I Ebony l 1111(‘3 l ".Sll rs‘pm. 'I‘be returning magazine programme for black communities includes interviewswith Paul Boateng and Bernie (irant about their first year in parliament.

I International Athletics ( Scottish 1 S---‘)pm. ("ox erage of lhe Peugeot (iames.

I Reagan on Reagan t ( ‘4 t .s'. 15 ppm. The Reagan phenomenon and Reagan asan mdiv idual is examined in thisnew. three—part series made by (iodfrcy llodgson and Philip Whitehead. The first programme returns to his early yearsand begins an analy sis. seen in the context of extensiv e interviews w ith both Ronald and Nancy Reagan

I0mnibusrlttit‘l 1 111.1(1- 11.15pm. ‘I-rom Hitter Izarth .-\rtistsofthe llolocaust‘: a liliii by Paul Morrison about [hL- murc than 311.1111“ LlfttWIngS and paintings made by concentration camp and ghetto \ iclims during the Second \Vorld \Var.

I Aids: Update '88 ( Scottish)

1(135 1tl.45pm. Muriel (iray continues the follow -up series.


I Grandstand ( RBt‘l l lll.45am—5.l)5pm. Ihc Benson and l ledges (‘up Final and coy erage ot the Bells Scottiin ()pen golf tournament.

I Crime Does Not Pay((‘4)

1.“..1ll 1: .‘illpm. Seriesot’short. bascdon Poliee I~iles. films from the 1940s.

I Korea —The Unknown Wart“ ) 8--9pm. Part tour of the six-part history ofthe Korean war reaches the w inter of 1950.


People to People. the Channel Four series aimed to allow viewers to become part of the production process of television. broadcastsfhis week a programme made by the Edinburgh Film Workshop trust. ‘Leithers' (C4 Sun 10 July). directed by Alistair Scott, creates through the use of archive footage and personal memories an impressionistic account at the once independent port of Leith. which is now amalgamated with Edinburgh.

‘We‘re all in the same boat. now‘ says one local unaware of the irony of the statement. Leith was ioryears a centre for ship building and ship repair but. with the recent closure of the Henry Robb shipyards practically nothing of that industry now remains. Throughout. the programme treads a balance between mourning for what has gone and assessing the real worth of what has come in its place. New small industry has been attracted to Leith. butthe most noticable change, coming in the wake of landscaping and enviromental improvements. is Leith as a desirable residence for the better off. Occassionally. as the film cuts to a

with the IN forces in deep trouble.

I Film on Four Extra: Good and Bad at Games (C4) 9-10.35pm. Another enjoyable early film in the I’t/m (in Four Series. This satire on the British public school system (and therefore. British society) is directed by Jack Gold from a screenplay by Williarii Boyd. It stars Anton Lesser in a part inspired by a boy called ‘(iibbon' mercilessly bullied at Boyd's own school. (iordonstoun. and examines what happens to such people in later life. Made in 1983.

IParkinson One to One (Scottish )

9.51) 10.35pm. Anthony Hopkinstalksto Michael Parkinson.

I Maria's Lovers (Scottish 1 1(l.35prn--12.35am. Nastassia Kinski and John Savage in a film drama about a man returning to America and his childhood sw eetheart after enduring a Japanese prisoner of war camp. btit finding his passion transferred to a sensual young widow. . . Made in 1984.

I Reimaf (1313(2) 11pm-Midnight. (‘ontinuing the repeat run of the (ierman account of a century of village life. Tonight's episode is entitled The Best (‘liristmus liver.


I How Green Was My Valley (Scottish) 2.3(L4.3llpm. John Ford's classic film version of Richard Llewellyn's novel about life in the Welsh valleys. Starring Walter Pidgeon and Maureen ()‘I Iara.

I International Athletics: Nice Grand Prix (C4) 6—7. 15pm. More running-in for the ()lympics with in-form Ste\'c (‘ram given a chance to reclaim his lSlltlm world record from Said Aouita.

I The Storyteller((‘4)7.15--x.15pm. Last in the series of folk and fairy talesbrought

bottle of bubbly in the foreground, ‘Leithers' could be accused of sentimentality. but its hard not to be genuinely moved by testiments from the likes of one ex-shipbuilder: ‘We were left holding a battleship round our knecks and nobody wants it. All the knowledge and all the feelings that we've got (or shipbuilding is no use to anybodyfi

successfully to life for television by Muppet creator. Jim Henson. John Hurt tells us about a cruel and wicked troll in "The True Bride'.

I Anastasia: The Mystery olAnna (138(2) 8. Ill—9.50pm. Mini series dratnatising the life of Anna Anderson. who as a young woman was rescued from a suicide attempt and put in an asylum where she claimed to be the sole surviving memberoi the Russian Royal family. 'I'oherdeath. her identity remained a mystery although this production starring wife ofSteven Spielberg. Amy Irving. will nodoubt atteriip to spread a little light on the events.

