training through games. sketcltes arid songs. Around and abotit . All da_v.

GARDEN FESTIVAL Daily Events SATURDAY 25 The tollowing events are on every day during

i- Highlights and special events arelisted musiciansand dancers (also Sat 25).

below. but are just a taste or thetotal I naskolnikoll Theatre Road safety

goings-on. All details are correct attime ol

_ . I Lord Provost's Procession The biggest

l the two weeks 0' ""5 'ssue‘s cove'age' ev er Lord Prov ost‘s Procession takes a . Slfeenheal'e A” dilh- CWT." duh-“"9” detour throuuh tlte ( ‘iarden t-‘estival.

i “103‘er Him} “ml DUCK; Bitl Rm.“ Floats. bands. Pet'sortaltties. l.3lle. i Natural 'l‘heatre (‘ontpaitvol Bath). .Jan Day Sum from “wumsglm.

' ' I huskcr‘ "ml """lcmm' ' lrtternational Jazz Festival including

' I Pa'ade Performing: itrtiStSi ()t it” Tuxedo Band 2”}“p'n

i Will‘s“ Mill “N‘- 3P"‘- Thu 1 “11h Slis‘s‘l- Pavilion; New Orleans Procession plus

- I I WASPS ( ‘lare llellevvell. dartce costume Jiving Lindy Hoppers 3 . 30pm {mm BB(‘ .5 tic-“sun” l “m” Jim“ 39) ‘ln‘l(ll"-"‘ Paviliort to l larbour. and 4.30pm at the

i 2 Connection. stained glass makers(_lune chdcnxms; pal Sam's Band Imp,“ .ill Jul} 0) are the artists irt residence at

going to press, but subject to change. StakisShovv Bar; Criterion Brass Band : I lhc ( int.“ (icmrc‘ 3. 15pm on the trams:|tchy Fingersz.3tipnt I Scottish Potters Derttonstrationsol' m, mu pcsmal 1mm. ' various st_v les artd methods of pottingat : tlte(‘ralt(‘entre. I Woodcarving Rocking ltorses. _ titarquetrv artd upltolsterv demos at the . Shatel'ne concert Band 2pm "ml 4- 15W“ . (‘mn (le13 RL‘Itth/Vttus. I Brass Bands ( )\ “1mm Bandstand. I Chamber Music .-\ dav ol‘ chamber music

plenum. 133nm” 33mm,“ 5.30pm. from the Scottish National Orchestra i I Pipe Band Displays Map otScotlaitd lhr‘mgh”"l lhf‘ “l.” - - ' - ~ - a - -. - I lntlatable Dinghies Football lllant 2pm I Everything in the Garden Festival isiovely I Opening Hours 1 he l'estiv al vs Ill be opett ll.l.\tm. Mspm. I . . l'he ittillioittlt visitor vvalked through the seven days a vveek from Want to ts'prtit‘)prtt I Fashion Shows I 1.30am artd 3pm. “dimmi- garden tlalc‘stlli .lttne Sand the total isnow injuncrlulv)'l'icketsartd Information cart \ardiiti's Restaurant irttlte Rotunda near me a million and a hall: ‘Wc tendm be obtained from The ( ilzisgovs Garden I Sports Demonstrations \vith spectator count in millions.’ remarked theFestival‘s Festival. Princes Dock. (ilztsgtnv (351 participation. lllam.l.3llpm5pm. Sports .An sullef's Game" panygpm l’ress ( )ttice. \v ho are confidentol lJA. tel: ()41 42‘) 8855. Arena.

. . . , . Beechgrove (iarden. 'Sheepdog Tr'a's‘ 1”“ “"‘l “WW.” ITrinidad and Tobago Nostalgia SteelBand

mm" “ml 4pm 5PM“ Al'cnii- Various tirttes artd locations until .lulv It). I Jazz Sunday s 2pm 5pm iii the Rotunda.

reaching tltetr target of tltrec million visits bv tlte end or September. Revenue figures are bang; on target' aitd good weather and

- s s s u ; ' . ( i r ' :l‘ll:\t:'l\\t tttllll t c in onl_\ idd tothccvcnt s en'enammems happen an here and [HI my It is ptisslltlg to tmv cl the lcngth and "8' “the” on "'8 s'ter mos' 0' the events‘ I Scottish Ballet Performances vs itlt pupils

. . ~ . - .. ~ . "0m Pedomance anmtasmo" Shows. lrom ls'ttightsvvood Secondarv throughout breadth ol the (iardc rt l-esttval tna . . . ' . .. - a - , . , happen inthe specialevents areas orinthe {imam (unniiuh ii letsurclv attcrrtoon [he stxthcmc parks . - v ' . . - - ., restaurantsand caté is sate to assume on e some hunt to the eclectic exhibitsand

_ . i _ thatthereisalwayssomethinggoingon. IKeVrennAlroAtroupeof~ll Bretortt‘olk installations. but an unstructured vvandcr

is probava the most ertlovablc vvav tosce I 1938 Empire Exhibition Memorabilia the testis al, 'l he mint trains are greatfun. l'ntil Julv 3. See panel.

vs ill on e vou art idea ol the lit}0Ut and save I Jimmy Mack al the Festival lamp,“ vout legs. as vv ill the enormously popular BCCChunwc ( “up.”

trains the voting arid the brave willalso THURSDAY 30

vsattl a go on the Non v revving tovverand tltc thrill ride _ , . H ~ ' _ I Cooking Demonstrations throughout the ' day at the Demonstration 'l‘heatre.


