Leith Swimming Centre

Fun with intlatables Monday y and Wednesday FridayslNBpoolelosed Tuesdays) lllam noon. 3 Jpnt. Saturdays. Illam noon.

Dalry Pool

Fun with inllatables Monday sand

'1 llL‘\t1§l_\\. Thursdays artd l~ridayx l NBpool elosed \\'e‘tlrte\tl;ty tlllL‘l'thHHlSl2-4Pltl. Saturdays. lllant noon.

I GALLERY OF MODERN ART Belrord Road. 55(iS‘131

tnlhe Gallery Gardens

Looking at Landscapes Mortday ll.

lllam rtoott. Seeond ol lotit aetty ity \L'SSIUTTS lol‘ D 14 year Ultl\ to he held In the gallery gttl'derix during .ltily 'lhixyyeek; ehooxmg shapes. plants and eolour \ehemex lt‘ttm ptetur'ex iii tlte ( iallei'y. l’leaxe hook tit ady artee lot' arty or all ol the SL‘SSIHI‘IS hy telephontngor yyrtttngtothe Izdueation l)ept. llltlL‘le‘StL'tl pttt'etllvtt' grandparents also yyeleotne.)

I GORGlE CITY FARM 51(iorgie

Road 'l'y neeaxtle lane. 337 43112. ( )pert eyery day ol tlte year. ‘Iam ~1pm.l‘ree. 1-.dinhurgh'x ttud-etty lar'm \y here

in e-xtoek IS reared arid organie pi'oduee gt‘oyy n. ‘1 liete are \heep. goatx. L‘ttyy\. eltiekenx. duek\. pigs attd a speetal ‘iron age‘ pig 1 hall \yrld hoar aitd ltall prgl

\y ltttxc mother yyax tn \lloyy hr/ yy rth the BB( '. :\ll ideal plaee to \ ISll lor ehildrert o1 arty age

Young City Farmers 1-.yet'y Saturday.

Illarn 1pni.lot " 13 year oldx. "Sparrnual niemherxhtp. plu\ 15p per session. :\ regular eliih lot ehrldren to learn more ahout lat rnrrtg. tlllllllitlS and animal \yellare.

I JACK KANE CENTRE INS \iddr'ie Maim Road. or“) 11-1114.

SummerSports Programme

Mondayx l-iidauthroughout\ehool lltllltltlyS. lllant noon. 3 -1pm.Ba\ketha11. loothall. hadmtrttoii. arid Mary iii the lrtllatahle Monkey.

I HERMITAGE OF BRAID ( ‘ourttt'y \rde Ranger Sety tee. Bratd Road. 44""145, The Hermit‘s Nature Club l~y et‘y Monday ttttttl S .-\tigu\t. lllam noon l'ree. Meet at. tlte l let‘mtlage ol Braid \‘ixitoi‘centi'e. Very popular arid energetieeluhyyltieh rtieetxeyet'y Monday during the \ehool holidays. Nature etty rroriment-ha\ed games led hy the rangers inelude aetiy ltlL'S \ueh a\ tr'e;i\iir‘e lrunlx. lull tt'ekxand eountry eookiiig. .v\|| ehildt'eri aged ahoiitS and upyy aids (and their parentx l are yyeleonte. hut tltey are requested todress tor the UL‘CHSIUIT and yy ear old L'lUtllL‘S. \yalerpt‘oolxarid yy elltex.

I MEADOWBANK SPORTS CENTRE (ml 5351 SummerSports Programme

Mondays l'ttday\lltrotlghottl\ehool holidays.

l’lay \L'SSIUIIS lor the under 111x andsltort le‘ittti\\L‘\~ititi\ lot 11 lttyearoldy. lllain tk 3pm.. '

I MUSEUM OF CHILDHOOD ~13 High Street. 335 3434. ‘lireketx lot the lolloyy ingeyetitx are tree hitt tlilht he eolleeled in person (no phoite bookings) lt'om the \enue lrom Illani on the Monday pi'eeedirigeaeh ‘l'hurxday aetry lt_\.

Doll Day: Emily'l'huix 14.11in . Ill..‘~ll;irti& 3pm. 1’at't ol the museum's \errexyy hieh looks at tllStllllg‘ltlSllCtl period dolls. lor' 111 year oldsand ahoy e.

lintin iy proud ol her hixque ehma leatut‘ex (yy ltieh date lr'ont the lS'r’lls) and doesn't mind a hit that her \peeial eonstr'uetion arid design \y ill he the \ithteet el dixeusxion on '1 hut‘xday 14.

SummerScrap Book't‘hury 31.111.15ant.

