artists. Slide library and information about how to commission work.


I BACKROOM GALLERY l'nderneath the Arches. 43 London Street. Edinburgh. 03] 5560339.

Backroom (iallcry is not showing exhibitions at the moment btit is looking for artists and. in particular. designers. to. tise the exhibition room as studio display space. Contact Michael Dtirnan on the above phone number for details.

I BLUE PARROT 4‘) St Stephen Street. 557 “(136.

Watercolours by Kathryn Williamson t 'ntil end ol’June. Attractive and popular cafe made nicer still by its practice of hanging changing shows. Williamson is a local artist working in Dalkcith.

I BOURNE FINE ART 4 Dundas Street 557 4050. Mon-I'ri 10am-6pm. Scottish painting from the 19th and 30th centuries. Garden Grant Smith, RSW (1860—1913) l'ntilJuly 3. \Vatei'coloui'sandoils.

I BURBERRY SCOTCH HOUSE Third Floor. 3‘) 4| Princes Street. 557 4357. Mon - Sat 9am 5.30pm; Tillll's 0am - 6pm.

The Scottish Crafts Collection Iixteiidcd until end Sept. Contemporary Scottish craftwork including jewellery. ceramics. glass. textiles. wood and silversmithing. organised by the Scottish Dey elopmeiit Agency.

I CALTON GALLERY Ill Royal Terrace. 556 lllltl. Mon Fri Illam 6pm;Sat

Illam lpm.

Spring Exhibition I'ntil end .Iune. Paintings from l700to lll4llplus watercoloursand bron/es by KateCatiicron.

I CARLYLE GALLERY North Bridge 557 5068. Mon ~Sat Illam- 6pm. I‘)thand30th century Scottish decorative paintings.

I CENTRAL LIBRARY (icorgc l\' Bridge. 335 5584. Mon- ‘l-‘ri Vain—0pm. Sat

9am lpm.

Tae Kwon Do l'ntil 30 Aug. Marshallingof the arts ofsell'delence on the reference library staircase.

I CITY ART CENTRE 3 Market Street . 335 3434 ext 6650. Mon-Sat 10am-«6pm. Licensed cafe. [D]

Napier College Degree Show 1-9 .1 My.

Mon Sat l0am 16pm. Industrialdesign. interior design and photography . Tel 444 3366 for further information. BecentAquisitions 35 June— 23 July. Lack ofspace means the CAC's permanent collection doesn't often go on show. bill they have an impressiy e collection which is constantly being added to. thanks to the Iil)C's active policy of buy ing new work and supporting Scottiin artists. This show will demonstrate how they have exercised that policy during the past year.

I COLERIOGE GALLERY 47b (ieorge Street. 3301305. Mon Sat 10am 5.30pm. Thisis the place to see contemporary British glass; the selection is always excellent and the gallery. recognising that glass isa tactile medium. have a y cry welcome policy ol'encotiraging visitors tohandle the pieces.

Charles Bray L'ntil 35 June. Landscape bowls and sculptures.

I COLLECTIVE GALLERY I66 1 liin Street. 3301360fll‘ue- l-ri I3.30—5.30pm: Sat 10.30am-5.30pm.

Thomas Barlow 35 June~16.ltily. Recent paintings.

I CRAMOND SCULPTURE CENTRE Moray Home College. Cramond Road North. 3136001 [ix 373.

Opening Exhibition Sept - Dec lusts. Artists resident in Scotland are inivited tosubmit proposals for selection. btit the deadline. 30 July is approaching fast. Submissions welcome in any media. any format and any subject. Send a maximum of ltlslidesor photos with statement and SAT-L. Further information from number above.

