his mother. The series is made by I lT\'. I No Further Cause For Concern ( B 13c: ) 9.25-Ill.25pm. New series of Screenplay kicks off with a TV' adaptation of a play seen at last year's Edinburgh Festival. It stars Sean (‘hapman as a prisoner w ho takes a prison officer as a hostage in Rob Davis's I’ringe First winning play.

I 16 Days ofGlory(BB(‘t ) 1 l--l l .5t)pm. As a prelude to the ()lympics in Korea this year. a look back at the action of the 1984 LA games.


I International Golf I BB( 2)

llam -I _‘Ilpm. l 35 3 Fltpm and

4-~" Jtlpm (‘oyerage beginsofthe I IT'th ()pen ( ioll( harnpionshtp. lrom the Royal I.y'thain and St Annes ( iolf(‘lub

I Three Painters t BB( '2 ) szt) 9pm. Giotto. Rembrandt and Turner are the painters studied in this series of three programmes.

I This Week (Scottish) HRH-9pm. Thames Television current affairsflagship programme presented by Jonathan Dimbleby w ho’s about to jump channels and join the BB(‘_

I The Mercer Plays: The Cellar and the Almond Tree ( BB(‘I )9.3t)— 10.50pm. (‘ontinuing the series dedicated to the late David Mercer. a repeat of a play from 1970 with (‘elia Johnson and Peter Vaughan. set in Iiastern Europe.

I Esther Interviews. . .( BB(‘1) 10.50—11.20an I'isther Rantzen gets her teeth into David ()wen.

I The Scottish Picture Show ( Scottish) 11.05-1 1.20pm. (‘ontinuing the series examining the work of Scottish artists.

I Sugar Ray Leonard. . .((‘4)

11.25pm— 12.25am. in conversation with Hugh Mcllvanney. Leonard. you‘ll no doubt recall. is the boxer w ho'd already been World (‘hampion at lightweight and welterweight when he came out of retirement to beat Marvin Ilagler to become middlew eight champion.


I Omnibus: Leonard Cohen ( BBC!)

It). l()—l 1.20pm. Profile ofthe bleak singer songwriter w hose latest album 1'») Your man has been well received.

I Being There (Scottish) 1250-3. 15am. Peter Sellers in his lastgootl film. Satireon the American way of life with Sellers as a simpleton whose enigmatic remarks are taken by the great of society as the utterancesofa genius. Made in 197‘).


I Up 2110330 )9—lll.55am. sch- children's magazine show. including a telephone vote for your favourite cartoon film.

IGet Fresh (Scottish)9.25—1 1.30am. Another children's magazine show. Get Fresh visits Glasgost Garden Festival this morning. Kim Wilde is the video guest and band. Voice $)fThe Beehive will be performing.-

I The Hulk (Scottish) 5.4(L7.3(lpm. The film length programme that launched the series. With Bill Bixby as the non-green version.

I World Rock and Roll Dance Trophy (BBCI ) 7—7.45pm. Summer variety show byany' other name. . . dancing plussinging stars. Suzi Ouatro and Showaddywaddy. I Film on Four Extra: Bed Monarch((‘4) 9-10.55pm. Jack Gold directed this knockabout comic treatment of the Stalin era. Made in 1983. with Colin Blakely as Stalin.


I The Glen Michael Cavalcade (Scottish) l-l .4tlpm. How do they cram all these TV programmes on to the Garden Festival site? Special edition of the cartoon show from Glasgow's dear green place. IEqulnox(C4) 7.15—8.15pm. Returnof the innovative science programme in


Scottish Television believe they are on to a winner with their new game show ‘Wheel of Fortune‘ which starts on Tuesday 19 July. But if it‘s important to them. it‘s even more immediately important to the Network. In partnership with ‘The Bill'. which from the same date returns in a new twice weekly. half hour format. the two programmes are intended to boost one of the weakest evenings in the ITV week.

A lot will be riding on the appeal of presenter. Aberdeen University graduate and Radio One DJ. Nicky Campbell. ‘He‘s one of those rare people‘. says Executive Producer Sandy Boss. ‘whom the camera likes. He’s able to look into the camera. and he's comanding.‘ The lormattorthe show is American. and in the states it‘s TVs biggest game show. It‘s regularly watched by 43 million people every day in two editions- 3 morning and evening show. The amount the American presenters make from the show makes the twice a day cash prize of $100,000 look like pocket money.