1 1.311am.3pmzittt13.311prit. Making serap hookxlor'oye‘;rt'o|d\;trtt1o\ er‘.

I NETHEROOW ARTS CENTRE 43 l ligh Street. 55139579 i

Old Town Arts Festival—Children'sArt Workshops 1 l 23 .luly . Mon—Sat 111.311am-12.311pm(-1 "’yearxlilfillper workshop: 2 4p. (8— 12 years) £2 per workshop. Mondays artd Thursdays Painting. Tuesdays and Friday s Mask Making. Wednesdays and Saturdays

Painting and (‘ollaging Please hook iit ady'anee.

I THlNS BOOKSHOP 53-5‘) Soutlt Bridge. 556 67-13

Saturday Club 1iy ery Saturday.

111.311 11.30am. Free. Open to arty ehrld (age range appro\ 2 13 years). Story-telling tor younger ehildten. and tlL'tl\1liL‘\tilltlL‘tttttpL‘llliUtlS. “ltllpl'l/L‘S. lorolder ehildren. Speeial seasonal

aetiy itiex are held lt'om tirtte to time. Film

I (‘lerk Street. tilt—i H331.

Jungle Book 1 l ' l ( \Vollgattg Reitherrnart. l'S. 1‘10")Throughout \urnmerholidays. £3 leone\ t l .5111 tor perlxeommeneirtg heloi'e opm. £2."5 teone\ L3 1 tot pei lx eomnteneing alter opm. 2. 15pm. 4..‘~llpnt. (v.411pirt..S.-15pm. 1rte\t\tahleeomhination ol l)ixney animation artd K11711l1gSltity.

Theatre I NETHERBOW ARTS CENTRE 43 l ltglt

Street. 55MB“).

Old Town Arts Festival 7 311.1tlly. l.ol\o1 L‘\Cllt\ loi' kids are rneluded in the lll‘St ( )ld 'l'oyyn Arts1"e\tiya1.eo-ordrttated hy the \etherhoyy . See also :\etr\ rtrex aitd l'un. Dick Turnip—Highwayman 13 lfiluly. 111.311am..-\dult\ £3. kids 1; 1 .511. l‘ne\peeted ady L‘ltttllL‘\ lot the tamoth highyyay man presented hy Paul 1 lanxard’x l’uppetx. 1’or 5 years arid ahoy e Spellbound 1-1 loluly. 111.3111tllt.l’l'lL'L'StlS torl)iek'l'ut'riip.1-.titer'taiitritgehat'aetei'x like Senior Salyatot'e(ie|ati the Donkey arid \'et ()ueek. enhyen a L‘ltlSSIL‘ tale ol a l’rineexs in peril. l’i'exented hy l’aul llltlt\ttt'tl l’ttppetx. lot 5 year oldxand ahoy e.

Dance Along with Mr Boom 3o 33.1uly. 111.31 lam and also 3.3Hpiii Sat IRonly l’t'ieex as lor l)iek 'l'urnip.

l.iye|y one-man hand lot .‘~ year oldxand ahoy e.

IVARIOUS VENUES .-\|| L‘yelTISllL‘e. Circus Spellacy Solo puppeleet' to: the met 3\. See panel.

Tliily.111.311am.l’rineex Street ( ittltleth (hy lountarn )'. 3pm Braidhtri’it \'alley l’ar'k.

Sluly. 111.311;tttt. 1)ay tdxon'x \lttlllS l’at k. 3pm Saughtort l’ark.

Journey oi the Tree Man ( ‘autrortat \ tale related yy rth eolour'lul images. mime attd dartee. 1 Runs 4Stttittx.) 13 .luly. lpttt l’i'inee\ Street (iardenx.

St George and Black Knight l 1e toes and heroiex lrom Brog l’tippetx. lot 5 year-oldxartd oy er. 1 l .1uly.3pnt.l’t|i'ig l’at'k;

12.1u1y. 111.3(1am lneh l’at‘k. .‘yprn ( iot'gre Memorial 1 tall: 13.1uly . 111.311ant Brighton Park. l’ortohello: 3pm .laek Katie ( 'erttre. (‘raigmillart14.1uly. lll..‘~llam l’r'ineex Street (itlt'tlclh. .‘ypm Bt'aidhut'n Valley Park; lilirly. 111.311am1)ayid\on\Maitt\ l’at'k. 3pm Saughton l’ark.

Magic Bob lSJuly . 3pm l’tlrig Park; 1‘1 .luly. 111.311arnlnelt1’at'k.3pm\eyy Kirkgate Shopping ( 'etttt'e. leith. lllluly. 111.311amBrightonl’ar'k.1’ortohello;3pm .laek KatieCentre.('ratgnitllar;31.liily. 111.311am. Princes Street (iat'denx. .‘ypnt Braidhut'n Valley Park.

