Arcltery (8—12); 2. 15pm Lavender Bags (ft-9). Pancakes (5—8).

Thurs 7 IO. 15am Street ('iantes(7—12). Tussie Mussie (0-9); 2.15pm Nature Trail

(wellies and cagoules if wet) («I—7). (ilove Puppets (ts—9).

I SCOTTISH BALLET 261 West Princes Street. 331 2931

Junior Contemporary Class ()pen classes organised by Steps Out of Scottish Ballet will re-start during the week of 18 Augmt.


I HAGGS CASTLE l(lll St Andrews Drive. Pollokshields. 427 2725. Mon—Sat l(lant--5pttt. Sun 2--5pm.

Digging for History L'ntil 2S Attgttst. .-\rcltaeology for children. Tltere isa reconstructed dig to explain Itow aitd w ltat archaeologists unearth. plus quiz sheets and an arcltaeologist on site who will be holding a number of bookable talks. Also included is a politely named ‘lucky-dip' dustbin. full ofconterttporary throw-away artefacts. like newspapers. crockery aitd fast-food cartons which will tell futttre arcltaeologists so muclt about our own society.

I MUSEUM OF TRANSPORT Kelvin Hall (entrance front Bunhouse Road) 357 392‘) Mon—Sat Ill—5pm. Sun 2—5pitt.

The trams. trairts and cars which make tip the collection have been oit the move aitd are rtow on show again in their new home. opposite the Art Gallery and Museum. Kelvingrove.


I GLASGOW FILM THEATRE Rose Street. 332 6535

Asterixthe Gaul ( I) ) Thurs 23—Sat 25. bpm. Children under 15 £1 . l(l.Begins asuittittcr season of the Ara of Animation at the (il’l’. Popular tales of the canny Frenelt warrior wlto gets-a-fix when he‘s iii a fix.

Theatre I BELLAROUSTON PARK Ticket Centre

(‘andleriggs 227 551 l.

Moscow State Circus Until Bo Jttne. Fri my 9pm. Sat 2.308; 7.3(lpnt. Stiit 2.3062 5.30pm. From £5.50. £3.5(lchildren under to. ()APs. [JR-ills aitd groups of 20m tttore. A spectacular and virtuoso display of seventy top circus artistes from Russia. The Russians pride thentselves on their circus skills and all their acts dentand

precision. split second timing and nerves ofstcel.

I PAISLEY ARTS CENTRE New Street. Paisley. 887 1010. Box office 10am—8pm. A new film programme specially for children will be announced shortly. Full details will be listed as soon as they become available.

Michael Breck‘s Magic Show Sat 2 .Iuly. 1.30pm. Kids 75p. adults £1 .50. Magic. puppets and plenty of audience involvement.

I THEATRE ROYAL Hope Street. 332 3321. Peter Pan Until 25 Jurte. Fri 24. 10.30am. Sat 25. 10.30am and 1.3(lpm. Adults £2.75. Kids £1.75. The Darling children. the man-eating crocodile. Captain Hook. Peter and the lost boys all become L'V' painted puppets in Purves Ptippets spectacular and colourful production. E'trly booking advised as previous productions by the company sold otit quickly.

I TRON THEATRE (i3 'I‘rongatc. 552 4267 ‘8. Box office Tues- Sat noon—8pm. Sun 12.30—1 lpnt. (‘losed Moits

Great Expectations L'ntil 26 June. 8pm. Non-members £4 (members £3). cltildrcn £1. Suitable for secondary school children. TA(i‘s ingenious adaptation of Dickeits' bleak itovel. using dance aitd drama and presented irt collaboratiort with the (ireg Nash (iroup. Fluent. innovative aitd imaginative. Directed by Ian Brown artd adapted by Joltrt Clifford.

EDINBURGH Activities and Fun

I BRUNTON HALL Mtisselburgh. (m5 371 l ext244.

Art Classes A new series of art classesfor 11—16 year olds with a chance to tryout new materials aitd techniques will begin on 1-1 July and run for 5 weeks. Venue will be Red School Youth Centre. Prestoitpans and they will be held on Thursdays and Fridays each week at 4pm. Nurttbers are limited to 15 places. and bookings ntust be ntade in advance. Free to children of urtwaged or low waged. otherwise £10 for whole series. though attendance at one or two classes only may be possible. Riitg (ms 731 l to book and for further information. I COASTERS 3 “fest Tollcross. 228 3252. Disco Saturdays. (L30- l(lpm. £1 .50. Under 18s alcohol-free disco. Live acts rttost weeks.


Pentland and 0xgangs Gala Sat 25 June. ttoon—lllpm. Part oftlte Edinburgh District Council's season of Festivals and (iala days iit aitd around Edinburgh. Fairground. side stalls. pony rides. and

s orts. .