I DANISH CULTURAL INSTITUTE 3 Dotine Terrace. 335 718‘). Mon ~l‘ri 10am—5pm. Artist and sculptor Per Kirkeby represents Denmark at the (ilasgow Ciarden Festival with a sculpture built from bricks. L'ntil36


Lucian Freud: Works on Paper, Fruitmarket Gallery, Edinburgh

The recent major retrospective of Freud's work in London at the Hayward Gallery is touring in two sections: his Works on Paper (1947-87) are at the Fruitmarket, together with 25 paintings, many of which have never been seen before, and the Gallery of Modern Art will be showing paintings from the same period, 2 July—16 Oct. This is the only Scottish date lorthe show.

What singles out Freud as such an outstanding ligure in contemporary art is that he saw his work unequivocally as a means of getting at the truth. If one only one small corner of the truth to be sure, but ilwas a simple, searching and unllinching truth nonetheless.

He's best known for his portraits and so far as the concerns of 20th-century art go, portraiture is an old-fashioned, almostoutmoded means of expression. Moreover, Freud doesn’t comment on society by setting his subjects within an environment as, for example, Hopper does, nordoes he concern himself with the place of art in its own history like his friend Francis Bacon. The only certainties in his work are that human laces— isolated and scrutinised —will reflect what it means to be human. And again and again he maps out laces with a quiet, meditative and blunt intimacy.

Freud was born in Berlin in 1922, became a naturalised British subject when he was 17 and trained at the Central School of Art before the Second World War. Some early inlluences on his work are apparent from this time the playful, undermining eroticism of


I THE DESIGNER GALLERY I l llasties Close (round corner from 36‘) (iallery) Cowgate. 335 3774. Next door to 36‘) (iallery. this private gallery is attached to a framing shop.

I EDINBURGH COLLEGE OF ART Lauriston Place. 33‘) 93] I. Mon—Thurs

l0am- 8.30pm. liri 10am—5pm. Sat 10am-4pm.

Next exhibitions will be duringthe Festival.

I EDINBURGH UNIVERSITY LIBRARY (icorge Square. 667 10] l. Mon—Fri

9am- 5pm.

Piecing Together the Past I-thentled until 30 June by popular demand. Marks 60years of Iidinburgh L'niversity archaeological digs. A tie-in book. l’lt’t‘t'sfl’nm l/it’ Past edited by Trevor Watkins is available from the Main Library Publications Dept.or from the Dept. of Archaeology. 19—30 (ieorge Square. £3.

I FILMHOUSE Lothian Road. 3386383. Mon—Sat noon~l 1pm; Sun 630—] lpm. Licensed rest.

Association of Fashion, Advertising and Editorial Photographer's Awards 4—31 July. Judges included Norman Parkinson. Michael Peters of Michael Petersand Partners and Sue Davies. directorand founder of the Photographers (iallery in London who chose prizewinncrs from a record number of 1.300photographs submitted.

Pride and Prejudice: The Male Nude inlhe Movies ['ntil 30 June. To coincide with the Stills (iallery exhibition (sec listing below) Filmhouse have an exhibition of film stills in the bar and will also be showingthe following films: Noir et Blanc 36—37 June.

Toulouse-Lautrec, the limpid clarity of Cedric Morris— but in the period this exhibition covers (1947-87) his drawing style has changed and matured a great deal. At first his work was characterised by light, hesitant strokes and then by simple outlines to describe mass and volume in the economic, wonderfully expressive manner of Picasso. Later came intense, obsessive precision drawing of youthful faces and his self-portrait, Man at Night (cat. no. 27) dated 1947/8, when he was 25, looks almost machine-made. It’s taut and hard-edged, all clean lines and sharp contrasts. By comparision in The Painter’s Father (cat. no. 40) drawn over twenty years later, the whole face is collapsed and crumpled and Freud’s pencil traces every furrow and flaw. His concerns are the same but with his later style he digs deeper and more expressively.

6.30pm and 8.30pm. Caire Devers‘ film about a gtiache white accountant and a beefy black masseur which won the Camera D‘()r at Cannes. W86.

American Gigolo and Breathless 2&3) June, 6.30pm. Richard (iere double bill. See I’ilm listings for ltill description.