In ease of had \y eather alley enty \eheduled lor Brighton Park. l’ortohello yy ill he tr‘anslerred to l’oi‘tohello'l'oyy n 11a11.andtho\eitt l’ili‘ig l’ai'k yy tll he tranxlerred to the 'l'homax Morton 1 tall. ZS terry Road. Izdirthitrgh.

I THE R0381’rittee\ Street ( iat‘dettx 'liieketx tn ady attee lrotn ho\ ollree 21S 1155 Mort—Sat lllam 5pm ororte hour hetore perl'ormanee at y entie.

Kettle Karnival: Giant Numbers Monday It .luly'.11am.£l 511p. Seeond ol li\ e In ely musieal shows from the highly popular trio. The Singing Kettle ((‘illa l'iSllL'l'. Artie 'l‘rezise and ( iary ('oiipland i. ('hildren are my ited to drayy a great hig rtttmher hetyy'een 1 and ‘1 and the Sittgrttg Kettle yy ill improvise on the theme.


I Talk: Lucian Freud l-r'uitniai‘ket ( ialler'y. Market Street. 1tdrnhtirgh. o. 15pm. l’tee. ('atherine l.amper't giye\ art illustrated talk on lireiatt l-i'eud to eotnplentettt the eurrent e\hihitton ol l-reud'x yyork at the gallery.


I Urban Salari \Var i l\lttll ( ~erttetet \. \Vai'rtxton Road. 12drnhutgh 3pm. ( )neol a tteyy \ertexol L‘\[‘C\1llltlll\tlltll\t‘tl\\'l' rarities iit loeal yy rldlite. ot'gatttxed hy the l.othian1'rh.'tn \\tldlile(iioup. l‘ttl more tlL‘lilllSPlL'tISL‘(Ulltilk‘t1111Cl.lltlll.llllill‘tlll \Vildlile ( iroup. e o Btouglttott l’t iitiaiy Seltool. Btoughton Road. l-drnhut'gh. 1131

550 1243.


IUrban Salari ( ‘ontot‘phtne \\ ood». 1' titi'anee at (iler 1111\11‘11 Road \or tli. l‘.t11111‘lll;111.:[‘nl See Sat ‘1


I Hermitage Hermits: Voyage at Discovery Meet at the 1 let ittitage ol Br aid \‘txitoi (‘entre. oll Braid Road. 1 dtnhiirglt lllant .-\ neyy \e'tlevtl \\.lll\\lt11 ehildteri ol all age\ aitd their l‘atetth Pl'tilk‘etne‘tlllltlttttr eliltlllllg' 'lttt1.tyi\

pleaxe ht trig

\tihteetx ate ‘Bltttdrold lltlllS ('lay Modelx'


I Meditation: Talk Sit ( ~hittrttoy ('entte. 3h (‘andletttaker Royy.1-dtnhutgh.“ .illpnt. l‘r'ee. :\lt itttroditetiort to the path ol Stt (‘htnmoy

IWomen and Anxiety \\ eII \y'oman (‘entre. St Brtde~('otttntuntty ('entre. ()i'yyell ’1 er‘i'aee. lidtrthutgh. 1131 3.1"55-13 .\ meeting opeti to yyonien littll\e‘11\\ yyotnett andamtety.

I CammoJunior Rangers: Voyage at Discovery Meet at (Liittrttol \tale lintranee. ( ammo Road. ( )lt (_)ueett\let l_\ Road. txdtrthur'gh lllattt .-\ rteyy \e'l'le‘xitl yyalkxlot‘ehildtenol allagexandthett patetth pleaw ht trig proteetiy e otitdoor elothing. 'loday'xxtihteet ix‘.\.tture ()rienteering‘.


I Edinburgh Bisexual Group: Regular Meeting 1.L‘\1\lttll and ( 'iay ('entt’e. 5Sa Bt'oiightott Street. 1'dtnhut'gh. Spin, Regular meeting I lie Brxeuial1’honelirie i\opene\ery l'hutxday hetyyeert S WK ‘),_‘yllpm,113]Sfi‘fitijll~


I Urban Salari ( 'oltittoti and ('r'aigloekhar't. Meet heloyy ht tdge at Spylayy1’ar'k.tiditthurgh.2pm ()ne ol a rteyy \Cl'lc\ttl L‘\[‘L‘ttlllttll\tllgttITISL‘tt hy the 1.othian l't'han \y'tldhle ( itoup. See

ahoy e. Saturday ‘)th.