I CRAIGLOCKHART SPORTS CENTRE 177 (‘olinton road. 443(l1tll .

Summer Sports Programme 4 July— I 2 Aug. Mondays to Fridays. front l(lant. Lotsof specialist activities for the under l(ls. plus courses iit tennis. badminton. canoeing and squash for l 1— 16 year olds. (‘ontact venue for details.

I EDINBURGH SWIMMING POOLS 667 7211 Summer Holiday Programme throughout school holidays.

Royal Commonwealth Pool

Fun with inflatables 7 days l(lant—noon. 2—4pm

Portobello Pool

Fun with inflatables Mondays—Fridays l(lam—noon. 2—4pnt Saturdays. l(lam—rtoon. 2—4pm.

Learn to Swim Mons—Weds aitd Fri (NB pool closed Thursday's) ‘lant—nooit. 2—5pm. Special children's classes. Infirmary Street Pool Mondays—Fridays l(lam—noon. 2-»-ipnt. Saturdays l(lant—noon.

Warrender Swimming Centre

Fun with inflatables Mondays—Thursdays (NB pool closed Friday’s) l(lam—noon. 2—3pnt. Saturday's. l(lant—itoon.

Glenogle Pool

Fun with inflatables Tuesdays—Fridays (NB pool closed Mondays) l lam—noon. 2—4pm

at Glenogle Swimming Centre. Saturdays. 1 (la nt—noon .

Leith Swimming Centre Fun with inflatables Mondays and Wednesday— Friday's (NB pool closed Tuesday's) l(lant—noon. 2—4pm. Saturdays. lllant—noon. Dairy Pool Fun with inflatables Mondays and . Tuesdays. Thursdays artd Friday's (NB pool closed Wednesday afternoons) 2—4pm. Saturdays. l(lam—noon. I GALLERY OF MODERN ART Belford Road. 556 8921 In the Gallery Gardens Tree Trail Monday 4. Illam—noon. First of four activity sessions for 7—' 14 year oldsto be held in the gallery gardens duringJuly. This week: identifying plants and drawing trees and shrubs. Please book iit advance for any or all ofthe session by telephoning orhwriting tothe' Education Dept. (Interested parentsor grandparents are invited to stay and help also).

I MUSEUM OF CHILDHOOD 42 High Street. 225 242-1.

Charlotte as an 1820/30s doll Thttrs 7July. First of a series of three talks suitable for 10 year olds and over about ltow period dolls were put together. attd how eltildren cart dress tip their own iii a similar way. Free tickets are available front venue from lllaitt on Monday 4. bill rttttst be collected iii person. No phone bookiitgs cart be accepted. This w ill be the first of several activities for kids at the museum over the

I WILKIE HOUSE (’owgate. 225 2(l7‘)

Play Group for the Under Ss Mon—Fri.

9am --i.3llpm. Free. This playgroup for the under 5s still ltas places available contact ('arol at the venue for furtlter inforittatioit. Film

I FILMHDUSE Lotbian Road. 228 2688. ('ltildrett's Saturday matinees. 2pm. All seats £1 bookable iii advance.

Adventures of Mark Twain ( t} ) (USA. ‘85) t)tlntins. Sat 25. 2pm. Feature length and imaginative ('layntatioit filitt which sends Mark Twain on an amazing flying macltirtc

towards l lalley‘s Comet. This will be the

last of the children’s ntatiitees until Sept


I THE ROSS Princes Street Gardens. Rainbow Colours Monday 4 July. llant. £1 (5(lp) Buy ll). get one free. Advance booking frotit the L'sher I fall. or on the door front l(laitt on the day. First ofa series of Monday concerts for children by the Singing Kettle. They will be singiitgall the colours of the rainbow. so kidsare invited togo along dressed iit their favourite colour.


Street. 5569571).

The Lion. the Witch and the Wardrobe 29 June—2 July. (IS. Lewis‘s classic tale of the fantastical Narnia presented by the Netherbow Youth Theatre.


Circus Spellacy Mon 4 July. 3pm. Puppeteer Phil Spellacy presents his circus show for the over 3s. Free.

Inch Parlt 5 July. l(l.3llam

Community Centre Soutlt ()ueensferry. 5 July.3pitt. Brighton Park Portobello. (t July. 10.30am Balerno High School 6 July. 3pm.

Princes Street Gardens (by fountain) 7 July. 10.31 lant

Braidbum Valley Park 7 July. 3pm. Davidson’s Mains Park 8 July. l(l.3(lam Saughton Park 8 July. 3pm.

In case of bad weather all events scheduled for Brighton Park. Portobello will be transferred to PortobelloTown Hall. and those in Pilrig Park will be transferred to the Thomas Morton Hall. 28 Ferry Road. Edinburgh.

48 The List 24 June 7 July 1988