I Nightlite is listed as a diary tirst by day(in this section each at the two particular days at the tortnight are treated as one). then by city and then by venue. Special Club nights are listed under their club name tollowed by their venue. A separate venue list tollowsthe diary listings. with addresses and phone numbers. NB In order to be as accurate as possible. only those discos able to contirm their prices and days are listed in the diary. The venue list may be consulted lormore nightlite locations— but check with venue. Please send information ten days betore pubhcauon.

KIN studcnts and gucstsonly:

|.\'D| nodcriirns; [NI] notr'aincrs;

[A] mail tor prryatc him on ccrtain nights.



IThe Alhambra .‘sl \ValcrlooSlrcct.22l 3260. Spin midnight. l'rcc. Rcsidcnt DJ with lhc lalcsl sounds.

IBennets l lprn 3.30am. £2. Mainly(iay with III-NIH i music.

ICleopatras Ill.3llam 2.30pm. £3. I)isCo sounds.

I Cotton Club I lprn 3.30am. £3. Spccial drinks promotion night cach Friday.

I Disco Viva l0.30pm 3am. £3.50. 'l‘hc Disco Visa housc disco in ttill swing. lligh cncrgy ltriik and chart sounds with pcrsoiialrty DJ.

IFollies I0.3llpm .‘~..‘sii;im. £3.50. (‘liart-lrascd disco sounds. [ND] [NI]

I Fury Murry's I Ipm 3.30am. £3.50. 'I‘llllIx on I-‘ridays at I’urys'. with Radio ('lydc 1).! chun w ho adds a totrcli ol jazz. I Ghetto Club at 'I in Part .»\Ilcy.

I0.3llpm 3am. £2.50with tickct. l'pl’ront IIousc. Soul and llip I Iop.

I Hard Rock Cane at thc \'cnuc. lllpm tiII Ialc. £3.50. In c nitisrcand disco. IHenryAtrikas I Ipm .‘~._‘ £3. .‘ylcl Bart‘s‘Iiatcayc' ('oIrriBarr’shrothcr opcns tip a iicw club.

I Hollywood Studios lllpm 3am. £3.50. ()ycr 2l IIotisc disco. with liyc actscycry DIIICI' \\CL‘I\.

IJoe Paparazzi | lprii 3.30. £3. ‘l Iard()n' l‘ridays. .-\ suggcstiy c namc it I cy cr hcard oncl

I Knightsbridge SW1 I Ipm. 3.30am. ()ycr 2| night at thc ncwcst club in ( iIasgow'. IND] [N'l‘]

I Madisons 10.40pm 3am. £2 with tickct (hcforc midnight l. :\Ilct' a lay -ofI Madisons arc hack in lhcgrooy c.

I Mayfair l 1pm 3am. £3.50. ()ycr 25s night disco.

I Mardi Gras 10.30pm 3.30am £3 with tickct.Shalt drinkspromotionsaswcH. I Palomino Club‘lpm 3am. £4. Disco sounds.

I Panama Jax Ill.45pm .‘~..‘~ii;im. £3.50. Soul and mixch chart music with rcsidcnt D.Is. 'I‘ommy Arnold or Raymond

Day rcn.

I Pzazz 10.30pm 3.30am. £4. .\Iixcd sounds.

I Raffles [0.30 -3am. £3. Discosounds with DJ. Roddy Stcwart.

I Reggae Club at thc Function Stiitc. Rooftops. Illpm— 3am. £3.

I Singles Club \‘anips I‘Ioor at Disco \‘iy a. 9.30pm—-2am. Admission hy mcmhcrship contact y critic Ior dctails.

I Sub Club I Ipm- 3.31 lam. £3.50: £I.50 hcl‘orc midnight. 'I‘hc conccssion night at Suh (‘luh with Iagcr only 85p a pint.

I Texas Fever at «to Wcst. III.3(lpin--3am. Somc would say thc hcst ‘aItcrnatiyc' night in (ilasgow.

I Warehouse 1 lpm~-3.30am. £3. Bcathox. £2 with tickct; £3 without. Blcnd ofI Iousc and (‘ommcrcial Soul.

I Wasp Factory at (ilasgow School otA rt. Itl.30pm—2.30am. £1.50. Sand I5July' only. 'I-‘rom pcrfcct pop to industrial funk and cycrything in hctwccn.‘ .say'thc PUSICTS.

IZico's [llpm—3am. £3. (‘hart hascddisco sounds.


