IVlUblL; L15 1 /KUL'K

! one gets together With his groupot

l ondon-based RixB plasers torthe lestual.

I Alter Dark .\lusie Box. VictoriaStrect. 33'l 1"l LS. USUpm. Free.



I Fresh Air Fortnight I lalt Bar. Woodlands Road ‘lpiu Iiee. I Go Go Street l.a'1anlere. I5 I-'o\ Street. "[‘lll l'ree. l)eluutel_\ an interestingband llieii demos contain some \sorthu Iiile songs. \\ Iuch badh need a good .iiiaugemeiit. Ilopctull} the lise shim will go some “as to os ercoming these doubts.


I Big Audio Dynamite Assembl} Rooms.

(it-oz ge Street. 225 3M4. Alter a dipin

ll \ I) 'sereduith their ratherlimp

second album. the\ seem to hase got back

uilolhe \\\ iiig ot things w ith the new one. lighten l 'p \ ol. SS. slim ingthe

ril‘llL‘JltlU computers back in the

\ tll‘l‘tialtl and just playing music. Who

kill ms \\ ll.ll direction \liek .loues'

j‘llt'l llll.l‘.'L' to \ash\ ille \\ ill take them'.’

I The Pharoes \‘eiiue. ( ".iltoii Road. 55" :ii '1 Rockabillx I’ossible support trout

Ruluiiut .l1\. as \cl uneontumul

I Pretty Tomorrow llustet Biou u's.

\I.izket Stiecl lllpiti 2am. Ll Seel'ridas

I BillyJonesl t‘ltl Dar-rile; . West Port.

I‘ll Illpiu t'lc‘c' Sec Sun I”

I The Peristalsis Brothers \egoelaitls.

I I‘ll‘l.tll Street. 335 it} I 3. ‘lpiu I-iee. Sec


IAiterEightMince ( )tltitL‘lltl\\S. i-oii-est

Road. 22“ ISIh S.31lpiit. I-i‘ee. .la/z-l'unk'.

I Texas Breaklast ( ale trial-nix. l'rederick‘

\lie'cl. 235 5311 “pm I'ree

I The Brothers I’iesei \ .itth )..ill. Victoria

Street. 2.‘.I\.i\ll~ ‘1 .‘Ilpui i‘lL‘L‘.

R. sidei‘.e\

I Los Supremos ( anus Man's.

\I liltiiigsideRoad_44“I4S4.S.31lpm.

l Resideuew


I Voice ol the Beehive ( ilasgtm School o1 \: t, in" Rentieis Street, 9pm. See panel. I Big George and the Business l.a 'l‘anicre. 151 o\ Street ‘lpm I-ree Another

. eeud. another gig.

; Edinburgh

I The Lilac Time Venue. (‘alton Road.557

3”".1 Stephenl I'rn ‘l'ini Dull} ncs er

looked at ease as a teen-pop idol. didhc‘.’

\eithei did .\'ik Kersliasi . but Kershass

didn't go tor the tin“ nisard-mobilit} option. torm himselt an indie-stile guitar band and go touring round church halls

and .tl ts centres, Not an obs ious thingto

do in this upuardl) -inobilc age. and for that reason alone \sorth snitlingaround.

I Malcolm Sargent Cancer Fund lorChildren Benelitl eith Assembl) Rooms. (’oiistitution Street. Split—late. £3. 4(ls. 5lls and MI is records. plus li\c appearance lrom lilaeliuger

I Indian Givers Music Box. \‘ietoria

Street. 32” I‘llS. 'l‘here'sbeen a tutor contusion about \shenthisgigis. butthc

s. lieduled date is tonight. Alt)ottc‘ssho's l‘e ii reading l'lie [asltorthc last couplcof Hill‘s \\ ill know that sse'se been ras ing about the Indian (in ers and their cool 'i//-iiillectcd pop. What further

i{L1‘llllilL'nthtthlnC(luld)()Ll\hitnt‘.) I Big George and The Business Lord

In: nIe\ . \Vest Port. 33‘) 4341 lilpm. lice \It. good ol' Big ( ieotgc. o\ eron another toras liom the \\ est to short us I asteiueis him toplas the blucsandfeel

good about ll. (iauu tersel.(ieorgie.

I Bo'WeeviI I’rcsersation Ilall. \‘ictoria

Street. 33h .‘MSlh. Ll alter 9.311pm. More l‘ltlL‘\\ sounds. I The Beaver Sisters Segue-hints. l-othian \1' eel. 225 0313. 9pm Free.

SATURDAY 16 Glasgow I Big Audio Dynamite and Banking Roger

Barrowlands. (iallougatc. 7.3(lpm. Alix ays welcome visitors to ( ilasgtm \\ here the} haxe a big lolltmittg. B..»\.1). seem to haxe nei er matched the heightsot their debut album. \s hich is a real shame. Nes ertheless. the most recent album. 'I‘ighten l'p \‘olume SS. has its moments. althouin too much experimentation and not enough L‘UITSISICITL‘} does not make tor riseting listening.