IHermitage olBraid: Guided Walk Meet at llerinttage lnlot‘matron ( ‘eiitt'e. ( )ll Braid Road. 11dtnhurgh. 3pm. '1 oday \ Sunday guided yyalk loeuxeutn the '1 ltxtoty ol Braid 1',Sl;ltC.. 1-or lritthet detailxpleaxe eallll.‘~l 4.1""1-15.

I Urban Salari l)ean \‘tllage aitd \Vaterol leitlt. Meet Bottom ol Dean l’ath. 1-.drrthurglt 2pm. ()ne ol a rteyy \et’iexol L‘\petll1lutl\ttt‘gtlttlSL‘rl1‘ylltel othtan t’rhart \thdlite ( irotip See ahoy e. Saturday ‘lth.


I Hermitage Hermits: Voyage at Discovery Meet at the l let'mitage ol Braid Visitor (‘etttt‘e. oll Braid Road. 1'dtrihiirgh. Illant. .\ tteyy \L‘t'lL‘xttl \yalk\ lot ehildien or all age\ attd their ptttelth pleaxe ht trig proteetty e otllttottt Clotltlltg 'l inlay ix \uhieetxate '( ~ountt‘y ('ookiitg Bitttei 11y l‘lL'l/C'.


I Meditation: Talk Srt ( ~liinntoy ('entre. 3h (artilletnaket' Royy . 1-.drnhurgh. .illpnt. l'i‘ee. .-\'talk ahoiit the teaehrngx ol Stt (‘hinntoy.

IWomen and Friends \y ell \\orttati (iCllttk'.StBllklk‘\k10111111111111}(AL'llll'C. ()iyyell l'etiaee. Izdtrthutgh 113133~ '\llle‘L'ltllgttPCll1U.tll.

I CammoJuniorRangers: Voyage 01 Discovery Meet ( 'atttnio l'\1.l1L‘ Izntt artee. (amino Road. ( )lt ()iteettxletty Road. l'dtrthttrgh lllattt. .-\ tteyy \eitexol \\a|k\


lot ehtldt'en ot all ages attd tlteti patents pleaxe ht rttg proteetiy e outdoor elothtttg

loilay l\.l'1)llll(1.tlltl BitirtSiiiyey‘.


I Aromatherapy \\ ell \\ ontart ( 'etttre. St Bi tde\( 'ontitturtity (‘entre. ( )t‘yy e11 lettaee. l'drtthurgh oil 3 ‘“ 5‘13 .\rt introduetron to the tela\ittg propetttexol aromatherapy.


IAMidsummerNight‘s Ball Axxettthly Rooms. ( ieorge Street. lidinhurglt. "..‘~llprti. L15 \upper lieket\ L'llltreketx \y tthout supper. '1 o tatxe ntoitey toeonthat .'\11)S and help people in Seotland alllieted yy itlt the y it its. a huge \llltllttL‘l eyerttttg eyettt. '1 here \y ill he eahatet lrom l’errier :\\\;tltl yy ittrtei Arnold Broyy rt. Marta ( ‘alloux tart Morton and May MaeReady ; there yy t|l he niuxie liottt (ioodhy e Mr MaeKert/ie. llte lttdiaii (il\k'l\. Bop Slt'Bam. l’apata/zi aitd 1 hat Syyrng '1 hang. there \y i|| .ll\ii he titggleh. aerohatx. “11th and dixeo and art e\hthittott o1 elothex and .ieeexxor tex dexigned hy 1’drnhurgh dextgrtets. See 1’.tttel on Rth 1’.t}._'e. I Edinburgh Campaign Against Worklare: Meeting 1t.tde\(‘outietl.l’teaidy1’laee. 1 dtrthttrglt opm. .\ eampargrt itteetiitg or gaittxed hy l'dtithiiigh ( ampatgn .'\_‘_'.llll\t \\ or klate. a non»pat ty -altgrted te~txtatteeeatttpatgtt tothe(ioyeinntettt'x iteyy '1‘ttiployrttertt ‘1 raining \eltellle \tarttttg iit Septertthet lltere \y r|| he a \peakei ltoni.\1et\ey\ide .\etiott (ainpatgtt artd all urtetnployed arid \\Ul‘1\e‘l\.lle yyeleonte I Edinburgh Bisexual Group: Regular Meeting 1 exhtatt arid ( iay ( enlre. 5Sa Biouglttott Street. l‘tllltl‘lllg‘ll Sprtt Regular ttteetiitg l he Bixeyual t’honelitte r\opett eyety 'l lllll\il.ty hetyyeeti ".Rtltk ‘lfyllptn. 1131 55" 3o)“.

'l'he1.t\tS 311tin WSS 43