classical flamenco guitar style.

I Bonnie Rae Trio Platform 1.Rutland Street. 225 2433. Lunchtime.

I Waverley Jazz Band ()dtllelltm-s. t‘orrest Road. tisening.

MONDAY 11 Edinburgh

I Suave .\la\ies Bistro. Nicholson Street fifi21l845. Clarinet. sas and guitar.

I East Coast Jazz Band Blue Lagoon. Angle Park Terrace. 331 9922. t‘yeltintl. 9pm midnight. Resident Trad hartd.


Glasgow I Bobby Wishart l lalt liar. Woodlands

Road. 332 12111. lzsening. leading sasophonrst‘s ran and fusion hand.


I Chris Thompson Band t’l‘cset‘y ation l lall. Victoria Street. liycning. tilectrtchltres and rockahilly.

I Swing ‘88 Matt Slimel. ( ‘oekhtrrn Street. 225 (LS-13. liyenittg. ’l'yyogttitars. llot (‘luh sound \y ith reeds.

I Louisiana Ragtime Band \ay aar l louse llotel. .\lay lreld ( iarderrs. ho‘ 2828. l-yening,

I West End Jazz Band liasitt Street. llaHnar‘kel terrace. 337 lllllo. l‘.\L‘11ill}l. l rad.

WEDNESDAY 13 Glasgow

I Sandy Taylor/Alex Moore Duo ( iltlsgtiys Society ()1 .\lttsrcrans. Berkeley Street. 221 ol l2. s3llpm. 511p. Bar.


I Alex Shaw Trio ( 'oppers. ( 'ockhurn Street. 225 144 l t'.\L‘t1ltTg.

I Charlie McNair's Band Presers ation llall. Victoria Street. 22ft 3316. li\‘Cnl”.L'- I King Biscuit Time ()tltllelltms. Forrest Road. l:\errtng.



I Blues Night Riserside (’luh. Fox Street. l)pm. L2. 80 Weevil


I Bill Kyle's Jazz Pool l.‘:\ttaehe. hasernent ol Rtrtland l lotel. \Vest tind. Princes Street. 9pm. l-‘ree. A grotrp froma large pool ol youngish musicians. usually piarto key hoards. hass. Bill Kyle on drums. guitar. and hrass and or reeds. Modern. hop. some rrtainstream. hlues. I Alter Eight Mince ()ddlelloyt s. l‘orres’t Road. layening.

I Edinburgh Jazz Ouartet ( ‘oppers. (‘ockhurn Street. 225 1441. tiyening.

I Graham Blamyre Jazzers Basin Street. llaymarket Terrace. 337 With. livenirrg. I Templehall Stompers Temple 1 lotel. lisplanade. .loppa. (W) 4264. livening. Trad and disie residents.

I Texas Breaktastt‘ale Biarritl. (ll l-‘redcrick Street. 225 5244.

Opm midnight.


I George McGowan Trio with Linda Fletcher Blacklr‘iars. Bell Street. Merchant City. 552 5924. tiyening. Resident hartd with singer and guest soloists.


I Westbrook-Rossini Rtiss Theatre. Princes Street (iardens. £3 (£2). Mike Westhrook‘s theatrical jazz variations on themes from the operas. thoughtful and challenging. See panel.

I Eat Stuff (‘ate Biarritz. o1 Frederick Street. 225 5244. Drum—midnight.

I 80 Weevil Presery ation llall. Victoria





. 31$ F" in.”


‘y /& ~ 1

If; , p ,, @-

0a . ..'\ , Ii;

Alter the excesses of the Festival, it‘s all quiet on Glasgow‘s jazz front, while over in Edinburgh the District Council are promoting a line, broad based series of concerts in the Ross Theatre, the big tent in Princes Street Gardens.

On the 15th Mike Westbrook brings his vocally stunning wile Kate in a deft group of mainly wind players, taking the themes and arias from William Tell, Othello orthe Barber of Seville and reconstructing them as Westbrook—Rossini, see photo. With a large element of theatre and whimsical wit, the band showed an appreciative, it small, Maylest audience just how marvellous the ensemble blowing can be, from the tuba up through tenor


horn, trombone and alto sax, Lindsay Cooper adding her arresting little sopranino saxophone on top.