I The Amphitheatre Itlpm 4am. The Friday Night Spcctacular. £3.50. Ilalt' pricc hclorc l lpm. [AHND]

I AWOL at thc (‘aIton Studios. £1 .50. Local and national hands. always agood mix ollalcnt.

I Buster Browns l Ipm-«lam. £2.50; half pricc drinks and admission hct'orc midnight. (‘hart and dancc music. Aimsat oycr 20s atmosphcrc. Bustcr Browns' L'ndcr- lSs disco. 7.304 Ipm. \‘cry popular with thc carly tccns. [A]

I Care St James ('Iuli 25 Disco on Fri and Sat Spm 2am. £I mcmhcrs; £2 non-mcmhcrs. Mcmhcrship £2. 'I‘hc 'I'op o‘ thc Walk rc-opcns undcr a ncw namc attcr a thorough rcnoyation. In thc midst of all this changc. thc music rcmainsa popular mix of chart hits and (ioldcn ()Idics. [ND] [NT]

I Chaplins at I-‘inshury Park's Night ('luh. I 1.30pm—(iam. Dancc into thccarly hours. lircc cy'cry wcck with mcrnhcrship (£5) ohtaincd at l‘inshury Park. No admittancc without mcmhcrship card.

I Cinderellas Hockertellasupm- 3am. £2.50 hct’orc I Ipm: £3 altcr. 50p discount for mcmhcrs. All drinks 70p. ('indcrcllas cclchratcsamazingly its 7th Birthday . [ND] [NI |

I Dillingers lllpm 4am. £2 liclorc l Ipm; £3 attcr. \Vickcd l:spccial night (itlpon scIcctcddrinks goodcontcmporary‘ dancc music. IND] [NI] [Al

I Edgars lllpm 4am. £l hctorc I lpm;£2 hclorc midnight; £3 attcr. ()uirky intcrior with plcnty oldark corncrs. Also Iidgars has probably thc most cxpcnsiy c air conditioning. ycry cool. [A]

I Fire Island I 1pm 3am. £2.70(£I hclorc I I. 15pm). Popular gay disco in tlic ccntrc of town. 'I‘onight it's '(‘Iuh Downtow n' Icaturing 70s‘ music.

I Goombay Beat at Barhados Suitc ((‘oastcrs). 10pm -3am. £2. Wcll cstahlishcd club but has a Sham (it) rcggac pick up atmosphcrc and a bland music sclcction.

I Madisons 10pm 4am. £l.50hctorc

I Ipm. £2.5(lal’tcr. Madisons’ DJ cscorts thc crowds through an cnjoy'ahlc Friday

night sccnc. It‘s worth a \isit to sccthc lascr.

I Malcolm Sargent Cancer Fund For Children Benetit at Lcith Asscmhly Rooms 8pm 2am. £3. I5 July only: For this y-cry' spccial night thc Asscmhly Rooms will hay c 40‘s. 50's and oil's music in thrcc scparatc arcas. 'l‘hcrc w ill hc a hugc milk and an appcarancc hy Bluc I’ingcr. (io along and hpr a dcscryingcausc.

I The M010 Club at 'I‘hc Mission. Itlpm—Jam. Admission pricc unayailablc at timc of prcss. Brand ncw club with Rcd Stripc on oft'cr at £1 all night.

I Outer lelts at (‘oastcrs I0.,i0pm-4am. £2 till I 1 .30pm. £3 al'tcr. SJuIy:

I Iairdrcsscrs' party night but thc gcncral puhlic arc wclcomc too. [NI]

I Reggae Club at Shady Ladics.

10.30pm» 3am. £2. Bcst com cntional rcggac sclcction in town complcmcntsa good skank atmosphcrc.

I Hokko's Spin—3am (Happy Ilours

8—1 Ipm). I-‘rcc hcforc I Ipm; £3 altcr. Scc Mon.

I Shake at 'I‘hc Mission. 10.30pm— 3am. £2. Spans a widc scIcction ofchart succcsscs. casy dancc. Iittlc imagination.

I Spanish Harlem at Wilkic l Iousc. I0pm—3am. £2. Wcll worth a visit ~ containing 2 discos yarying in tcmpo -- Latin. Hip I Iop. Soul. Also thcrc‘s acat'c hiddcn somcw'hcrc in thc ycnuc. IZenatec ltlpin—3.30am. £2 hclorc 11.30pm; £3.50at‘tcr. ('oml’ort with Iascrs. yidcos and thc hcst in thc currcnt music sccnc. Iiy'cry' I-‘ri cast your yotcs for y our law dancc rccords; thc rcsults arc aircd on Sat on thc Radio l-‘orth Dancc ('hart Show in association with chatcc thc Discothcquc and voting giy cs you thc chancc ofprizcs.



