AT THE ASSEMBLY ROOMS psi 226 2427/8

Celebrating Australia 's Bicentenary, the Assembly Rooms are hosting an exciting and diverse season from down under. Oznost will bring together the best in Amtralian theatre, music and cabaret. From the spectacular Circus 02 to Melboume's Queen of Comedy and award winning solo shows.

See Assembly brochure for details.


"DON JUAN“ First British visit by this celebrated and innovatiVe company from Tbilisi in Georgia. Internationally acclaimed director Mikhail Tumanishvili presents a powerful, visually stunning version of Moliere's classic.

' “Tumanishvili‘s Don Juan is the best I've seen: it's fast, insolenttbrilllant/y played"

Peter Brooks 1988


Sensational drum- mers acrobats and musicians from the Langa township in Capetown. Exhilarating tradi- tional drum rhythms .3? mixed with South African Street sounds.

"The very heartbeat of Africa" Sunday Times


Uvely and colourful, fabulous costumes, spectacular acrobatics and beautiful music an Insight Into the magic of Chinese Opera. Based on mythical tales of love, war. honour and heaven.


One of Britain‘s foremost touring companies with a sparkling irreverent adaptation of Moliere's classic society comedy.

"Dazzling beyond description See for yourself"

The Independent

Please note performances begin at 4pm not 6pm as stated on page 3-4 at the

Assembly brochure.


iii search oi a royal pardon ioi' heryy rongly gaoled sister. See I’ancl.

I ROYAL LYCEUM ( irindlay Street. :2" WM". BosUliice Mon » Sat lilam iipm. Iltam Spinoii pert. ey gs. Bar. Rest ('ale. |l)]. |l'| iTheatreSayer(‘oiicessioii(‘ards cost it . last all year. gtye tl oil thcttill

pi ice each time yott come tor yott and .i ii'iend ayailableto().-\I’s.l'IHils. Students. Disabled and \"I‘Sschcnicl

I ickcts lot I yceuiii productions aiealso ay ailablc at the T ickct ('cnttc. \Vas ci Icy Iii idgc: branches oi AT \Iay 's tray el and the ()ttecle I Tall. ( ~Ic‘l Is Street

MrBoliryl ll :1 lune Sat Ililtily . I‘piii L: 5“ LT Ille'.tlle‘.\.t\e‘l Ilt‘ItIL‘l\ LI till \il iiiat ‘lluly .‘~ l5pni tall tickets Lil laii

\\ ooIdi idgc directs a new pioductioii ol oitc oi .Iaiiics Ill idic's best loy ed play s Scc Rey teyy.

I Mary Rose Hi 32 Jul Sat h Atig. 7.15pm L3 FII- LT T hcatre say er holders Ll oil Sat that b Aug 3. l5pm (all tickets t3) I‘RI' I: prey ieys Thurs II .Ittly A New piodtictioii ol .I .\i Bill'l‘lc\ magical play about agii‘l

\s ho mysterioust yanisheson a \Vestei island.

I THEATRE WORKSHOP 3-1 I lamilton I’lacc. 3.3“ 5-135. Btu ( )ilicc Molt Sat ‘l..‘~ll;iiii 5..‘~lipm, Bat. ('alc‘. |I)|.

.\'o theatre pcrtormaiiees until the irdiiiburgh I-‘estiy al.

I TRAVERSE THEATRE I I2 \Vest Boys. (irassmarket. 23h 2MB. Box ( )ttice Tue-Sat Illani .S’pm. Sunb lllpm. Bar. Rest. Ticketsalsoayailablc iromthc Ticket (L‘ltttc‘. :2 Market Street. Shadowingthe Conquerort‘t-i l7.lunc Sat‘) .Itily . ".Jipm iShoyy on Sundays. closed on \Iondays). LEI MINES“). Stiiidaysall tickets {3 5H. l’t'ettttc‘t'c oi a new play by Peter .IttIs'es. \\ Ito yy role the highly successttil Abel Hare/mire last year. See Rey ieys.

