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35 -' ‘V‘L'r'lr’

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I Glasgow West End single and dotrblc rooms. ()wn cooking facilities. Tel 041 33-1 2977.

I Look after yourself in superior West find accommodation. Suitable for (iarden Festival or similar. Fully equipped. (iood value. Non-smokers orin . Tel: 041357 2776.

I Own room in spacious West Iind (ilasgow flat. {Htlprn Phone (I41 (1379752. Wednesdays and Fridays 7~‘)pm. Iintry early July.

I Room in large flat close to (‘rlasgow city centre. Non- smoker preferred. £2ts‘per week. plus bills. Phone (Ml 551 9072 (eves).


I Italian student (female) requires friendly accommodation in lidinburgh from mid-August to end of September. Would prefer to stay with a family. Reasonable rates paid. All lettersanswered. Box Nobb’ A(~ l.

I New Town Altr‘actiy c attic flat available during July and August. Sleeps 2 3. il lfi £13m per week inclusive. Please phonetBl 55b47llb.

"‘ 3‘3”? 1

f. 13., -".(§_ , ,

I Couple wants flat/cottage frorn end of June. Please telephone “31 332 Sllfill.


I Male nursing student - read 'hardworking' (2| )diverse interests. seeks employment

August October. (ilasgow area.

Almost any thing considered. Please phone .lonathan on

0-11 33‘) I272 (eve).

I Semi average female folk singer with good sense of humour seeks band to

rehearse gig with.

I Female arts graduate (23) with good secretarial skills. WP and experience. seeks creative and interesting position in lidinburgh.

I Female (22) Business Studies graduate. seeks work in small company. Hard worker and willing to learn new skills: Interests. running. youth hostclling. Phone 041 (13‘) 7344 (eve ).

I Budding actor seeks

employ merit in theatre in order to serve apprenticeship. Acting. assistant stage manager. anything considered. Reply to Ian Hughes. lc l lowcraigs (‘ourt. (‘ly'debank. (ib’l lJF.

5‘1,” 3‘ v.


I Pirate TV (ilasgow Iidinburgh enthusiastic cine-literate. Basic post-production experience. PO. Box 502. Leith I).(). . Kirk Street. Edinburgh.



[GLASGOW AND EDINBURflL [ EVENTS GUIDE The List is looking for a young. energetic and organised person to continue developing the circulation and advertising sales of('entral Scotland's leading arts and entertainments magazine. See further details on Page lol this issue.


I Broaden your social lite Meet new people (30 + ) on an informal basis. Iidinburgh ('offee Pot. Tuesday evenings. Royal ()vcrseas League. Princes Street.

or phone ll3l 552 ‘)5l 1.

I Musicians and performers

interested in starting a women's devising theatre company in (ilas‘gow. contact Patila on

NJ] 330 5385.


I Physics and Maths taught to

Higher standard. lndiy idual tuition by highly qualified. experienced teacher.

£0.50 hour. (i-WL‘L‘k maths course available oy er the summer vacation. 'l'elcphone [M] 333 033-1.

I Acting tuition and coaching for all ty pes of auditions and stagework. Professional actor teacher. (ilasgow West Iind. (Lil 3340mm. ; I Vocal coaching by professional; singer teacher. All singing styles. Advice on voice production and technique . lessons. (ilasgoys West lind and Lariarkshire. Phone 748%}.


I Otters please opera magazines. 1967 1987. Bound complete. (ilasgow . ls'clvrndale. (MI 357 3048

I Emergency lighting system for sale. Ideal for small to medium scale lidinburgli Festival l'ringc E venue. liasrly installed. I (‘otnplics with licence requirements. 'l‘elephonc

“31 5569771.

I Wanted upright piano in good condition. reasonable price. l’lionetBl 55-16707.

I Deleted/imported/rare soundtracksstage musicals‘ personalitieson LP (‘1) cassette. ('ontact Britain's leading specialist. ‘(‘urtain L'p‘ (‘entury House. Pierrepont Street. Bath BAl 1LT“... phone “225 33hh’73.