Another, and bigger band mixing the restraint of classical players with the extemporising urges ol the local jazzers is Dick Lee‘s ChamberJazz. You have the chance at the same venue

' on Sunday 10th to see the winners of

BBC Radio’s Big Band competition, led by Dick on sax and clarinet, play their home town. His clever, sometimes cheeky compositions and arrangements hint at many influences from bagpipes to the Baroque, and allow plenty oispace lorsoloists. some of the classical players linding novel

delight in leaving the dots and flying lree.

Street. tiyening. Blueshand.

I Alex Shaw Trio ( 'oppers. (’ockhurn Street. 225 1441. tiyening.

I Spirits 0t Rhythm Basin Street. llaymarket Terrace. 3377 llloo. liycning. The Trad venue.



I Palm Court Theatre Orchestra The Briggait Centre. 72 (‘lyde Street. 552 397“. Spnt—lam. Bar. £4 (£2.50). Titled ‘Puttirt' ()n The Ritz'. the shots runs through the popular music of the 2tls and 3lls. Songs and standards front a really hig hand. Dress in period it you can.

I That Swing Thang Paisley Artst‘entre. New Street. 887 1010. 8pm. £2. ('aharet and jazz song sys ingers from lidinhurgh. 7 7 strong band.

I George Penman‘s Jazzmen l tatstand. St Vincent Street. Afternoon. Pantoussyest coast traddie.

I Dave McLellan Ouintet Curlers. Byres Road. Afternoon residency.

I Duncan Whyte‘s Jazz Band Studio()nc. (irosy'enor l lotel. Byres Road. Afternoon.

I Willy and the Hand Jive Blackfriars. Bell Street. Merchant ('ity. 552 5924. Evening. I The Big Bands Riverside (‘luh. Pox Street,24}s’3144. 2-5pm. £1. Twohig hands in the afternoon. (ieorge McGowan Orchestra and Tim Burrella's Big Band. Seoresof mttsicians. friendsand enthusiasts.

I Ron Moore, Rikki Fernandez La Taverna. t.andsdowne Crescent. 339 7077. S-t lpm. I Resident Quartet (ilasgow Society Of Musicians. Berkeley Street. 221 (it 12. 8.3(l-t 1.30pm. 5(lp. Bar.


I Peristalsis Brothers (‘at‘e Biarritz. ()1 Frederick Street. 225 5244.

9pm midnight.

I Alex Shaw Trio Platform l.Rtrll;rntl Street. 225 2433. Lunchtime.

I Alex Shaw Trio (’oppers. ( 'ockhttrn Street.225 1441. tiyening.

I Toto And The Jazz Bostons l’l’esct'\ ant m llall. Victoria Street. 226 3Slo. 2 4pm. I Doctor MacJazz Basin Street. ltaymarket. 337 llloo. liyening. 'l rad

SUNDAY 17 Glasgow

I Harpin/Barr Trio Blacktriars. Bell Street. Merchant (‘ity . 552 5924. liyening.

I Paisley Arts Jazz Paisley .»\rts( ‘entr‘e. New Street. SS7 lillll. 12.3ll~ 2.30pm. liar. Free. Madelaine McDonald and ('ompany.

I Perdido John Street .larn. John Street. l2.3ll—2.3llpm. Mainstream and latrn.

I Frank Bolan Ouintet‘l'he Bar. Tron Theatre. Parnie Street. 552 4267. £15” (£1). l.3l)-5pm. Tron's yseekly tax/scene.


I Palm Court Theatre Orchestra Ross Theatre. Princes Street (iardens. 3pm. £3 (£2). Big( 17 piece) stagey hand in a programme on the songs and music of the indulgent 20‘s. The same higth competent players tackle the repertoire of the big hands irt the evening.

I Palm Court Theatre Orchestra Ross Theatre. Princes Street (iardens. 7pm. £3 (£2). Big Band Classics. See 3pm.