Coal Yard July 331. Photographs by (iraham Macindoe of the workers in an Iidinburgh coal yard. where coal is bagged, sold and dispatched. Recommended.

I FINE ART SOCIETY 13 (ireat King Street. 5560305. Mon—Sat 10am—6pm. Next exhibition will be recent works by Geotfery Roperan Iidinbtirgh-Imsed artist, from ‘) July to 6 August.

I FLYING COLOURS GALLERY 35 William Street. 335 6776. Tue—Fri l lam—6pm; Sat 10am» lpm. Contemporary Scottish artists throughout June. Beaches 30 July-l7 Aug. Recent watercolours by Charlie Mackcsy. I FRENCH INSTITUTE 13 Randolph Crescent. 335 5366. Mon--I“ri 9.30am~ 1 pm and 3pm~5.30pin. The Institute will be closed from the beginning ofJuly until the first week of August. Next exhibition w ill be during the Festival. .

I FRUITMARKET GALLERY 3‘) Market Street. 335 3383. Tue—Sat “lam—5.30pm; Sun l.30pm—5.30pm. Licensed cafe. Lucian Freud Until 34 July. Follows the major showing of Freud‘s work at the Hayward (iallery. London. See panel and Gallery of Modern Art.

Neville Brody July 3—31. Brody has arguably done more than any other graphic designer to change the face of magazine design in Britain over the last ten years and his work has been enormously influential. See feature in the

Most of the portraits here show only head and shoulders and. not infrequently just the head. But there are also a few nudes and he uses exactly the same unwavering eye as he does lorthe portraits. His interpretation is stark, blunt and unflattering, but it's also completely uncritical and as a result is often unexpectedly erotic. (Sally Kinnes) Artist and critic Timothy Hyman will give an illustrated lecture entitled The Issue of Contemporary Realism, on Sat 2 July, 6.15pm and Catherine Lampert,

recently appointed Director of The Whitechapel Art Gallery, will give an illustrated talk entitled Freud in the Studio on Fri 8 July, 6.15pm. There will also be a short introductory tour of the show on Sun 10 July, 2.30pm and two drawing workshops on Mon 11 and Wed 13 July. Forlurther details please contact Moira lnnes, 225 2383. Admission to all events is free.

next issue of The List. A major exhibition on tour from the \' & A.

I GALERIE MIRAGES The Lane. 46a Raeburn Place. Stockbridge. 315 3603. Mon—Sat 10am-5pm; Stiii 3-5pm. Closed Wednesday's.

Shibui—Decorative Arts of Japan Until 36 June. ()riential exotica iii this small and attractive gallery in Stockbridge. Includes prints. pottery. laqucrwork. baskets. costumes and textiles.

Flowers 331 July. Ancient and modern embroidered textiles from India. made by girls as part of their dowry.

I GALLERY OF MODERN ART Belford Road. 556 893 l. Mon—Sat 10am—5pm; Sun 3—5pm. [D] Cafe. The gallery‘sjtistly renown cafe is open Mon—Sat It).30am--4.30pm (lunches noon--3.3(lpm). Sun 3.30—4.30pm. Well worth timingy'our visit accordingly.

The Eardley Archive Limit 3 Sept. Lover exhibition of small works by this major talent of 30th century Scottish art. marking the 35th anniversary of her death. Includes poignant details such as a Christmas card Iiardley made at the ageof only nine as well as many of herarrcsting and thoughtful sketches. A book on liardley will be published as part ofthe Scottish Masters series. price £3.95. See also Scottish (iallery.

Portraits of Painters L'ntil 7 ()ct. Manon the young bloods of the contemporary Scottish art scene are painted by Alexander Moffat. Moffat has had ample opportunity to sttidy his subjects since he taught some of them at (ilasgow School of Art.

Lucian Freud: Paintings 1947—1987 2 JuIy~ 16 ()ct. Complementary exhibition

The List 34 June 7 July 1988 53