‘lt‘s the biggest light entertainment show we have done fora long. long time', admits Boss and Scottish Television is clearly delighted to have won the rights to make the British version of the game. The deal was struck by the Action Time company for Scottish Television by Jeremy Fox (who now works for Scottish Television‘s American arm). Discussions had to be had with the IBA before production could go ahead in order to satisfy the authority that the show was a game of skill and not of chance. and because of

which each documentary is commissioned from a different company Tonight’s programme takes the forth of a one-man play. James ('astle. once an aircraft engineer. but now an actor. has dey ised The Air Hr to highlight w hat he considers scandalously' hidden dangers of air flight I A Shadow on the Sun (Scottish)

7.5— ltlpm. Part one (part two tomorrow) of a Kenyan set drama starring .lames I'ox. Timothy West. Trevor Live and Stefanie Powers as aviation ace. Beryl Markham I Virtuoso (C4) 8. 15—9. 15pm. New four part series of interviews with top classical musicians. Violinist Nation Milstein. born in WIN. talks toJonathan Miller.

I The ITV Play (Scottish) ltI--l l .2(lpm. New series of plays. This one. by Tony Marchant. is about a city banker who. as his career starts to slip. sees a chance toget rich quick.

I Parallax View ( BBCZ) I(I.5(lpm—l2.35am. Warren Beatty stars as a reporter investigating a Senator‘s death. Directed by Alan I. Pakula in 19'11. it‘s largely by the same team that went on to make All The President's Men.

I Men of Violence ( Scottish) 11.20—11.5llpm.Whyare men sooften violent‘.’ This new series hopes to uncover some of the answers.


I A Shadow on the Sun (Scottish) 9—10pm

and 10.35—1 l .35. Concluding instalments ofthe drama begun last night.

I Bruce Springsteen (BBCI)

10.55—1 I .45pm. American interview and profile of the singing star.


I The Garden Party ( BBCI)

identical to the American show. ‘Basically it's just a very good game‘. says Boss. ‘Like all the best games the idea is very simple. and there is an almost hypnotic fascination to where the wheel will stop.‘ Boss claims its ‘classier‘ than the recently mothballed “The Price is Bight‘. but nobody should expect Mastermind.

Although the thirteen week run was sold to the network before recent changes in the structure that will make it easier in future forthe non ‘big live' companies to grab network space. ‘Wheel of Fortune‘ still has important implications forScottish Television‘s future. ‘We‘ve showed that we are strong on current affairs and drama. and now we are developing our strength in light entertainment. kids shows and comedy.‘ says Boss. ‘We have to look to the time when we are notjust selling advertising space. but selling programmes too.’ (NB)

Noon-12.55pm. Mary Marquisinteryieyys top BBC news reporter. Kate Atdie IThe Cosby Show (('4)5.3()—hpm. Repeal of the original 1984 seriesof the comedy show that has consistently topped the I ’S ratings. but has remained cult y tew mg only over here.

I The Bill (Scottish) 8-78.3(lpm. The London cop show returns for a new series now shown tw ice a week in half hour instalmentsintended to be a ratings puller for the ITV companies.

I Wheel of Fortune (Scottish ) 8.3“ 9pm See panel.

I Murder One: Deadly Lesson ( BBLl) 930—] lpm. Donna Reed in aclassroom (the title‘sa pun. you see) killer drama


I Screenplay: A Woman Alone ( B B(‘2 ) i).15—l(l.15pm. Lynn Redgrave in the Dario Fo and Franca Rame comic monalogue seen for the first time on television.

I The Late Shltt((‘4) 11.15pm 12 Ztlam. Including a concert given to raise money for the victims of the 1985 (.‘olumbian volcano disaster. with big names like Annie Lennox. Pete Townsend and 'I he (‘ommunards taking part.


I Fathers and SODS(C~1)9——II.35pm. Final part of the West German drama series starring Burt Lancaster and telling the story of a German chemical dy nasty.

I The Mercer Plays: In Two Mind‘s ( BBCII 9.3(I—lt).45pm. Ken Loach directed this play about an unexceptional girl ( Kate Winter) suffering from schizophrenia. With Helen Booth and George A. Cooper as her parents.




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