I Mike Hart's Society Syncopators Mount Royal Hotel. Princes Street. 225 "lol 1—3pm.

I ltaqui Negociants. Bristo Square. 11am-3pm. Brunch improyisations on a classical flamenco guitar sty le.

I Bonnie Rae Trio Platform 1.Rtrtland

Street. 225 2433. Lunchtime.

I That Swing Thang (‘at‘e Biarritz. tsl l’r'ederick Street. 225 5244.

‘lprtr midnight.

I Jimmy Wood Trio ()ddfelloys's. l-‘or rest Road. l'seltillg.


Glasgow I Dave Wilson And The Uptown Shuttlers

l lohsorrs. 523 Sauchieltall Street. l'yentng l rght.entertainingmainstream ra/z.


I East Coast Jazz Band lllue lagoon. .\rrgle l’ark let race. 331 9922. liyelllltg. “pm midnight. Resident 'l rad hand.

I Peristalsis Brothers Pr escl‘\ atron l lall. \‘rctortaStrect l:\ening.

TUESDAY 19 Glasgow

I Bobby Wishart l tall Bar. Woodlands Road. 332 l2ll1. lzyentng. Leading Scottish sa\m.m. resident hand,


I Swing ‘88 Matt Shos cl.('ockhttrn Street. 225 o.\~13. lzy enrng. l‘ottr piece l)|.trrgo\srlli reeds.

I Louisiana Ragtime Band .\‘;r\ aat' l louse llolcl. \lay ltcld ( ial'detts. N17 2328.

l \erirng

I Rootsie Tootsie Trio l’reseryation l lall. \‘rclorra Street, ltycnrng. Rekli.

I West End Jazz Band Basin Street.

llax lll.ll ket terrace. 337 llltlo. l'.\L'llltl_L‘. llatl

WEDNESDAY 20 Glasgow

I Sandy Taylor/Alex Moore Duo ( ilttsgtiys Society()1\lttsiciatts.BerkeleyStreet. 221hll2.\' 3llprrr.5llp.tiat.

, Edinburgh

I Tam White \egoerants. lir'rstoSquare. l‘yenrng. liluesantl soul grosslcr.

I Alter Eight Mince .\lusre Hos. Victoria Street. lyenrng.

I Alex Shaw Trio ( 'oppe rs. ( ~ockhtrrn Street. 225 l44l liyenrng.

I Shore Jazz Shore Bar. the Shore. l.eith. l'yening. .~\cousttcs\sing.

I Louisiana Ragtime Band Basin Street. ll.t\tti.tlkct terrace. 337' With. liyenirtg. lltc trad \ crttte.

I Charlie McNair's Band l’resery ation

l l.rll. Victoria Street. 22(13810. inverting.



I Ekossi Beat Blacklriars. Bell Street. \lcrchant ( ‘ity . 552 5924. liyening. Soft ltlc'l's.


I Bill Kyle's Jazz Pool l.‘.r\tt;tehe. hasernent o1 Rtrtland Hotel. West lind. l’r irrces Street. Upm. l‘ree. (‘ayetn with lahles. good crowd. A group from a large pool ot youngish musicians. Usually piano key hoards. hass. Bill Kyle on drums. guitar. and hrass and'or reeds. .‘slarnly modern. hop. some mainstream. hlucs

I Edinburgh Jazz Quartet ( ‘oppers. (‘ockhurn Street. 225 1441. livenrng.

I Graham Blamyre Jazz Masters Basin Street. ltay market Terrace. 337 llltlh. tiycllillg.

I Peristalsis Brothers Negociants. Bristo Square. lisenrng.

I Templehall Stompers Temple l lotel. l-',splarratle. .loppa. not) 4264. tiyening. Trad and dixie residents.

I Texas Breakfast ( 'ale Biarritz. (Tl l'l'L‘tlL‘l‘lL‘k Street. 225 5244.

0pm midnight.

I After Eight Mince ( )ddfelloyys. l‘orrest Road. lzyening.

30The List 8— 21Jtrly 1988