I Therapeutic massage

A powerful treatment for aches and pains. stress and strains.

in the privacy of your own home. Phone Ray Majoron (1875 30376.

I FACT OTUM 0 We specialise in flat letting. factoring and property management.

We organise everything from inventories and leases. to cleaning and repairs. ()uickly. efficiently and economically.


We take care of ey cry'thing. (1313211183S

I Aromatherapy in Glasgow Massage. the ancient healing art. with aromatic oils.

brings rejuvenation and relaxation. For appointment. phone Natural Body (‘are on (141357 tom.

I Therapeutic massage induces relaxation. reduces tension and stress. relieves aches and pains in muscles and joints and aids healing. Phone Natural Body (‘al'conlI-ll 357111114.


I Women’s Sailing Holidays on 351i yacht. learn. improve. enjoy sailingon sunny Sotitli ('oast . ( ‘hannel Islands. Brittany and short breaks. Please phone for brochure: 117113 3N4”.

I Travelling companion reqtiired for low-budget trip to India and Nepal. or to ( ‘hina. During .»\ugust and September. Please reply to Box Nob‘I ‘l’ 1.


I Newly ‘out' lesbian (30) li\ mg 111 ( ilasgow . wishes to meet new people to brighten up a quiet social lile. (‘an you help meout of this rut‘.’ Please reply to Box .Nth 15.

I Don't need a man-hater. tltHil‘lC-tllllc‘l. )L‘lld-lk‘llletl

I Contemporary Stained Glass from Blue Sun Stained ( ilass Studio. Design. construction and installation. Traditional styles and restoration work also carried out. Tel: 1141 (‘32 717S. IMemories- old photographs expertly copied mm x Siiii3511; 7m x Sin £2,511; sepia tone "5p extra. Negative not required. Mail order Slip extra.

Ariil- Arti. Sauchiehall ( ~entre (opp Boots). Sauchiehall Street. (ilasgow.

alligator. 1 need a woman. Slim. affectionate. non-ugly. pro-feminist man i It») seeks similar woman 1le 31)) for equal caring relationship. Iidinburgh. BUX .Nt) (i8 1“. I Freedom-seeking lady (23). looking for attractive. artistic young man. (ilasgoyy area. Photo appreciated. Reply to Box No (i‘) l. I Girltriend wanted for 2‘) year-old unemploy ed male. soon mature student. Not bad looking. but shy and inexperienced. No reasonable offer refused.


For ‘urt'e' f'C'mai-e" te c:"::"e

031-667 9588

I Be original We do decorative paintwork for walls and furniture. Stencilling. marbling. spongeing etc. We would be pleased to discuss your ideas. For consultation. samples. free estimate. phone (131 331-llil)-ior (131331 178‘).

loan £1




.omv £3

SERVICES/TRAVEL 25 wo_rds maximum


PERSONAL 30 words maximum. - Rate inc Box No which must be used.


£2 per col cm. Min 3cm (£6). (Phone 031 5581191 for details)

w - r- . ‘r ;

. I ~ ' a‘ E a"; g S "- fixed é-tf-sm; . .

Glasgow Lanarkshire preferred. Box No 69/2. I I Two gay lemales(blondc and brown). both twenties. seeks friendships relationships. non-scene preferred. sense of humour essential. Expert guides to West Coast highlights. No time w asters. Than ks! Photographsappreciated. Box No (i‘) 3_ I Female (21) seeksother female friends for pubs. clubs. discos etc and to accompany on attractive man-hunting missions (fidinbiirgh). Box No 6914. I Sincere. attractive single male (33 l. \ aried interests. lives in Iidinburgh and often visits (ilasgow. seeks company of sincere female w ith a sense of humour for friendship and outings. Respond to Box Nob‘) 5. I Female (23) nursing student. conscientious. enjoys good fun. requires a boost. seeks attractive female company for freidnship relationshipto share and develop new interests. 'l‘heatre. I’ilmhouse. nature. I‘rancophilism. non-smoker. lidinburgh. Box Now (i. I Interesting professional gentleman kind and considerate. single. would like to meet charming young lady. elegant and courteous. to participate in a harmonious and beautiful experience. Photograph appreciated. Box N'on 7. I Lesbian (21—39) wanted by gay man ( 31)) who needs an apparent steady relationship for social and professional reasons. Only genuine replies please. ALA. Box no of) S. I Glasgow male (25) (iraduate. gay. looking for the right guy to share interests in cycling. skiing. theatre and wasting time in style. Box NON) 9. j I Bi-male. new to Edinburgh 1 seekstomeetsimilarpeople. Well tray elled. with various

Name Address

" ."

I Fed up with your social lite? Then why not join our small informal group for fun nights out at clubs. Concerts etc. If you‘re single. aged 20-35 write now. Box Nob‘) 14.

I Gentle. unassuming. thwarted extrovert man (31). seeks kindred woman to adventure out with. Are you interested in arts. languages. travel and having a few laughs”? Write to me! Edinburgh. Box Noo‘) 15. I Single male (39) ( iliisguw area. Tall. attractive. seeks sincere young lady for relationship. Interests include cinema. theatre. eating out. Conversation. Phone number please to Box No (it) in.

literature. Box No 69/10.

I Bisexual guy (22)seeks similar. no older than 24.1am straight-acting and dislike gay scene. Photo would be appreciated. Glasgow/ Lanarkshire. Discretion assured and expected. Box No 69/11.

I Gay guy (30) 6ft. bearded. Honest and sincere. seeks similar for friendship. Interests include travel. theatre. cinema and most music. Edinburgh area. Box No 69/12.

I Fun-loving humorous guy (23) seeks friends for good times. Open to suggestions. Male/female. no preference let‘s have fun. Give me a try. All letters answered. Glasgowarea. Box No 69/13.

()ne of the grooviest fashion accessories around the gyms and bedsitsofC‘entral Scotland right now is the hipper-than-hip LLSIT-Shll'l. Possession of said garment will propel you into the heady world of designer chic. yet the 20st to you is a mere Lo 1 plus Slip

P& P). How can you resist'.’ Send a cheque made out to The LIST Lid together with the filled out order form below - please state size: Large or Extra Large Please allole days for delivery. ()ffer SUbJCCI to availability.

To obtain your very own List T-shlrt send a cheque or postal order tor£6.50 (inc post and packing) to the address below. together with this coupon.

- . . . . o o . o - s e . . . . . . . . . . s . n o . - c . . . . . . . . . . - - e . . a n s . . . e s . o . . . . . . . . . - - . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ..

. - n - . . . . . c . . . . . . . . . . . . . o o - e . s . . . e o . o o - o u - . o n - o n o n e s o u n . . . - . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Size: Large/Extra Large (please delete where applicable). Send to THE LIST T-SHIRT OFFER. 14 lilgh Street. Edinburgh EH1 1TE.

f Notes:

1. Print Name, Address and Message in BLOCK CAPITALS.

2. All ads must be prepaid - enclose cheque/P0 with form. ' Cheques/Pas to be made

Tel No Message category


payable to The List Ltd.

3. Replies to Box Nos will be forwarded once per tortnight.


No of issues

Messa e note: tel nos count as 1 word

4. The List reserves the right to refuse any ad. 5. No liability can be accepted for mistakes or torlorwarding replies. 6. Replies to Box Nos must be clearly marked ‘BOX N0 XXX' in top left-hand corner of envelope. 7. All correspondence to: Classitied Ads The List Ltd 14 High Street

- Edinburgh EH1 tTE

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Payment encl. Classified deadline for issue 70 is Fri 1 July. '-

The List 2-1 June 7 July 1988 67