I The Alhambra 3| \y'arcrloo Strch . 231 32o0. Spinmmidnight. I‘i‘cc. Rcsidcnt DJ with thc Iatcst sounds.

I Bennets llprn---3.30am. £3. Mainly (iay with IIi-NRU music.

I Cleopatras Ill.3llani—2.3llpm. £3. Disco sounds.

I Live at the Cotton Club at thc ( ‘otton (‘Iulx I Ipm-3.30am. £5.

I Disco Viva ltlpm —3am. £3.50. 'l'wo floors or solid dancing with pcrsonality DJs.

I Eden Club at 'I‘in I’an Allcy. lem~-3.30am. £2.50with tickct. £4 without. 'l‘hc highlight ol many a liairdr'csscr's w cckcndl (’licap drink hcl'orc Iam.

I Feel the Rhythm at lIcnry Atrikas. lll.30pm~3.30am. £2.50. I’rcccdcd by tindcr lSs‘ disco. . IFollies l(l.3(lpm- 3.30am. £4. |.\‘l)1|.\“l| I Hard Rock Catte at thc \'cnuc. llprii till latc. £3.50. With 1).] (icorgc.

I Hollywood Studios lllpm 3am. £3.50.



Compiled weekly lrom the returns or over 1 00 Scottish DJs and sales from specialist retail outlets by First Class radio and club promotion and supplied tortnightly to The List. Compiled 25 June 1988 (this chart now excludes records in the National Top Thirty). 1(4) Maybe llazcll Dcan [LII].

2(6) The Love I Lost Scycnth Ay critic .\'ig/ilniur'c.

3(1) Love Is The Gun Bltic Mom-tics .ll( '.-i. 4(2) It You Love Somebody Barbara Doiisi Saturday.

5(17) Pop Muzik All Systcms ( io ( 'mquii'. 6(11) The Only Way Is Up Ya”. ty Plastic Population Big Lifc.

7(7) Sale In The Arms at Love Shooimg Party Lissa".

8(8) 00 You Wanna Funk (Remix) Sy ly Cstc‘l' Domino.

9(13) Best or My Love I)cc I.cwis .tIm-m-i. 10(9) Working My Way Back To You I)cl roll Spinncrs .4 r/umic.

11(10) I Want You In My Movie \‘icioi Itl Wilson Jamcs Rim: ‘.

12(' ') Everlasting Natalic ( 'olc .tlrm/iuirun.

13(' ') Everlasting Love Sandra I'r'rgrn. 14(12) Popcorn May I I Band I'rmri/y'. 15(15) Savin‘ Myself Iiria liachin Sururdui . 16(3) Electrica Salsa (Remix)


17(14) Boys & Girls Mandy I’ll'l..

18(19) Go Blow I'irgirr.

19(' ') Don't Turn Your Back .‘ytichacl ( iranl I .r'gr’rrrl.

20(16) Right Back To You 'l‘cn (‘iiy nil/ml!“ 21(21) Samba Sandinisto Split (‘anc [fig Ia‘t'v.

22(18) Break 4 Love Razc ( "hum/iron. 23(20) Who's Gonna Ease The Pressure .\lac 'I‘hornhill It).

25(' ') Reach Out Romi ck Jan. .-I rrslmnru.

Scc I-'i'i.

IJoe Paparazzi I Ipm 3.30am. £5. 'I‘hc htisy . hip trcndy night at .Il’s with DJ Nicky Is'oranskyc ot’tcii with athcmc. IKnightsbridge SW1 llpm 3.30am. .-\nothcr oycr 2I night at lliisupmarkct cluh [\I)||.\"I']

I Krackai I‘ui‘y \Itiii'ys. l Ipm 3.30am. £3.51).‘ScttingthcstylcIor’SSKhack at I'urys and back to its hcst.

I Madisons lll.4llprri 3am. £2501 £2 with tickct Irctorc midnight) l-rom llJiinc. thc Iiill I‘.tlllllll}.1 ( )rchcs'tia and Siiigcis will hc pcrloiming cy cry Saturday altcrnoon 1.31) 4.30pm. £l.

I Mardi Gras 10.30pm 3. (iias(‘ltil\.\'ighl

I Mayfair l Ipm 3am. £3.50. ( )ycr‘2Is disco \\ IlIl lc‘sltlclll I )J . ( icot'gc.