The Conquest oi the South Pole Sat it» Sat 3H.Itily . .‘llpm. (Show on Sundays. ('Iosed on .\Ioiidayst t-IFIII L25“). Sundays all tickets £35”. The British premiere oi a play by last (ieriiianyyi'iter .‘yIant’rcd Is'argc. yy ho wrote .Ilrui In .Ilmi. highly sticcesslully produced by the

Tray eise last year. Here tour young. unemployed men become my oly ed iii a strange gante play mg otit an espeditioii to the Sotith I’oIc. See Panel,


I This section lists shows that are touring Scotland. We give detailed listings onlylor periods when they are in the Central Belt area. There is a phone number ioreach company. however. should you require more inlormation. Unless otherwise specitied. the number alter each venue listed isthe telephone numbertorticliet enquiriestor that particular evening (please note. this is not alwaysthe venue number).

I Where the Green Grass Grows Riot Act continue to tour their shoyy.



I Musical Cabaret Kinooziers Club. 72 (‘lyde Street. Glasgow. ()41 333 (I387. 6pm onwards. £3.5ll(£25 season ticket allows entry to any performances over the next three months). Dick Lee's (‘hamberJazz band provides the entertainment tonigltt to gently sip your g&t's to. I Who Dares Wins Playhouse Theatre. 18-22 (ireensidc Place. Edinburgh. 7.30pm. £4. £5. £6. The alternative

- alternative comedy group on possibly their last tour ~ a chance to catch their ‘outrageous' comedy live. and possibly some of the gags they aren't allowed to play to the sensitive sensibilities ofthe

teley'ision audience.


I Musical Cabaret Kinoo/icrs (‘ttitx ‘2 ('lyde Street. (ilasgoyy I'ot‘ timesand prices. sec I'ri S. Fiona Duncan is (\IIL'UI the acts on tonight‘s musical cabaret line-tip.


I Five Past Eight Show iron I ITL‘JIIL‘.

T rongatc. ( ilasgoyy IN] 553 430‘ S

S “Spin LS iioii-iiteiitbeis. Ht Lit iiicmbcis The line-up lot the III st ol the lie“ \c.t\on til I'll t’ 1’:in [zit/ii .VirHi Isalt eycniiigol aliases (Till)! I~c igtisoii t the iniamous Ring Millet I. My i;i \Icl .idycn. oltcii seen with \Vildcat. \Iis ihatchci tas created by comedian Stcy e \alloiil; I'orbes \Ittssott (Victor oi \‘iclot and Barry I; Marlene ( Marlene Dietrich created by Anne Marie Ilmttllc‘} land psychobilly batid. \Vray (iiiiiii andtlie Rockets. Sec I'iL'iIIUI'C.’


I Five Past Eight Show't ion Titcatte. 'I'i‘ongate. (ilasgoyy I-or times and prices see Ttic l3. Arnold Brown. IVS” I’eri'icr Ayyard yyinner. leads the line-up tonight. I Te is iotncd by Stey e .\'alioit as Mrs 'I'hatchcr: the Ranality Boys. Karen Iltinter. \y ho plays the tiddle. and I ha .\Iacl .ean doing a music hall spot.


I Five Past Eight Show t ion ‘l ticati-e. Troiigatc. ( ilasgoys. I-"oi‘ times and prices sec Tttc 12. The yyonderiul \y ry Arnold Brow it is back again tonight in the company oi I)a\e Anderson. \Vildeat's songyy riter; T'iia .\iacl .ean doing a music hall spot; stand-up comic Stuart I Icpbtiiii and a stand-up double-act li‘oiii i’eter Mullen and Peter Arnott.

I Musical Cabaret Kmoo/iel‘s ( 'lqu "2 ('lydc Street. (ilasgoyy. I'tll tiiitesand prices. sec I‘ri is Music tonight comes irom the Desperate I)an/ Rand. amongst others.


I Five Past Eight Show I ron Theatre. Trongate. (ilasgoyy. For times and prices see Ttie l2. Another chance to see Arnold Brown. this time in the company oi’the Alexander Sisters. ys ho take tartanry to task; stand-up comedy irom .\Iy ra Meliadyen; stand-tip diio I lard Linesand music from the .\Ie( ‘Itiskey Brothers.

I Gong Night Tron Theatre. Trongate. (ilasgoys.ll41552 426‘ s’_ 11.li_<pni.()nce iii the mood front the The Past Izight Show. you can hang about tor the altogether more ruthless (iong Show . in which hapless comedians try to hold their own against an audience armed ys ith the poys'eroithc gong ieabletogoiigottany performer after a ieys moments Hugely popular when first introduced at the Tron. these shows dismay iiigly illustrate how little we have progressed. as audiences. since the days oi the ('hristians and the lions.


24The List 8— 21 July 1988