worth the cost. including tuition byJacky I.ansley(new director of linglish Dance Theatre). Rosemary Butcher (one of Britain's leading New Dance choreographers). Laurie Booth (known internationally for his work in movement

theatre ) and Rose I-.riglish fa performance

artist w ho has worked from both epicand personal perspectiyes). £120(£S5)not including accomodation.

I Dance This SummerofPeace-AFestival Brunton I lall. Musselburgh. no.5 3"ll Iix.244. S—- l0.luly. A testiyal open tothe public w hich w ill include classes for experienced and beginners and w ill locus on an international llayour todancc. DIFL‘L'IUI‘TUIH Yang has organised folk dance from Nicaragua. India. Japan. and Izuropc taught by a gioupot professional dancers. Miisic w ill be proy ided in plenty by a number of musicians. A wonder tul opportunity to feel the spirit of other cultures. At a nominal £3 for all thiccdays it isalso a bargain. I-or turther detailsand applications contact II ('I IAI at the Brunton I fall.

I Dance Unbrella—loth Anniversary International Festivalt iindmi l(i()ct )0 .\'oy Adyancc war ning to make time to see at least some of Dance I 'iiibi‘clla. Britain's largest and longest-r turning contemporary dance lestiyal. Dance in ones. twos and groups is held in dance ycnues around the city show ing the best If riew dance in Britain and abroad. Perlorriiers include I'xtempoiai‘y Dance Theatre. I)\'.\' Physical Theatre. I a In I. Bruce Macleaii and Day id \\'ard. and Second Stride.


Foot Notes

I Booking Information Phone 331 it 5‘. Box office at the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama it open from

10am 5pm Mon t'Tl prior to the ey crit and from 10am S..‘\0pm from} 10.luly, Tickets to 'I hird I'ye (‘cntre eycntsare alsoayailable from the Third Iiye ( 'entre “(N ( )lliec. .‘tstlSzltleliletittll Street. 3.“: “‘52 l . (‘oncessions are .r\ atlable to senior citizens. unemployed and people under IS.

I Focus on Dance Club Him) I'.ye ( ‘enti'e. 550Sauchichall Street. 332 2521 , ( )pen Tuc5 —Sun10.luly troni‘IRH late. late Bar. \Vhethcr you'ye been on your feet all day or watching someone else on theirs. the Focus on Dance ( 'lub is open and ready to resuscitate and proy ide the oasis and meeting place y ital to all audience members and participators.


I Alien Arts Bare Feet Dance Theatre and Punjabi Folk Dance Group RSAMI) (‘haiidler 'I'heatre Ipm. £2.50(£ l .50). Alien Arts is Scotland's first multi-cultural company and under their banner are born the Hare l'eet Dance Theatre. They present a new programme of contemporary dance chiircographcd by director .lulie Kilpatrick and the company. Sharing this double bill. the Punjabi Folk Dance ( iroup present work by Anirik Singh.

I ‘Russian Steps' RSAMI) Stevenson llaIl. b.30an £3 (£2). See Monday 4.luly . I Geographical Duvet ‘What is This Thing Called?’ Third Iiye (‘cntre. 2‘50 Saticliiehall Street. £.“.5tl(£2.5lll. (ieographical Duy ct haye appeared on a double decker bus at the Izdinburgh I’estiyal. At I‘ocus they ‘rc looking for the ‘big Romance'. Duyet are a zany group

making hay during the current trend which

blends dance w ith other performance skills. in their case. song. poetry and theatre. This ‘dance theatre spectacular‘

points at the lovehearts among us. picksat the cliches of romance and gives an illustrated demonstration of how to undress in front ofyour husband. Music bouncing from Frank Sinatra to live accapella.

I Compagnie Preliocai - France “A Nos Heros' RSAMD Athenaeum. 8.30pm. £4.50 ( £2.50). 'Autoniatic. regimented. clinical. fantastic technique' these are iust some of the words which have been used to describe the exciting talents ofthis young French company. I leros are dancing robots. unthinking. angular and mm ing to rock music. This British Premiere should be one of the highlights of the I-ocuson Dance performance programme. Don't miss it!


I Peg Dance Theatre and Style Dance Theatre RSAMD (‘handler Theatre. 1pm. £2,50(£I.50). ()ne ofScotland's longest-runningyouth companies. PIX} celebrates its 10th year at Focus. Style Dance features choreography by director IiIIcn Muir and the company.

I ‘Focus on Scotland' RSAMD Atheiiaeum. b.30pm. £3 (£2). Irnportsare important. but equally. it is essential to use Focus as a showcase for Scottish work. Dance dey clopmcrit in Scotland is still at its most actiye at the roots ~ community work. dance residencies and work within schools- but there are several dancers working towards more activity in contemporary performance and

choreography . What Scotland really needs

now is some specialised further contemporary dance education.

This ey cning of work by several choreographe rs. includes premieres by Rosina Bonsu. ('raig McKnight. Fiona Alderman and Scottish Dance Theatre.

I Geographical Duvet ‘What is This Thing Called?‘ Third I‘.y e ('entrc. 350 SaucliiehaII Street. 7.30pm. £3.50(£2.50). See I‘riday S'July.

I Phoenix Dance Company in Association with the Scottish Post Office Board RSAMI) .-\thenaeuiri. 3.30pm. £4.50 (£2.50). All riialc and all black. Phoenix Dance have presence from the beginning.

