upper-yuppie domestic setting. For further information about A RTIS or the Festiyal exhibition call ()3 i -55(i754(1.

I GLASGOW PRINT STUDIO 22 King Street. 553ll7ll-l. Mon-Sat “Iain-5.30pm. ANISIS from Munich 7'73“ .luly. liollow ing Glasgow Print Studio's recent \ isit and exhibition in Munich. the Gallery Vereinfur ()riginal-Radierung show German printmakers in Glasgow

I GLASGOW SCHOOL OF ART 107 Renfrew- Street. 332 0707.

Glasgow Girls- Women in the Art School 1880—192014July~-3I Aug. Anexhibition which sury'ey s the work of women in the arts in Glasgow w ho were students at Glasgow School of Art.

I GLASGOW UNIVERSITY LIBRARY llillhead Street. 330 8855. Mon 5lhurs 0. l5am ~0. l5pm; hi 0. l5am 4.45pm; Sat 0.15am 12 15pm. .\'c\t exhibition will be in the autumn term. I HAGGS CASTLE lllll St Andrews l)ri\ e. Mon-Sat Illam 5pm; Sun 2 5pm. Glasgow 's rnuseum for children Digging for History inn! is August. A child's-eye \ iew of archaeology with a reconstructed site complete w ith tools and instruments. See Kids page I HARBINGERS -ll '7 Great Western Road. 3300000. Mon ~Sat Illam-tipm;Sun noon~ 5pm; ("losed Tuesdays. Philip Petherbridge I 'ntil 3t) August. A youngGlasgow School of artist whohas shown in Glasgow throughout the eighties. llis subtle use of pasth isas assured as it is decoratiy e. I RILLHEAO LIBRARY 3-IS Ry res Road. Mon --l-‘ri 0.30am 8pm. Sat 0.30am lpm. Z - 5pm. (‘losed Wednesday s. Ken Palmer 1 I .luly 20 August. Paintings. I HUNTERIAN ART GALLERY L'niy ersity of (ilasgow . S2 Iltllliead Street. 3305-1.“ . Mon~ l-ri 0.3(Iam- 5pm; Sat 0.3tlam~ Ipm. The Mackintosh House Gallery: ( )pen as aboy'e but closed for lunch l3.3ll~ I .3llpm. 5tlp admission on weekday afternoonsand Saturdays. .-\ reconstruction ofthe architect's home fitted with original furniture. I‘pstairs the Mackintosh I louse show-s work by four women artists on a floral theme. to complement the Print Gallery 's major exhibition of Mackintosh lilower I)raw ings (see below ). \‘y'histler's wife Beatrice w as an illustrator acquainted with the botanical specimen. Katherine ('ameron and Lily Blatherw ick are Seottish w atercolourists who worked across the I0th and Illth centurieson prints of flowers and Iili/abeth Blackadder show s the contemporary artist at work with plants and flowers. Mackintosh Flower Drawings 0 July until 3 Sept (closed I5 - IS July ). While spanning his full career from the 1800's to I035. these delicate watercolours. were to occupy much of the artist's time duringthe latter part of his career w hen his architectural commissions were in decline. They do how‘ey‘cr characterise the unique Mackintosh style as potently as his powerful buildings ‘- botanicaliy‘ accurate and aesthetically beautiful. these drawings surely make the most appropriate and unmissable of the Glasgow Garden Festival-related exhibitions. Mackintosh and Others tfnul S()ctober (closed l5—ISJuly l. Shows aspectsofthe George Smith (‘ollection whose major interest is in Scottish art. notany the work of Mackintosh. Last year .Mr Smith was awarded an Honorary Degree by Glasgow University in acknowledgement ofhis work in supporting the uniy ersity 's Art Collections. and this exhibition is in recognition of that award. Art and Botany Public Lecture Series. Lecture Theatre. Iluntarian Art Gallery. Wednesdays 2- 3pm until I7 August. £1.50 at door. {Illseries ()n 13 July ('Iaire Pace of L'niyersity ofGIasgow' looks at 17th century flower paintings and on 2tlJuly Elizabeth Fox of l'niyersity of I.dinburgh moves on with Its‘th and 10th botanical illustration. Plants and art nouyeau are under discussion with Martin Forrest of