I People to People: Leitherstui 8.15-9.15pm. See panel.

I Monte Carlo (Scottish) 8. 1 5--‘).55pm. 'I‘wo part adaptation of Stephen Sheppard's novel about espionage and intrigue in Monte (‘arlo as the Second World War breaks out. With Joan (‘ollins and (‘reorgc Hamilton.

I Movie Masterclass ((11) t). 15-- 111.3(1pm. [.atest use of the Masterclass formula by television is this three-part serieson filmmaking. Three directors lead illustrated seminars with film students on classic films starting with this week's Film on I-‘our Iixtra director. Jack (iold and (iillo Pontecorvo‘s Butt/e qu lgicrs. A full screening of Butt/c ofA lgicrs follows the programme.

I Final Run (1513(‘2)9.5tl- 10.40pm. Latest in a string ofthriller series to dabble inthe world of computers. I‘inu/ Rim combines silicon chips and computer fraud with terrorism in Northern Ireland. and stars Bryan Murray (Flurry Knox in The Irish RM) as a felon turned informer attempting to keep out of the clutchesof the IRA.


I The Eleventh Hour: EastEnders Against The Grain ((21) 1(1.5(1pm—12.()5am. Examination of the way London's East 13nd has been portrayed by cinema and TV. from Alf ( iarnet to The [flap/tart! .Ilun. Warren Mitchell. himself. narrates.

I The Garden Party ( BB(‘1) Noon—12.55pm. \"iv Lumsden and Iiamonn Holmes present this new magazine programme from the site of Glasgow's (iarden Festival. five daysa week throughout July and August. Paul

Perhaps most interesting of all however was the attitude of Leith’s Asian community. Despite their relatively shallow routes in the area they distinctly saw themselves as part of Leith and not of Edinburgh. As evidence of the fact that the Leith identity still exists, it somehow seemed much more telling than even the detailed accounts of Leith's past. (NB)

Eleventh Hour examins All Garnet and his friends in ‘Eastenders Against The Grain'

0004. Monti July. at10.50pm.

('oia will be on regular patrol reporting from the festiy a1 exhibits themselves.

I Rough Guide To Europe t BBt‘Z) (i.35—7.3llpm. Young persons’ guide to Paris.

I Wildlife Showcase (88(‘218. 15—‘)pm. New series showing work by filmmakers from all oy er the world. The first features a film made by Australian naturalist. (ilen ’l‘hrelfo and a film from the Lamington National Park.

I Five To Eleven ( 138(‘1 ) 11155- 1 lptn. Maya Angelou with the first ina seriesof readings of personal favourites by other writers.

I The Howling (Scottish) 12.3(1—2. 15pm. ()ne of the earliest Hollywood horror movies to realise just how funny werewolvesare. With Patrick Macnee and Dec Wallace.

IThe FamitthBt‘Z)11.25-11.55pm. Repeat showing of the wonderfully voyeuristic real life soap. Made in 197-1. Paul Watson‘s fly on the wall films recording the lives of the Wilkins family caused a sensation at the time.


I Brass Tacks: Shire Wars ( BBC‘Z) 8.3ll-‘)pm. Report on the suddenly topical issue of violence in the shire communities. I Murder One ( BBCI ) 9.3(1—1 1 .05an New seriesof mainly made-for-television suspense movies. It begins with a taleof murder amongst prostitutes in Sins oft/re Past.

I The Duty Men ( BBC‘Z) 9. 3o- 111.2(1pm. Catching the poteen distillers ofNorthern Ireland.

I HODSOOICD(SCt)ffishl1(1.35pm—12.3(1pm. Walter Matthau and (ilenda Jackson in this 1980 comedy. Matthau plays an ex top (‘IA agent taking revenge on Ned Beatty- the boss who fired him - by ( topically enough) publishing his memoirs.

I Late Great Britains ( BB(‘1)

11.05—1 1.35pm. Second in the series where young historians reassess the ‘(ireats' of the past. David (‘annadine talks about Queen Victoria.


I The Man From Unc|e(SCottish) 2.45—3.45am. Napoleon Solo and Ilya Kurakin in more (‘old War capers.

I Mission Impossible ( BBC‘Z) b—(i.()(lpm. Latest Sixties action series to achieve cult status. Peter (irav es stars as Jim Phelps. the man with a bad way with tape-recorders.

I Strange Interlude (C4) 9— 111.35pm. Episode one of a three-part adaptation of Eugene ()‘Neill's 1928 stage play. starring (ilenda Jackson and directed by Herbert Wise. The O'Neill plot (O'Neill was born 1()() years ago this year) is typically melodramatic. It centres on a woman tormented by the loss of her fiance in the the First World War. her subsequent marriage and affairs. and how her son (Kenneth Branagh) is finally reconciled to

44’I‘he1_i.stS'»- 21 July 1988