Interesting support

from Ranking Roger. \\ ho ol'coursc “as pre\ iousl} in the Beat and latterl) (ieneral I’ublie. Ile has a debut solo album. Radical Departure. released on IRS Records in the near luture.

I December's Children Ilall Bar. Woodlands Road. 9pm. Free.

I Billy Forbes I.a 'l'aruei'e. 15 Fox Street 3pm. I-‘ree.

I Blues Bums l.a 'I‘aniere. l5 l'o\ Street. 9pm. I-ree.


I Edward ii and The Red Hot Polkas Rim 'l'heatre. Princes Street (iardens. 1pm. £3 t£3 1. See panel,

I G-Spot Tornado I’lattorm ( )ue. Rutland SllL‘L‘t. See Sill l l.

I 881180011113 Hard Rock (iztte. Venue. (‘alton Road. 55" 31133.

I The Peristalsis Brothers ( ‘ale Bittl rill. I‘redcriek Street. 335 .5244. 0pm. l‘l'ee. Sec Sat 1).

I Bedlam I’rescr\ alion llall. Victoria Street. 22h.‘~.S’l(i. £1 alter")..‘illpin.

I Friends or Carlotta \egociants. l.othian Street. 325 Ml}. ‘lpin. I-ree. (‘orcot accomplished local musicians get together tor a texs pints and a good jam. u itlithe chance ot a guest or tuo

I The Charge l.ord I)ariile} . West Port. 3294341. lilpm. I'iree,


Despite the usual July lamine oi gigs, one that should deiinitely be worth the eliort is the appearance 01 Voice oi the Beehive at Glasgow School oi Art on July 15th.

Their timeless, gutsy pop songs have at last secured them a place in the charts with the most recent single, Don’t Call Me Baby, while their long awaited debut album charted at number 13 on its lirst week.

In vinyl terms, Voice ol the Beehive established themselves with a sizeable indie hit when they released Just A City on the Food label. Atthe time the band consisted oi the lrontpersons, Tracey Bryn (vocals, guitar) and Melissa Brooke Belland with musical assistance irom the then just departed madness pair, Bedders and Woody- oniythe latter remaining in the band.

Accompanying the single's independent success were the usual press articles and radio play, particularly courtesy oi the late (sic) Janice Long, and it did not take long beiore major labels were snooping about. In this case, a deal was signed with London Records, and partly as a stopgap, Just A City was re-released, although in record company terms it ‘stiited.’

The necessary daytime radio support was more lorthcoming on the release at I Say Nothing, the standout track on the




I The Humph Family Ilte .-\lholl .-\rms. Rent'ress Street. ‘lpm. I-rce. 'I‘hes ‘re at it again. .see last Sttitda}.

I Burden Blues Breakers 1.;i'l'altlere. i5 Fox Street. ‘lpm. liree. .-\nd so are the_\ .. residency


I Medusa Touch and Ca Va Sittiltdclteck Rock ('lub. Venue. ( 'altou Road. 55" 30"3. "..‘~llpiii. {1.511. Ileass rock metal. I Billy Jones LORI l)al tiles . \Vesl l’oii. 2294341. lllpni. I'i'ee. See Sun III.

I The Peristalsis Brothers in L‘SL'I \ .ition

I lall. Victoria Street. 331‘ 5511i LI alter 0pm. See ‘I'Iuirs I4.

I Jean Mundell .\ttisic Ilo\. Victoria Street. 22“ I‘llS .~\tternooii l'tee

I Bluelinger .\lll\lc‘ lio\. \ictoi ia Street. 3311 I‘llS, Ll alter ‘Ipiii Rockiii'blues



I Songs lor the Children oi South Airica 1 tall Bar. Woodlands Road. "pm, I-iee. Donations gratelull} accepted. .\ hordeol bands making briel appearances includes the Ris er l)etecti\ es. llig Sur. .lauet .Iumps Hall. Dexter Slim and 'I'lie I’ickups. 'l'he ( )t‘lice (iirls. l:_\e Scream. \Vild Part} and possibl} even l)el Amitri.


I The Big Dish 1 'I lit ' I \‘euue. ( ’altou Road. 55".“15'5. '1 his \\ ill be the gig ol the \\ eck it it comes ott. 'I’Iiere \\ as a i uiuoui that one or (ilasgim ‘s most lughls thought ol groups would be plat mg 11\ e in the West. but that came to naught .-\ii_\ is .i_\. their 1 1’ \sas a cracker and the critiesueiit ape o\ er it linough said’

IAllThisAnd Heaven Too I’Iesel‘\,ltlott Ilall. Victoria Street. 23!» .‘sSIli ‘l..‘"'l‘lii,

album, butthis time the single stopped just short oi the top lorty, squeezed out partly by the proximity of its release to Christmas. Things did look decidedly promising tor 1988.