Forrest McKay Gallery. Edinburgh and Pamela Robertson ofthe Hunterian tells the story behind Mackintosh's charming flower drawings (for exhibition see aboye). Enquiries to the \'isitors' (‘entre. Liniyersity of Glasgow G I 2. 3305-13]. I NUNTERIAN MUSEUM The University of Glasgow. 330 8855. Mon—I‘ri 0.3tiain-5pm: Sat 0.30am - I pm. Tw ice named Mitseum of the Year. Money Plants Limit 31 Oct. Plants of all sorts depicted on ancient and freshly minted coins. Coracle. Kayak and Canoe limit 22 Sept. Iixamplesof y'ery early watercraft from a buoyant but pre-steam. unengineercd age. I IMAGES GALLERY 74 I ly ndland Road. 33-1 531 I. Mon—Fri0.3(kim—5.3(ipm. No exhibition at present but general stock includes ISth and 10th century Japanese woodblock printsand I0th and 20th -_ century etchings. w atercolours and oils. IJ.O. KELLY GALLERY I IS Douglas Street. Mon—I‘ri Ill.3(lam— 2pm and 2.30-5.3llpin; Sat “lam—2.30pm. I JOHN GREEN FINE ART 203 Bath Street. 3216025. Mon—Fri 10am-5pm; Sat lilani— lpm. Flowers torthe Festival 'I‘hroughout summer. An exhibition of 10th and 20th century flower paintings. I LILLIE ART GALLERY Station Road. Milngay ie. 05ti235i . 'I'ue—I-‘ri l lam -5pm and 7 v0pm: Sat and Sun 2—5pm. (‘losed Mondays. Joan Eardley ()n the 25th anniy ersary of this exceptional Scottish artist it is not surprising that sey eral galleries in both Iidinburgh and Scotland are celebrating her talent. The I.llllC. whose permanent collection already contained seyeral Iiardley paintings. just receiy ed a number of drawings and sketches from the artist 's sister this year. Those and paintings borrowed from private collections w ill be shown together in this summerexhibition. I MAIN FINE ART The Studio Gallery . Io Gibson Street. 334 8858. Tue—Sat lilam-- 5pm; Sun 2—5pm. Work by Lesley Main until mid-summer. I McGAVIGANS (Graphics and Stationery ). 24 Royal Exchange Square. 221 Jill I. Lighthouse Studio Exhibition Until 24 .iuly. An exhibition of work by three artists Brian Cairns. Joseph Nevin. Joseph [)ayie. all ex-students ofGIasgow School of Art. organised by WASPS. _ I MUSEUM OF TRANSPORT Kelyin I lall t Iintrance from Bunhouse Road with parking facilities) Mon--Sat Iii-~5pm; Sun 2—-5pm.'I‘he newa opened Transport Museum with its fond collection of cars. trams and trains now back on show. Glasgow Philatelic Society Exhibition L'ntil 27 Aug. Different stamp displays during .lune. July and August. Strathclyde Police and Road Salety Road Show Until 20 August. ()n the road with the constabulary. Display and films. I 908 GALLERY 12 ()tago Street. 3303158. Mon—Sat Illam—opm. East To West L'ntil 28July. Richard Demarco is famous for his journeys. his wild and wonderful trips oy'er Scotland and abroad with groups ofindiyiduals prepared to keep up and bear with his monumental energy. A Demarco journey. for all its highs and lows. is anexpericnee designed to shake out smug and intolcrent cobwebs from creative minds. And does. The man who often refers to himself in the third person. has a store of enthusiasm and energy which is legendary. but DemarCo also has a private side - one which eshews the clamour of gangs and groups and calls on a personal yision. With this yision in mind Demarco draws the people and buildings around him with a compulsion to record and analyse the visual impact of his surroundings. Ile has had many exhibitions in Scotland and abroad. but this is his first in Glasgow for some time. Demarco shares July at the 0(i‘s Gallery with a group of artists and designers from the Ystrad Gallery . just recentlyopened in Gifford. Furniture in ash. elm and




Nr'itosr,b<i Mann Kim‘s I I‘.(:,'l(*i.". Christoph Hessel Gregor iliitnr-r Ieo leeribrird - Johann i‘slof‘iifx hm Walk r RUva - Ma howl Poms 'Iiitt‘ I. Si'iCI‘Ith.‘.\" Ros Volker Sirr‘vr-ct

:tviitr‘: Si :vfz‘r'os

Vv’. \‘/Vt'.'F‘II‘.t,'1‘1't".'


22 King Street, Glasgow 108m 5.30pm Monday— Saturday

Hunterian Art Gallery University of Glasgow

MACKINTOSH AND OTHERS Aspects of'I‘he George Smith Collection 8 June 8 October MACKINTOSH FLOWER DRAWINGS 9 July 3 September (Closed 15—18 July) Subsidised by the Scottish .-l rts ( 'mmcil

Mon—Fri 0.3(lam—‘5pm: Sat 0.3(iam— 1 pm Admission Free Tel: ()41 330 5431


University of Edinburgh, Old College, South Bridge. Tel: 031 667 1011 ext4308


Scottish Tapestry Now Sponsored by Glenfiddich Whisky

Tues—Sat 10am—5pm Admission Free Subsidised by the Scottish Arts Council

“The Greatest

Living Realist Painter”?

Judge for/yourself. Lucian Freud: Paintings 1947-87111 the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art. Bellord Road. Edinburgh from 2 July to I 6 ()ctoberl988. sic/mission Ll ( 50p).

Illc‘ I.isi b' :l .Itlly I‘LSS 47