I Mr Superbad 5.45pm b45pm .bpm. 'l'lte Mound.


I Gallivanters Ceilidh ll sou cart vvalk vou cart dance? b.45pm ( ‘ralt ( ‘etttre (‘ourtvard

I Bonanza OUil Final ( ilasgtivv District (‘ourtcillors versus the DI {SS otthe Planning Departrtteitt. 5pm l‘esttv al Pavilion.


I Ranga Srt l.artkart lolk dancers.


. 9' I Tickets ( iaideit Festival dav ticketscost v a 1514M lulltiittestudents.unemployed g; I .ma ( ).-\l’s. L2 Sillorchildrcn from 5-16 {-‘l seats and tree lor under-tn es. Once you V. are inside c\ ervtlting is lree except the " thrill tide latrtilies cart get aspecial l-artulv Dav l‘ieket (ladultsartd up to3 eltildtenllor LIJ *ll. Multi-Dav'l‘ickcts allovv sou tvso visitson an} tvvo davsand cost U). L" arid £4 concessions. Season tickets allovv access at any time and cost US l adult ) arid £33 50 (child). Discounts are also available on groupticketsnobe purchased in advance).

I At the entrance ( )fltcial (iuide artd Souvenir Brochure (£2) -vervhclpful H . . . .I .

maps attd rundovv rt ol exhibits. Also free that Empire 9‘h'b'l'0" aged’e'gm and llllltlL‘N to sculpture. events. things touneem Ch'et among Mae 5

' i i ' . 'l'hrou 'hout the dav turttil .lttlv ll).

horttctiltur al. disabled access etc. E‘h'bg'gglsl:gnifonndgaor'kfimzziai recallemlons are the ‘giratte'neCKed i“ i I Getting there Scotratl do inclusive fares Ego’.l h. . . d h '6 d Women ("0m tribes in Africa where the 4 lroitt most partstil Scotland. The price ofa mp!” 8.x lumen?" i 8 ar ell neckis extended by the addition of O - h 0 t - h o t - ho t - he tam-n “eta imm Edinburgh. including Festival is paying its respects to Its mass ms) and the pygmies . I fl“ - S "I: i 5 (1'3"! 51'“; l; “L”

. . . . . . ' ' . . ' er ormartces rout: ( L't 2‘ . is?" 1",“ “F in“ lei“. 1? “I "‘"nhffzr: .(. eldelm' it "at bringis' Iwnhlaflmfidem Apparently Veal “V8 natheS "0m the pIolasgow Summer Circus School \‘aimiis ' “W” L “l” Wm” “" L: '9 “'39 3V "‘l 9 0 "i" “"3 3 '“ea' corners or the Empire were brought to localionsantl times t llnlll .lulv vi. :‘lltt .iiiee. .ind admission to the harden the Rotunda, from 28 June lo 3 July. Glasgow and e‘hibned in a kind 0' . 'esltv al Is to. lll ttttlllts; £4 children; £5.25 Cenue iece is some contem ofa , . _ Sertror('tti/ert Railcard holders;£(t.()5 p p N humanzooi u sounds like the worSl 5

l-aittilv Railcard holders (plus £3 per phomgraphs repmduceu from the

. . . kind at imperialism. On a happier note, - Ben Ledi Scottish ( mum ima- 'l‘rio - cltild l. NB '1 ltese tickets are subject tothc ongmm glasst’lam nega'wes hm mere '

the trams that were specially made tor 4pm. 5. 15pm Map ol Scotland

same time restrictions as Saver tickets. am tour cases 0' tartan teawosms‘ that exhibition, one ol whiCh is running Stiathelvde ’l'i'aitsport are alsootfering engfaygd Plates and tumblers! al the curfem Garden Festival, we've 6 :iieiiisit e [ates lte return lare‘f‘rom Avr. exhibition catalogues and all the rest at bum by Mae and Na“ dad who was a I Glasgow Dismu Council Parksmchesm or c \aiitplc . including c rttrancc tothc It. Chlet benelactor was 3 MT Stanley coa hb ° - . _ _ _ , i .. , c urlder lor Glasgow Corporation. 3pm. 4pm Rertde/vous. (tattle it I e stiv al is i. i .90. from ( entral Hunter who apparently collects . - . - (ilaseovv the retut it tare is L" Concessions ' ' ' ° ' They re "m sum It the one at the I Tea Dance Mum‘le dam-"m mm mi. . , . . , i i i H ' exh'bmonal'a‘ "Ice to know that the Garden Festival is one that he had a homo llutton Band. 3pm. 7pm Rotunda ““ “"” "‘ ""“l"“~ Charles and Di paperweight you hide - V i 1 Scottish ( at link at.» runningspecial ' t . d "m a no personal hand in because they've “’“”-“”" buses from Edinburgh to the Festival. mm your "en 8 may ye 8 me torgonen the numbers hm theyive bum 7 [bet leav e si .~\ntlr'evvs Square bus station to ‘0' . , got season tickets so that they can go at 8am. 9am. Want. and l lam and leave There ate a couple 0' SlSters Who I've d h dl k 303 I Canoeing and Sailing Scouts all dav at , an aveagoo oo.( ) . . ttortt the ( iardeii Festival at 3pm.4pm. Oh my Sta". "an and M38. Who went to the Harbour.

. 5W“ *“l‘l “Pm- ‘5‘ C" dd)" 1* “‘Ct‘k- £8 I Mr Rhythm Street theatre throughout the return including entrance to the festival. av.

l Hw”_ ,

55 'l‘hel ist 2-1 .lune ~ 7July 1988