However, the next single, I Walk The Earth—the original and superior version oi which was on the 12in oi Just A City was another case or nearly made it. Decent sales, helped by some live work that included supporting INXS, but not Top 01 the Pops material justyet. The inevitable happened with Don’t Call Me Baby, and a top twenty position, Top oi the Pops and Smash Hits interviews all followed.

Where now ior Voice oi the Beehive is more diilicult to predict. They could be major pop stars, but there is still an indie-ness about the records and also their attitude. VOTB are a near perfect lusion oi major label and independent pop. They are badly needed. (JW)


I Litting The Lid Music Box. Victoria Street. 230 1708. 9.30pm. Free.

I The Volunteers (‘anny Man‘s. Morningside Road. 447 1484.8.3tlpm. I‘ree. Residcnc}.

I Live band Negociants. l.othian Street. 225 (i313. 0pm. I-‘ree.

I Live bandloi-dl)arnles.\\'esrI’m-1.229 4341. Itlpm. I‘ree.

TUESDAY 19 Glasgow

I The Speedy Ducks Bar l.u\embourg. it)". Pitt Street. 333 1111. Illpm I-rce. Despite has iug one ot the most ridiculous iianies around. the} are also one ot the most impros ed bands. going by recent demo

e\ ideltee

I Bobby Wishart I lalt Bar. \Voodlands Road. ‘lpm. l'rce.


I Baby‘s GotA Gun Music Iio\. Victoria Street. 22” I'llS '1 lies ma} plat (and look i like music tor them began .iiideiided \\ till the Pistols and I lie (lash. \\llll l,ed /.ep uoi'ths iii an houotuable mention. but tlies ‘ie good at “hat the} do. l'hat is. the) don't challenge. or shake autone tip. thes just entertain. 1';tll enough,

I Cloak and Dagger t .ord I)arnle_\ . \\‘esi l’oit. 3394341. lllpiu, I'i'ee.

I Hootsie Blues Trio I’resers ation Ilall. Victoria Street. 33h 5S1!» ‘l..‘~llpm. I-rec. I Soullinger ( )ddlellims. I’orrcst Road. 33!! lSlli, S..‘~llpru. I-ree.

I Willy Logan (amt) Man's. .\loruiugside Road. 4-1" 1454 S..‘\llpiit. See '1 tiesda) l3.



I Naiian I lalt Ilar. \\ oodlaiids Road ‘lplll. I'i'ee Residency

I Token la '1 article. 15 1~o\ Street. 9pm. i'lL'L'.

I Horse 'I'hird lite (entre. Sauchiehall Street. 333 7521. (ilasgou pop group tipped to reach dizzy heights. though the results oi their recording sessions earl) in the tear remain shrouded in 111} ster}.


I Botany 500 ( )tltllelllms. I'Vtil'l est Road. 32” 1510 S31 lpm. I‘rcc Ilois about some nexs \ in} l‘.’ It's been a long time sincetlieir bounc) . quirk) pop-turik 45 ‘lulli Beel'. limiting.

I Tam While \egociants. l.othian Street. 23.5 Ml?» 9pm. Free. See \Vecl 13.

I Alter Eight Mince \ltisic Box. Victoria Street. 320 I‘llh’. Jazz-tunk.

I Willy Logan l.ord Darnle} . West Port. 239434 I. ltlpm. I‘ree. See Wed 13.



I Dream Power I Ialt Bar. Woodlands Road. 9pm. Free. I Pleading Poverty l.a ’l‘aniere. 15 Fox Street. ‘lpm. I’ree.


I A Midsummer Night's Ball Assembl} Rooms. (icorge Street. 2253614. 731mm. L I 5 supper. I; lit non-supper. Sec panel.

I Arthur Fowler and His Top-Up Loans Venue. (‘altoii Road. 55" .‘stl‘fi. See listen?

I BillyJones l.ord DartlIe} . \Vcst Port. 33‘) 4341. Illpni, I-‘ree See Sun I”.

I The Peristalsis Brothers Segueianis. l.othian Street. 225 (i313. ‘lpiii. I-ree. Sec Sat I).

I Alter Eight Mince ( )tldlellous. 1‘orrest Road. 22!! INT». S..‘~i|piii. I"rec. Jazz-tunk. I Texas Breakiastt‘ai‘e Biarritl. Frederick Street. 225 5344. 9pm. Free

I The Brothers I’rcsen ation I lall. Victoria Street. 336 3810. 9.30pm. Free. Residency.

I Horse (‘alton Studios. ('alton Road. 556 7066. See Wed 30.

3-8 I lie rm s— 311iin 1988