I Duvettor double bed

cover. pillow. pillow-cases and matching sheet. All nearly new. cost £58. accept £3”. Red desk lamp 1.4. Please phone tidith on (l3l 228 3080.

I Decorating Newington Decorators Ltd. Professional tradesmen and specialists in hanging fine papers. stripping and waxing doors etc. Ring(l3l 4400094.

IJoinerJ.I-‘.. Duggan. Reliable tradesman. All types of ioinerwork undertaken in (‘entral Scotland. Phone

1 ( l’enleuilk‘ 76505.

I Are you self employed? Accountants‘ tees too much? I lave your accounts and tax returns prepared for a competitive fee by Mark Norman. Tel ()3l 55-18202.

Surrounded by leafy knolls and besieged by a ragged army of indifferent sheep. the trim Borders‘ town of Pceblcs strikes me as a home from home for voluntary euthanasiasts. Along its broad High Street in high summer crinklies stroll in thick socks. sensible shoes and tweeds spun to smother forest fires. as if they were bit-players in a tableau sponsored by the Sears Magazine. The air is sweet and unfugged and by the silvery Tweed even the joggers give you the time of day. Nothing much happens here. Nothing much could possibly happen here. Still. it was in Pceblcs wasn't it‘.’ that Alasdair (iray set his sadon‘iasochistic. fetishistic fantasy the ‘already dated' novel. /‘)82 Janine inside the deranged mind of a supervisor ofsecurity installations tippling his way towards suicide in a hotel bedroom. From where l was sitting there was nothing like that going on. Perhaps appearances are more deceptive than we think. But in my bedroom in the Hydro there wasn‘t even rippling. only Terry Wogan saying nice things about poor Russell l-larty.

l was in town for a conference. I like most conferences. especially




The last resort: Alan Taylor. still bubbling under.

decides to dip a toe

those that take me to Peebles Hydro. l have been to dozens ofconferences and have survived university campuses. decaying railway hotels and ‘chalets‘ in deserted winter resorts. [don't mean Klosters. Such establishments are bastions of boiled veg and stringy beef. lonesome tcabags and rooms so small two people can't change in them at once. I‘ll tell you about that sometime. But nowhere. not even a dead Blackpool. bears comparison with Pcebles.

Unless you count Limerick. In Limerick. as in all foreign countries. they do things differently. There was a tipsy farmer with an imaginary

into water therapy.

airgun taking potshots at screaming seagulls. mountains of ‘mash'. a gay pub called At Swim-'l‘wo-Birds (or was it The Hair of the Dogma?) and a hooley. a country and western ceilidh. where an over-developed quiff frorn (‘ounty (‘lare irnpersonated Tammy Wynette and sang D.l.\t'.().R.(‘.l{. like he meant it. He had the merry mien of a condom smuggler. When he goes to the big rodeo in the sky. he has as much chance ofgetting in as Ian Paisley.

Peebles can't compete with that. nor would it want to. But Peebles has the Hydro and the Hydro has Bubbles. not the dollop ofcandy'

floss that's married to Lord Daily Mail but a pool. jacuzzi. steamroom. sauna and bar. This is where the real business of a conference goes on. At the end of the day there's nothing better than guddling about in the pool or jacuzzi. I tried the stearnroorn for the first time. It was like going into a fire without an asbestos suit. Never. never again. I now know what it feels to be asphy'xiated. I sat down on a tiled bench to catch what was left of my breath and was branded like one of

l loss (‘artwright‘s steers in Bonanza. What possible good can that do anyone'.’ l‘ll bet it does wonders for the sale of draught lager. though.

In the morning Bubbles is almost empty and that‘s when I like it best. But before I got down. Tricky Nicky. the Silicon. Long John and (iadget Dave were there already. in boardroom formation. like synchronised swimmers in an Esther Williams’ film. They were having a power swim before their power breakfast. It all looked pretty powerful to me. Now I know what these ‘Life in a Day" types in the Sunday Times mean when they say they have a dook first thing in the morning.

65 The List 24 June 7 July 1988