I Moonlighting at I’/.a//.

Ill 30pm 3.30am. £3. I’unky Soulwith tip-lo-datc l ‘S Imports.

I Palomino Club‘lpm 3am. £4. Disco sounds.

I Panama Jax I Ipm 3.30am. £4. Soul and mixcd chart music with rcsidcnl l).ls. 'lommy :\l‘lttlltItll Raymond Dayrcn.

I Rattles I0 30 3am. £3. I)I\L‘tistllllltl\ with DJ. Roddy Stcwart.

I Rooftops lllpm 3am £3. ("hart discoin tlic ltinctioii suitc

I Saturday Live at I in I’aii .-\Ilcy £2.50 with tickct ‘( 'Iuh I-dcn' l’cisorial appcarariccs trom soiiic I oridon lainion

y IL‘lllll\. no doul‘l.

ISub Club I lpiii 3 30am £3 50. .\notth cluly w ith thc possilulity ol a I’.-\ trom sonichody tr \ ing to plug lhcii siiigIc. IViva and VampSai I)l\\‘ti \‘na 'l\\o tlooisot soliddaiiciiig ' Illpm 3am. £3.50. IThe Warehousellpm 3.30am USU. \Varcliotisc ( 'Iul) \iglit thc Iuisrcst night iii town. socoinc cai'ly 2.Itin only. «ltlltll .luly I’arty ('hcap Southci ii ( 'oinloit and \ariousgiycayyays

IZiCO’S Illpm 3am £3 (hart lesc‘tltllsc‘ti



IThe Amphitheatre Illpm ~lam. £~1 IIaIl pi‘icc hclorc l Ipm. I iitcitarn yourscll in sty Ic in Scotland's l 'llinialc Nightclub. [.\]|\I)]

I The Backroom at Shady I .adics

Ill 30pm 3am £2. ( ‘clcluatcs lliicc ycars ol succcss down in tlic dcplhsol Shady

I adics lhc Ircsl Ill iiidcpciidcnt daricc aridold punk layotiiilcs

IBusterBrowns Ill 30pm ~I.tlll £3 50.

I laIl pr icc admission and dr inks lycloic

I lpm. \\ oi tliwhilc night \\ltII stcady yoiilliltilciowd litislcr Browns

I'iidci - I.\sdisco. " Illpiii Scc I'll

I Cate StJames Sccl'iilordc1;irls.|\l)| |\' l I

I Chaplins al I~insluiiy l’ai k‘s \rglitt Itll‘. II 30pm haiii Sccl-ri

I Cinderellas Rockertellaswpiii lain £2.50. Saturday s at ( 'iiidcicIlas w ill Iic a Int spccial Ioi lhc ncxl month or soas birthday cclcluarioiis roll on. I’lL'c‘ lll\ itcs lo tic lound around town [\I)] | _\ II ICoastersh mp lupin £1 <1» t'iitlci iss aIcoIioI-ticcdisco I l\ c acts most w ccks I Dillingers lllpiri lam £2 lwcloic I Ipm; £3altci \ic‘k\'s nicga-iiiix I’opulai I).l.

30am. £4. \Iai'di

Iiosts modci ii daiit c to a w idc iaiigcol audiciicc. [\l)| |.\ l \l

I Edgars lllpiii 11am £2 I‘clolc iiirdiiight. £3 atlci. \IL‘IIII‘CHIIIP loi nis toi tlic \lllldl‘l} riiiprcsscd ay .tlI.tI‘IC al thc door. IFirelsland l Ipm .130 £3i£3lwc~ioic

I l . I5me I Ii-.\R( i and I'lllttl‘c‘dl sounds

I Goombay Beat at llic liar liadosSurtc 1(‘oaslcr‘si ltlpiii 3am. £2 Sccl‘ii

I Hard Rock Cafe at thc Vciitic.

0pm 2 30am. £I [his rock cltihisproying ycry popular pulling in a loyalcrow d

[M c hands appcai approximatcly cy ciy sccondwcck llthily liclladonria.

I Hotel Relaxedallweekendo .ii ( 'assis

Ipm hpm. £2. Rcttiirrot lIiclitily Icgcndary I Iotcl I auItlcss gciiciosrty with amplc lyar I‘c‘cllc'. clicap drinks and riotous Ik‘lhtyltllll :\ must

i Ilc' rm .s 2| .liily loss 39