The company have ati exciting workshop programme planned which reaches all over Cilas'gdw. (‘heck your Focus on Dance programme for details.


I Residencies Showings RSAMI) (‘handler'liheatre 1pm. £2.50(£I .50). Several ‘build a performance' residencies hay e been simmering in the city throughout Focus. This is an opportunity to see just what they‘ve been up to. These performances are followed by an informal dance and education discussion.

I ‘First Footers' RSA MI) (‘handler Theatre. b.3(lpm. £3 (£2). Work by new choreographers emerging from colleges around the country ( NB there are no dance colleges or further-educational dance courses in Scotland. apart from training with Scottish Ballet). It'san evening where anything could happen and promises young. fresh experiment. Dancers from Middlesex and Leicester Polytechnics. Northern School of (‘ontemporary Dance and a premiere by- l.ondon ('ontemporary Dance School's Young Place students.

I Dansgroep Krisztinade Chatel -the Netherlands ‘Staunch‘ RSAMI) Athenaeum. 8.30pm. £4.50 (£2.50). Last year. when I visited Amsterdam. people in the dance world were talking about ‘Staunch'. It was the most exciting pieceof contemporary choreography ofthe season. they said at the Dance Institute. Five men combat their space for an hourof physical intensity. Tough, powerful. with the rhythms of Africa. this exciting war dance by Krisztini de (‘hatel endsthe performance section of Focus at high pitch.

I The Garden Festival goes nationwide from July l I when the first programme in the BB(”s new summer series The (iurrlen l’urry‘ blossoms forth. Iivery weekday lunchtime throughout July and August. Izamonn Holmes and \'iv I.umsden will host a mix ofintery iews. gardening chat. music. sport and cooking all against the brilliant backdropot (ilasgow‘s garden landscape. Regular guests include Mary Marquis. Archie Macpherson. Roddy Llewellyn and Paul (‘oia; and in the first week ofbroadcasts Paul Iiddington. Magnus and Sally Magnusson. Tessa Sanderson and Stephane ( irappelli will all make an appearance. The presenters will be out with the crowds among the flower beds and exhibits. bringing a little bit of Glasgow to day time television y iewers throughout the ITK.

It is possible to travel the length and breadth of the garden festiy al in a leisurely afternoon. The six theme parks give some form to the eclectic exhibits and installations. but an unstructured wander is probably the most enjoyable way to see the festival. The mini trainsare great fun. will give you an idea ofthe layout and save your legs. as will the enormously popular trams. The young and the brave will also want a go on the 240 foot viewing tower and the thrill ride. I Tickets (iarden Festival day tickets cost £5: £4 for full time students. unemployed and ()APs; £2.50 for children from 5- In years and free for under—fives. Once you are inside everything is free except the thrill ride. Families can get a special Family Day Ticket (2 adults and up to} children) for £14.50. Multi-DayTickets allow you two visits on any two daysand cost £9: £7 and £4 concessions. Season tickets allow access at any time and cost £45 (adult) and £22.50 (child). Discounts are also available on group tickets (to be purchased in advance).

I At the entrance Official (iuidc and Souvenir Brochurc(2 ) A— very helpful maps and rundown of exhibits. Also free guides to sculpture. events. things horticultural. disabled access etc.

I Getting there Scotrail do inclusive fares from most parts of Scotland. The priceof a return ticket from Iidinburgh. including the fare on the lowlevel train from (ilasgow ('entraI Station to the SI{('(' entrance and admission to the (iarden Festival is £8.10adults:£4 children;£5.25 Senior Citizen Railcard holders; £6.05 Famin Railcard holders (plus 3 per child). NB These tickets are subject tothe same time restrictions as Saver tickets.

Strathclyde Transport are also offering inclusive fares.The return fare from Ayr. for example. including entrance to the Garden Festival is £7.90; from (‘entral Glasgow the return fare is £5.



('oncessionsare also available. Scottish(‘itylrrik are running special buses from l-"dinburgh to the I-estiyal. They leay e St Andrew s Square bus station at Sam. 0am. I0am. and l lamand leay e from the ( iardcn I-esiry al at 3pm. 4pm. 5pm and (rpm. sey en day s a week. £S return including entrance to the lestiy al, I Opening Hours The l'estiy al w I” be open seven day s a week from 10am toSpm (0pm in .lunc .luly l'l rckctsand Information can be obtained from The (ilasgow (iat'den I'cstiyal. Pt incesI)ock. (ilasgow (i5l HA. tel: lI-Il ~I2‘).\‘.\'55. I Typhoo Teddy Bears picnic July it» is. l.otsol teddy eycnts ('lii'isticsauction celebrity bears; lilesi/c biiiiiiswatcr-ski

« .


Pound for pound she‘s as strong as the world’s strongest men, but she hasn't lost her femininity. Joy Dobson. award-winning body-builder, world champion female weightlifter and ex professional viola playerwill astound and amaze at the Garden Festival on July13.Having begun her

training to aid her recovery from glandular fever, Dobson remains health-conscious and violently anti-drugs. Hertraining programme is a well-balanced combination using weights, yoga and aerobics, which she follows three or four times a week, avoiding the extremes which bodybuilders fall prey to. Attwenty nine, she says she feels great. and comes advertised as a demonstration of physical perfection.

25The List 8— 21 July 1988