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a -' * Free. Houses an . discovered is Dunbar's l I calé Byzantium 91‘ W impressive and well Close Garden in the “WWW SerCl- 335 1768‘ : , chosen collection from (‘anongate Laidout in MU" Sill “lam 5.15pm. ‘. 1/ Nth—Nth centur}. Fine the manner of a 17th Pu‘rd‘m” ”" 9mm“ l \ , / “"’rk~‘h.‘ Titian. Poussin century Edinburgh garden “Chill”s “Um ll‘l‘dlr.‘- l l fl. and Turner. The gallery I it's small. secluded and "‘W’W'm W” l" lh“ l "Wuhan rcccmhtwcn E fullfifmrhmnd midstof a market. E re-furbished at a cost of i butterflies. A good spot [0 I HellOS Foumaln 7 over£l million andthe stop and read ahook (irassmarket.2297884. RESTAURANT rooms downstairs l untroubled bythe humol MU" 5‘” will" “Pm. , , . I restored to architect l traffic outside. Milt‘ll’l‘lmlc calm "ml 1 uc—§at (cvcnmgs only) . l’layfair‘soriginal designs I The Royal Botanic \cr} edible lunches in a T able d'HOIC and a la Carte menus A t t H d.“ t I with claret-coloured “2.”. 9 Garden lm'erleith Row. New"! sm'm‘r a! “is BRASSERIE Seven days: l.) a y ' .eren 3 and sage green carpets; l (553 7 l 7| l is open sex en " l‘iWk “l l‘m’l‘V m." "ml lunchtimes and evenings. Wide canng expenence upstairs the rooms are a days. dass n to dusk. 'l'he lrllll‘Cl'l'llul “h‘m' range of meals available. fondue With hm: 0" or StOCk less historical bright blue. I second oldest garden in t I raslory Pale w 30 Sandpon Street : bright pink and bright l Britain. It is Wilder and B““'“ “‘h Sllulfi‘“ . . ! gm”, 9 mm. wad, mm, mm, svsn Mon liri 701.1) FISHMA RKET(‘I. 0515 Lelth, Edinburgh 5 I Gallery at Modern Art l with a famous ! "MW" “Pml Si” EDINBURGH 031225 5428 Phone 031 554 2921 for reservation ; Excellent cafe. } rhododendron walk and a “lmilm 3~3‘ll‘m- ' IRoyal Museum of ; splendid out of mt- cit} ' l'mnectlwrlml charming Scotland Chambers Street. I skyline from lm'erlcith Vulc- Vcl—‘Cli‘rlim “ml 225 7534. Mon-Sat I llousetwhich houses "C!~'1”‘-‘””Ck‘””‘l"Wim- & 102m] -5pm, Sun 2—5pm. : changing exhibitions. see I . The Blue Parml 4:) Sl O . [:rL.C"I‘hC buildingiS E Ix” SlL-pl‘lcn Slchl.22.‘ lg-ll. J J

21:32;:::::::,';:.:“""“' i 2-111."Si:27:11:..ipl‘l}.... dried fruit, seeds, oils, juices, organic Wines & beers, herbs

entrance hall and the Sun lllpllam 3pm.

collection isysell '_ ; git:lllliilslligillfi)i:lillL‘r3v & & Iiiiiil‘ilffiiiii’ill'l“ * limited. ‘L ' substitutes, snacks, sova technolog} and natural l IFruitmarkelGalleryCalé history. Regular I :trleetjlfi ilréiirrtrjuiiiililaIksand llliiin Slrliriiigun 8 inexpensive family cafe. ' I ,‘ll 5.3”er

:1:t.:“:':3:':ii'?333‘333e 33.173331?I?)ii$il'°f§§f§.. Reta” specal diets, homeopathic 358(‘astlehill. Royal ' ' lunchesandgreat htnslstil

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9am-7pm. AdultsL’ZSt). Hillgtrcctnhugx. e l a 9 air . . . - -

kidcundu [hugs . MO”,.«,,t)mn,3_3(,pm_ Street.22lltl125 Mon-Sat Retail, MadOrderUake-away faShloneCl frlendlv seerce .V . ._ I Right in the middle of mm” “"15"”

Green town. a frtcndlx hm en "mm “W” (l‘m‘l l‘m‘l-

Therc is no shortage of - amongst the antique “O'chrh'l “MW - 9mm“

pleasant. leaf) areasin shops. servinglotsol Slrlllk‘f‘ml ‘hC'l‘Cl

Edinburgh. but one of the salads and a nice cupol l”“'"“”“ "H “ml” “"C

most pleasantand least coffee. Iiidtistrialh chiciool

enterprise, combining a wholefood vegetarian coffee house and a shop selling an intriguing selection of gifts, toys, crafts and books.

We know that even if you are not a vegetarian, you will enjoy our good home cooking, whether it be a full meal or just a fresh fruit scone or cake and coffee

0 W Helios Fountain is situated at the west end of the historic Crassmarket, below the castle. It is a unique

and if you really want to treat yourself, try some

‘3.’.".." I

_ . " . luscious Sachertorte, or creamy fresh fruit pudding.

Slinii'czn:pltlil:n'::sxgggfii‘fi:ly' If you are looking for something really unusual we think you’ll find it here. Whether it be jewellery,

the rusty hulk moored at the Shore in unusual marine lite like barracuda. ' % beads 0' (‘rYSldl bdllS, W00d9" lOYS 0' dllemdlive

ix '

The Ship is not the ship. That is, it's not salmon and scallops. and more

Leith since time immemorial and With chefs Christine Sidgewick

which, inlormed opinion says, will (ex-Merchants) and Mary Walker at the open in late June as an upmarket helm, The Ship is sailing fair to restaurant. Instead, The Ship is 3 become an interesting rival to its lirme land-based bistro/bar, although neighbour, The Shore. (Julie Morrice) there is a nautical suggestion in its The Ship, 24—26 The Shore, Leith, dark wood furnishings and breezy 555 0409. Mon—Sat noon—2.30pm and

atmosphefe- F00d is maian "Shit, 5—1 1 pm; Sun noon-4pm. Bar open all reasonably priced at 24—25 for main day from June. -

books, we have something to suit everyone.

Open 10am—6pm Mon—Sat 7 GRASSMARKET, EDINBURGH, 031 229 7884

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